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7 Software Must-Haves for B2B Communication

June 10, 2019
Custom B2B software

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B2B communication is an essential part of today’s economy. Wholesalers, manufacturers, and other B2B structures help keep other businesses running. To run a good B2B company, you’ll need excellent custom B2B software. Sure, you can choose a standardized software, but you won’t get everything you need that way. Custom B2B software will provide everything that your company needs while leaving out the non-necessities. If you’re looking for custom B2B software, here are the seven things that you absolutely must have.



End-users make purchases from mobile devices all the time. However, those who buy wholesale products also use mobile devices often. Mobility means convenience, and convenience often means efficiency. This means that your custom B2B software should offer mobile friendliness. Sometimes, that means using a mobile app. However, it can also just mean making sure that your services and website work well on mobile devices. Otherwise, most of your potential clients will face a tough ordering process. If your software doesn’t provide that level of convenience, your clients might just move to a supplier who can. If you want to meet your clients where they are, then your B2B communication requires some level of mobility.


Easy Ordering

Your custom B2B software should also include easy ordering. More often than not, this means that you need self-service options. You provide great customer service, but your clients also need easy ordering forms. Off-the-shelf software can give you the basics, but custom B2B software will give you exactly what you need. Your software team can tailor your forms to your business and your clients. This way, your clients get a smooth process from start to finish.


Clear Communication

Of course, while self-service options are important, you’ll also need clear and easy communication options. When your clients need to contact you directly, your software can facilitate that contact. With clear communication, you’ll always know that you and your clients are on the same page. You’ll avoid costly mistakes and make sure that your clients always stay satisfied with your product or service. As a result, your happy clients will keep coming back for more.


Marketing Automation

Does your business have marketing automation? With custom B2B software, it could. Marketing automation can help you improve your business practices all across the board. First of all, better marketing software will give you more insight into your customers and their buying habits. It can deploy different actions depending on how your clients interact with your site. When you have automated marketing in your software, you take a lot of the pressure off yourself. You can focus on serving your clients and running your business. Meanwhile, your software will help you with your outreach.



Next, you need excellent overall analytics from your B2B software. Earlier, we talked about how analytics plays into marketing automation, but it goes much further than that. When you get analytics from your software, you can learn so much about your own business. You figure out what works, what doesn’t work, and what small changes can make a big difference. With the right analytics, you can also get the reporting displays that work best for you. As a result, you can use that information well.


Clean Product Showcasing

Whether your clients visit your site via mobile device or desktop, they’ll want to see your products clearly and quickly. Your custom B2B software can help you make that happen. When you choose your B2B software, make sure you have the option of clean and simple product displays. These displays will help you in several ways. First of all, a well-displayed product will help you with your marketing. The more appealing your product looks, the better your business will fare. Second, you eliminate frustration for your clients. They can find exactly what they need as quickly as possible. As a result, they can place orders more quickly and more easily. This ease will help you gain new clients and retain the ones that you already have.


Easy Accounting and Billing

Your custom B2B software should also include easy accounting and billing. When you get disorganized with your numbers, your business could experience disaster. The good news is that the right software will prevent disaster from happening. Choose a software that lets you send bills automatically, track your transactions for tax purposes, and file your information in a clear and organized way. Both you and your clients will benefit from this organization.


Custom B2B Software

Do you have specific B2B software needs? Are you looking for software that provides the best B2B communication? In that case, you need Ayoka Systems. At Ayoka, we build custom B2B solutions to help our clients run their best business practices. Want to see the difference for yourself? Then contact us for your free consultation now. With Ayoka’s help, you’ll get everything that you need from your business software.


How Marketing Software Can Amplify Your Business Voice

December 10, 2018
marketing software

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How much time do you spend on marketing every month? Are you getting the results that you want with your time? If not, it’s time to take it up a notch. With custom marketing software solutions, you could save time and get better results. Every industry uses marketing on some level, and Ayoka has years of experience helping all sorts of companies get marketing results. Our clients have noticed numerous benefits thanks to their marketing software. We’ve listed just a few of our favorites. You can experience all of these advantages and so much more. Let Ayoka help you reach your full marketing potential.

Start With Insight

Marketing doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It begins with research, data, and clues about what works and what doesn’t. That research becomes much easier with marketing software. Your software will help you start with insights that can help you make better long-term marketing decisions. First, it can gather data about customer buying patterns. It can also keep tabs on inventory or services that don’t sell as well as others. Then, you can use this information for business intelligence decisions. Eventually, you’ll notice patterns that you can use to your company’s advantage.

Reach Your Target Market

How well do you reach your target demographic right now? Do you have room for improvement in your outreach? Marketing software can help. With the right software, you can use multiple channels to reach a wide audience. For example, Ayoka can set up a program that will help you reach more customers with email campaigns. You can also use your new software to post ads on social media, search engines, and more. Instead of turning your marketing into a confusing mess, you’ll have a single source for all of your outreach tools.

More Than Just Leads

Marketers talk about generating leads, but what does that mean for you? Sure, leads are important, but eventually, you’ll need more than leads alone. With smarter marketing, you won’t just get leads. You’ll turn leads into repeat customers. Marketing software can help you develop a “follow-through” technique. From first customer contact to the “thank you for your purchase” email, you can handle everything through your software. Furthermore, you can do so efficiently, without tracking all of those steps yourself.

Automate Your Actions

Speaking of efficiency, one of our clients’ favorite parts about custom marketing software is its ability to help them move from one task to another. Marketing involves a lot of creativity and brainstorming. However, it also involves a lot of repetitive, less creative work. Let your marketing software take care of the more dull tasks. This way, you can free up brain space for generating ideas.

Improve Your CRM

The right marketing software can help you improve your customer relationship management (CRM). Earlier, we mentioned that you can start your marketing campaigns with insights from your data. Why not start by using that data to help with your CRM? For example, you might use your data to figure out how different customers interact with your company. When you find out how your customers prefer to interact with you, you can meet them on their level. Almost right away, you’ll come up with better ways to reach your customers.

After you run an ad campaign, you can also use this information to reflect and refocus. You’ll learn from the things that worked and the things that needed improvement. As a result, you’ll create better and stronger marketing campaigns in the future.

Custom Solutions for Your Industry

Now that we’ve discussed some marketing software benefits, let’s take a look at the kind of software that will work best for you. You have a lot of choices in terms of your marketing software. However, your best choice will always be the one that was built specifically for your business. Different industries use different marketing techniques. Custom software can help with all sorts of marketing from retail to healthcare.

Even within the same industry, no two businesses use the same marketing strategy. Your software should work for you. Let your competition have the “one size fits all” model if that’s what they want. You, on the other hand, can take a different approach. If you want to create unique marketing opportunities, you’ll have to start with unique software. Start by having a talk with your software architects. Let them know exactly what you need from your marketing software. This way, you can create a custom strategy together. You’ll have a software solution that works well within your existing business structure.

Marketing Software With Ayoka

Are you ready to work with your own marketing software? Then it’s time to gather your team from Ayoka. Tell us all about your marketing goals, and we’ll create your perfect software solutions. Contact us now to take your marketing to new levels.

Ayoka Partners Provide the Best

September 17, 2018
ayoka partners

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At Ayoka Systems, we’ve always provided our clients with the best custom solutions to their software needs. That’s why we’ve partnered with trusted, time-tested development companies. These software companies help us to provide you with all of your software needs. Ayoka partners are here to make your software experience more reliable so that your customers also get a better experience. With the best partners, everybody gets the best service.

Reliability and Diversity

Our Ayoka partners include Microsoft, Siemens, and We chose our Ayoka partners for a variety of reasons, and all of them boil down to what they can help us provide for our clients. First, we chose these partners because they simply provide the best. They’re well established and well trusted, having served their own clients for decades. These partners have set the industry standard for years, and at Ayoka, we would provide nothing less than the best for our clients.

Second, these partners provide the best in software reliability. While we at Ayoka recommend and provide disaster recovery plans, we’d prefer that you never have to deploy those plans. These companies provide the most reliable software so that you can prevent data outages, hacking, and other potential disasters.

Third, they all provide software diversity. Why did we choose several Ayoka partners instead of just one? Because our clients have a wide range of diverse needs. Some of our clients need application development more than they need computer software. Some need a safe and reliable way to upgrade a legacy system. The needs are as diverse as our clients. These different Ayoka partners all have their different strengths, and we like to draw on those strengths to give our clients exactly what they need when they need it.

Room for Growth and Options

Our Ayoka partners help us provide our clients with scalability. At Ayoka, we’re passionate about scalability. Your company needs room to grow, and when your company grows, your software will have to grow too. Otherwise, you’d need expensive and time-consuming upgrades far too often. We’d rather provide our clients with room to grow from the outset so that you can rely on your software no matter what stage your business is in.

Finally, with Ayoka’s partners, you get the range of options that will best suit your business. From mobile apps to computer software to all kinds of other options, your software needs will be met to your utmost satisfaction.

Now, let’s take a closer look at some of the companies we work with to provide you with your custom software solutions.


Virtually everyone has heard of Microsoft, and it’s no wonder with all of the changes they’ve made to the tech world since the early 1970’s. Because Microsoft has provided dependable service for so long, it has become one of the most trusted and sought-after partners for software development. Microsoft creates reliable software, internet resources, and other technologies. Built especially for businesses and tech-based operations, Microsoft products often give us a great springboard into creative B2B solutions.


Siemens is a large, highly diverse company with headquarters in Europe. They focus on automation to improve speed, efficiency, quality, and overall user experience. They offer a variety of products and services, all of which are cutting edge. Their software, of course, is no exception. This fact makes Siemens one of our go-tos for industries that need the latest innovative technologies and research. We’ve partnered with Siemens for much of our healthcare software development, for example. Siemens develops a lot of healthcare-related products, which means that they have a lot of knowledge and skill to back up their healthcare software development. is the number one software as a Service CRM solution, making them an ideal partner for Ayoka and the best choice for clients who work in sales or customer service. As a cloud computing company, they’ve partnered with us to bring you a host of cloud computing solutions. These solutions will save you time and space as you use your data. They offer products and services to help you organize and manage your tasks. They also provide practical, user-friendly tools to help you complete those tasks.

Ayoka Partners

At Ayoka, we’re proud that these household names have become Ayoka partners. We only choose the best for our clients, and these partners have helped us do just that for many years. By partnering with these highly trusted and well-established sources, we can develop the software that will best serve you and your company. We combine their power with our custom expertise and support. As a result, you’ll get software solutions that work beautifully with your business. If you’re ready to get the best that custom software has to offer, then contact Ayoka today. We would love to work with you and our Ayoka partners to give you the best software solution.

What Are Common Government Software Needs?

September 10, 2018
government software

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash What Are Common Government Software Needs?

E-government software has given governments several different ways to improve connections between themselves and their citizens. This type of software has worked well for city governments, the federal government, and all types of government in between. However, government software has important, specific needs. Much like the healthcare industry, governments need special consideration in their software, both to protect themselves and to protect end users.

Delivery Models

Government software needs a variety of delivery models that all achieve different outcomes. For example, the government to citizen model (G2C) works a lot like a customer service model would work for other software users. Citizens could use this model to get important government information. With some governments and software, e-voting can be an option. Second, the government to business model (G2B) provides businesses with various services. Business owners can use software to get tax information. They can save time making sure that they’ve complied with government regulations, and they can save themselves from making extra trips to government offices. Third, the government to government (G2G) model works much like the business to business model. This model increases easy communication between government entities. Finally, the government to employee (G2E) model aids communication between governments and their employees. Governments may also use this software to manage payments and provide training.

Document Generation Solutions

Governments have to generate a lot of paper. From pamphlets to planning documents, governments produce important publications all the time. However, many of these paper documents are used only once. Software can make these documents available electronically. As governments learn how to reduce environmental waste, government software can help governments begin with themselves, moving paper-based communication into an entirely digital environment. Digital documents, therefore, lead to better speed. As a result, constituents don’t have to experience long wait times, and governments can virtually eliminate any task backlogs. Overall, digital document generation can lead to a more productive, more efficient government.

Organization and Goal Tracking

Along with document generation, government software also needs clear organization for goal tracking. With the right software, documents can be organized into categories for quick retrieval. This makes it easier to report on projects and keep track of to-do lists. Just like document generation in general, goal tracking helps government entities accomplish goals faster, eliminating the need for a backlog.

Transaction Options

Before government software, governments had to conduct transactions either by mail or in person. Tax payments, business license payments, and other transactions can be made easier by government software. Other payment forms are inconvenient, which causes delayed payments as citizens procrastinate in making payments. Government software, on the other hand,  provides an electronic payment option, which is far more convenient than other options. Therefore, governments can receive more payments on time, and they can waste less time tracking down overdue payments. As a result, governments that use government software can save money and resources.

Open Communication

Even in the most democratic societies, citizens can perceive a certain barrier between themselves and their government officials. This barrier can hinder communication between governments and citizens. Government software can help remove barriers and improve government-to-citizen communication. This software gives citizens a simple and direct way to contact their elected officials. It also gives governments an easy way to distribute information. Government software opens communications channels, which saves time both for government employees and for citizens.

High Security and Transparency

With all of the questions about hacking and tampering that have made the news recently, citizens are understandably concerned about software security. Therefore, government software absolutely needs high levels of security. With the right software, you can provide the software security that you’ll need when serving and communicating with your constituents. Software should provide security on several different levels. Passwords, encryption, and other layers of security will give everyone on both sides of the software peace of mind. Furthermore, with enhanced security comes better trust, which also fosters better relationships between governments and citizens. Greater transparency will also help foster a sense of trust so that citizens can have more peace of mind while using the software.


When exploring your options for software, you’ll notice many different options. Most of those options are pre-packaged. Government entities, however, need customization. Custom software comes with a set of benefits that pre-packaged software simply can’t provide. Custom software provides the personalization that you’ll need to maintain government projects. With custom software, you’ll also get quick responses from a tech support team that knows everything about your specific software.

Government Software With Ayoka

The expert software developers at Ayoka understand the pressing needs of government entities. With years and years of experience, we’re able to provide anyone with the software that can accomplish all of the above and more. Our solutions-based approach will give you a user-friendly and high-security software that you can use on a daily basis. Are you ready to get your consultation? Contact Ayoka Systems today.

Custom Software Development Drives Innovation with MyBlueCar

custom mobile application

Discover how one client is changing the face of the limo industry with custom software development

At Ayoka, we’re privileged to be a part of some pretty amazing custom software development projects. We particularly love having the chance to come in and build software from the ground up to launch a new business. This year, we were privileged to work with Jeff. He’s a local owner of a black car service (limos and town cars serving the business and special events market).

Like many professionals in this industry, Jeff’s small fleet often picks up riders who book services through on-demand third party brokers like Uber. Unfortunately, this means two things.

  • The broker takes almost a third of the fare, so drivers do the same work for far less pay
  • A customer has no way of asking for the same driver again if they had a great experience

In Jeff’s mind, this wasn’t a good deal for anyone but the third party broker. As a professional who takes great pride in treating customers right, he knows that drivers deserve to be recognized and rewarded for delivering exceptional service. In addition, customers should have the ability to feel comfortable with choosing a driver they know and trust.

From Black Car to Blue Car

Jeff’s new app incorporates features that help drivers in the black car industry build a strong, loyal repeat client base without raising prices for riders or taking a huge cut from drivers. Here are just a few features of this innovative app:

  • Complete driver profiles that can be reviewed by prospective customers at any time
  • A real-time map showing the GPS location of all available black car drivers in the area
  • The option for customers to “favorite” drivers, turning those black cars blue on the map
  • Two-way messaging between riders and drivers to ensure good communication
  • Real-time booking with secure, fast payment from the mobile app
  • The ability to enter a queue if no cars are immediately available

Stay tuned. You’ll be hearing us talk more about this novel application as it launches and continues to grow its feature set!

~ The Ayoka Team

Will Microsoft Drop Windows Mobile?

July 9, 2015

Microsoft has reigned supreme in desktop user experience by bringing Windows to enterprises, educational institutions, and homes. Microsoft’s mobile market is not making the same impact, to say the least, and rumors have circulated since Microsoft’s announcement of a fully operational ROM for Android to be utilized by developers, along with their unveiling of their new web development API Stack and the ability for mobile app developers to easily deploy their iOS and Android applications to the Windows OS, that they’ll be giving up on the Windows Mobile and the smartphone market.

SmartphoneOSIn reality, the marginal cost incurred by Microsoft to open interoperability by spanning the Windows 10 kernel across the desktop, smartphone, tablet, and Xbox, is not significant in light of Satya Nadella‘s vision for Windows 10 serving as a common software foundation allow seamless, uninterrupted activities across devices. Although the adoption of Windows Mobile OS is growing, Microsoft’s market share in the US is still shrinking compared to the adoption rates of both Android and iOS. While Microsoft has acquired Nokia, the Android ROM deal they made with Xiaomi would only put them on two smartphones-unlike the array of smartphones that Android runs on. Their move to buy the Nokia hardware company and begin to refine Nokia’s business processes, cutting down on hardware production quantity and concentrating on quality shows that they mean business when they aim to integrate cloud-based services, adaptive UX controls, gesture tracking, voice commands, and more.

Windows 10 OS will be released in a few weeks to over 100 countries, with Windows 10 Mobile to follow next quarter, and its accessibility ventures enable Windows 10 users to easily move between their Xbox console data, to their Windows 10 PC, to smartphones and parent desktops-they will be able to share information more easily than ever. Hardware ventures like their successful Surface tablet and their hardware projects, Microsoft Band and HoloLens, that take advantage of RFIDs and sensors to bring the cloud to its users, seem to drive mobile productivity for Microsoft in a direction that it may put it into a position to lead the market into a new tech future-instead of trying to gain market shares among smartphone users.

As a Microsoft Partner, we at Ayoka provide custom software development with web and mobile application services, along with database development and integration services with .NET and other open-source APIs.

Microsoft Breaks Barriers With Windows 10 API Stack

May 14, 2015

Microsoft Edge hasn’t budged from production, and neither has Windows 10, but anticipation is building with reports that detail the large array of functionalities that will be available on the new OS. Terry Myerson, EVP at Windows, confirmed at the Windows Hardware Engineering Community summit in China that the folks at Microsoft are working hard, revealing “that Windows 10 will be available this summer in 190 countries and 111 languages.” Their goal is to open up to developers through increased support for popular coding languages to run on 1 billion devices by 2018!windows_product_family_9-30-event-741x416

Microsoft is saying farewell to many of their legacy APIs like VBScript and ActiveX to achieve interoperability. For software developers, Myerson detailed how they will be able to “reuse nearly all” of the Java and C++ code from their deployed Android applications in the Windows Store with the help of Windows’ through a POSIX-based subsystem for Android to support the code that will couple well with the growing number of “extensions you would write in the Windows platform to really delight the Windows user.” The Microsoft-built Objective-C SDK for iOS developers allows them to compile and deploy their Objective-C applications from Microsoft’s Visual Studio. This growth spurt of applications in the Windows Store along with the ability to host apps in the most popular coding languages will give way to their goal of a Universal Windows Platform that will allow developers to develop a single application to target a range of form-factors so they can “integrate Cortana and Xbox live into their applications, offer trusted e-commerce, embrace natural user input, create holograms and more.” Microsoft’s goal is to make web application development faster and easier and it is apparent in the porting process that will be as simple as right clicking an existing project and selecting the target platform.

Windows 10 end-users, from consumers to enterprises, will be able to choose from an array of editions of Windows 10, catered to the needs of different devices while streamlining its look and feel.  They will also enjoy an extra layer of security through the new Windows Hello, which uses biometric authentication through a combination of hardware and software to enable you to unlock your Windows 10 device using your face, iris or fingerprint, instead of using a password. End-users who use the new Microsoft Edge web browser will also be able to surf securely with their stronger ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomization) implementation.

Whether your application development needs are for enterprise architecture and technology services, custom application development, or information management services, Ayoka has the proven expertise to deliver solutions that achieve the results you seek. Best of all, our customer service model is designed for the level of collaboration and teamwork involved with application development to build predictable, long-term relationships. Contact us today at 817-210-4042 to experience the Texas difference in enterprise software development!

Project Spartan Has Given Rise to Microsoft Edge

May 12, 2015

With the anticipated release of Windows 10 on desktop and mobile, Project Spartan has given way to Microsoft’s next generation of cross-platform compatible web browser, aptly named Microsoft Edge. Microsoft has included new functionalities like Cortana integration for search, new Edge rendering engine, note-taking mode, extension support, and the ability to load the IE11 engine for legacy enterprise

IE11 currently has the majority of web browsing traffic with a 46% market share, and will continue to be the leading browser for use in the enterprise. Microsoft Edge will cater to end-users as a universal app that is updatable through the Windows Store (instead of an OS update), and it will be compatible on smartphones as a default browser, on tablets, on desktop, and possibly on Xbox One. Custom website development will be easier with deployment through Visual Studio and the ability to parse HTML markup. Microsoft Edge also has an “interoperable UA string designed to get today’s modern Web content and to avoid old IE-only content,” to markup web pages using a stylus or Word text entry, and offer an enhanced reading mode that only shows text of an article for improved readability.

Microsoft has also taken the security of the end user into consideration, allowing for Windows ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomization) to be stronger, which protects against exploitation of memory. Because malicious users, “want to inject malicious code into your browser process via a coding bug, and then execute their malicious code. ASLR makes that harder by randomizing the memory layout of the process, making it hard for attackers to hit precise memory locations to achieve their ends.” Previously, Windows browsers had 32-bit ASLR, but with Microsoft Edge, Microsoft will offer 64-bit processes which makes ASLR much more effective because the address space is exponentially larger, making it much more difficult for malicious users to mine sensitive memory components they need.

Microsoft’s goal is to make web application development faster and easier and it is apparent in the porting process that they offer for developers. At Ayoka, we work with enterprise companies that seek custom business applications that drive the performance of their organization. From large enterprises to small business, IT departments can gain from consolidation on a single platform for mail, security administration (e.g. active directory), ERP, CRM, document sharing,etc. Moving up to grab the mobile browser market share, Microsoft Edge will be the first browser of its kind, offering a new immersive web experience that can only get better after its release!

Ayoka Provides Custom Apps for Web and Mobile as Windows 10 Development Expands

May 7, 2015

In an effort to push Microsoft’s Windows 10 accessibility from desktops to mobile devices, Microsoft announced their anticipated new developer tool suite during last week’s Microsoft’s Build 2015 that will enable custom software developers for both mobile and desktop to move or modify applications from Apple devices and Google’s Android devices onto Windows devices with ease.

Windows 10 Application Development

Microsoft’s goal is to make web application development faster and easier and it is apparent in the porting process that will be as simple as right clicking an existing project and selecting the target platform, and with this new tool suite available to software developers, they will be able to easily optimize their existing applications running on Android and iOS. The Windows Store will soon enjoy more native applications that are enjoyed by both enterprises and consumers, increasing accessibility and return on investment. This move, coupled with their offer to upgrade to Windows 10 will help them achieve their goal of running on 1 billion devices by 2018.

To build these cross-platform compatible applications, Microsoft provides its enterprise application development platform for building connected systems based on the popular .NET Framework. Custom software developers will be able to take full advantage of integrated cloud-based services, adaptive UX controls, gesture tracking, voice commands, and more! As a Microsoft Partner, we at Ayoka provide custom software development for web and mobile application development services that are optimized to function across platforms, along with database development and integration services with .NET and other open-source APIs.

We work hard at Ayoka to earn your trust as a local Texas software development company. The best demonstration of our customer service is what you see during in-person, face to face meetings with our employees. Contact us today at 817-210-4042 to experience the Texas difference in enterprise software development!

Windows 10 Software Development on a Billion Devices by 2018

May 5, 2015

During last week’s Microsoft’s Build 2015, Microsoft declared that they intended on expanding the reach and popularity of Windows 10 as a common platform for all computing devices by offering it across all devices. Terry Myerson, executive vice president of operating systems at Microsoft, stated that the company aims to have “Windows 10 on 1 billion devices within two or three years of its release,” if they can pull this off, they will be the first operating system available on 1 billion devices!

Windows 10 - one core operating system for everyone?

Satya Nadella‘s vision for Windows 10 is for it to serve as a common software foundation for PCs, tablets, smartphones, and Xbox, to allow seamless, uninterrupted activities across devices. With this new accessibility venture, Xbox users could easily move between their saved game files and data on their console to their Windows 10 PC while smartphones and their owners’ parent desktops could share information more easily than ever. As a Microsoft Partner, we at Ayoka provide custom software development with web and mobile application services, along with database development and integration services with .NET and other open-source APIs.

We work hard at Ayoka to earn your trust as a local Texas software development company. The best demonstration of our customer service is what transpires during our in-person, face to face meetings. Contact us today at 817-210-4042 to experience the Texas difference in enterprise software development!

Windows Open Source? If so, its Huge for Software Developers

April 7, 2015

Satya Nadella has proven himself to be forward-thinking and generating return on the investments that Microsoft has worked so hard on since he’s taken the position as CEO 16 months ago. His goals are for cloud-first and mobile-first strategies that Ballmer didn’t tread into. Unlike Ballmer, Nadella plans on putting Microsoft’s unique solutions within the reach of as many smartphone users as possible. At ChefConf 2015, Microsoft’s CTO of the Azure cloud platform, Mark Russinovich, expressed that an open-source Windows OS is possible-but what does that mean?!Possibility of Windows Open Source and Software Development Impact

Under Nadella, Microsoft has become internally open-source, which allows all employees to inspect and share each others’ code, in an effort to encourage collaboration, secure code development, and code reuse. He says that at Microsoft, “everyone knows what a developer does and what a product manager does, but those roles need an overhaul.” Microsoft has already released .NET Core as open source in an effort to encourage sharing of documentation, libraries, and bug fixes, which Russinovich endorses since it, “is an enabling technology that really can get people started on other Microsoft solutions.” Since then, Microsoft has expressed plans to release a fully-operational Windows 10 ROM for Android smartphone users to upload and enjoy along with free upgrades to Windows 10 for current Windows OS users on both desktop and mobile. While open sourcing the Windows OS won’t happen today-or even tomorrow, Russinovich explained that “the company is having every conversation that could be imagined about what to do with its software and services,” and while the changes Microsoft has made aren’t felt widely in the regular consumer community-yet, Russinovich knows that Microsoft’s developer and enterprise communities generate and create demand for open-source solutions, “that’s the reality we live in today.”

With an open source Windows OS, developers could tailor the Windows environment to meet the unique needs of clients and consumers-and essentially become a part of the Windows team by enhancing existing features while fixing bugs, maintaining security, and adding needed functionalities. Windows has already created over 1,000 GitHub repositories for their open source software. On the other hand, Windows OS’ existing vulnerabilities need to be addressed and patched prior to going open source in order to protect all of its users from malicious developers who could exploit them. Windows could prioritize a safe, secure, repository for their OS that is similar to their existing internal open source environment to protect against malicious developers who could commit viral code to their software branches.

The time of paid allowance for use of closed-source software seems to be coming to a close, with the ever-popular Google and Android running on mobile devices and Linux powering large data centers. The end result of open source is freedom of choice for everyone and the ability to enjoy powerful, rich applications that can finally take full advantage of the resources on their desktops and mobile devices. Imagine that developers would be able to modify Windows’ OS, enterprises and consumers would be able to utilize the customized versions to serve whatever needs they require. Ayoka is a .NET software development company  that also offers consulting services for a wide range of web, enterprise, and mobile software applications.

Windows 10 ROM for Android Opens Freedom of Choice

March 24, 2015

micromIn an effort to expand their mobile platform, Microsoft will soon release a fully-operational Windows 10 ROM for Android smartphone users to upload and enjoy. They also plan to extend their free Windows 10 upgrade to hundreds of millions of customers that are running Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 for the first year after its release.

Microsoft has partnered up with Xiaomi, one of the top Android smartphone distributors in the world, and offered Xiaomi Mi 4 power users the opportunity to help download and use Windows 10 for phones to contribute to its future release later this year, and there are rumors that the company may also release the software for ZTE’s Nubia 9. Microsoft is moving toward a platform agnostic approach in order to appeal to users across the myriad of available devices-much like how Ayoka provides custom software development services that are vendor neutral, and platform independent.

At Ayoka, platforms for native or web application development are implemented based on our customer’s business interests and goals. Building cross-platform compatible solutions that can run on any Operating System (OS) will ensure that your end users can easily access your company’s application. We examine open source alternatives to lower your cost of ownership while offering scalability to accommodate growth and facilitate emerging technologies.

With Microsoft pushing Windows 10 to smartphones that were once locked down with their uploaded OS will come the tailoring and porting of the new Windows OS to other devices. The end result is freedom of choice by consumers who will benefit from this competition and be able to enjoy powerful, rich applications that can finally take full advantage of the resources on their handheld devices. Ayoka is bringing these and other process-optimizing solutions, working with innovative businesses who wish to take their application to the next level of accessibility and productivity.

Satya Nadella Pushing Microsoft Forward

December 3, 2014

Microsoft’s Satya Nadella has made headlines since he’s taken the position of CEO, succeeding the resigned CEO, Steve Ballmer. He’s forward-thinking and generating return on the investments that Microsoft has worked so hard on, like Office365, the Surface Pro 3, and their new OneDrive storage.

Nadella’s goals are for cloud-first and mobile-first strategies that Ballmer didn’t tread into. Unlike Ballmer, Nadella plans on putting Microsoft’s unique solutions within the reach of as many smartphone users as possible. Their own Surface Pro 3 has been making a comeback as well, and Microsoft’s low-cost smartphones are becoming more favorable in the market. Office365 is being released on both Andriod’s and Apple’s platform, in an effort to bring accessibility back for Microsoft. Android’s even looking forward to its mobile device available for emulator testing on the new Visual Studio 2015 so that developers can properly test for the most popular mobile platform on the market. Microsoft has since teamed up with and Dropbox to bring Office365 and other Microsoft services to the consumers.

Microsoft’s new “freemium” strategy to drive revenue for the company by offering OneDrive storage, Office Online and Windows upgrades, to encourage people to sign up for more, paid storage and buy Office 365 while continuing to purchase new PCs to continue to drive Windows Store revenue.

Are YOU Getting All You Deserve Out of Salesforce?

May 15, 2014
| is the head honcho of cloud computing, offering a slew of services for your company to utilize-but are you using Salesforce to its full power?!

salesforce crm bpm saas

From Software as a Service (SaaS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to their renowned Sales Force and B2B Marketing Automation solutions, they have everything you need to boost sales productivity, manage contacts, communicate and sell as a team-all quantifiable with real-time Business Process Management (BPM) software and the ability to sync with Microsoft Outlook with ease! Since Salesforce’s debut in 1999, they have made great effort to stay up-to-date and relevant for their clients-with their wide array of services, it’s no wonder they were named Forbes’ World’s Most Innovative Company for 2011-2013! SFA and BPM are two areas of experience under Ayoka’s larger umbrella of business process management software development services that allow businesses of all types to integrate automated data management through custom software development solutions.

The people who work at Salesforce also take client pains to heart, making sure their solutions are best-suited for whatever industry you are representing online, we hear they also throw great company parties and were named one of the 100 Best Places to Work For in Fortune Magazine for six consecutive years and counting! If you didn’t know, Ayoka is an official Partner, offering professional services that compliment the #1 Software as a Service CRM solution. So what are you waiting for, Contact Ayoka to learn more about the custom Sales Force Automation Software Development, Enterprise Resource Planning Software Development and Business Process Management Software Development solutions provided by Ayoka. You may contact us using the contact form provided or by calling (817) 210-4042.

Microsoft Finally Drops IE6, so What Browsers are Popular?

April 10, 2014

With cross-platform browsing becoming more and more relevant, Microsoft dropped support for IE6 after usage in the US dropped below 1%. This begs two questions: Who was using IE6 for so long, and what are browsers are being utilized now? Chrome is definitely on the up and up, being utilized by over 40% of users, and IE11 is declining as 2013 ends, which is coincidentally when users started to use Chrome and other browsers more often. Firefox use has been consistent, showing some decline through the end of 2013 and making a comeback in the first quarter of 2014. Safari is showing some growth at the last quarter of 2013 and continues to increase through the first quarter of 2014, although it’s not as significant as the other three browsers. The combined others, illustrated as the dotted line, are barely above the 0% mark, which is still above Opera usage. Opera seems to keep changing the use of its User Agent string, which names the browser the user is in, making it difficult to properly identify what browser is officially being used, slightly skewing the statistical results.


It seems like with the decline of Internet Explorer comes the burgeon of the other browsers: Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Other users are taking the initiative and choosing a browser more fitting to them rather than use the familiar IE. The desktop operating system usually dictates what browsers are utilized by the user. For instance, the Safari browsing application comes on all iOS desktops, laptops, and devices, while Internet Explorer is the default browsing application for Windows Operating System. Internet Explorer is fighting its own previous versions, like IE6-IE8, since a lot of desktop users are set in their (outdated) operating system, such as Windows XP, which ultimately impairs the growth of usage of their newer browsers.

Desktop internet usage is at 76%, bringing Mobile internet usage to account for the other 24%. Mobile internet usage is increasing and with different mobile browsing applications hitting the market as well as devices coming equipped with browsing applications themselves, the game will be changed for classic internet browsers altogether.


Microsoft EF Goes Open Source

September 18, 2012

Microsoft logoRecently Microsoft released the source code for the Entity Framework under an open source license. Now the whole ASP.NET MVC Stack including Web API, Razor is open source. They are open source projects but they are also supported by Microsoft and released Microsoft products suitable for use in any organization.

Visual Studio 2012 introduces much simpler API for async programming that leverages asynchronous support in the .NET framework 4.5. Asynchrony is essential for the activities that are potential blocking such as when your application accesses the web. Access to the web resource gets delayed and if such activity is blocked within a synchronous process the entire application must wait. In Asynchronous process, the application can continue further that doesn’t depend on the resource until the potentially blocking task finishes. Entity Framework 6 will support the new task-based asynchronous pattern when querying and saving data. This will greatly enhance the performance of the overall application having database connectivity (Not sure if NHibernate has road map to support this new feature in .net 4.5, any information on this is welcome!). Any ORM layer which is another layer of abstraction will introduce the overhead to the data access. With the introduction of EF 5.0, these overheads are reduced and are more focused on performance. Based on the benchmark test result, repeat execution time of the same LINQ query has be reduced by around 6 times and overall end-to-end application was found to be 67% faster. Some of the new features in EF 5.0 are Enum support, Spatial data types, performance enhancements, Data migration support, etc…

Entity framework is much more younger than its counterpart NHibernate. Nhibernate is another open source ORM (derived from Java Hibernate) having more features than Entity Framework. Nhibernate is also much harder to learn and to be productive in a short amount of time (higher learning curve). When it comes to integration with Microsoft technologies, it will come as no surprise that Entity Framework offers the best support (e.g. ASP.NET through Entity Data Source, ASP.NET Dynamic Data Services, WCF RIA Services etc.). Another point where EF is superior and where NHibernate lacks is up-to-date API reference and resources on MSDN. Both of them accomplish the same goal, which is mapping database objects to domain objects, but in different ways. Now that the EF has been made open source, more developers and their community will be working on it making it more robust, more efficient and more stable than ever.


February 6, 2009

Foxconn – largest contract manufacturer in the world, for electronics ranging from Apple iPhone to HP Printers.

Ayoka was involved in the launch of the Apple iPhone. Ayoka developed a custom Java application (Spring, Hibernate, Oracle) to process repair service orders sent via EDI messages and queued them up for work on the manufacturing shopfloor. Each iPhone repair order originated from Apple’s SAP system (Web Dispatcher). Once phones were received, Ayoka’s software notified Apple’s SAP system and Ayoka’s software updated status as the phones progressed through different stations at the shopfloor. In addition to user input, this application integrated with equipment (e.g. laser etchers, Agilent test gear, ZPrinter, etc.) to track and display status. Once the phones were repaired and tested, Ayoka’s software integrated with FedEx to determine shipping charges and generate labels, then Ayoka’s software updated Apple’s SAP system with the tracking number. Based on the repair operations performed on the shopfloor (services and parts repaired or replaced), the software generated XML claims files to Apple for Foxconn to calculate receivables.

“Offering such a wide range of custom applications is rare…[Ayoka’s Services are] hard to find,” “Those are truly custom applications, and there are only a few companies out there that do that. You have to really look to find them. Many companies will simply try to develop the capability in-house. The need has been around for years — there just hasn’t been anyone doing it.”
-Joe Crosswell, manager for the technology solutions group at the Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center in Arlington, TX (quoted from article “Made to Order” by Margaret Allen, Staff writer, Dallas Business Journal)

January 29, 2009

Patients Know Best (PKB) is a network for patient health record (PHR) practitioners.  PKB wanted a web-based application that will allow individuals to retrieve knowledge about their patient records through the integration of their PHR results and a wiki managed and maintained by PKB. Ayoka developed this application using Ruby on Rails with a MySQL database.

“It was a pleasure to work with the Ayoka team on my Patient Medical Records web application. They were responsive, the design was great, they stuck to my budget, and an independent code audit I did later showed they created high-quality code. I highly recommend Ayoka.”
– Mohammad Al-Ubaydli, Founder,

Geolingua – “The World Language Channel”

January 26, 2009

Geolingua provides its customers with a unique language learning environment that includes access to a wide range of foreign language media on demand for use in strengthening foreign language skills. Ayoka designed and developed a Ruby on Rails applications, using a MySQL database and FLV Player, that allows users to develop their speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills with the click of a mouse.

“I couldn’t have chosen a better technical partner than Ayoka for this project. You [Ayoka] and your team listened closely to my ideas, provided valuable suggestions, analyzed in depth the most effective and efficient ways to accomplish them, then executed. I am very pleased with the result.”
– Eric Lambert, President of Geolingua

MMI and InTouch™

January 26, 2009

MMI Internetworking is a division of MMI Incorporated, a highly successful private label wholesale brokerage firm. MMI-Internetworking developed the InTouch™ software to facilitate the interaction of local governments and agencies with the people they serve, bringing services to citizens and efficiency to municipalities.

Software development technologies include Java, Jakarta / Apache Struts, Spring, Hibernate, Groovy on Grails, Oracle, MS SQL Server, and MySQL. Ayoka has enjoyed a multi-year relationship with MMI-Internetworking to deliver a number of projects, ranging from ERP data exchange to e-government products, including a CRM (customer relationship management) package, Code Enforcement application, and Work Order management application.

Agile development methods were used to promote collaboration and rapid software development for project participants, including folks in marketing, customer support staff, and select users from City governments.  Ayoka provides ongoing support for MMI and its customers.

“We originally planned to use them for heavy coding and testing. Now we’re using them on an ongoing basis. They design and develop all our new products and new features for our products.”
– Paul Nichols, Vice-President MMI Internetworking