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Ayoka Integration Process

Ayoka Integration Process

For Ayoka clients, the process of building an enterprise integration project begins with a combination of vision and impatience - what should our company look like, why aren't we there yet, and what needs to change? These questions drive goals, project requirements, and technology. With a vision of what your company should look like, it's possible to walk backwards, evaluate legacy systems, and put together a plan of reaching the goals.

Successful software integration considers several ideas:

  • Model business processes according to the vision, not simply how processes are performed today
  • Management practices - how will requirements be communicated and where will the work get done?
  • Vendor agnostic - technologies change too fast to be locked into a vendor or a company that specializes in one framework (e.g. .NET only)
  • SOA (service oriented architecture) approach to exchanging information
  • Reduced software licensing / IT costs - is open-source an option?
If Ayoka philosophies are a fit with your organization, please contact us to develop a solution for your enterprise application integration needs.