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The Value of Custom Database Development Services

May 23, 2017
Photo by Artem Sapegin on Unsplash

Photo by Artem Sapegin on Unsplash. The Value of Custom Database Development Services

In this age of data and information, you need software that helps you capture and analyze data used to improve your business. However, with so many different types of software and database development packages it can be difficult to know which package proves to be the best for your company. What if instead of trying to pick and choose the things you need and don’t need in a basic package, you could develop your own custom software?

This is where custom database development services come to the rescue. They make the perfect software programs for your business. Having unique software programs is what takes businesses to a whole new playing field. It makes the difference between becoming stagnant and expanding. Some businesses could not function at nearly of high of a level without their own custom database development. For this reason, the ever growing business world holds custom database development services as a valuable resource. They can be specifically altered to fit the client wants and needs, they allow for future modifications, and they help discover and prevent unforeseen problems in the future.

Specific to the Client

Custom database development services are specific to each client. These services don’t focus on only one type of business. They cover a wide range of businesses and are capable of building an array of applications to fit anyone’s business objectives. Custom database development services do not discriminate on the type of business. They can work with hospitals or trucking companies, or even construction companies. If it’s a business with clients, custom database development services can create software specific to their business objectives.

Custom database development services are more personal. They work with the client to develop a database that will help companies thrive instead of fail. Larger companies use the service of custom software development for critical functions such as content management, inventory management, customer management, and human resource management. These are crucial to any company that software packages simply don’t cover. Custom database development services will tailor your software to appeal to your target market instead of the general market like most software packages do. Appealing to your business’s target group, in turn, brings in more customers and helps grow your business.

Allow for Future Modifications

A growing company is a changing company. Along with a growing business comes several changes, especially in software. A business can fall behind when they should be growing because their database cannot keep up. This is where custom database development services become extremely valuable. With a customized database, you always have room for modification, allowing for future changes to occur. However, the custom software usually requires the source code prior to adding future modifications to the system. Because your business is bound to grow or change, you need your software to reflect that in order to be successful. You want software that changes and evolves with your company.

Having a solid database leads to greater efficiency and better customer service; two critical components of a successful business. Software packages possess the capability to allow for modification and often have to. This ends up costing the client far more than a custom database would have cost. It also costs having great efficiency and customer service because the database is not up to par. Having a custom database also allows for modification to focus on their target market. This is because a custom database changes as much as your business does. If your target group shifts, so will the database. It can be easily modified to always target your businesses market and not just the general market. This custom database development a valuable asset to your business.

Helps Prevent Possible Future Problems

Things quickly spiral out of control when problems are not dealt with properly. Client information is crucial to your business. Thankfully, custom database development services help to keep this information safe and businesses running smoothly. This is because making successful and efficient custom software is very meticulous. They run several tests and scenarios in order to work out any future problems that could occur. This prevents future setbacks and in turn is excellent for the success of a business. You simply don’t get that with software packages. However, with software packages, information becomes more likely to cause problems. These packages aren’t specifically tailored to fit your business needs, which leads to more problems with information and data. For this reason, custom database services add value to your business.

Software packages may be cheaper and convenient, but they cost more in the end. Custom software treats each business separately. Each custom software is unique to the different businesses. This is why having custom software instead of a software package brings so many benefits to a business. Custom database development services are specific to the client, allow for future modifications, and they help to prevent possible future problems. The value of custom database development is unprecedented. By choosing custom database development you are choosing to grow!

How to Maximize Employee Performance through Custom Software

May 18, 2017
Photo by Pipe A. on Unsplash

Photo by Pipe A. on Unsplash. How to Maximize Employee Performance through Custom Software

Employees are some of your most valuable assets, but handling a diverse workforce leads to inevitable wastes of time and funds. Outdated or needlessly complex software causes much of this waste, especially in office environments. Custom software development, however, has your solution. This article shows you how custom software development helps you maximize employee performance.

Custom Software Development Offers the Ultimate Intuitive Controls

You want to maximize employee performance, and intuitive controls are one way to do just that. Intuitive controls have become a bit of a fad phase in marketing, and just about every piece of software on the market claims to have them. In reality, intuitive controls are best when they are customized. The more specific the customization, the better they will function. A general intuitive design helps users figure out how to enter and exit software efficiently. Alternatively, most software utilizes complex features that cannot be so easily displayed.

Custom software development designs intuitive controls based on your business’s unique work and pace. You may need specialized controls for handling clients, for example. Dashboards and tabs could divide client-oriented work into more specific work tracks. This would shave off time digging through layers of organization to find a specific function. Designs that follow the day to day patterns of your business mean you can spend less time training your employees, and you can waste fewer labor hours.

Embrace the Dashboard Experience

Embracing the dashboard is another way to maximize employee performance. One of the best advances in the world of software development has been the popularizing of dashboard controls. With dashboards, you can easily collect various functions onto a communal screen. This makes it easy to work through an entire process without flipping between various programs. Everything you need is in one place. This technology offers advantages for essentially any industry, and rudimentary versions are commonplace in most leading software.

However, while most off-the-shelf software features some form of dashboards, they aren’t always customizable. Even if they are, your customization options are limited by the developer’s ideas about the industry’s needs at large. While a few of the available options may work well for your individual business, custom software development would provide dashboards that addressed your workflow and primary needs directly. Since dashboards are meant to save time, it’s important for them to adhere to your specific requirements. Unfortunately, basic customization options only take you so far because the original designer’s expectations control their limits.

Wield Employee Input

Custom software development offers the chance to maximize some of your greatest assets, your employees. When employees struggle with their tools at work, they have to drain time and resources from IT. If this happens often enough, even if the employee is otherwise doing excellent work, the employee could easily become frustrated. Such employees often feel underappreciated and underutilized at work. This leads to low workplace satisfaction for your top performers. That, in turn, often leads them to seek a new position. There’s a way to harness this frustration for the advancement of the company, however.

If you ask your employees what aspects of your company’s existing software holds them back, they’ll be quick to answer. Careful analysis of the most commonly reported stumbling blocks will give you the raw data you need to make a superior system. Of course, that feedback won’t help you if you’re simply buying off-the-shelf software. However, custom software developers work with you from the beginning and are eager for your input. Offering employee feedback gives them priceless insight into your goals and struggles. With the aid of software that helps rather than hinders their daily workflows, employees are able to achieve higher standards and production volumes. As an added bonus, those frustrated, high performing employees receive the acknowledgment they need. By taking employee input into consideration, you reinforce your employees’ value and encourage long-term loyalty from your top performers.

Track Progress for Rewards

No one likes to feel like Big Brother is watching over their shoulders, even at work, but in order to get the data you need to efficiently run your business, you need access to detailed reports about employee activity. Many businesses use complex, multi-step logins that waste time and start employees’ work days with frustration.

There are better ways to track and reward progress. By including such functions in custom software development from the onset of production, you save your employees stress. You also get more accurate data. After all, managers get to waste even more time under the familiar multi-login system. Whenever an employee forgets one of their logins, they have to make an official report. The manager must then use their report to correct multiple systems. These include hour tracking, employee time cards, etc.

Daily workflow is a complex system of minor and major functions. The right software can turn it from a chore into a productive cycle. Custom software development gives you the keys to solve existing issues, minimize time losses, and encourage loyalty from your best workers. It’s a lot to expect from a single investment, but custom software development should always be exceptional.

Custom Application Development: Does Your Infrastructure Need a Mobile App

May 15, 2017
Photo by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash

Photo by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash. Custom Application Development: Does Your Infrastructure Need a Mobile App

While it’s easy to assume all mobile apps are for customers, each app possesses an entirely different set of functions behind the scenes. Mobile apps can focus on infrastructure or they can focus on being customer driven. For this reason, custom mobile app development is a useful infrastructure tool. While infrastructure-oriented applications generate less revenue than customer-oriented applications, they make a tremendous difference in productivity, effectiveness, and budget management. Let’s look at reasons why your business infrastructure needs a mobile app.

Are You Struggling to Communicate Effectively?

Mobile applications are, of course, designed for smartphones. However, not every business issues smartphones to employees. Still, it’s safe to assume that the majority of your workforce already owns and regularly operates a smart device. By investing in a custom application development with a mobile-friendly design, you can take advantage of this. Improve your infrastructure with employee preparedness. Additionally, this negates the need for new hardware, and is much easier than relying on walkie-talkies. For instance, they often suffer from a limited range. Moreover, it vastly outperforms reaching employees through email.

Business communication spans everything from emergency calls off from work to day to day management concerns. Depending on your needs, your mobile may allow a simplified schedule-maintenance system for your employees. This system allows for rapid response to sudden requests for leave. This gives scheduling managers the rapid notice they need in order to shift schedules. It could conceivably help bring in replacement labor, as well.

Interior communication on-site is no easier. Forcing employees to check email multiple times a day when their functions do not depend on this system lowers productivity. It also leaves employees feeling paranoid and uncertain about upcoming team meetings, schedule shifts, or other critical events. Employees who depend on their email for crucial operations face an even greater need for a mobile application. While email is an invaluable tool, it isn’t the best or most effective way to communicate rapidly about sudden client needs, rush jobs, or other typical emergencies. A mobile app geared toward departmental communication helps bypass the muck of a cluttered inbox.

Are You Losing Time?

Humans aren’t perfect, but the vast majority of employees could do their jobs more effectively. Minutes and hours slip through the cracks as employees struggle to stay up to date and perform their roles simultaneously. Many small businesses still have to deal with pens, paper, and data re-entry down the road. No one wants to waste their employees’ time by forcing them to physically write out an inventory sheet that they must later type into their desktop computer. A mobile application gives businesses the option to assign a tablet, smartphone, or another portable device for tasks like these. The reason for this is that they require extensive movement away from the computer.

Do You Struggle to Meet Demand?

A mobile app helps employees move faster. Custom application development may allow your employees to make on-site assessments and offer bids for work while they’re out of the office. Mobile checkout applications have grown increasingly popular for small businesses, particularly restaurants. Servers can function as cashiers as they visit their assigned tables, literally bringing the register with them as they go. It saves you time and helps customers avoid standing in line to pay their bill. By giving your employees the ability to literally carry the tools of their trade along with them as they work, you can help them move faster. This cuts down on wasted trips to and from the office or register. It saves time for the most important front-of-house activity, serving customers.

Have You Considered the Advantages of Custom Application Development?

Perhaps mobile applications have won you over. However, you want that the investment in a custom product is worth the extra cost. Custom application development may not cost as little as previous years’ clearance software, but it’s surprisingly affordable compared to today’s top off-the-shelf products. Custom mobile applications also enjoy a longer lifespan than the competition. Other benefits include more immediate returns than mass produced solutions. You won’t have to reinvest in software as quickly, and you’ll see better results.

Custom applications simply get the job done better. Since custom application development begins and ends with your business’s unique needs and goals in mind, the final product is always the best option. Mass produced software addresses industry concerns. Custom applications focus on your individual business.

Adjusting infrastructure is never comfortable, but it’s necessary for any growing business. There will always be room for improvement. Mobile applications can help you take advantage of those opportunities. They strengthen and simplify communication, eliminate repetitive functions, and ease the time restrictions that make customer service such a strain. Few software products offer such a dynamic range of benefits. If you want a sharper, more efficient infrastructure, custom mobile app development is a highly rewarding and cost-effective option. It harnesses today’s smartphone culture and transforms time-wasters into time-savers.

Ten Things Every Consumer App Needs

May 2, 2017
Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash

Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash. Ten Things Every Consumer App Needs

Consumer apps have shaped the e-commerce landscape, and they’re only growing more popular. In order to keep up, top businesses are choosing custom application development. Custom or not, however, there are some things every consumer app needs.

Eye-Catching Design

Before you make a sale, you have to grab customers’ attention. App users are visually motivated, and having an aesthetically pleasing and unique app will draw in users. Unappealing apps don’t feel as fun, no matter how useful they may be. In order to secure regular users, your consumer app needs to appeal to current design preferences and use both color and line to spark viewers’ interest.

Intuitive Structure

If they like what they see, customers will need to actually use the app. New users don’t want to take a tutorial. They’ve used many applications, and they expect certain features and patterns. For instance, app-logic dictates that the company logo at the top of the screen should always lead back to the main menu. First-time users should be able to use your dazzling new app as easily as an app they’ve used for years. Custom application development may bring in new features, but customers should be able to use them without a walk-through.

Excellent Search Functions

Get your customers where they need to go as quickly as possible. This is especially important for businesses with multiple locations or a wide variety of products. A search bar is essential for any app, but the more helpful the search function is, the more at ease customers will feel with your business. Try incorporating auto-complete options, similar product suggestions, and other assist functions. No one wants to feel stupid, and pulling up a search that gets no results is frustrating.

Interactive Options

An app is a tool, but the best apps always feel like a game. If a customer wants to order a pizza, let them use drop down menus and tabs to create a virtual pizza. Let them see what they’re making as they order. The more hands-on a customer’s app experience is, the more tangible the memory of your business and product will be. This is a major advantage of custom application development, which gives you an unlimited range of possibilities for interactive menus and screens.

Seamless Shopping Experience

Many businesses today are strictly limited to e-commerce. If you use both a storefront and an e-commerce system, it’s imperative to create a seamless shopping experience. The look of your website should match the décor of your store and vice versa. Options and services available in the physical store should also be available online. This goes beyond selling the same products. If your customers have questions they could get an associate to answer in a store. Online chat or query options should be clearly marked in the application.

Mobile Compatibility

This point shouldn’t surprise anyone. Although web apps are still on the rise, mobile applications dominate the market. If you design a web application for your e-commerce site, it absolutely has to be compatible with mobile devices. Customers will expect your web services to work on their phones and tablets. Failing to meet this expectation will result in lost revenue and disappointed customers.

Suggested Products

E-commerce sales strategies aren’t very different from storefront techniques. Rather than training employees to use these techniques, however, apps must be coded in advance to push additional sales. Offering a menu bar of suggested products is a simple way to encourage additional sales, but custom software development allows a tremendous range of creative sales strategies.

Customer Retention Features

A sale is great, but a returning customer is better. To keep your shoppers’ attention, you need to offer something beyond a series of menus and a shopping cart. Use your app to invite customers to join newsletters with exclusive sales and discounts. Encourage and reward feedback. Use your app to not just make sales, but to interact with customers.


Without speed and efficiency, all of the other points on this list are useless. Your app must work well with a range of devices, and work quickly, in order to make sales. When a customer comes to your app, they should be able to go from the main screen to the final checkout confirmation effortlessly. E-commerce shoppers want efficiency and ease of use as much or more than they want your actual product.

Support from the Custom Application Development Team

Last but not least, use a custom application development service you can turn to if things go wrong. Services that offer emergency support and regular maintenance can make all the difference. After all, a downed application only costs you money.

Building a consumer application is a lot of work, but if the job is done well, customers will barely notice. That’s how it should be. A consumer needs to move through the app quickly, enjoy the shopping experience, and remember your business for future use.

Five Key Traits of Excellent Custom Software Developers

April 25, 2017
Photo by Lee Campbell on Unsplash

Photo by Lee Campbell on Unsplash. Five Key Traits of an Excellent Custom Software Developer

To get the best custom software, you need the best custom software development services. It sounds simple, but with such a broad market, many potential clients have trouble finding the services that will actually provide what they need. An excellent software developer will have several key traits that set them apart. These superior options will demonstrate exceptional communication habits and provide a variety of services to diverse clients. Developers should prove their reliability through engagement and a record of success. Most importantly, they will provide genuine custom software development services.


In order to provide superior custom software, developers need to have excellent communication skills. They should, at the very least, respond rapidly to email and text messages, maintain a regular correspondence with clients, and handle their phones professionally. Excellent custom software developers should surpass these basic skills, though. They need the practical ability to interact frequently and directly with their clients. Ideally, developers meet with clients in person. This is why many of the best custom software developers are local. Having an office in the client’s region allows developers to arrange face-to-face meetings from the beginning of their working relationship through the conclusion of the custom software project. Without the advantage of proximity, collaboration and cooperation become vastly more challenging and expensive. This is why local custom software development services always provide superior communication.

Service Variety

Not all developers offer integration. The best custom software development services go beyond basic development, however. They even go beyond integration for their own products. Excellent developers offer a number of different services that ought to cover development, maintenance, and integration. Integration has obvious uses, and no one will understand how potential acquisitions will work with your system better than the people who built it. Maintenance is important for the same reasons. Having a knowledgeable, local source of support is invaluable in times of crisis.

Variety goes beyond types of service. An excellent developer should have experience working with many different industries. This flexibility is an essential criterion for determining a developer’s ability to understand new systems, work environments, and goals. Custom software development services revolve around the client, and working with diverse clients proves developers are not limited to a single trick or system.


When you need help, or you want an update, your developer should answer the call. Reliability goes beyond following laws and meeting deadlines. Custom software development is an intensely collaborative project, or at least it should be. That requires easy communication and a great deal of trust. The best developers demonstrate their reliability through engagement.

Custom software developers shouldn’t just sit back and wait for your list of needs. The best developers look for areas that could be improved, ask questions, and use your ideas to spark more involved conversations. Since the best developers also follow collaborative practices, clients know what’s being done at each stage of development. However, by asking questions and looking for new opportunities, developers can take the project in surprising and improved directions.

Record of Success

The best custom software developer will present the record of their success up front. It should appear on their promotional material, and it should include at least a few client names. This allows potential clients to do their own research before committing to a new developer. The names also provide concrete evidence of several of the qualities listed above. A variety of customers and services should be immediately clear. If possible, ask for the approximate dates of when developers worked with clients. You can often judge how well developers have maintained their skills over time, based on the number and prestige of recent and current clients.

True Custom Software Development Services

The best custom software is truly custom. From time to time, a developer will resell solutions created for a previous client that only loosely fit the needs of the current client. Even if these products do a better job than off the shelf options, they could still do better. If developers sell these products, they should clarify the difference between customized software and custom built software. Only one of these is unique to your business. While there is certainly nothing wrong with selling or buying customized software, it isn’t exactly the same product, and it may cost less than custom software development services.

The best developers communicate directly, demonstrate their reliability, provide a range of services to diverse clients, and have the records to prove it. Custom software development services don’t usually come cheap, and they’re an investment that requires a lot of pre-screening. Developers balance technical talent with interpersonal skill. The best custom software developer will give your business a boost to the next stage of growth, and they’ll be waiting in the wings should you need their services again. It’s a hard mix to find, but the results are always well worth the effort.

Top Five Reasons to Choose Custom Software Development from Ayoka

April 18, 2017
Photo by Javier Quesada on Unsplash

Photo by Javier Quesada on Unsplash. Top Five Reasons to Choose Custom Software Development from Ayoka

Trying to choose the right partner for custom software development may seem challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Perhaps, finding the right company to partner with for custom software development, regular maintenance, and even integration seems daunting. However, it is as simple as reviewing the developer’s process, standards, and track record. Fortunately, Ayoka stands above the competition on all fronts. With local offices conveniently located, they work with some of the largest U.S. companies. Even better, they always put the customer first. While there are many great reasons to choose Ayoka, we narrowed them down to the top five for this article.

Ayoka is Local

One of Ayoka’s biggest advantages is their multiple, local offices. These give developers the ability to meet clients for one-on-one discussions. Custom software development from remote developers lacks the insight of personal involvement and direct experience with your company. This opens a direct line of communication from day one. That direct communication continues throughout development. Ayoka’s developers don’t want to just fill out a checklist of a client’s basic needs. They seek to engage the client in a cooperative effort in order to produce the best possible software for their business.

Ayoka’s location also makes them more reliable. Unfortunately, it’s hard to do more than leave damaging reviews of slow, inefficient, or fraudulent developers from overseas. However, Ayoka must abide by the same laws and codes you operate by. As mentioned earlier, local offices make it easy to schedule one-on-one meetings. Thankfully, this also takes a lot of the confusion and frustration out of regular updates.

The third great advantage of working with local developers is insight. Not only do Ayoka’s developers meet with their clients, they also understand the consumer culture their clients cater to. They recognize customer expectations and are better equipped to help clients meet those demands.

Ayoka Gets to Know Your Business

Since Ayoka’s offices are nearby, their developers make a point of exploring, discussing, and understanding client’s businesses as a whole. This means clients get to know their developers’ faces because those developers work with them in person. Developers do on-site research, hold multiple meetings with clients, and take the time to inspect problems directly. With this insight, they develop custom software that isn’t just tweaked to suit the client.  They fully develop the software to suit the client’s work culture, future needs, and business goals. Extremely few developers have this opportunity, which is due to both Ayoka’s location and business standards.

Ayoka’s Service Go Beyond Custom Software Development

Although Ayoka is best known for custom software development, their expertise goes beyond building software and applications. Ayoka offers full technical and emergency support services. Moreover, their developers possess the most intimate understanding of your software and operating system. This helps them solve your problems faster and more efficiently than a vast majority of third party IT crews.

Integration, due diligence, and data management solutions ensure that Ayoka continues to help you well into the future. Your growing business inevitably faces needs for these services, and Ayoka aims to take the hassle and worry out of it. Since their developers understand your system so well, they are the best choice for examining potential software and application acquisitions. Of course, it’s always less stressful to trust a proven company with delicate tasks like integration. With Ayoka’s diverse range of services, they always work to support and improve your business infrastructure.

Ayoka has a Proven Track Record

Examining previous client feedback is always a crucial step in finding a developer. Ayoka has an extensive history with clients of various sizes from many different industries. Massive industrial pioneers like Boeing use Ayoka’s services, as do medical services like ADX. Airports, data centers, and textile services all called on Ayoka’s developers, and are happy to list themselves as previous clients. Very few developers have this kind of track record, and it stands as evidence of the company’s high service and performance standards.

Ayoka’s Developers are Ready to Prove Themselves

Ayoka’s work history is only the beginning. Developers seek to constantly improve their skills, and they treat each client, regardless of size, as a unique and engaging opportunity. Prior experience helps them spot the root of common problems quickly, but their solutions will always be tailored to meet individual business goals and systems. No two businesses are exactly alike, and no two pieces of custom software are ever truly identical. Custom software development demands the most of its developers while offering the most to clients.

Everything from location to experience demonstrates Ayoka’s superior standards and performance. The company’s range of services allows them to readily assist clients with essentially any development, maintenance, or integration need. From the very beginning, the client comes first. Developers visit in person and keep clients involved throughout the development process. Ayoka is reliable, customer-oriented, and has the track record to prove it. These top five reasons to choose Ayoka for custom software services represent a fraction of the services and features that set this developer apart.

Keeping Pace with Custom Software Development

April 11, 2017
Photo by robin arm on Unsplash

Photo by robin arm on Unsplash. Keeping Pace with Your Competition with Custom Software Development

The business world is not kind to off the shelf software. These regular software programs often deal with key business issues and address expectation based on the previous year’s numbers. They’re poorly prepared for the world of trending products, e-commerce, and international trade shifts. No matter how large or small a business may be, their software is the key to business growth. Off the shelf solutions demand frequent re-investment for an average product. Custom software development, however, helps businesses keep pace with their competition while preparing for the future.

Custom Software Development Helps Evaluate Your Business

Before developers write a single line of code, they thoroughly investigate your business. They consider everything from revenue streams to the employee culture. Initial conversations should focus on your goals, your business directives, and the purpose the custom software would serve. Only then do you and the developers begin to consider obstacles and problems. Because they spend time getting to know your business from the inside out, developers have a unique perspective on the health of your enterprise as a whole.

Custom software development teams depend on advanced cooperation techniques, and it wouldn’t be difficult to incorporate a report on the state of your business during development. Fully understanding the state of your businesses is essential, but it’s only the first step. This data provides you with the insight needed to not only complete the project, but plan for future improvements. The best part is, you can address quite a few of the issues you discuss with developers through the custom software itself.

Custom Software Stands Out for Customers

Business growth depends on customers, and even if they can’t see what software you’re running behind the scenes, they’ll recognize increased efficiency. Customers experience software inefficiencies through extended delays, slow service, and order or service errors. Growing businesses often struggle with these issues even more as they outpace their current software’s capacity. Layering systems to compensate for one cheap system’s flaws is an invitation for data loss, confusion, and frustrated customers.

Since custom software doesn’t stuff your business’s workflow and data in a preconceived mold, it allows greater freedom and ease of access. Custom software doesn’t create extra hurdles when your employees are focused on customer service. It also aids behind the scenes workflow, which helps businesses meet commission and order deadlines. Most importantly, software designed to perfectly streamline your established business culture and habits. This leaves you with more time to spend with your customers, with is infinitely more useful than spending the afternoon on the phone with IT.

Custom Software Boosts Productivity

Software inefficiencies are the overhead of labor. Even the best employees are only as productive as their software options allow them to be. The more systems they have to juggle, the lower their production rates will drop. Only custom software can perfectly meet your business’s needs, because off the shelf programs are designed for the widest possible market. Regular software’s broad design makes specialization within a business extremely difficult. Using multiple systems to complete a single task soon becomes unavoidable.

While many businesses use off the shelf solutions to handle everything from company newsletters to customer order management, these products restrict their ability to serve customers and meet changing demand. Businesses using off the shelf solutions also have to tailor their practices and workflow to suit the software. This arrangement should be vice versa. It’s impossible for employees to meet their full potential under these conditions.

Custom software supports employees rather than challenging them. With software designed for their specific roles, designed to solve regular issues and circumvent frequent errors, employees can get far more work done in a much shorter period. It’s always better to fix a problem once by choosing custom software, than it is to ask your employees to compensate for that problem every time they work an order.

Custom Software Prepares You for the Future

One of the greatest benefits of custom software is that it doesn’t just solve today’s problems. It gives you an advantage for the future. Working directly with developers allows businesses to choose exactly how flexible they want their new software to be. The more flexible it is, the better the software can compensate for expanding customer databases and additional services.

Keeping pace in the racing business world means streamlining your business, and the best way to maximize your speed and productivity is to choose the best tools. Custom software development is an easy way to boost business growth and keep up with your competition. It helps you better understand your business and immediately addresses major obstacles and inefficiencies. The same software improves your customers’ experience. It also helps your employees smash previous production standards. Most importantly, custom software development prepares your business for the future, and the only thing better than keeping pace is pulling ahead of the pack.

Is Your Infrastructure Leaking Funds?

April 4, 2017
Photo by Vitaly on Unsplash

Photo by Vitaly on Unsplash

Inefficiencies, errors, and wasted work hours lurk in every business infrastructure. Recognizing these problems, however, is only the first step. They may seem unavoidable, but the truth is that custom software development services have ready solutions to a huge range of infrastructure leaks. Although they require an initial investment, custom software development services offer the surest way to stop leaking funds.

Custom software development services begin by examining the situation. Rather than just upgrading demonstrably inefficient programs, custom software allows you to address the problem at its root. Once developers have a good understanding of your business infrastructure and the gaps money falls through, they can begin putting together your ideal software solution. This basic approach can solve issues ranging from time management to communication gaps in the chain of command.

Employee Time Management

Even the best employees have trouble perfectly managing their time. When employees are dealing with outdated or substandard software, their performance rate drops even further. Between these two situations, you may find you’re losing hundreds of dollars each month to inefficient workflow and employee confusion.

Your custom software can actually be designed to work with rather than against your employees’ workflow. During their initial investigation, custom software developers can see how employees spend their time, thereby identifying points of strength and the leaky aspects of your current system. This allows them to build software that plays off your business culture’s best attributes. The same custom software can erase regular obstacles and smooth over rough transitions.

System Inefficiencies

If you or your employees must run multiple programs in order to accomplish a single, repeated task, you are wasting hundreds of labor hours every month. Off the shelf solutions that attempt to consolidate data can be just as bad. Patchwork systems that attempt to compensate for outdated programs often fail to carry over all the data or app functions from the original programs. Attempting to combine databases or indirectly link access for different departments makes regular processes unnecessarily complicated.

Custom software development services aim to build intuitive, easy to use systems. Imagine a single piece of software that allows employees to work through a task from beginning to end. It’s the most efficient production model, and it’s the least prone to errors.

How Many Links Are in Your Chain of Command?

Do your decision makers have access to the tools they need, or do they have to relegate much of their own work? It may seem strange, but sometimes the greatest leaks in business infrastructure appear between links in the chain of command. Often, a chain of command involves cutting out practical information that managers, partners, and CEOs absolutely need to know. In order to make informed decisions, leaders need data. They also need insight into their employees’ daily workflow. Passing research and work to other employees with more knowledge interrupts the productivity of the burdened employee. This may throw off other areas of production in a chain reaction.

Custom software gives decision makers the opportunity to discuss with developers exactly what they need. Whether they need custom applications in order to rapidly search through data, access to a greater range of programs, or simply a streamlined command system, custom software has the solution. Each leader is different, and custom software allows each one to secure the tools they need without wasting resources.

Paying Many Times for the Same Service

Software is a necessary part of essentially any business, but as time goes one, software applications grow more and more streamlined to perform particular tasks. The number of tasks has not diminished, however. This leads to a situation where your business is pressured into buying new software to augment programs they already run. Many of these programs have crossover data sets or functions, which leads to gross inefficiencies and frequent errors. It’s also an incredible waste of time.

Custom software development services identify these issues early on in the development process. Whether you are building a replacement system, or a dashboard program that can handle data sets from various applications, your new custom software can solve this issue. A central point of reference allows employees to work faster, and numbers to add up more smoothly. Most importantly, a single system is a much cheaper option than paying for the same process from three or four different software products.

It isn’t easy to pinpoint all the little leaks that cost your business, but custom software development services can help you through the process of plugging them up. Even the best business infrastructure has room for improvement. Nothing provides a better return on its initial investment than custom software. It saves time and money while laying the foundations for future growth. The ability of custom software developers to study and address your unique problems makes their products so valuable. Unlike off the shelf software, custom products pay for themselves.

Make More with Custom E-Commerce Solutions

March 28, 2017
Photo by Domenico Loia on Unsplash

Photo by Domenico Loia on Unsplash

Today, custom e-commerce solutions offer industrial companies the opportunity to make more capital, and at a faster rate than relying on what distributors or third party sales people could hope to match. The most expensive domains and applications require only a fraction of overhead cost. Especially, when compared to the overhead demanded by royalty agreements or a physical warehouse. Moreover, it allows industrial businesses to directly sell to their clients at much lower costs. This also means they are more likely to turn a profit, especially if your software can suggest products and monitor inventory levels from your ERP. Of course, this all depends on your e-commerce applications.

Like many business organizations, you’re tempted to start at the lowest, cheapest levels of e-commerce.  This means using pre-made applications and do-it-yourself models. However, these often cut down your potential sales if you’re selling machinery, chemicals or other non-consumer goods. Custom application development that supports your business processes, from purchase order management to compliance reporting is still, vastly cheaper than hiring more staff. Moreover, the returns almost always outweigh any initial investment. To get the most out of e-commerce for business to business systems, you need custom solutions.

E-Commerce Demands

Running an e-commerce platform is entirely different from running a physical storefront. First of all, consumers approach e-commerce applications with a different set of standards. In addition, they also expect your app to provide service at a speed no employee could match. For example, when someone visits your website, they are looking for clear, concise information with plenty of relevant images. They want to enjoy their experience through new features, but they also want to feel confident using your app’s functions. E-commerce should lead customers down an easy path, from the landing page to their final purchase confirmation. It’s a lot to ask of a single application. However, custom application development helps with each of these issues and more.

Keep Visitors’ Interest

Online shoppers and potential clients expect two things the second the click on your link. First, they expect something fresh and interesting. Second, they expect that fresh design to follow intuitive patterns of use. Essentially, they want something that is both new and familiar at the same time. This goes beyond pretty backgrounds and simple fonts. An engaging website or app needs to be built from the ground up. Custom application development gives you an advantage from the start. The right developers keep you involved throughout the process. This is the best way to ensure the final product meets your needs while appealing to customers.

Easing Customers through Searches

Obviously, every customer wants a smooth shopping experience. However, e-commerce shoppers take this demand to a new level. Speed and ease decide their shopping habits. If customers can’t find what they’re looking for on your website within the first few moments, they typically move on to a different provider. A key to getting customers where they want to go quickly is by honing your search features.

In addition to a well-organized menu with clear options and subcategories, you need to invest some time in your search functions. Does your search box have auto complete? Does it suggest popular items from your site based on the first letters? If users misspell an item’s name, will your search box list potential matches with similar spelling? Anything that shortens the time between a customer’s first click and their final purchase will increase the chances of return sales.

Shopping Carts to Match Your Products

Premade shopping cart apps don’t always work well for small or developing businesses. Many businesses rely on customization and a range of unique feature choices to help sell their products. The same goes for businesses offering service packages. A premade shopping cart app has limited options designed for basic orders. Even systems like those used by major crafting platforms, like Etsy, have serious flaws. They limit user’s ability to accurately describe their products. Unfortunately, these problems only compound when a business offers customization and unique commissions. Custom application development prevents these situations from becoming problems. Instead, developers gain a chance to incorporate the necessary range of tools and features from the project’s inception.

Technical Support

If an e-commerce application goes down, the profit loss is instantaneous. To prevent significant losses, it’s important to have reliable tech support with working knowledge of your system on speed dial. Custom application development requires a special kind of commitment to customer service, and any developers worth their salt will offer technical support and emergency response services. Custom work requires detailed knowledge of not only the new application, but the system into which it fits. More importantly, keeping their own product up, running, and making money is essential for developers. They are as invested in your custom application’s success as you are.

E-commerce gives businesses the chance to quick-start their sales, and nothing boosts initial sales and customer loyalty like a tailor-made application. Custom e-commerce solutions can walk the fine line between sparking interest with a new feature and ensuring customers don’t struggle to use it. A custom application can help customers find what they need faster, and a custom shopping cart ensures you present your product accurately. Best of all, custom e-commerce solutions will introduce you to your ideal tech support team. Together, these features boost sales and drive return business. It’s a smart way to get ahead of the vast competition in the world of e-commerce.

Top Five Advantages of Local Custom Software Development

March 21, 2017
Photo by Peignault Laurent on Unsplash

Photo by Peignault Laurent on Unsplash

Shopping local has gained momentum as a consumer trend. What’s more, opting for local custom work gives your business a distinct edge, too. Local custom software development offers many advantages for businesses seeking custom products, but we’ve narrowed the list to the top five. Local developers have the benefit of proximity for personal research into both your business and your customer base. When things go wrong, you can reach out to the team with the most knowledge about your system for technical support in emergencies and routine maintenance situations alike. It’s easier to rely on local business that allows for in person visits, and that operate under the same laws and codes as you do. Of course, paying for local service also means feeding the local economy.

Personal Research

Proximity matters when research is involved. When you work with an overseas company, no matter how good the developers may be, their ability to research and understand your company is limited. Photos, reports, and Skype interviews have their limits. Unfortunately, those limits restrict the ability of overseas developers to perfectly integrate custom software into your company’s existing systems and work culture. It’s also all too easy to develop misunderstandings thanks to miscommunication or gaps in your project outline.

Custom software development ought to be based on everything that makes your business unique. A local business can send representatives to your place of business in person. You can go beyond explaining and actually show your chosen developers what you want, and what issues you’re trying to fix. The best custom software development teams will return to discuss the project throughout its development. This allows true collaboration, ensuring your final product goes above and beyond your expectations.

Local Business Means Local Insight

No one understands local consumers like other local consumers. Keep in mind that local software developers may have had previous dealings with your company as a customer. Even if they have not dealt with your business directly, local developers understand what kind of advertising does and does not work in your region. The same developers reside, shop, and do business in your region, so they know which questions to ask and understand how customers expect to interact with businesses. Just as personal research concerning your business has a direct impact on the final product you receive, so does a personal understanding of local consumer habits.

Help Is in Reach

If something should go wrong, it’s important to have someone who understands your system well enough to quickly identify the issue. An overseas development team cannot reach you if you have problems. The only way such a company can access your system is to use remote access, which is inevitably riskier than on-site maintenance.

Most custom software developers offer emergency support and troubleshooting services. Sometimes these services come with the cost of custom software development, and sometimes they’re offered separately. Either way, they’re more reliable than remote service. An on-site representative can analyze both software and hardware factors. The fact that they intimately understand the inner workings of your business only adds to their speed, efficiency, and value.


Overseas developers work under different laws and regulations. They must hold their work to different standards. These complications go beyond cultural differences and influence business practices. A local business follows the same laws and regulations you do. They understand the technical and legal aspects of regional business without excessive explanations.

More importantly, they’re accountable to your standards. If there is a miscommunication or you have trouble with a deadline, you can arrange a face to face meeting. Local businesses are reliable because of their physical proximity. A great overseas company may offer great products, but they don’t have the advantages of communication that local businesses offer.

Boosting Your Local Economy

In the end, every business is local, including yours. International business offers many great opportunities, but dealing locally offers security and support you cannot secure through international deals. After all, your business depends on the local economy. When you invest in other local businesses, you shore up the economic foundations that support your own enterprise. Dealing locally rewards your business not only in the short term through a superior product, but in the long term, through a strong consumer base. Local developers will spend the bulk of their earnings locally, and even if you deal with customers across the globe, a local customer base is vital. Dealing locally pays you back.

Dealing with local developers eases burdens and improves products. This goes beyond frustrations with time zones and into the minutiae of business culture and customer sentiment. Proximity matters when you order a service, and although custom software development is focused on creating a specific product, it is also a service. Support is better during and after development. Your business will benefit, and so will your community. Best of all, remember, this list only represents the top five advantages, and there are plenty more.

How to Find Long Lasting Custom Software

March 14, 2017
Photo by Christopher Gower on Unsplash

Photo by Christopher Gower on Unsplash

Custom software development is a serious investment, and in order to benefit from that investment, you need to find software that can stand the test of time. While there’s no way to predict the future, there are key features and traits you should consider before and during development that will promote software longevity. Most are fairly simple. Look for a good fit that leaves room for growth, and take time to hire a local developer who provides additional services.

Find Software that Fits

Custom software development isn’t uncommon. However, finding custom software developers willing to tailor software to suit your exact business needs is uncommon. These services might cost more, but they provide a better investment that outlasts simpler products. The more your custom software meets your specific business needs, the fewer problems it causes. Not only will it cause fewer problems, but it will help you meet your goals more efficiently. This should expand the life of not only your software investment, but also your client list.

Well-fitted software also takes your existing hardware and network capabilities into consideration. The right fit won’t overburden your system or take up unnecessary storage space that you need for other functions. Tailoring is key. While many developers sell custom software that is tweaked for individual customers, it isn’t always tailored to your needs. Remember, there is a difference between custom software, and custom software developed specifically for your business.

Go Local

Local developers have a series of benefits any business can take advantage of. At the top of that list is market awareness. While custom software from overseas companies depends a great deal on second hand research and established trends, local developers have a natural understanding of the clientele you serve. Research is still imperative, of course, but even that is easier and more thorough with the local advantage.

Local custom software development ensures the best fit, too. Just as locals understand your market better than overseas companies, they also understand local regulations, business culture, and standards. The best developers meet with you in person to best understand your unique goals. These collaborative efforts go a long way in ensuring a good fit. As we discussed above, this is the best way to get long lasting custom software.

Choose Developers with Good Support

Good customer service and technical support will ensure your new software serves a long and productive life. Good support goes beyond any warranty, though. When you’re shopping for software developers, look for those who offer multiple services. A software development company that offers separate technical support services helps you plan for the future. These services often include integration, trouble shooting, and emergency backup and recovery services.

No one knows custom software like the individuals who developed it. Try moving the majority of your software-related business to the company responsible for development. Your business gains the developer’s insight into future problems. This would take outside troubleshooters far more time to acquire. This saves time in emergencies, but it also secures a service provider with a vested interest in the longevity of your custom software.

Consider Expanding Business Needs

The best custom software fits your current business needs. However, to make it last, developers need to take your business plans for the future into consideration. After all, if software matches today’s needs, but not tomorrows, it won’t be effective for long. Custom software is a major investment, and you want to receive a long lasting product in exchange. In order to last, custom software needs to be flexible. Moreover, developers should make space for future add-ons and expansions.

Perhaps your software needs to accommodate data from a new office branch. Or, maybe you plan on diversifying your services in the next few years. Software must be flexible to address these changes. Often, expansions are as simple as additional memory or more detailed file type compatibility.  However, inflexible software fails to adapt. When you speak with your developer, explain where your business is headed. With his or her understanding of developing trends in technology, you should be able to find the right balance between efficiency for today and flexibility for tomorrow. This collaboration is key to software longevity.

Long lasting custom software works well, and that requires a great fit. There is no better way to stack the odds in your favor than to hire a local, multi-service developer. Such a developer comes with the skills, insight, and proximity needed for close collaboration. This is a preemptive measure that saves time and money down the road, in addition to its many immediate advantages. Custom software development helps grow your business. For this reason, it’s important that developers leave expandable options. Together, these features outline not only a great custom software product, but one that will last for many years to come.

Benefits of PLCs for Industries

March 7, 2017
Photo by on Unsplash

Photo by on Unsplash

Custom software is the best product to ensure functionality and ease of use for your exact business needs. However, custom software development is not tied to traditional desktop software applications. Modern industry relies on computers to handle everything from automation to networking. Unfortunately, it’s often difficult to find viable control system solutions. While modern industry has many unique needs, it puts a great deal of stress on the control system itself. A regular desktop computer cannot fulfill all of these needs. Fortunately, there are PLCs.

A PLC, or Programmable Logic Controller, is a control system that utilizes use-made commands to control input and output from various devices. It’s a great tool for applications due to its flexibility. Since user commands control how the system directs output devices, this system can work in just about any kind of application.

Designed specifically for industrial work, PLCs make the perfect match for manufacturers. The control systems are particularly great as automation controllers in robotic factory work. Moreover, they are a tidier computing solution than endless relays and timers, making it easier for manufacturers to track errors. PLCs offer a number of key advantages for industries.

A PLC is Easy to Use

PLCs are designed to be easy to use. Employees shouldn’t need special training in order to operate them, for example, and monitoring the control system’s decisions is simple. A PLC runs deterministic logic execution better than a desktop operating system like Windows. Functions are more reliable and consistent. In industry, the smallest timing error can cost thousands of dollars in wasted time and raw materials. This point alone makes PLCs the best option for industrial businesses.

The other chief advantage of PLCs is their input/output capabilities. Traditional computers simply don’t have the number of options PLCs provide, and finding PLC hardware capable of handling additional input/output is relatively easy. Users choose from a range of potential interfaces, as well. For example, you might choose a simple model that uses a simple, light and switch system. Alternatively, you might choose a graphic interface screen. A PLC can even be linked to a traditional desktop in a separate office space. The variety of options ensures industrial leaders can adapt their technology to meet growing demand rather than replacing the system altogether. Custom software development only expands these options. PLCs are capable of serving as sequential relay control, motion control, networking, distributed control systems, and more.

A PLC is Rugged

Everything about PLCs is built tough. Industry tends to make a mess, and typical computer hardware simply can’t handle that. Even in today’s technologically advanced business world, desktop systems require a lot of TLC. They need regular airflow and temperature control. The internal fans that keep computers cool frequently drag in the dust and muck of the computer’s surroundings. Even if a traditional computer can manage to keep cool, it will invariably pull in a lot of debris, which will eventually compromise the entire system. A PLC has about the same processing power as a desktop computer, but it’s much less delicate.

PLCs don’t just have rugged hardware, though. The initial design of all aspects of the control system gives them the ability to survive the rigors of an assembly plant’s main floor. Since it has a fairly compact design, a PLC is less likely to block access to other machinery. As an added bonus, the system fits practically anywhere, making the advantages here, abundantly clear. A PLC provides industrial businesses with a safer, more secure computing option that is far less susceptible to damage than desktop solutions.

PLCs Are Affordable

Even if you invest in custom software development, the cost of a PLC is drastically cheaper than the components it would take to fulfill the same roles. While that alone is reason to consider PLCs, the fact that the system is more efficient actually boosts savings. It doesn’t take much to create a costly error in modern industry. Costs add up quickly. For example, a machine placing the wrong shipping label on the wrong package, sets off a chain of mislabels. Moreover, incorrectly applying even the tiniest piece in a complex manufacturing project adds to increased costs. It’s worth investing in superior tech to avoid such costs. The fact that PLC is cheaper than the vast majority of the competition makes it all the more valuable.

The advantages of PLCs for industry range from superior performance to lower costs. It’s rare for those two benefits to overlap. A PLC can stand up to the rigors of industry factories and shipping centers without compromising precision computing. PLC units take up less space than the functional equivalent, and they almost always last longer. It should be no surprise that a control system developed specifically for industry environments performs better in industry conditions than the competition. PLCs provide the most refined industry computing system available today. With their dynamic range of functions and easy access, the advantages are clear.

We Get in Your Business – Business Software

February 28, 2017
Photo by Lee Campbell on Unsplash business software

Photo by Lee Campbell on Unsplash

Custom software development is all about building new software around an existing business. This is a challenge for the majority of developers, who usually create software for companies they’ve never even seen. Ayoka takes a different approach. From the first day, they use customer service and open communication to build the foundation of each new project. Ayoka believes they have to understand your business before they can make your ideal custom software or application. This means in-person visits and face to face discussions, and that’s just the beginning.

Ayoka’s Process

Whenever you contract custom software development services, you can expect a phone call or a series of emails. The difference between Ayoka and many other developers, however, is that phone call or email is simply a means to set up a real face to face meeting. From the beginning of your working relationship, Ayoka takes your business not only seriously, but personally.

During and after your in-person meeting, Ayoka systems experts will learn about your business. Ayoka doesn’t just want your name and an address to which they can bill their invoices. Ayoka wants to understand your business. After all, the best way to design the most intuitive custom software for your business is to get inside your business and see how it ticks.

Communication is key for Ayoka’s development teams, and you can expect collaborative measures throughout the entire process. By working with rather than for you, Ayoka systems developers can ensure they’re delivering the best possible product. Everything is tailored for your business, and collaboration helps streamline the fit.

Ayoka’s Range of Services

In addition to application development, Ayoka offers a tremendous range of other support and development services. These include:

  • Application integration services
    • Data integration
    • Enterprise integration
    • System integration
    • Software integration
  • Application management services
    • Software maintenance
    • IT infrastructure and data recovery
    • Application modernization services
    • Monitoring and reporting
    • Co-sourcing application services
    • Design-build-manage services
  • Technology due diligence services
    • Mergers and acquisitions
    • IT infrastructure
    • Software quality

The important thing to remember is that Ayoka’s customer service and collaboration standards aren’t limited to their custom software development services. Your business can trust Ayoka’s staff to bring the same high quality standards to every project, large or small. By providing so many different kinds of software services, Ayoka also makes future projects and maintenance easier for your business.

It’s always easier for a software program’s original developer to diagnose and correct flaws in the system. Since Ayoka knows not only their own products, but your business’s original systems very well, they are uniquely qualified to handle any further maintenance on the system. Whether you are starting something new, adapting something old, or simply joining two different systems, Ayoka can help make the finished system sound and easy for your business to use. Most importantly, Ayoka’s track record proves their work and products are secure.

The Trouble with Overseas Developers

Naturally, Ayoka faces plenty of competition. The primary source of that competition offers drastically different services at a higher level of inconvenience. This is because the vast majority of Ayoka’s competition has headquarters on the other side of an ocean.

A custom software development team on the other side of an ocean cannot visit your business in person even once without hiking their prices to accommodate travel expenses. Follow up visits and in-person collaboration are off the table altogether. The primary advantage of contracting overseas is the price of the final product. However, in order to keep those prices low, even the best overseas developers have to cut a few corners, and the best way to do that is to limit customer service. Without regular communication, they cannot create the perfectly-fitted products Ayoka offers. All of this goes without mentioning the frustrations of phone and email communication, the likelihood of misunderstandings, and potential language barriers.

Even if the final product is satisfactory, there’s no way a development team on the other side of an ocean can provide reliable, hands-on support for your new software and applications. Ayoka can offer the range of services it does because it is a local business. When there is a problem that requires a technician on the scene, they can provide one. Paying for a technician to fly in from another part of the world is costly and unreasonable.

Ayoka’s custom software development services stand look very different from the competition. Their other services are made possible due in large part to those differences. Ayoka comes to your business in-person to learn, discuss, and collaborate. Your finished product will suit your business because it was designed with your business in mind, not just your industry or a short paragraph about your business goals. Working with a local developer provides many advantages, but the best by far is the personal touch and ease of communication.

 Five Reasons to Choose Custom Web Development

February 27, 2017
Photo by Lee Campbell on Unsplash

Photo by Lee Campbell on Unsplash

Every business needs a website in the digital world today. There are very few people who would say otherwise. Websites are critical to the success of a business. They can make you, or they can break you. People who come across your website while browsing the internet could very well be turned into customers. A poorly developed website can devastate your business by turning away potential customers. The key is to have a website that intrigues and fascinates people, while remaining functional. This is where custom web development comes into play.

What Makes a User Want to Stay On a Site?

Put yourself in the shoes of a random web browsing user, and consider what aspects of a website make you like it. Most people would say easy navigation. In fact, the presentation of the site’s content matters more to many people than the content itself. If users have to click through a labyrinth of links to get to their destination, your website is badly designed. If, on the other hand, it is easy to click and navigate through your site, you will see your traffic and revenue go up in no time at all. Custom web development ensures that your website looks and feels good. It also has many other benefits. 

1 – Custom Web Development Helps with SEO

While a custom website is developed by experts in the industry, there are other options. For example, you could buy a template and edit its theme; however, you are limited on how much you can change. Moreover, this almost never works out as well as building a completely unique site from the ground up. With the help of a custom web development expert, you can incorporate SEO techniques into the design of your site. Search engines like Google, rank websites based on their content, links, and the ease of navigation through the pages of the site.

2 – A Custom Site is Truly Unique

 There is so much more involved in building an online business. You need more than a website with a fancy logo on the home page. Your online site will be nothing if you don’t have good web design throughout the site. While building a website with a template seems easier and cheaper, it will never look nearly as unique as a custom site. Your website is a representation of you and your business. While information is important, trying to fit all your information into a pre-made placeholders on a template, could leave your site lacking. At Ayoka, we strive to emphasize how unique your company is in the industry so your users will feel the passion behind your brand too. The website is the foundation upon which the rest of your company is built. Make it stand out.

 3 – Custom Sites are Built for Customers

When deciding on a custom website, ask yourself who keeps your company running when all else fails. Your customers do, of course. Without your customers, your company would shut down in days. They are your primary source of income. Building a website is something that should be done for your customers’ convenience, not your own. A custom web development service crafts a site that is optimally structured for your customers. From start to finish, your website flows smoothly, guiding your visitors on a gentle journey that culminates in a powerful call to action to make a sale. At Ayoka, our team of experienced web developers will ensure conversions for you.

4 – Leave the Competition in the Dust

Do you believe that competitors are a good thing? You might be thinking that this is a blasphemous thing to say. The truth is, competition gives you a world of opportunities to take advantage of. Without your competitors, you wouldn’t have to come to Ayoka for a custom web development service suite. With a custom website, your business will show nothing but excellence in the field, being the best version of itself that it can be. We take your brand name and give it an identity that projects the name of your business out among the stars, leaving your competitors in the dust.

5 – You Build New Relationships

Consider the situation where you buy a template right off the shelf. What happens when something goes terribly wrong with the site and you need support? Some templates have limited support, but nothing to the extent of the after sales support here at Ayoka Systems. When you work with our expert custom web development team, you build lasting relationships with them. Whenever you encounter a problem with your new website, all you have to do is call and the problem will be solved before you know it!

Having a custom website is truly something you shouldn’t pass up. It is an opportunity to grow your business and show your customers that you are truly passionate about what you do. You give an identity to your company and site that simply can’t be emulated when you use a traditional website template to build upon. Take the time to invest in custom web development at Ayoka Systems and watch as your business reaps the benefits.

Fast Forwarding iOS with Swift for Business Applications

Photo by Xavier Wendling on Unsplash

Photo by Xavier Wendling on Unsplash

Are you trying to get a mobile application up and running for your company? The challenges you face when trying to do this are many indeed, but the reward when you do get one is more than worth the effort you put in. The problem here is the time it takes to build an application on iOS that you can roll out to your customers in as short a time frame as possible. Ask your team when they can have an app ready and they will almost always give you a number you simply can’t work with. This is where the Ayoka Swift development services come in and save the day. Using Swift for business applications is by far the best way to deliver a powerful solution to your customers in the shortest time.

Why Use Swift Over Objective-C?

When Swift was first announced by Apple as the new standard for programming iOS applications, the coding industry was taken by surprise. Most developers predicted that it wouldn’t last. Today, it is quickly becoming the industry standard. At Ayoka, our highly skilled teams’ language of choice is Swift for business applications. If you check the training history of your own team, you may notice that most of them specialized in Objective-C instead, which was the language of choice before Swift entered the playing field. So why do the Ayoka Swift development services teams use this language instead?

  1. Better readability – one of the biggest advantages of Swift is that there is less code involved. While the code is just as complex, the readability is far better, as are the benefits and the recyclability of existing code. Companies like Lyft, which are completely mobile-based, have apps written completely in Swift. Your business could benefit from switching to Swift too, mainly because of the significant reduction in how much coding has to be done for a certain process.
  1. More reliable – When you enlist the Ayoka Swift development services to rebuild your business applications for iOS, you’re already ensuring a lack of errors in the code. However, Swift reduces the incidence of errors during the coding process by such a great amount that your app could be on its feet and ready for launch in far less time than you may have thought possible. The difference in syntax when compared to Objective-C means that the language is simply more stable and allows for far better quality control while we write your application for you.
  1. Swift is fast – At Ayoka, we specialize in a variety of programming languages, including C++, the fastest in the industry. The speed and performance of Swift are considered second only to this. Constant updates to the speed of the language by Apple ensure that our use of Swift in the development of your app will improve the front-end performance of your app on customer devices.
  1. Interactive testing is possible – Our developers believe in delivering the highest quality product to your organization. This involves an extensive testing process that improves your application significantly at the end of it all. We can test each portion of the code on its own without creating your entire app and finding an error afterward. This increases our efficiency and allows us to deliver an incredible application to you in record time. Using Swift for business applications on iOS increases our efficiency and your satisfaction!

How Using Ayoka Swift Development Services Benefits You

When you use our professional Swift programmers to aid in the construction of your application, you ensure the highest standards in the industry. One of the biggest perks of using our services is that you gain access to the best programmers in the business for a far lower cost. The reason for this is that Swift is an open-source application. We can make use of it without having to pay exorbitant prices for it, which makes it far easier to lower your prices as well.

In addition to this, you get to push updates to your customers whenever there is a change in the performance of your iOS application. Apps based on Swift can actually be linked to new updates to the language itself because of the use of dynamic libraries. We introduce an update to your app, and you put it on the App Store for your users to download. All the functions of your original app are retained, but the application itself becomes faster, less prone to crashes, and better in every way.

The Future of Swift Applications in Your Business

A final benefit of Swift for your business is diversity. In the future, you might decide to introduce an Android-based application for your customers on that platform. Swift, unlike Objective-C, isn’t completely unique to the iOS platform. Indeed, one of the main perks of the language is that it is closely related to the other languages in the programming industry. All you need to do at a time like this is call our company up and enlist our help in reusing your old Swift code to build an Android or Windows Mobile application in no time at all. Ayoka and its team of expert coders are always ready and willing to assist you!

Enterprise Application Services for Retail

February 17, 2017
Photo by Anna Dziubinska on Unsplash - application services for retail

Photo by Anna Dziubinska on Unsplash

An Enterprise Application, if you didn’t know already, is a platform of system software designed to work within a certain business environment.  These applications are quite complex in nature. They are highly distributed throughout a business. At Ayoka, the software we develop, as part of our enterprise application services, consists of highly specialized groups of programs. These programs share the goals of your business and have an infrastructure based on your needs. Our teams are well-trained in the art of using enterprise architecture to build software that meets all your requirements with ease.

Where Enterprise Application Services and Software are Used

Our enterprise application software helps you manage processes within your retail business.  The term retail business includes all a wide range of businesses, such as online shopping, processing customer payments, creating and maintaining catalogs of available inventory, billing system management, store security, IT management, resource management (human and otherwise), and much more. As a retail-oriented company, your organization could greatly benefit from our enterprise application suite.

The Retail Industry Needs a Strong Enterprise Application System

The rate at which technology develops greatly impacts the success of your business when you’re in the retail game. Today, technology is advancing at an alarming rate. Investing in the latest tech is one of the best ways to ensure the success of your company.

Knowing the types of solutions you need to perfect your processes is critical to your success in the future. You also have to know when to outsource work. When you work with Ayoka’s enterprise application services department, for example, you get guaranteed high-quality results.

Analytics is a major part of the retail industry. You perform analysis of customer behavior in order to meet their needs more readily. Working with big data like this is a huge opportunity for new technology to be implemented into your systems. To do this seamlessly, you need a base of enterprise application software like CRM and Business Intelligence.

How Our Enterprise Application Software Works

When we integrate your new software, we use one of three methods:

  • Point-to-point – Ayoka integrates each of the business apps to each other using a single connection between them. This is the easiest form of integration, but is also one of the most limited because of the obvious restriction to scalability due to the single link.
  • Separate engine – Connecting all your databases and applications to a separate server or engine that can collect, analyze, and distribute data to the relevant apps later.
  • ESB – Also known as the Enterprise Service Bus, this is a solution that works well if your company has a complex IT system within it. We develop multiple complex enterprise apps and use your network to distribute tasks and information.

Better Management Capabilities

When you work with us to integrate Enterprise Application Software into your company, you’re taking a step towards a more successful future. You enjoy a whole range of benefits immediately after switching your business over to EAS. Better management capabilities are one of a few benefits you should see.

If your company has multiple departments responsible for different processes that come together to improve the output of the company, enterprise software improves the efficiency with which each department communicates with the rest. Interoperability is one of the prime causes of financial losses for companies. In fact, the automobile industry in the USA loses about a billion dollars each year due to inefficient interoperability.

Automated Workflow

Ayoka Systems’ enhanced enterprise application services ensure that all your company’s information is collected seamlessly and accurately, then distributed to the relevant departments. This means you no longer have to worry about errors during the processing and retrieval of data. A good example of this is the Customer Relationship Management segment of our enterprise application services. The data collected by the CRM system on customers can be used to build and push out a new marketing campaign. Reports on the success of the campaign can be built and delivered automatically to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign.

Gain a Flexible IT Department

By integrating software into your business, you get to expand your IT systems when you need to. Because of this flexibility, loss of data is no longer a risk. As your store grows in size and popularity, upgrades to your system will be required, especially to stay abreast of customers’ expectations. Enterprise application integration allows you to do this quickly, smoothly, and efficiently.

Integrate Enterprise Applications to Your Business Today

As you see, there are many benefits of integrating enterprise applications for your retail business. At Ayoka Systems, we employ our very own, custom-made enterprise application services team. This team is more than capable of building such a system for your company. Without an enterprise application system in place, your business will not last for long in the competitive retail industry today. Ayoka Systems is committed to helping your business succeed. If you think you’re ready to make the smart choice and switch over to software integration, give us a call and get started with the most professional teams in the business.

Improving the Efficiency of the Transportation Infrastructure with Software Development

February 2, 2017
Photo by Michał Parzuchowski on Unsplash - software development

Photo by Michał Parzuchowski on Unsplash

Custom software development can make traffic easier to manage, routes easier to plan, and buses safer to ride. Transportation infrastructure depends on a host of different systems along with advanced data management, which can lead to crippling errors and lost information. Custom software makes it easier to manage transportation infrastructure, and the benefits range from safety to cleaner air. Monitoring generates endless data that can easily transform into actionable data, and custom programs can work around your unique systems. Web and mobile applications can turn commuters into traffic management allies while simultaneously encouraging efficient public transportation options.


Maintaining a reliable network of cameras is great for security, but effective monitoring goes beyond preventing burglaries and helping police track suspects. Cameras collect data, and analyzing that data may yield surprising results. Rather than trusting opinion polls, you have the opportunity to actually watch traffic patterns and see how and when people move around the city. If a bus stop only has one or two regular users, you may find you can cut down on a little city smog and tighten your budget by eliminating the stop. If you see people turning away from overly crowded bus stops during rush hour, you might consider adding buses to certain routes during peak traffic hours to encourage the use of public transportation. If your city uses ride share lanes, you can see exactly how many cars use them, and when the most drivers take advantage of the opportunity.

Monitoring is all about maximizing efficiency by recognizing patterns. This can help other departments, of course, but it has many uses for transportation management alone. You can minimize air pollution, find the best opportunities for cutbacks, and even predict where traffic will be forced during construction.

Unique Transportation Needs Custom Software

No two cities are the same. Even though most major cities in the U.S. use the block system to design their downtown business districts, most have regions that do not follow the pattern. Above ground transportation needs custom software to handle mapping, including changing features like detoured routes, construction, and temporary stops.

City transportation almost always involves more than one vendor. This confuses the basic software, and without custom software, it’s essentially impossible to develop intelligent transportation management solutions. Legacy systems also need a place in your software, and few new programs are prepared to handle a variety of older programs. In order to continue developing new solutions without compromising established systems, you need custom software.

Citizen Engagement

While transportation infrastructure manages traffic flow patterns, available routes, and a variety of options, each commuter ultimately decides his or her own course. It makes sense, then, to allocate some resources to educating these commuters. While you can try to influence bus and individual vehicle ratios, you can’t make the decision for the citizens of your city. By giving these citizens real-time facts, however, you can make sure they help rather than hinder your efforts.

Custom software development extends into the world of apps and online portals. Interactive maps, real-time updates, and warnings about recent accidents or congested thoroughfares can help minimize the impact these events have on traffic as a whole. Plenty of cities use digital screens to inform drivers of delays, wrecks, and safety hazards, but drivers rarely have the chance to really change their course once they see those signs. Giving drivers the power to see what the traffic is like before they leave home is paramount.

The same technology can go into increasing the number of regular bus fares. Retailers and restaurants have already demonstrated the power of the app as a sales aid. Even a small reward for being a regular passenger can convince more people to take the bus, subway, or a streetcar during their daily commute. Apps make it easy to launch campaigns for tourists, too. Tourists look for easily-accessible public transportation, and they are more likely to stay longer in cities with simple transportation systems. Nothing darkens a tourist’s mood faster than a traffic jam or a convoluted subway schedule. An app can clarify even a complicated system by using basic to and from searches rather than, or in addition to, regular time tables. In the end, this data comes back to you, making it even easier to establish patterns and look for areas to improve.

Custom software development is a surprising but incredible effective solution for transportation infrastructure. It can help you manage your assets more effectively while gathering and using more data. The innate diversity of custom software also enables clients to create exactly what they need, regardless of whether it’s a monitoring tool for employees or an app for commuters. By building an intelligent transportation management system, you may even be able to cut back on dangerous smog and fatal collisions. The right custom software can help essentially any problem in transportation infrastructure.

The Value of Local Programmers

January 17, 2017
Photo by Valeriy Khan on Unsplash - local programmers

Photo by Valeriy Khan on Unsplash

Financially speaking, outsourcing a custom programming company overseas is typically the less expensive choice.  However, the cliché, “You get what you pay for,” is true in more ways than one in this scenario.  The value of local programmers is immeasurable in terms of reach, agility, communication, and more. Read about the ways your business benefits from choosing a local programming company

The Challenges

Every business faces various challenges. However, American businesses that outsource custom software programs from overseas often face significantly greater challenges. Communication is usually the first obstacle to overcome, when choosing an overseas programming company.  If a language barrier exists and a client’s software needs are misunderstood from the beginning, the outcome desired is not going to be achieved. This results in starting over with the same company and possibly ending up with the same result. Even worse, you end up hiring another company, thereby doubling your expenses.

Secondly, time zone differences play a major part in successful project management and correspondence needs. When you are half a day behind your programming company, communication lags, slowing down the project.  Last, but certainly not least, is the issue of protecting intellectual property rights. When software is produced outside of the United States, protecting property rights proves to be a real predicament. Obviously, not all countries have the same legal requirements when it comes to proprietorship. Working with a local company, in the United States, ensures your property rights are guaranteed and protected.

Hiring local programmers for your business’s custom software development needs, means effective communication. This ensures there is no misunderstanding of the exact outcome expected.  Differing time zones are no longer an issue, as well. You are no more than three hours different than your programmer.  Keep in mind though, that most American programmers are available 24/7.

Your Target Audience

You understand your target audience, but does your programmer? A local custom programming company knows your target audience. If you need a website developed or software that caters to your local community, a local programmer is familiar with the community and the people in it. This familiarity of your target audience, means your company receives a high-quality software program. More than that, you can be certain that it will reach the precise people it was intended for.

Local Programming Is Worth the Money

Maybe your small business is on a limited budget, and it’s for this reason you’re considering an offshore software company. However, this could end up a huge mistake. Offshore companies commonly hire under educated developers who deliver low-quality programs.  Alternatively, by investing a little more money for your custom programming needs, you receive a return on your investment quicker. What’s the reason for this? Local programmers understand your language and know your target audience. Moreover, they possess the knowledge to provide a very high-quality software program, website, or any other custom software programs your business needs.

There’s Room to Grow

At Ayoka, our programmers build applications with future expansion in mind.  Your business may be small today, a large company tomorrow, and an enterprise in the next two years.  Having the capability to expand your software as the company grows is invaluable.

Team Collaboration

Custom programming involves more than just a series of phone calls.  The very best communication is done in person. A local custom software developer takes the time to know your company thoroughly. They know the people, the process, the software users, and more.  Collaborating with you rather than just working for you, ensures you are involved in the process of developing your business software.

Stimulating Local Economy

Local programmers care about your business not only surviving but also thriving in the local economy.  Custom programming geared towards your target audience in your community helps everyone.  Local programmers are right around the corner so to speak if you need advice regarding your local market, information pertaining to the market, and/or software changes or expansions.

The Best Option

Collaborating with a Texas-based custom software development company like Ayoka avoids common stumbling blocks and provides the following, guaranteed benefits:

  • Clients are fully involved in the process and own their software.
  • The problem is clearly defined before a solution is proposed, ensuring the desired outcome.
  • Applications are built with future expansion in mind.
  • Costs are managed with Agile development that focuses on doing the right thing instead of trying to do everything at once.
  • Ongoing support is available on an as-needed basis.

As you can see, the value of a local custom programming company is incalculable.  Outsourcing your programming needs offshore may seem like a deal at the time, but stretching your budget a little further and making a sound investment in a local programming company will ensure the best end result for your business.

At Ayoka, we learn your business from top to bottom.  We meet you in person and work with you to ensure you are getting the very best custom software available.  Our one clear objective is to deliver the very best in customer service.  We are near you and we will be here for all your software needs, even when the project is finished.  Call us today at 817-210-4042 for all your local custom programming needs, or fill out the quick contact form and we respond promptly.



Open Source and Custom Software Development

January 11, 2017
Photo by on Unsplash - custom software development

Photo by on Unsplash

Technology has advanced faster than many of us ever expected.  Two decades ago, Google, Swift, Firefox, the iPhone, and Android were non-existent. Today, you are likely reading this article from one of those platforms.  Custom software development companies and open source software made this possible.

What is open source software?  In common terminology, open source refers to any program whose source code is made available to the general public for use and/or modification.  While there are thousands of open source projects and products, some well-known examples are Apache, WordPress, Java, MySQL, HTML, and PHP.  Meant to be a collaborative effort, programmers improve the source code and share the changes.

Open Source and Custom Software Development for Businesses

For businesses to maintain a competitive edge, it is vital to keep up with technology and its changes.  Collaborating with a custom software development company to create open source software, businesses stand to reap many benefits.  Some of these benefits are as follows:

  • Execute innovative ideas in a practical, feasible way to nurture growth, efficiency, and development.
  • Gain technical superiority by working with custom software developers to create solutions that are unique to their business requirements.
  • High-quality software, security, and support. Additionally, working with a custom software developer in the United States for a business in the United States offers a wide support platform after the software has been developed.
  • Open source software does not require many resources to operate smoothly. Choosing to upgrade your custom software is completely up to you and the vendor.
  • If business requirements change, open source software adjustments can be made accordingly by the custom software developer.
  • Open source customer relationship management provides improved customer relationships because it offers many different options to meet customer requirements based on your preferences. This results in improved efficiency, which equals happier, more satisfied customers.

Ayoka, a Texas-based custom software development company, is always on top of the latest technology to help ensure your business stands above the rest with open source software.

Why Open Source Software is Favored 

Proprietary or “closed source” software is a type of software with a source code that can only be modified by the person, team, or organization that created it.  Proprietary software can only be legally copied, inspected, and altered by the original authors.  Additionally, when using proprietary software, users must agree that they will not modify, change, or do anything with the software that the authors have not expressly allowed.  Some examples of proprietary software are Adobe Flash Player, iTunes, and Google Earth.

Open Source software allows authors to make the source code available to anyone who would like to see the code, copy the code, alter it, learn from it, and share it.  This is one reason people prefer open source software.  Some other reasons open source is favored are:

  1. Open source software allows programmers to evaluate the source code to ensure it is performing like they want it to.  They can change any part of the code they do not like. Those who are not programmers benefit because they can use the software for any purpose they like and not only the ways others think they should.
  2. To put it simply, open source software helps programmers become better programmers.  Students benefit since open source code is publicly accessible. They also study how to make better software. Furthermore, they can share what they have learned as they develop their skills and custom software developers can comment, critique, and help the students.
  3. For some people, open source software is considered more secure than proprietary software.  Since anyone can view and modify open source software, someone who sees an error or an omission that may have been overlooked by the authors can correct it.  With many people being permitted to work on open source software without permission from the original authors, they can update, fix, and upgrade open source software quicker than proprietary software.
  4. Programmers publicly distribute the source code for open source software; therefore, users who are relying on the software for critical tasks are assured their mechanisms remain if the original creators stop working on them.

Making Open Source Custom Software Development Together 

At Ayoka, we have one clear objective and that is to deliver the very best customer service to all of our clients.  When developing open source software, we don’t just work for you, we work with you.  Using open source software such as Python, Swift, Twitter Bootstrap, and many other programming languages, Ayoka continuously expands our custom software development knowledge and experience to bring you the very best of open source software that you can understand and utilize proficiently.  For all of your custom software development needs, call us today at 817-210-2042, or fill out the short contact form and we will respond promptly.






Reaching New Audiences through Custom Application Development

January 8, 2017

FirmBee / Pixabay

There are numerous ways in which custom application development can help your business reach new audiences. Many businesses get by with off-the-shelf application software. However, their business ultimately suffers as a result. An off-the-shelf application ties the hands of business owners in more ways than one. How? The main way a business is hampered is due to lack of personalization. The software application does not fit the specific needs of the business causing ineffective processes and reduced productivity and efficiency.

How can you reach new audiences through custom application development? Let’s explore the benefits of custom application development and how your business can grow through finding new audiences.


With custom application development, your applications are designed specifically for your business. When your applications solve your specific problems, your employees are not spending time duplicating work. In addition, your employees will not be wasting time with inefficient processes. With your staff not wasting time, they will be more productive. In addition, they will have time to develop new products, focus on reaching new customers and improving customer experience with your business.


By purchasing custom application development, your software will grow with your business. Off-the-shelf software programs are inefficient. If you operate an E-commerce site, but your off-the-shelf system is keeping your business from expanding your products or improving your customer’s buying experiences, you are losing money and failing to attract new customers. With customer application development, you can expand as your business needs change.


Custom application development can improve your business’s communication processes. Your employees will be able to share ideas quickly, speak with customers and product vendors, and ensure no idea to improve customer experiences are missed. When the focus of your business is making sure you reach new audiences, all your employees can be on the same page sharing thoughts and ideas on how to target new customers.

Increase Productivity and Efficiency

When using custom application development, your business can increase productivity and efficiency. Your business can target any area to research inefficiencies. Once inefficiencies are identified, you can focus on making business improvements. For example, if you want to improve your customer experiences, you can make the process for internet customers to purchase online more streamlined. If you want to use custom application development to reach new customers, you can use your custom application development to analyze how you reached your current customers and replicating that process to reach new customers.

Improve Existing Processes

Custom application development can also help to improve your existing processes. Does your off-the-shelf software help you use your sales data effectively? When trying to reach a new audience, you can use custom application development analytics to review the demographics of your current customers. By knowing the specific types of people that are purchasing your products, you can focus your marketing strategies on similar demographics.


Security is a strong selling point for custom application development. Hackers have little interest in breaking into a custom application development software. An off-the-shelf software program is much easier for a hacker to breach as those systems are familiar to hackers. You will be able to keep your current customer’s information secure and safe from hackers. This added security will make you a step ahead of your competition.  when trying to attract a new audience. A company with tight security will be attractive to potential customers.


Custom application development is cost-effective. Don’t skip looking into custom application development due to fear of the cost.  Custom application development does cost more to have designed. However, you can save money by your employees being more efficient and productive, reaching new customers to make new sales, and taking care of current customers so they become repeat customers.

Ayoka Custom Software Development Systems

If you are an organization and searching for ways to improve your productivity and efficiency, then look no further than Ayoka for services that will increase your productivity while still maintaining the security of your business records. Our custom software development emphasizes local, hands-on interaction, and discovering the needs of the end-users. If your business focuses on service delivery, then the team will incorporate systems to increase your production rates, provide more consistent delivery of services or products, and reduce variances or tighten tolerance for errors. This makes us ideal for delivering increased accessibility, efficiencies, and security to your business through our custom software development.

Don’t make custom application development complicated. If you want expert advice to guide you through the process and help you get the most out of your software, contact us. We are an experienced industry leader. Call (817) 210-4042 and begin.

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