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B2B Commerce

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B2B Commerce is the foundation that supports most other types of commerce. Restaurants couldn’t exist without their suppliers. Third party accounting platforms keep other companies free to focus on their product. Bulk product companies help to keep inventories stocked and ready for clients. To be sure, B2B Commerce is as wide-ranging as it is nuanced. B2B owners and managers have to navigate unique benefits and difficulties alike.

B2B Commerce is Different

Interacting with single clients is a relatively simple process. Some companies will obviously have more client interaction with others, but overall, one-on-one client interactions don’t come with a lot of nuances. B2B Commerce, on the other hand, is more complicated. Your clients are also businesses. Just like you, they have to be efficient and well-organized. Their interactions with your business have to meet that need. In a lot of cases, that means your company has to be doubly organized. When your clients have their own clients, you’re a big part of an important chain of events. You have to be sure not to slow down the process. An application service can help you. With custom app development, your role in the process becomes simpler and smoother. Read on to find out how.

Streamline Your Service

At Ayoka Systems, we develop applications and other software. We use our expertise to help you streamline your service. Sometimes, adding another software to your business will only make your life more complicated. The good news is that you don’t have to do that yourself. We’d rather make your job easier, not harder. This is why we like to simplify the process when we develop your application. We’ll fully integrate the application into the software that you already use. You won’t have to learn a new system. You won’t have to transfer information between different types of software. After all, why develop an app if it’s not going to save you time and effort? Furthermore, you can use a single app for all of your B2B commerce needs. One app can encompass your website, business, inventory, and a lot of other needs. You can also use a lot of the same information in both your application and your physical location, making management more efficient. The whole process stays simple because we do all of the streamlining work for you.

Automate Your Inventory

B2B commerce deals with a lot of inventory. It generally sells in bulk instead of small increments. The extra inventory makes B2B commerce more complicated than B2C commerce. It certainly requires more inventory checks. An application service can make those inventory checks easier for you. We can design an application that will automatically adjust your inventory count after somebody makes a purchase. You’ll be able to see when you should restock your product. Even better, you can find out about your inventory within seconds. You’ll have no need to make a trip to a warehouse. You won’t have to spend extra time waiting for communication from inventory. You can simply check, make orders, and move on with your day. The extra efficiency will give you more freedom to grow your company. And saved time, of course, means saved money.

Foster Better Customer Relationships

An application service will let you gather customer information. As a result, you’ll make better business decisions. You’ll also make those decisions more quickly than you would have made them without an app. Customers can also communicate with you more easily, which is crucial in B2B commerce. Businesses will only work with suppliers that will make them more efficient. When managers can communicate with you, they’ll know they can count on you. An application can also let your clients make automatic purchases. They can grant your app permission to store their information, making future purchases more simple. Overall, your clients will become more satisfied with their business interactions.

Software Management Options

If you want to further streamline your app development for B2B commerce, we also offer software management. You have a full range of development and management options. With Ayoka, you can have a team of experts manage your application. Once again, you can return to managing your company. We offer software maintenance, monitoring and reporting, application modernization, and so much more. We’re here to meet your software needs, and when we do, we save you even more time.

Your Custom App Developers

Ayoka is a Texas-based software development company. We want to help you create an application for the best customer service. We understand why customer service is so important to you. It’s important to us, too. Let us help you with our custom app development. At Ayoka, we’ll listen to your preferences and work with you to develop the perfect application for your company. If you’re ready for us to get to work on your app, contact us today. Use the form on our website, or call us at 817-210-4042. We’re excited to work with you.

Keep Your Transportation Business Competitive

June 4, 2018
transportation systems

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Transportation systems have some specific, complex needs that not many other industries face. They have to deal with intricate software, human safety, and day-to-day business at the same time. It can become a balancing act, and that balancing act gets even more complicated with the fierce competition that comes with the transportation industry. Transportation systems need software solutions that give them a competitive edge while upholding standards and still meeting all of their unique needs. Below you’ll find just a few of those needs. Thankfully, the right software company can help with them all.

Flexible Scalability

Transportation systems have to keep up with a fluid market. People’s transportation needs to change with the economy, and every season brings new logistical needs. As transportation technology changes, your software systems will need to grow as well. Your business changes with the market, too, and your software needs to keep up. If you hire a lot of new drivers or purchase new trucks, your systems have to have enough flexibility to support the change. Scalability means that your software can grow with your business, meeting needs as they arise. If your software has a fair amount of scalability built into the program, your transportation systems will be able to grow and change with no problems. However, if you don’t have that level of scalability, you may have to revamp the entire system within a very short time period.

Multi-Pronged Business Approach

The transportation industry needs its software to approach multiple different business aspects. It has to handle cargo, keeping track of shipments, and inventory. It should be able to keep track of multiple drivers at the same time. Furthermore, it should also work well with various travel conditions. For the transportation sector that deals with people and traveling, a good transportation software can assure management of passenger safety and comfort. For those who ship produce, the software can track arrival and delivery times. Transportation companies need payroll tracking across multiple job types. No matter which transportation sector your business handles, you need a multifaceted software to juggle all of the necessary items.

Wireless Communication

Your company has to track a lot of different people with different schedules. A transportation business can’t exist without these people working varying jobs and balancing responsibilities. From brokers to drivers, you have to communicate with all of them to keep your company running efficiently every day. Does your software help you with that communication? Can you communicate with your drivers as well as you can communicate with your office staff? All of this communication can be handled by a single software. Whether you update a legacy system or opt for a new software, you can optimize it for the best communication all across the board.

GPS Tracking for Transportation Systems

If you manage a transportation business, you probably work with more than one office. Some transportation managers have staff in multiple offices all across the world. Your vehicles are parked all over the place. Transportation systems need accurate GPS systems to keep all drivers and passengers safe. Do you use separate software for GPS tracking, or is it integrated into your current software?

Custom Designed Programming

You work hard to set yourself apart from your competition. Is your software helping you accomplish that goal? To a certain extent, you need standardization. A uniform program keeps your vehicles running on time and your business running efficiently. At the same time, you need to stay ahead of the competition’s software game. Your clients aren’t consciously thinking about your software, but your software is at the heart of everything you do. Clients will notice the difference when your software is tailored with your specific company needs in mind. You have a unique business with unique needs. No two transportation companies are alike, so why should you use the same software as your competition? You shouldn’t have to fit into programming boxes. Your programming should work for you.

Solution-Based Software

In both software and transportation, issues arise all the time. You can pre-empt these potential problems and stay ahead of the game by implementing a solution-based software. Solution-based software systems anticipate potential issues ahead of time. Software architects who specialize in transportation systems can strategize to keep all of the logistics running smoothly. This will save you from potential lost revenue in the future.

Ayoka Systems Can Help

Ayoka Systems is a custom solution-based software development company. Our software design architects have years of experience developing solutions for the transportation industry. As a result, we can get to know you and your company to learn about your software development needs. We’ll work with you to integrate industry standards with solutions that meet your company’s specific requirements. Contact Ayoka Systems today to tell us about your software needs. Together, we’ll develop the strategy that works best for you.

5 of the Biggest Healthcare Tech Questions

May 28, 2018
Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash

Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash

Technology moves along at a rapid pace, and all sorts of different industries are scrambling to keep up. Every industry has questions about how to use technology to its advantage. Issues of client security and user-friendliness have jumped to the forefront of everyone’s mind. This is especially true in the case of healthcare industry software. Not only does healthcare industry software have to keep up with the rest of the tech world, it also has to consider other issues. For example, healthcare tech must remain HIPAA compliant, a consideration that other industries simply don’t have to deal with. Below you’ll find some of the other big questions in healthcare industry software.



Until very recently, most healthcare industry software focused primarily on data collection through electronic medical records development (EMR integration). The healthcare industry has no shortage of data. In fact, it has plenty of data available for developing medical mobile apps and considering HL7 integration. Now the healthcare industry has to consider the interoperability question: Now that the industry has so much data, how does it normalize that data? Today, the key to healthcare software development is side-by-side comparison. When healthcare industry software can make effective comparisons in patient history, it can evaluate the potential success or failure of different procedures.


Predictive Analytics

All of this data that healthcare industry software has collected won’t do much good if it can’t provide predictive analytics. Machine learning and artificial intelligence have been wonderful for the healthcare tech realm. Because healthcare literally deals with life-or-death situations on a regular basis, it leaves no room for human error. The availability of machine learning can save lives. The healthcare industry has to ask itself how it can best use machine learning capabilities. Can it make predictions in patient health? Can it spot patterns that could help a physician to make decisions? What about recommending courses of action or bringing up testing for rare diseases? Healthcare industry software must consider these questions and think about how to overcome potential limitations.


Healthcare Industry Software Security

The existence of healthcare industry software has brought about Protected Health Information (PHI) and diagnostic algorithms. When the original HIPAA laws were drafted, the internet had barely gained any traction. Now that cloud computing has become so widely available, healthcare industry software has a major responsibility to protect its patients. This responsibility brings up questions about balance. How can we use data for diagnostics while simultaneously protecting patient security? Can we ensure encryption of PHI? What about ongoing consent to incorporate de-identified patient data into diagnostic algorithms? With the lifesaving potential of healthcare industry software, developers and physicians will have to learn how to balance tech advances with patient privacy.


Personalized Medicine

Technology has provided people with more access to their own family histories than they’ve ever had before. Websites such as allow people to comb through generations of historical records. Genetic testing services like 23 and Me allow people to learn about their genetic makeup. So far, people primarily use this information to connect with history or even just to satisfy curiosity. However, the information’s availability does have healthcare implications. With genetic information, users can gain a better understanding of their susceptibility to certain diseases. Surely the healthcare tech industry can also use the information to help patients prevent illness and make better healthcare choices. Once again, however, the issue of balance emerges. How does the industry use the information while maintaining privacy and security? Furthermore, what are the best practices for using this information in a clinical setting?


Medical Wearables

Wearable medical technology grows more and more sophisticated every day. These devices have grown from glorified pedometers to elite health software. New materials and sensors result in more accurate data. New software algorithms can incorporate augmented and virtual reality. Users can monitor everything from their food choices to heart rate to sleep patterns. This information empowers users to make better healthcare decisions for themselves. Now the healthcare tech industry has to ask itself how to handle that information. How can this information be used with evolving government policies and regulatory compliance? Once again, how does healthcare tech software maintain the balancing act? (For more information on this topic, see the Medical Wearables Conference from May 16th and 17th in Santa Clara, California.)


Ayoka is With You

At Ayoka Systems, we understand these healthcare tech questions because we regularly ask these questions ourselves. We use these questions to fuel our own research, stay at the forefront of the healthcare tech industry, and maintain HIPAA compliance and other patient security concerns. When you need a third party involved in your healthcare software development, you need absolute certainty that you have made the right choice. That’s why we’re committed to only the best custom software solutions with elite encryption options. If you want to know more about our healthcare technology solutions, feel free to contact us through our website or call today at (817)-210-4042. We look forward to working with you.



Top Benefits of Custom Web Design

May 21, 2018
Custom web design

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When you start looking into website design options for your company, you realize that you have a lot of different choices. There’s no shortage of drag-and-drop platforms that can let your site go live within a few minutes. It’s certainly an easy process, but what you gain in simplicity, you’ll lose in personalization. For some businesses, like healthcare, manufacturing, finance, and other high-tech industries, personalization is key. For those companies, custom web design provides several benefits.


Custom Web Design

Hiring a professional team of experts to design your website can benefit your company for years to come. Aside from the obvious benefits of making your company look more trustworthy, custom web design can increase customer satisfaction. With custom web design, you can combine the best of your industry’s standards with your own personal standards and choices. You’ll get all of the features you need and want, but you can leave out the options that won’t benefit your company.


The Best for Your Clients and Your Company

Custom web design gives you a level of control that other design options cannot provide. The right web design company will involve you in the design process, checking in regularly to make sure that their designs meet your standards. They’ll hear your input, offer suggestions, and ultimately build the website that your company needs. You won’t have that same kind of control with a pre-made template. You may have some options, but your website will still look just like the website of everyone else who chose the same template. In high-tech fields, where you’re expected to be cutting-edge, you can’t afford to look like an imitation of something else. Custom web design gives you a platform that is uniquely yours, making you more memorable than the competition.

Custom web design also makes navigation easier for your clients. You get the option of creating a user experience (UX) design. Pre-made website templates don’t keep your clients in mind. A UX design, however, will make your site a more enjoyable place for customers to visit. When even a few seconds of thought can convince a client to buy or commit, a user-friendly experience can be excellent for your business.


Fast and Safe Communication

Communication is yet another realm in which you’ll want full control, and custom web design gives you just that. With professional web design, you’ll have the option to create a customer dashboard for communication. This type of platform is easier and faster than phone calls and emails. The added convenience of a customer dashboard means that your clients will communicate with you more often. Communication dashboards are also safe, so clients won’t have to worry about their communications with your company.

Custom web design can also facilitate communication that would otherwise have to take place in person. Through your personalized website, you can permit your clients to input information, upload documents, and electronically sign purchase agreements. When your clients have to do these things in person, you experience delays. Custom web design makes your communication quick and convenient.


Support When You Need It

When you experience difficulties with your web design template, there’s not much you can do about it. You can search for advice on the internet, but you’ll ultimately have to solve the problem yourself. A web design architect, on the other hand, will have total familiarity with his or her web design software. You won’t encounter problems with the design process because you won’t have to fill in the blanks. You’re also unlikely to find issues later because the right web design company will work seamlessly between your own needs and the software. But on the rare chance that you do come across any problems, you have access to IT support. Even if you simply have questions, support is available whenever you need it.


Let Your Clients Find You

Not only can you support your existing clients with custom web design, you can also increase your chances of finding new customers. Before the design begins, you can talk to your architect about your SEO (search engine optimization) needs. An experienced designer will know all about keywords, placement, and all the little subtleties that make up a good SEO venture. This way, your custom web design can pull potential clients into your site through the search engines. And once they get there, they’re more likely to remember and trust a site that has a custom design than one with a template design, which means long-term company growth.



Ayoka is a Texas-based custom software development company. We specialize in custom web design and other solutions for several types of industries. If you’re looking for custom web design, visit our contact page or give us a call at 817-210-4042. We’d love to get started on your custom software solution.

Help Your Team With an Optimized Database

May 14, 2018
FotografieLink / Pixabay

FotografieLink / Pixabay

We ask our databases to do far more than they had to do in the past. Even within the past few years, our databases have grown. Not only do they have to store more information these days, but they also have to store more complex information and then help users extrapolate the data. Database optimization has become a more popular topic in recent years, and with good reason. Since our databases have heavier requirements, their retrieval systems have to optimize just to keep up with the demand. The process of database optimization is one of the best ways to help your team get the most out of their work day because it improves their interactions with the most crucial part of your business. As a result, your business as a whole becomes more organized, and you’ll see a difference in customer satisfaction.


Database Storage

The word “database” can refer to any collection of information. In tech and other businesses, it tends to involve tables and reports that allow the company to gain insight on potential real-world application. The information can be put to all sorts of uses that help businesses grow. A company accesses the data through a database management software, or DBMS. The DBMS, a computer software, interacts with the database, those who use the database, and different kinds of software to help the company extrapolate the data. 


Database Optimization

What does this information mean for your company? It means that you can use database optimization to make your business more efficient. With database optimization, you use different strategies to help your database respond as quickly as possible. Database optimization is a smart move for your company if you want to stay cutting edge and up-to-date. If your data retrieval methods are slow, they can become obsolete, leaving your business lagging behind the rest of the market. When your team works with an efficient database, they too can work as quickly as possible. They’ll deal with less frustration, and a happier team can mean happier clients.


Build a Solid Foundation

Databases have uses across several different industries. Libraries, tech startups, airports, hospitals, and many others rely on database information. Different industries use different data models. A hierarchical model, for instance, organizes information in branches. A network model shows interconnections between information and may prove useful for industries that have a lot of direct communication with customers. Whatever the structure, this information helps companies track inventory, learn more about their customers, and employ different marketing strategies. Your database is the most important part of your business. Your team interacts with your database and your DBMS every day. If that information cannot respond quickly, your team loses productivity.


Alleviate the Burden

The right DBMS can help your team use the information that they need – and only the information that they need. Without database optimization, your business gets bogged down with unnecessary information. Your team has to slow down the work day as they weed out the information that they can’t use. Once again, the added work slows down your team’s work and adds stress that they should be able to avoid. Why should they have to take on this burden when your DBMS could do it? In fact, the DBMS could do the same job with far more speed and accuracy than human team members. When you optimize the database, everyone else gets to focus on the more important parts of running the business. 


The Best Database Performance

When you employ database optimization, you get the best performance from your system. This enhanced performance, of course, benefits the whole company. With an optimized database, your information is reliable and safe, and it grows more easily with your business. Ayoka can design a database optimization process that will suit your needs. We prefer a personalized approach because every business is different. That’s why you’ll find the most benefit from working with Ayoka. No matter the primary use of your database – whether it’s inventory, customer information, or other purpose – we will optimize your database so that it works for you.


Our Team Can Help Your Team

Let Ayoka Systems help you with your database optimization. Ayoka is a Texas-based software and application development company. We want to help your team run as efficiently as possible. Because we understand the different types of DBMS, we know exactly how to get started. We’ll immediately apply our time-tested strategies to help you optimize your database. Let us help you increase productivity and reduce stress in your work environment. After all, our name means “one who brings joy to all.” If you’re ready to start your database optimization, give us a call today. You can reach us at 817-210-4042. Or if you’d prefer to use our contact page, feel free to get in touch with us here.

Partnering with Universities for Innovation and Improving University Relations

April 7, 2018
Photo by harishs on Unsplash

Photo by harishs on Unsplash

Ayoka is a Texas custom software development company delivering world-class software solutions. From custom software development to Mobile app development, Ayoka excels in all areas and with exceptional quality. However, there is another defining dimension to Ayoka: a unique partnership with universities. Ayoka’s University Relations program not only empowers the students, but it also uniquely positions the firm in the application development market.

At Ayoka, we value innovation and cultivate a thriving and open environment. There is really no better way to achieve innovation than to empower the young minds at the colleges and universities. We partner with select universities that cultivate outstanding software engineers and software developers. Graduating students work with Ayoka’s experienced engineers and work on the latest technology while motivating each other.

Development Methodologies                         

While education is a must, experience provides yet another dimension for expansion to these young students. For example, students gain first-hand knowledge by intimately acquainting themselves with software development methodologies. In this way, they also benefit from project management experience. The combination of Ayoka’s experienced staff and creative young minds of university students is effectual for breeding innovation.

With the increasing advancement in software development, it is highly crucial that university students receive practical education as well. Ayoka bridges this gap for the upcoming software professionals through its University Relations program. For graduate students who compete to get into Ayoka’s University Relations program, this is the job opportunity of a lifetime. These highly competitive positions at Ayoka incorporate industry-experienced Masters and Ph.D. candidates into Ayoka’s culture.

Client Interaction

As mentioned before, students that enroll in Ayoka’s University Relations program receive personal experience with software development methodologies. They also get a chance to interact with customers and gain experience in client interaction. For example, these students often gauge the requirements from the clients. This involves them early in the process of software development.

One of the crucial aspects of software development is to translate customer requirements into reality through the software. Many times, there are discrepancies in the end product that need to be ironed out with the client. Getting experience in this realm for young students prepares them for the real work environment before they even embark on their first job. Our clients benefit from this experienced and enthusiastic team of software developers in making their web, e-commerce or enterprise software application a reality.

Ayoka’s Mentorship Program

Ayoka’s Mentorship Program assigns mentors from the  University Relations program, giving the students the unique ability to learn from the best. Ayoka’s Mentorship Program is designed to provide software developers the opportunity to receive training in and guidance with advanced technologies. For instance, mentors guide their mentees through specialized training programs. As a result, they are given the opportunity to immerse themselves in new challenges. In this open environment, students can ask questions and get feedback from their mentors which strengthen their commitment towards high-quality software. At Ayoka, we take pride in grooming world-class software professionals through our mentorship program.

CEO’s Commitment

Ayoka’s founder and CEO Eknauth Persaud proudly accepted the Technology Advocate award and cited his experience in the United States Marine Corps as the source for his commitment to young people and the American economy. “The Ayoka business model creates a software development environment that instills confidence, work ethic, and creativity to graduate students in technology while providing software development services to American entrepreneurs right here on our soil,” said Mr. Persaud, “This keeps America competitive both in education and on the global technology front.”

Ayoka is a trusted leader in the custom software development market. We provide enterprise-class solutions for small and mid-sized companies. These solutions involve various industries, such as e-commerce, manufacturing and distribution, finance, healthcare, and government industries. Using a unique business model that offers affordable software development Made in the USA, Ayoka has a track record of providing the personal care and attention often lacking in the application outsourcing industry. At Ayoka, we consider it a privilege to take part in some pretty astonishing custom software development projects. We particularly love having the chance to come in and build software from the ground up to launch a new business.

Ayoka’s Mission

Our mission is to develop enterprise applications, in the USA, that exceed the expectations of our clients, while maintaining competitive pricing. We’ve successfully built everything from complex enterprise business software to entirely innovative new mobile apps for startup companies. We accomplish this through a collaborative approach with our clients and focus on how the software aligns with your business. Call us today to discuss your custom software development, maintenance, and integration needs.


Your Industrial Company can Benefit by Implementing a PLC

April 2, 2018

In the industrial fields such manufacturing and distribution, PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) offer many benefits. Your company can take advantage of these by simply implementing a PLC system. For example, this system can help streamline your factory floor and improve visibility. Best of all, the system is entirely customizable. The unique and specific needs of your business determine how you build the system and what you put into it. Because software and sizeable, heavy machinery are often at odds, a PLC system acts as a conduit, bringing the two together. The beauty of this system is that it is specifically designed for the industrial industry. It is a compact and durable system that is resilient in the face of heat and dust. With a company in this field, implementing a PLC is vital to your success.


What is a PLC?


As mentioned before, PLC stands for a programmable logic controller. It is a compact and low-cost system that works amazingly well in the industrial field. Even though the advanced process-control system is small, it has incredible strength. Another perk that makes this system perfect for the industrial industry is that it is well armored. It’s resilient in tough conditions such as dust, cold, heat, and moisture. Moreover, these types of systems come with a myriad of uses, which include data acquisition. The ability to garner data even in this industry can prove to be transformative. Additionally, you can use the system for remote equipment, temperature, and motion monitoring.  You can also use it with distribution control systems. PLCs meet the specialized needs of the industrial industry. Because you can customize PLC systems specifically for your business, their design fits your specific needs perfectly.


Streamline Factory Floor


A well designed PLC can replace thousands of relayers, drum sequencers, and cam timers. For instance, you can run your whole shop off of one system. That kind of increased control can streamline your factory floor immensely. No longer would your supervisors and workers have to manage multiple systems. Additionally, a PLC system can deliver real-time and precise data on machine settings for process control, acquisition, and analysis of data. At Ayoka, our experience with installing PLC systems has been incredibly positive. Employers have reported that the productivity of their employees has dramatically improved. Having a reliable system on the factory floor is priceless. It ensures your employees can do their jobs to the best of their abilities. This will of course also result in quicker production times as your team will be working at optimized speeds and proficiency.




One of the most significant parts of a PLC is the ability to customize it to fit your company’s needs. Manufacturers and other parts of the industrial industry confront unique challenges every day. It is an industry that faces problems that other industries won’t face, such as extreme heat and cold, dust, and moisture. Unfortunately, the everyday elements of your manufacturing company are often detrimental to software and control systems. With all of these things in mind, PLCs are designed to assist industrial companies while also being durable. Small changes in operating temperature or speed and resistance of machine components can mean adding thousands of dollars to the bottom line. That is why they are designed to perform data acquisition, remote equipment, temperature, and motion monitoring, and distribution control systems. These systems are customized to perform the tasks that are most important to your specific company and needs.


Improved Visibility


With your customized PLC system you can also improve visibility from your company in many ways. For example, the system can be remotely accessible. Everyone from the shop floor to the traveling executive has access to what is going on. Advanced software development techniques have allowed access through HMI, providing broad access to machine controls and monitoring. Moreover, the system does more than just allow you to monitor over the web remotely. You can also develop a data warehouse for reporting and business intelligence applications. This gives supervisors access to all kinds of numbers and productivity streams right at their fingertips. Because this system is customizable, it’s entirely up to you to determine how visible everything becomes. You are in the driver’s seat.


Manufacturing and distribution companies need assistance and PLC could be just right for them. The first benefit of a PLC is that it is durable enough to function in the extreme conditions that manufacturing and distribution facilities have. They are a great way of streamlining production and improving productivity. Employers and employees can get on board with a straightforward system. Because it is customizable it can be exactly what you need and nothing you don’t. And finally, they open up your business to greater visibility. Employees at all levels will easily be able to access what they need to access. Implementing a PLC could potentially be the best investment your business makes. If you would like to learn more about implementing a PLC system Ayoka Systems is here to help. Give us a call at (817) 210-4042.

Ensure SAP is Performing at its Best

March 26, 2018

For large corporations and smaller businesses alike, if you are using SAP you’ll want it to be working at its best. For those who are not familiar with SAP, it is a software that manages business operations and customer relations. When working correctly, it can streamline business for everyone involved. However, it is a large investment and with that comes the expectation for it to work for your company. Ayoka Systems works with companies to ensure that their SAP investment pays off. We work side-by-side with our customers to create solutions that optimize their SAP applications as they grown and develop. Here are a few ways Ayoka Systems has ensured SAP is performing at its best for our customers.

Technical Solutions

When making a large investment in software, the first concern is that it will work well technically. If the technology isn’t working well for your business, there is a problem. A technical problem we have seen is with the server. It is a large system and takes up space on a company’s server. One solution to this problem is to utilize server-side caching. This solution allows pages with static data and static data responses to stay in the cache. This cuts down on the load that is being sent to the server. The server, therefore, is no longer being overworked. This customized solution also means the client no longer needs to request static pages from SAP.

Business Solutions

When a business grows, the infrastructure it has in place may not be good enough. What once supported your company suddenly isn’t cutting it. Customers are likely to experience problems on their end as well as your employees. This can happen even if you are using SAP. In this instance, the best course of action is to re-optimize your investment. Performance management solutions can be designed to re-optimize SAP. Contracting a solutions company to develop a performance management solution is a great investment. It will optimize the infrastructure you already have in place and ensure that both your employees and customers have the best experience. Customer experience is important, and so is employee experience. You don’t want to make it difficult for your employees to do their jobs well. A performance management solution could be the right answer for your business.

Maintenance is Important

Ensuring that your SAP investment is running perfectly will require maintenance. As with any other technology application, it needs to update as time goes on. Additionally, your company’s needs will change. The best way to keep everything running smoothly is for your applications to adapt to the changes. And the easiest way to avoid problems as technologies and you adapt and change is to have someone maintaining it all.

Hiring someone to maintain your applications will give you peace of mind. You also won’t have to worry about the system needing updates or if everything is running optimally. Consistent maintenance will clear up all of those foreseeable problems. It will also ensure that your customers never see anything but you at your best. Your employees will easily be able to fulfill their work without complications. A system that is running well is a priceless investment.

Ayoka Systems works with companies of all sizes to ensure that the investment they have made is SAP is profitable. We understand that you need a system that works seamlessly to best cater to your customers. It is our goal to make that possible. SAP is a large and technical system that requires experience. We have the experience to develop SAP solutions for your business. A system that is not running properly can deter customers and waste employees time. Those are two things you do not want to happen. Ensuring SAP is running properly can cut down on wasted time and increase growth. If you have already made the investment in SAP the answer is maintenance. If your company is looking into SAP the future answer is maintenance. Help the system help you.

If you are interested in learning more about Ayoka Systems’ SAP solution experience give us a call, (817) 210-4042. Let us help you get the most out of SAP.

Give Your Small Business a Leg up with Business Intelligence

March 19, 2018

business intelligenceBusiness intelligence processes are usually designed with the large corporations in mind. Small businesses don’t often have the budget or bandwidth to support these processes, which can make it seem like small businesses will always be at a disadvantage. However, that is not the case. There are business intelligence processes, such as Ayoka Systems’ process, designed with small businesses in mind. From design to development to implementation, Ayoka Systems works with the client in mind. Your goal is to grow and excel in your field, and ours is to help you get there. Are you interested in seeing how business intelligence can help your small business grow? This article will show you how Ayoka Systems and business intelligence can help.

What is Business Intelligence?

Business intelligence includes any set of skills, applications, technologies, processes, and practices that support the decision-making process. Originally, these systems were designed for large corporations. However, now small businesses can have them too. As a small business, this is important because more likely than not, you are competing with a large corporation within your field. The need to make educated decisions that will promote growth within your company is important. By having access to the same type of software and information about the infrastructure of your business as a larger corporation you are evening the playing field. As a result, you no longer have to be at an informational disadvantage.

Ayoka Systems’ Method

Here at Ayoka Systems, our goal is to help all businesses, not just the large ones. That means when it comes to business intelligence we have to do things differently than our competitors. It is our desire to work closely and in collaboration with our clients. The client has experience in a field we don’t know. We ask them to bring that experience and knowledge to the table. We can provide open-source and other innovative processes and applications to generate the visibility and information. Our experience also allows us to be creative and flexible in our designs. That experience means the client will always end up with a custom application that fulfills their needs.

Initially, we will sit down with our client and determine their needs. This meeting provides a framework of needed features and a time frame for the development of the application. Once we have the initial information and requirements, we will draft a Detailed Design Document. This document will outline how the application will look and work. The feedback provided by the client will determine the next step in the process.

If the client is happy with the Detail Design Document, we will begin developing the application. However, if the client comes back and says he or she is not satisfied, we will go back to the drawing board. We work until the customer is satisfied. While we are constructing the application we can schedule interim releases and demonstrations. These releases and demonstrations allow the client to both see the application in progress and begin to use it as it becomes available.

The Benefit of the Investment

When considering whether or not to invest in business intelligence, it is important to understand where the return will come from. Business intelligence promotes growth, no matter the size of the company. It provides greater visibility will which enhance the decision-making process.Clients can track key performance indicators in real time to enhance how they make decisions. They can improve customer service based on the information. Increased profits and better customer service can be directly linked. The investment is in the knowledge that will help businesses while making decisions.

Ayoka Systems’ experience allows us to help small businesses create business intelligence processes that are customized to their needs. We believe that business intelligence is quickly becoming a necessity for businesses. It is no longer just a luxury for large corporations. Enhanced visibility is needed with greater consumer demand. Business intelligence can be the answer. No matter the size of the company, Ayoka Systems can customize a process to best fit its needs. All of our processes are with the customer in mind. We want our clients involved in every step of the development process. We have been providing an innovative and client-focused approach to developing business intelligence since 2002. If you want to know how Ayoka Systems and business intelligence can help your business, give us a call at (817) 210-4042.

How to Streamline Your Shop Floor Management

March 12, 2018
Shop Floor Management Photo by emirkrasnic on Pixabay

Photo by emirkrasnic on Pixabay 

Do you want to streamline your shop floor management? Unfortunately, knowing how to achieve this is often challenging. While there are many ideas and trends on how to streamline shop floor management, not all are effective. Overseas competition and economic pressures make it imperative for small and mid-size companies to take care of their customers. However, streamlined processes, customer satisfaction, and finally reduced scrape are necessities.

A shop floor management solution could be the answer to your company’s needs and concerns. Further, a customized shop floor management solution can provide comprehensive real-time management of activities happening on the shop floor. To help you, we’ve compiled a few ways that your company can benefit from a shop floor management solution with a little information about each solution.


The Foundation


The solution starts with a customized and robust database. The customization of your solution revolves around your company’s specific needs and concerns. The database manages all the information captured on your shop floor, and a vast range of devices can be utilized to obtain that information. These devices include operators’ PCs, barcode scanners, test equipment, and equipment that uses PLC communication and monitoring. From there, the devices organize all the data collected. Organized data will be accessible to approved managers and operators. Enable a smooth workflow by having all of the critical information in an easily accessible database. Once you have the solid foundation of your solution in place, you will see the benefits start to develop and grow.


Streamline Processes


Potentially, a shop floor management solution can provide better visibility and information in a timely manner for your managers. This can assist shop floor supervisors to manage their production responsibilities. A custom solution can also track employee productivity, making it easy to see who is thriving and who needs help. As a result, it simplifies all employee evaluations and progress reports. Moreover, the database can assess employees and whether they are adhering to set production processes. This can ensure best practices are being met. The solution can also set managers up to improve and increase process maturity levels. The overall increased visibility will create a forum for management to improve productivity and streamline systems. These improvements will optimize and streamline your production process.


Reduced Scrape and Reworking


Scrape materials and pieces that need reworking can be costly both in time and monetary expense. A custom shop floor management solution can help you cut down those costs. Monitor and pull information in real time on defects through inspections and first pass yields. You can also analyze your quality control standards against your current production performances. This is a great tool to ensure your production system is running at its best. Display goals in addition to progress through production metrics designed to analyze just that information. These metrics can make progress meetings a breeze. You can have enhanced control over work in progress inventory. A custom system can integrate with maintenance and inventory management applications to support scheduling of downtime and maintenance. This will create better control of your entire production system.


Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is always a concern. It is necessary to ensure your customers are satisfied with your work. This is especially true with the increase of overseas competition. Timeliness is another major concern. A shop floor management solution can ensure on-time delivery. Utilize the system to predict task completions. A helpful system can keep your team on target. A custom solution can also help improve support operations that lead to customer deliveries. It can enable companies to respond quickly to various requirements such as reporting and tracking. Improve customer logistics through a custom solution. Make transportation and efficient billing easy for both parties. A simplified and efficient system will increase customer satisfaction.

There are many methods you can try to achieve a streamlined shop floor, but the best is always a custom fit. Clients come to you because you are the right fit for them, your shop floor management solution should be the same way. Your company is unique. Your production assistance needs are specific. The best way to answer those specific and unique needs is a customized solution. With you in the driver’s seat, you can develop a system that enables your company to be the best it can be. You also minimize wasted time and materials and create a system that allows higher visibility for all necessary parties. Moreover, you can treat your customers with the courtesy you wish to. Find out if a customized shop floor management solution is right for your company.

Let Ayoka Systems be part of the answer. If you would like more information on how we can help streamline your shop floor, give us a call today at (817) 210-4042.

How Used Car Marketing Software Drives Sales

February 26, 2018
Used Car Marketing Software Photo by music4life on Pixabay

Used Car Marketing Software Photo by music4life on Pixabay

If you are a dealership looking to improve used care sales you should consider used car marketing software. Used car marketing software can take time-consuming tasks off of your to-do list through atomization freeing you to focus on closing deals. Best of all, used car marketing software uses various elements to drive up sales for your dealership.

For example, the software automates ad development and lead generation. Additionally, you can embed direct links into the ads, increasing the number of clicks for specific vehicles. The software also works in partnership with SEO. It provides you with up to date analytics and algorithms that help optimize your ads. Likewise, the software connects with your running inventory, ensuring that you only advertise cars that you currently have in stock. Used car marketing software can improve your sales numbers by automating marketing processes and taking out the guesswork.

Ad Development

Online ads take time to design and develop; the process is painstakingly time-consuming. Moreover, once you develop the ad, you still have more work to do. For example, after development, you need to repeatedly test and analyze it to determine it’s success rate and optimal audience. It feels like a never-ending process but is nevertheless vital to improving sales.

Thankfully, marketing software automates this process, giving you freedom from the process of developing and testing ads. It does all the work, even going so far as to determine the right audience and the best times to use the ad. By automating the process, you are freeing your team up to improve your sales in other areas.

Lead Generation

You can improve your business through lead generation by utilizing used car marketing software. Your time is valuable, and you don’t need to spend it trying to generate leads. With marketing software, you can remove that task from your to-do list. It automatically generates leads by utilizing online ad platforms such as Google and Facebook. These platforms require the ads that your software has already automatically processed for you. With these ads in place, the software can work in tandem with social media platforms to advertise your dealership and the cars you have in stock. Moreover, they also generate clicks and leads that your employees can easily close. Lead generation no longer requires feet on cement or waiting for people to come to you. Through the help of used car marketing software, the leads come to you.

Direct Links

Direct links are another great way to generate sales. For instance, you can directly link an ad with a specific car on your website. As a result, interested parties then travel from one site, through your ad, and onto your page for that car. It removes any risks associated with distraction or disinterest. If a car interests the individual and they want to see more, then the direct link ensures a pleasant user experience. We all know that better user experiences are more likely to lead to a sale than a bad experience. Used car marketing software helps manage the direct link process on the backside of your ads and website.


Search engine optimization is a fantastic tool to use to drive sales. Used car marketing software can work with SEO to determine which ads perform the best through algorithms. With this information, the software will recommend which ads to use and what advertising phrasing to use to generate new sales. Consider it brainpower you and your team don’t need to use. Instead, you remove the guesswork, and the analytical and algorithm results are laid out plain for you to see.

Accurate Inventory

Most likely, you don’t want to advertise a car that no longer sits in your inventory. Thankfully, used car marketing software keeps you connected to your live inventory. For example, it generates ads and direct links to cars that are currently available for sale. Additionally, once a salesperson sales the car, it removes it. This is an incredible tool as it saves you time from having to go in and manually remove ads. You can even program the software to stop advertising a car as soon as an associate marks it as sold in your inventory. The software will bring people to your site through ads advertising only cars you have in stock. In turn, this helps to drive your sales.


Utilizing used car marketing software will streamline your ad process and ensure you are only advertising cars you have in stock. If you would like to drive up the sales for your dealership and enhance your ad development process, then used car marketing software is right for you. Ayoka Systems can help you throughout the entire process. Call us, (817) 210-4042, and we can help you understand the steps and even more of the benefits.

Can Custom B2B Software Improve Your Business Collaboration?

February 19, 2018
B2B Software

B2B Software Free-Photos / Pixabay

Business to business, or B2B, collaborations are essential for any company. You want your interactions with other businesses to not only be professional but efficient as well. However, premade software can be heavy with lots of features and tools you won’t use or need. Thankfully, custom B2B software can help you make the most out of your business collaborations. By specifically customizing your own B2B software for your business needs, you lose that extra weight. If you want comprehensive insight into how your interactions are going, customized B2B gives you that. Moreover, transferring data between businesses can be a breeze. You can make managing your collaborations simple. Or maybe your biggest concern is integrating the data you have received; custom B2B software can help with that too.


No matter your specific business needs when it comes to B2B software customization can be the answer. Here are four ways custom B2B software can improve your business collaborations.


Collaborating and Managing B2B


Customizing your software can streamline your B2B collaborations and management. You can design, manage, and monitor business processes with partners. The software is tailor-made for yours and your outside partners’ needs. It can have all the features your particular relationship needs and nothing else. Collaborations can be made simpler. Operations between your two businesses can be made accessible and straightforward. You can design your software with your particular efficiency in mind. There doesn’t have to be any bulky useless tools. The simple, streamlined software will save your employees time because they won’t need to search for what they need. External partners will love collaborating with your business because of your streamlined system.


B2B Visibility


E-commerce has created the need for greater visibility between businesses in a number of ways. Consolidating business processes while also implementing electric commerce with partner companies demands visibility into business activity and tracking. Other needs for increased visibility when conducting B2B actions include increased industry regulations, liability exposure, and security risks. Customizing your B2B software can be the answer to all of these risks and demands. Developing your own software will allow you to choose which areas need extra attention and visibility and to who. You will have a more significant window into what is transpiring within your business.


Transferring B2B Data


You need to be able to transfer data between your partners and internal users. You can design a system that perfectly handles your data transferring needs. Whether you need a system that can handle multiple data formats and perform data validation or one that needs to check semantic rules before transferring it can be customized. No matter what industry, your business needs to be able to ensure data integrity and quality assurance. Program custom B2B software to safeguard any data transferred is top quality. It can also be tailor-made to your transferring needs to simplify the process for you and your partners.


B2B Data Integration


Interactions with firewalls are unavoidable because of the needed safety for your business and your partner’s business. Firewalls can make integrating data between businesses difficult. Before you or your partner can access the data it will have to go through the various rings each firewall requires. The pre-set software can claim to make this process easier but have compatibility issues with different firewalls. The customized B2B software will interact with each of the firewalls smoothly because you can have it designed to work with all firewalls involved. You can also customize your integration process using other integration tools that will make the process even easier, like EDI and XML. When you have the ability to customize your system, there should only be answers and never unsolved problems.

Where to Go from Here

Custom B2B software can help you connect with your partners seamlessly. There is no need for jumping through hoops or wasted time. Your business collaborations are valuable and deserve the utmost care. Partners will love working with you because the process will be so simple and effortless. Streamline and manage your business collaborations with ease. You and your partners will have greater visibility into business activity and tracking. The visibility will also ensure greater safety for all involved. Make transferring data speedy and simple. You have to be able to guarantee the integrity and quality of the transferred data, and custom B2B software is a simple solution. Consequently, once that data is transferred you will need to ensure that it is correctly integrated. Software and firewall compatibility needn’t be a problem. Custom B2B software can solve all of these problems and significantly improve your business collaboration experience.


Are you interested in heading down the road of custom B2B software? Ayoka Systems can help you. Give us a call at (817) 210-4042, and let us show you how custom software can make your business even greater.

Four Ways Custom Software Development Can Improve the Safety of Your Employees

February 15, 2018
Custom Software Development Photo by on Unsplash

Custom Software Development Photo by on Unsplash

Computer safety of your employees and company is a significant concern for any business. That is why custom software development is essential for businesses to consider when creating their system. You want to be able to ensure your employee’s ease of access and complete security while working from day to day. Companies also want to prevent outside access to their system. Custom software can do all of this. Custom software development has many benefits for your employees and business. Here is a list of four ways custom software development improves the safety of your employees.

Prevent Hacking

Custom software developed for your company is a great way to deter hackers. For the most part, hackers are going to go to companies that use generic software programs. These programs are too simplified. Because they have so much traffic hackers can easily find another hacker who knows how to get into it. Hackers try to use the same tricks to get into similar systems. That isn’t something they can do with custom software. By utilizing custom software, you are making the hackers work extra hard. The extra work will make the likelihood of a hacker breaking into your system much lower than if you were to have a generic system.

Determine Employee Access

Developing your own custom software ensures user exclusivity. Because the software was custom developed for your company only people within your company and select few, you identify outside will have access to the system. Autonomy will protect your company from outside web interference. Protect everything with usernames and passwords. Ensure only your employees have access to the inter-workings of your company. You can also customize individual employee’s access to ensure greater safety for the company as a whole. No matter how you customize the employee access by having an exclusive system, you are already improving safety by having fewer people on the system.

Protect Your Employees Online

Internet security is a vital proponent of employee safety. There are many aspects of internet usage at work that can compromise the safety of your employees. One example includes your employees using online features of your company in their everyday work. With online logins, security checks, and even employee benefits, pages deep within your website can be risks. By having these aspects of daily work online, you are exposing your employees and their computers to online threats such as viruses. Customizing your software and creating those features offline or securely online will protect your employees.

Another online risk for employees occurs through the sites they visit and clicking on links. By putting limits, walls, and blocks in place, you protect your employees while they are online. Moreover, when you create your own system, you can tailor make the security features for your employee’s online use. In return, you enhance their safety while online.

Ensure Safety of the Individual System

Customized software closes off all of your systems from outside access. Individual system access is how most hackers begin gaining their access to companies systems. They tap into one computer and then create a network from that connection. You can prevent that access through formulating a complicated individual system. The more programs and functions that are within your program the safer the system is for your company and employees. Standard networks may claim individual system security but as said before these are much easier for hackers to penetrate. Customizing your own software ensures that your individual system is airtight. Employees won’t have to worry about the security of your system because there will be no doors to access your network.

You enhance your safety by having a custom software developed from the start. You also put yourself on top of potential risks and threats. Through maintenance, you can continue to stay ahead of potential risks and hackers. Your customized system is something you can also share with potential hires to show them they will be safe working with your company. You can tell your employees how much you care about them with a system that is developed to protect them. It demonstrates their value. A customized software system puts you in the offensive position instead of being in the defensive position all the time.

Whether you have been put on the defensive by a hacker threat or you merely want to stay ahead custom software development is where you should be looking. It is the safest option for your company and employees. To start on your road to a custom developed software give us a call, (817) 210-4042. Ayoka Systems is here to help you navigate your roadmap to custom software development and employee safety.

Five Ways Cognitive Healthcare Benefits Patients

February 5, 2018
Cognitive software development

Cognitive Healthcare Photo Credit via / Pixabay

Welcome to the generation of cognitive healthcare. Today, the healthcare industry provides services that were once considered impossible. Moreover, cognitive software development is giving it a much-needed boost. Experts suggest this technology will solve problems by mimicking the way the human brain works. Essentially, cognitive computing works in exactly the same way as predictive analytics. It analyzes patient data, indicates results, and suggests a defined course of action.

The development of this software creates a new partnership between human beings and technology. Additionally, cognitive software development will dramatically alter how healthcare is conceived, delivered, and managed in the future. However, patients stand to benefit the most. Let’s take a look at five ways that cognitive healthcare will benefit patients.

1. Accessible Data

If you wear a personal fitness tracker, you generate a large amount of personal health-related data on a daily basis. Unfortunately, much of this information is underutilized and most people do not even know how to access the data. Patients realize that their electronic devices help them with their day-to-day lives. A health coach that is neither disruptive nor burdensome and highly personalized is the ultimate expression of the consumer experience. An AI avatar can provide this. Cognitive computing also enables researchers to uncover new insights in relationships among genes, proteins, pathways, phenotypes, and diseases.

2. Individualized Treatment Plans

The future of healthcare continues to focus on giving individuals a complete picture of what affects their health. For example, a real-time analysis allows doctors to make informed decisions at a moments notice. At the same time, they are also providing patients greater control over their own care. With the help of cognitive software development, doctors can identify the most critical attributes of a patient case. This allows them to provide uncomplicated reports for both patients and healthcare providers.

3. Improved Communication Between Patients and Doctors

Artificial intelligence is technology that uses reasoning, natural language processing, machine learning, and even human interaction through speech and vision interactions. What makes cognitive computing systems so smart is that they evaluate patterns from data and get better with each use. The goal is for systems to be able to anticipate problems and behavior, offering suggestions and solutions before an issue occurs. As a result, it notifies the doctor of any patterns that may suggest intervention.

4. Explore New Models of Care

Patients are looking for the best medicine from the best provider. Could cognitive healthcare be the answer? If healthcare professionals had access to world-class doctors and their expertise, it could make all the difference in the overall healthcare of their patients. For example, they could identify life-changing clinical trials perfect for their patients.

This cognitive technology has the potential to change the way patients look at their health plans. It combines the best of data analytics with patients and clinical research. The result is an extensive list of healthcare resources from which to choose.

5. Payment Reform

Cognitive software development helps support emerging value-based care models. It collects information at each step of the patient lifecycle then provides analytics to help improve decision-making and execution.

Cognitive software development is helping patients expand their knowledge, improve their productivity and deepen their expertise in their own healthcare. The goal of cognitive healthcare is to create automated information technology systems capable of solving problems without requiring human assistance. Big names in technology including IBM, Microsoft, and Google have made significant investments in finding healthcare uses for cognitive software development and providing a platform for various startup firms that create specialized applications.

Looking to the Future

As the population in the United States ages, cognitive software development continues to attract growing attention from established healthcare providers and startup companies seeking to create new software products.

Currently, healthcare is based on a one-size-fits-all method; however, new cognitive healthcare systems are changing that. For instance, by incorporating more information about individual patients, medical professionals draft personalized programs for their patients. Cognitive software offers a more individualized path for medical decisions. Like the human mind, a cognitive healthcare system makes judgments based on its ability to collect and recognize information. As a result, traditional health data, such as laboratory reports and clinical notes can now be gathered and assessed.

At Ayoka, we help companies apply software to meet complex clinical initiatives. If you’re ready to take your medical software to the next level, contact us today at 817-210-4042.

How Can Custom Software Development Improve Your Clerical Pool’s Efficiency?

January 29, 2018

Custom software development provides your business with a platform tailored with precision. It handles the unique daily operations and tasks that keep your company up-to-date. Efficiency is the key to succeeding in the business world. For this reason, you need a custom software platform to help your employees work better and faster. By implanting custom software, you have access to a user-focused experience specific to your individual business needs. You also eliminate redundant work and create a more efficient work environment for you clerical pool.

Eliminates Redundant Effort

One of the most powerful benefits of custom software development lies in the elimination of redundant effort. When the applications you use don’t interact with each other, it’s time to consider custom software development. Software developers design software to include API’s (Application Programming Interfaces) to connect software applications to facilitate data exchange and increase accuracy while reducing redundant data entry.

When you utilize a system that makes capturing data easier, you also streamline various tasks in your company’s operational processes. These tasks vary and include everything from manual performance to clerical responsibilities. Regardless, custom systems provide opportunities for optimizing data collection in all areas. A custom system automatically logs relevant information into a centralized database. Once there, the system analyzes it. Basically, it ingests spreadsheets and other CSV files in order to automate processes for ETL (Extraction, Transformation, Loading).


Not using software made specifically for your business, results in not having the right applications you need to process delicate information. With custom software, you have a more flexible approach to identifying problems and focusing on a solution. You have the power to create applications tailored to your individual needs. A system made especially for your company allows you to sync the information, notes, and materials necessary for sharing. With a custom software development system, clerical pools can easily share tasks, documents, spreadsheets, and notes with anyone in the system with just a click of a button.

Tailored Solutions

Custom software development doesn’t just give your organization a program that fits your needs; it facilitates tailored optimization of the processes that are specific to you. Custom software can eliminate workflow dependencies according to the unique processes of your company and break down any unnecessary delays. As you develop and implement the software, you may find that there are simpler ways to transfer date. With a customized system, you increase the efficiency of your clerical pool by instantly noticing granular details and solving them.

Improved Project Management

Once you have a custom software development in place, it’s easy to implement reporting capabilities. With this program, your clerical pool gains access to information that improves project management. Decision makers possess the information they need instantly. As a result, it improves efficiency not only in the present but also in the future. This helps them be more prepared and well organized. A customized system improves communications and organization skills, therefore helps the clerical pool become an indispensable part of the team.

Employee Retention

Purchasing someone else’s software is investing in their business and helping them grow. Developing your own custom software is a direct investment into your own business. Furthermore, the program will be unique, more effective, and stand out from the competition. If you have a state-of-the-art system, your clerical pool will have a sense of pride working for you. They will trust the system and feel that it is reliable to their specific needs.

Although a lot of different elements contribute to job satisfaction, it’s important to give employees the tools they need to succeed. Custom software development takes this principle a step farther by including employee concerns and ideas in planning. It also allows the clerical pool to stay on top of scheduling. They can familiarize themselves with their schedule, along with the boss and other employees.

Ayoka Custom Software Development Systems

As your business grows, you want to continue to improve processes, boost productivity and increase profits. In every aspect of this, custom software development plays a key role. Custom software is an investment in your company and your clerical pool. It leads to greater productivity, but it also leads to a greater return on investment. Moreover, you see greater efficiency and profits for your business.

Custom programming is the primary service provided by Ayoka Systems for our clients in the Texas area. Over the years, it has been interesting to see an increased demand for customized software solutions throughout North Texas. If you want expert advice to guide you through the process and help you get the most out of your software, contact Ayoka Systems. Call us at (817) 210-4042 and begin today.

The Importance of the Digital Thread in Manufacturing Software Development

January 22, 2018
Manufacturing Software Photo by Joshua Sortino on Unsplash

Photo by Joshua Sortino on Unsplash

How can manufacturing software development use the concept of the digital thread? Manufacturing software development can use digital thread to improve overall manufacturing production. By using the digital thread throughout the lifecycle of a product, your business can streamline the production of a complex product. Additionally, the digital thread also incorporates upgrades. Finally, in the end, the digital thread will signal the end of your product and the need for a different type of product.

What Is the Digital Thread

What exactly is the digital thread? The concept of the digital thread began with the military aircraft industry. The military was seeking ways to improve the performance of their future programs by using digital programs. With the use of these digital programs, they were able to apply lessons they were learning to future projects. Applying these lessons to future projects saved on production costs.  Moreover, the military saved time in the design and upgrade of their products.

How can the digital thread in intelligence manufacturing help your business? Through manufacturing software development, you can incorporate digital thread into the design of your product. Likewise, the production of your product can use the digital thread. Lastly, upgrades of your product can use the digital thread. In essence, the digital thread can follow your product from inception to the retirement of the product.

Design Phase

Custom manufacturing software development has the digital thread in mind during the design phase.  Additionally, you can use 3D imaging to design your product. In the past, developers stored these designs in separate, proprietary programs that would not share information with each other. As a result, the design process would not consider information from the manufacturing department. However, due to the digital loop, there will be a continuous feedback loop designed into your manufacturing software development.

Manufacturing Phase

The digital thread will incorporate data from the 3D imaging that the designers produced to speed up the process of manufacturing. The exact replica of the product that you are producing tells you where parts go. As a result, you will avoid hours spent incorrectly putting together the product.

During the manufacturing process, if you discover something is not going to work, you can send that back through the feedback loop to the design department. In the past, you would have produced the product even though it had an inferior design. There was no process built in for the manufacturing and design departments to interface together. Now, if the manufacturing department discovers something that won’t work, you can send that information back to the designers for re-designing. For example, if during manufacturing the aesthetic design of a product results in lost time, the design of the product can be changed before it is too late.

Quality Control

During the manufacturing process, there is quality control testing. Your product’s digital thread incorporates the process of reviewing your product. If the design needs adjustments, the digital thread will now take the information back to the designers. No longer will there be a gap in information between the quality control experts and the designers of your products.

Re-Design Process

Once your product is ready to go on the market, the re-design process should begin. The design and manufacturing of your product are complete. However, the digital thread does not have to stop there. As your customers use your product and provide feedback to your business, your designers should continue to analyze that data. The digital thread will provide designers with valuable information for future updates.  That information will guide how to make the product more user-friendly.

Ayoka Custom Software Development Systems

If you are a business and searching for ways to improve your product manufacturing, then look no further than Ayoka. Ayoka provides services that will incorporate the digital thread of your product. The digital thread will follow from design through the entire lifecycle of the product. Also, the custom manufacturing software development can save you time in the development of new products. Proper placement of parts streamlines production.

Our custom software development emphasizes local, hands-on interaction, and discovering the needs of the end-users. This makes us ideal for delivering the digital thread to your business through our Custom Manufacturing Software Development. Don’t make custom application development complicated. If you want expert advice to guide you through the process and help you get the most out of your software, contact us.  Call (817) 210-4042 and begin.

Reaching New Audiences through Custom Application Development

January 8, 2018
Custom Application Development photo

geralt / Pixabay

There are numerous ways in which custom application development can help your business reach new audiences. Many businesses get by with off-the-shelf application software. However, their business ultimately suffers as a result. An off-the-shelf application ties the hands of business owners in more ways than one. The lack of personalization often causes ineffective processing and reduces productivity and efficiency. As a result, your business struggles to reach new audiences. Thankfully, with custom application development this problem is resolved. Let’s explore the benefits of custom application development and how your business can grow through finding new audiences.


With custom application development, applications are developed specifically for your business. When your applications solve your particular problems, your employees spend less time duplicating work. Additionally, they also waste less time with inefficient processes. As a result, your employees become more productive. It also allows them more time to develop new products and focus on reaching new customers. It also leads to improved customer experiences with your business.


By purchasing custom application development, your software will grow with your business. Unlike off-the-shelf software programs, you won’t be held back by its inefficiencies. If you operate an e-commerce site, but your off-the-shelf system is keeping your business from growing your products or improving your customer’s buying experiences, you are losing money and failing to attract new customers. With customer application development, you can expand as the needs of your business change.


Custom application development also improves the communication processes of your business. It allows your employees to share ideas quickly and explore each one in order to enhance the customer experience. It also makes communication with both customers and product vendors more effective. When the focus of your business is making sure you reach new audiences, all your employees can be on the same page sharing thoughts and ideas on how to target new customers.

Increase Productivity and Efficiency

When using custom application development, your business can increase productivity and efficiency. You can target any area to identify inefficiencies. After you identify inefficiencies, you can focus on making business improvements. For example, if you want to improve your customer experiences, you can make the process for internet customers to purchase online more streamlined. Likewise, if you want to use custom application development to reach new customers, you can use your custom application development to analyze how you acquired your current customers. You can them replicate that process to reach new customers.

Improve Existing Processes

Custom application development can also help to improve your existing processes. Does your off-the-shelf software help you use your sales data effectively? When trying to reach a new audience, you can use custom application development analytics to review the demographics of your current customers. By knowing the specific types of people that are purchasing your products, you can focus your marketing strategies on similar demographics.


Security is a strong selling point for custom application development. Hackers have little interest in breaking into a custom application development software. An off-the-shelf software program is much easier for a hacker to breach as those systems are familiar to hackers. By keeping your current customer’s information secure and safe from hackers, you can be a step ahead of your competition when trying to attract a new audience. Potential customers will be more willing to share their personal information with a company who is known for their tight security rather than one that has had previous customer information stolen.


Custom application development is cost-effective. While you may believe that it is more expensive to operate a custom application development system, it does not have to be. Yes, there is an initially higher cost to have custom application development designed for your business. However, you can save money by your employees being more efficient and productive. Moreover, you can save money by strategically reaching new customers to make new sales. Lastly, you will be taking care of current customers so they become repeat customers.

Ayoka Custom Software Development Systems

If you are an organization and searching for ways to improve your productivity and efficiency, then look no further than Ayoka for services that will increase your productivity while still maintaining the security of your business records. Our custom software development emphasizes local, hands-on interaction, and discovering the needs of the end-users. If your business focuses on service delivery, then the team will incorporate systems to increase your production rates, provide more consistent delivery of services or products, and reduce variances or tighten tolerance for errors. This makes us ideal for delivering increased accessibility, efficiencies, and security to your business through our custom software development.

Don’t make custom application development complicated. If you want expert advice to guide you through the process and help you get the most out of your software, contact us. We are an experienced industry leader. Call (817) 210-4042 and begin.

Why Your IT Department Will Love Custom Software Development Services

December 4, 2017
Photo by Kevin on Unsplash Custom Software Development Services

Photo by Kevin on Unsplash

As a business owner, one of your most significant responsibilities is selecting the right staff for your IT department. Once you hire the right team, you need to give them the power to make software decisions that enhance and grow your business. You could dictate to your IT department which software systems to purchase. However, if you are not proficient in electronic communications, you could end up operating systems that impede your business productivity. To eliminate this problem, discuss your available options with the head of your IT department. These options typically include an off-the-shelf-software program or custom software development services. However, there are many reasons that your IT department will love custom software development services.

Best Equipment and Service Support

Your IT department can be in charge of evaluating the different companies that design custom software development services. They can select the one that is the best fit for your needs. There are many different choices when it comes to vendors. Their expertise is necessary for determining the best decision based upon cost, available options, and security measures.

Customized for Your Business

With custom software development services, your IT department will analyze the specific needs of your business. Then, your IT department will work with the design team to design the different software options that your organization needs. Does your business focus on service delivery? If so, the team will work with your IT department to incorporate systems to increase your production rates. The team will also provide a consistent delivery of services or products and reduce production errors. Additionally, the IT department can help identify areas to reduce duplication of data entry. Lastly, they can determine how to integrate data from different departments to increase staff efficiencies.

Ease of Implementation

The design team will prepare your IT department for implementation of the new system for the rest of your employees. Even though the system may be complicated when covering all your needs, the team will prepare your IT department. Afterward, your IT department teaches your employees to sign on, operate, and optimize their user experience.


Your IT department will love the ability to identify with ease who can have access to certain types of information within your custom software development services. Once a determination has been made on the varying levels of information accessibility, your IT department will identify a process for staff to receive computer access. Moreover, your IT department will identify unique circumstances and how to apply for access in those instances.


As your business grows, your needs will expand. The benefit of a custom software development services is that you can upgrade your software system as you grow. Your IT department will be the first to know that your system is not fulfilling your needs for data storage, input, and integration. Once you reach the point that your system is no longer serving your needs, your IT department can discuss the specific needs with the design team and start on the necessary upgrades.


The last option that your IT department will love is the security of your custom software development services. With an off-the-shelf system, computer hackers can find ways to break into your system. On the other hand, with a custom software development services, computer hackers are unfamiliar with the design of the system. It would take time for a hacker to figure out how to break into your system. The process is too time-consuming. As a result, a hacker will continue searching for a business who is using off-the-shelf software to breach their network and steal their information.

Now that you know why your IT department will love custom software development services, what’s next? Contact a professional developer and sit down to discuss your specific needs, focus on the results that you are looking to achieve and how your changes can help your customers. With the right customized application development system, you can become more efficient or build your operational capacity.

Ayoka Custom Software Development Systems

If you are an organization and searching for ways to improve your information management, then look no further than Ayoka for services that will increase your productivity while still maintaining the security of your business records. Ayoka custom application development emphasizes local, hands-on interaction, and discovering the needs of the end-users. If your business focuses on service delivery, then the team will incorporate systems to increase your production rates, provide more consistent delivery of services or products, and reduce variances or tighten tolerance for errors. This makes us ideal for delivering increased accessibility, efficiencies, and security to your business through our custom application development.

Don’t make customized application development complicated. If you want expert advice to guide you through the process and help you get the most out of your software, contact Ayoka. We are an experienced industry leader. Call (817) 210-4042 and begin.


How Your Customer’s Benefit from Custom Application Development

November 16, 2017
custom application development Photo by Štefan Štefančík on Unsplash

Photo by Štefan Štefančík on Unsplash

As a business owner, you know that when you benefit so do your customers. Custom application development is just one way you can help your customers while benefitting as well. First, you may have questions about what custom application development is. In this case, custom application development is the development of software for a specific group of users or a single user within an organization or business.

Problems with Mass-Produced Software Programs

When an organization is searching for a software application system, they have specific needs in mind. While not consistent, sometimes mass-produced software program works sufficiently for the applications needed by the organization. For example, an organization may need a simple program that monitors employee’s time and attendance. But, what happens when those mass-produced software applications don’t fit the needs of your business? Do you spend the time to modify your entire organizational structure to work around the software differences? If you do, you are taking time away from your customers.

You need to decide if you should purchase a second software program, putting some of the data into each program. What if the two systems don’t talk to each other? It would make the information unusable. Moreover, it could negatively impact employee morale by causing unnecessary and wasteful changes. Don’t underestimate the impact on morale when organizational practices are changing for no apparent reason. When your employees are irritated with making unnecessary changes it also frustrates them, leading to them to rebel against the changes. They often see a loss of productivity and reduced inefficiency due to learning the new system. In return, they might take their attitude out on your customers or fall short of their quotas. It is more prudent to save changes for actions that make your business more productive and efficient.

A Better Purchasing Experience

What can make your customers have a better purchasing experience? Consider a custom application development for your organization that also fits the exact needs of your employees. The new software eliminates duplicate work and shares different types of data that would have never been cross-referenced before. It also solves specific needs and problems that your employee’s face. Although change is difficult for your employees and there will be a learning curve with any new system, the custom application will make their jobs easier, save them time, and produce results that they’ve never been able to do before. With better efficiency and production, your employees will be able to focus on your customers and provide them with better customer service, have time to craft new products, improve marketing, and target prior customers for new services.

Custom Application Development Is Scalable

What is another benefit to a customized application development system? Scalability. Many of the off-the-shelf software programs that you can purchase are cheap to purchase. While this sounds good, the results are not. For example, software designed for a small organization won’t work for your medium-sized organization. The software program will not be sufficient for what you need. What about a program for a large organization? The off-the-shelf software program might have a decent price, but it could be expensive to license and operate long term. Again, the cost to your customers is that you are using operating systems that can’t expand as you grow.

Added Security

The safety of your customer’s personal information should be your primary concern. If your customers can’t trust you to keep their data private and secure, they will no longer be your customers. Customized application development provides added security to your organization, regardless of the value you place on your product. Unfortunately, many hackers research these off-the-shelf software applications. As a result, they easily identify ways to breach the security of these systems. In the end, it puts your organization at risk for theft or manipulation of data.

There would be nothing worse for your reputation than waking up to find you’ve been hacked. Hackers work to steal all your customer’s names, credit card types, and credit card numbers. Sadly, this results in them spending hours and days trying to repair their credit. With a custom build application, you will reduce the attractiveness of your business to hackers. It takes too long for a hacker to analyze a new system and learn its weaknesses. They would rather exploit ones they already know.

Decreases Expenses

With off-the-shelf application systems, a software company can stop operation and disappear; leaving you with your data in a non-maintained system. The expense and downtime of changing unexpectedly can be costly to your business as customers move on to other companies that can solve their needs right “now”; while you are wrestling with the cumbersome process of transferring data to a new system. While customized application development is more expensive than purchasing a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software program your customers can benefit from your costs savings by eliminating delays and/or working around “cookie cutter” application.

Ayoka Custom Application Development

How can you get a customized application development system designed specifically for your organization’s needs? Contact a professional developer and sit down to discuss your specific needs, focus on the end results that you are looking to achieve and how your changes can help your customers. With the right customized application development system, you can become more efficient or build your operational capacity.

If you are an organization and searching for ways to improve your information management, then look no further than Ayoka for services that will increase your productivity while still maintaining the security of your business records. Ayoka custom application development emphasizes local, hands-on interaction, and discovering the needs of the end-users. This makes Ayoka ideal for providing increased accessibility, efficiencies, and security to your business through their custom application development.

Contact Ayoka Now

Customized application development for organizations does not have to be complicated. If you want expert advice to guide you through the process and help you get the most out of your software, contact Ayoka. Ayoka is an experienced industry leader. To get started with your custom application development for your organization, call (817) 210-4042.

Five Long-Term Advantages of Custom Software Development

November 12, 2017
Photo by Charisse Kenion

Photo by Charisse Kenion

Custom software development gives businesses far more than a temporary boost in profits. These products’ greatest advantages actually grow with time, helping your business expand, and supporting new developments as they appear. Custom software helps you earn more, spend less, keep your best employees, and expand more easily.

Reduced Overhead

Custom software development changes how your business handles overhead costs. A single program can reduce labor expenses significantly along with reducing overall waste. It does this by streamlining workflow, eliminating the need for extraneous programs, and creating practical shortcuts for the most common daily procedures. Reducing tech support costs is another way custom products trim overhead expenses. We will go into more detail about how custom software makes tech support more efficient later. Ultimately, however, custom software saves on tech support, repair fees, and emergency software solutions by causing fewer problems. These savings rise over time.

Rising Profits

Many of the same elements that help custom software reduce overhead also contribute to increased profits. When your workflow is smoother and faster, employees can get more work done in a shorter span of time. The fewer programs employees have to switch between, the faster they can accomplish a task. Employers not only spend less on labor but earn greater profits for every hour of work they fund.

However, custom software boosts profits by offering more than solutions for off-the-shelf programming problems. Custom software development allows developers and clients to work together to accomplish goals and target unique opportunities. Many of these goals relate to long-term growth and practical measures that support it such as customer retention and secondary service options.

Employee Retention

Few things cost a business as much as employee turnover. Rapid turnover creates high training costs, lower productivity, and increased recruiting difficulty. Employees want to find stable, long-term employment. When they are expected to meet high-performance standards while using unnecessarily complicated software, however, job satisfaction drops. Soon the break room is full of employees job hunting online during their lunch hour.

Although a lot of different elements contribute to job satisfaction, it’s important to give employees the tools they need to succeed. Custom software development takes this principle a step farther by including employee concerns and ideas in planning. Developers speak with the employees who will use the new product to discover what worked and didn’t work in the old system. This inclusion and consideration emphasize how important your employees are. It establishes their value. Their insight is very valuable to developers, too, so all parties benefit. The client gets the best possible product, the developers know they have done their job well, and employees have a better system to use.

Superior Tech Support Options

Custom software development often comes with limited tech support as part of the initial sales package. It’s easy to extend those benefits, however, and developers offer genuinely superior tech support for their customers. This is due to the amount of time developers spend getting to know a client’s system as part of initial development. Good products must communicate well with other applications and run smoothly on the client’s chosen operating system. Developers know clients’ systems as well or better than the clients’ own IT team.

Lack of knowledge hinders third-party emergency IT teams. Even if you only used off-the-shelf solutions, it would take precious hours for hired IT professionals to look through and understand your system. Developers already know your system, so they can respond to emergencies faster. They may have an idea of what’s causing the problem before they even arrive on the scene.

On top of these benefits is the fact that custom software is far less likely to cause problems in the first place. Since it is custom-built to suit your unique system, it works better with other applications and programs in your system. Off-the-shelf software is designed for the industry average, so if there is anything special about your business, the very things that make you unique could also be the cause of major technical problems.

Easier Expansion

When your business grows, custom software development allows you to grow your software solutions to match developing needs. If you hope or plan to expand in the near future, developers can easily add spaces for expansion in the future. You don’t have to pay for more than you need now, but the groundwork for expansions are already laid. Off-the-shelf solutions cannot match this level of customized flexibility.

If you plan to grow, you need software solutions that can keep up with and support you. Custom software development gives you the unique advantages you need to succeed while trimming overhead, improving customer retention, and more. No off-the-shelf program can match these benefits. To improve your business’s long-term productivity, choose the only software that can work as hard as you do.


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