Made in USA: Enterprise Application Services

Application Services

Application Services

In a time when more is expected of application services, at the center will be customer service.

Ayoka’s local, Made in USA model is designed for customer service. Our approach and innovations in application development services, application management services and application integration services help you reduce risk and improve your return on application investments.

Ayoka’s services are delivered in a team approach, to understand the vision for your enterprise in order to deliver an enterprise application that is designed for the psychology of its users and its capability to increase business performance and value.

Application Services

Enterprise services, such as application development services and application integration services, are among the few areas that have remained robust during this economy.  So what’s driving demand for application services in the enterprise?

  1. Recession – application services are focused on improving business operations – aimed at targeted initiatives, such as enterprise application consolidation to reduce application management costs.
  2. Mergers & Acquisitions – with enterprise application services companies getting swallowed and products no longer supported, customers see fewer providers holding more power. Customers will look to minimize risk by diversifying their supplier base, cultivating relationships with boutique firms and evaluating alternative technologies.
  3. Politics – IT regulatory compliance is being directed by politicians and changing regulations, resulting in growing demand for flexible enterprise applications to support compliance against a moving target.
  4. New Technologies – cloud computing, smart phones, and more advanced cell phone networks are upending traditional application services models and opening new opportunities for business application modernization services.

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