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Benefits of Mobile Application Custom Software Development

July 15, 2020

At Ayoka Systems, we offer custom software solutions for businesses across a wide range of industries. From healthcare to manufacturing, we do it all. In the past decade, mobile apps have grown exponentially. More and more businesses are taking advantage of how mobile apps make processes more efficient and effective. At Ayoka Systems, our number-one goal is to help you deliver the highest level of customer service through customized software experiences. We provide you much more than an out-of-the-box mobile application. We truly cater mobile apps to the specific needs of your business. Read on to learn more about mobile application development and the benefits of apps in several different industries.

iOS, Windows, and Android Apps

One of our first steps in developing a custom software mobile app for your business is sitting down with employees and discussing what is needed from the app. The first order of business is determining whether the app will run on iOS, Windows, or Android. This largely depends on the devices the company is already using, as it is costly to buy all new devices.

When it comes to mobile apps, iOS has a large influence on the app world. At Ayoka, we can create native iOS applications for your business. This is much more efficient than a web application, as it allows the app to run in tandem with the device. Did you know that industry leaders have reported saving an average of 42 minutes per employee each day by using applications?

Windows is another platform that supports custom apps. Between the Windows phone and the Surface tablet, there are several options when it comes to devices that support Windows. As we develop your custom mobile app, we can also integrate the app with your existing Windows products like SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, and Exchange Server.

Last but not least, we can develop custom mobile apps for Android devices. The business world is currently utilizing Android as an Apple alternative. We can create apps for Android that help your business with things like task and personnel management.

Overall, custom mobile apps can save you time and money and cut the need for excess labor costs. You let us know what you want your mobile app to do, and we will make it happen!

Custom Software in Healthcare with Mobile Apps

When it comes to healthcare, mobile apps provide medical practices and hospitals with a lot of benefits. First, mobile apps can be helpful to practitioners. It gives doctors and nurses an easy way to access things like images, medical histories, billing information, and more. Everything is done at the touch of a finger. You no longer have to drag heavy laptops into the room when you see your patients. Use a mobile device instead! Your patients will appreciate how quickly you pull up all their information in one spot. Gone are the days where you have to sift through a paper file to gain more information about a patient!

Mobile apps can also be used to help patients live a healthy lifestyle. We can help your business provide patients with apps that track fitness, provide medical references, monitor prescriptions, and more. These apps help your patients stay healthy and keep track of their medications and next appointments. Your patients will love having access to these apps from their own devices.

Anything related to patients in the medical world needs to be extremely secure. HIPAA and the FDA have rules about making sure patient confidentiality is maintained through mobile applications. At Ayoka Systems, we create apps that are secure and comply with federal regulations in regard to patient confidentiality. Our process begins with meeting with healthcare providers to figure out what is needed from the mobile app. Once we have a clear goal and objective, development begins!

Manufacturing Apps

Mobile applications are extremely useful in the manufacturing world. When used correctly, they can improve productivity and increase revenues while streamlining operations and decreasing production costs. In addition, they can enhance relationships with customers, dealers, and wholesalers. Overall, mobile apps can greatly improve supply chain management. Here are some ways the manufacturing industry is currently using mobile apps to improve their processes:

  • CRM used by sales teams
  • Access to critical information without being anchored to workstations
  • Resolve problems on the shop floor
  • Locate inventory
  • Update important information in real time and on-location

Data shows that 7 out of 10 manufacturers are looking to use mobile and wireless solutions to help streamline operations. At Ayoka Systems, we are ready to help your business save time and money and improve processes through a custom mobile app.

Industrial Apps

We have also developed apps for industrial businesses such as oil, gas, farming, and factory equipment manufacturers. As machinery becomes more automated, it is necessary to keep the software current. Mobile devices will give your industrial business immediate access to controlling these machines, whether you are 5 feet away or 500 miles away. Our apps help increase productivity by improving daily processes like organizing work orders, keeping track of the inventory database, and controlling shipping. All of this can be done from one single app. No longer do you have to worry about having different apps and websites for inventory, shipping, work orders, barcode scanning, and more. With a custom software mobile app, everything you do will all be located in one place. The mobile app can also decrease the chance of data loss.

Custom Software and Mobile Applications  Are the Way to Go!

At Ayoka Systems, we believe custom software is the answer to increasing revenue and decreasing costs while improving customer service. A mobile app is a flexible way to control many day-to-day processes from a lightweight handheld device. Whether you are a doctor or a factory worker, mobile apps are helpful across all industries. At Ayoka Systems, we specialize in creating custom mobile applications that are unique to your company’s needs. We can work with iOS, Windows, and Android, and we can integrate the app with your pre-existing systems. For more information on the benefits of mobile apps and the development process, contact Ayoka Systems today.

7 Types of Enterprise Architecture and Technology Custom Software Development Services We Provide

June 23, 2020

At Ayoka Systems, we provide companies with custom software development services including enterprise architecture and technology services.

At Ayoka Systems, we provide custom software development services to businesses across a wide range of industries. From healthcare to finance, we have created custom solutions that help companies optimize their workflow and save costs. Our custom software solutions are scalable and can specifically integrate into your business, something that an off-the-shelf software would not be able to do as seamlessly. At Ayoka, we believe in working with your business as a team to learn about your software wants and needs. We focus on frequent communication to get your dream software developed efficiently. Here are 7 types of enterprise architecture and technology services we provide.

.NET Development Company

.NET is a unified platform made by Microsoft that we provide at Ayoka Systems. The .NET 5 will be released in November 2020. This system targets Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, tvOS, watchOS, and WebAssembly. This is a single platform where all .NET code can be used. The platform brings a single code base with a consistent look and fee. JAVA and Swift will be available on the platforms. .NET is a great place to start for developers because it is a single platform and starting point for any type of coding. Developers will also have more choices when it comes to runtime experiences. At Ayoka, we are very experienced with .NET and know that it will help increase productivity, strengthen communication, and provide strong reporting for your business.

Java Custom Software Development Services Company

Java software solutions are beneficial for many types of companies. Java works across platforms and is widely used across a variety of industries. Java can be used for businesses of all sizes. Java can do things like API integration, customer relationship management, data analysis, and more. Java is so customizable that businesses can truly have their software needs met.

Vue Consultant

At Ayoka Systems, we are a Texas Vue consultant. Vue.js is an MIT open-source JavaScript framework that is used to build interfaces. It can also be used for desktop and mobile application development. Vue.js is perfect for things like single-page apps as it focuses on the view layer. One benefit of Vue is that it has faster load times and good overall performance. Vue is mostly used for working on user interfaces through HTML, CSS, and JS. Vue is typically used in smaller companies, although a larger company could also use Vue for one of their smaller projects.

PLC Integration

PLC software integration is common with our industrial customers. This allows things like automated control systems and near real-time transaction data. PLC provides manufacturers with cost-efficient automation and machine control software. PLC systems are sturdy! They are designed to withstand dust, moisture, heat, and cold. At Ayoka, we design software that can help industrial businesses with remote equipment monitoring, machine controls, temperature monitoring, motion control, data acquisition, and more. Features like remote equipment monitoring, automation of factory machine controls, and controlling the temperature can end up saving factories thousands of dollars.

MongoDB Database Custom Software Development

MongoDB solutions can be standalone applications or integrated with traditional relational databases. This database can be used across many industries. A pharmaceutical company could use it for drug interaction applications, while a utility company could use it to connect with smart meters to analyze usage. MongoDB allows for simplified app development. It makes the development process faster and less complex. Data is saved as BSON, providing efficient serialization format. Another benefit of the MongoDB technology is that it is NoSQL (Not Only SQL). This means the databases are minimally structured and can be scaled to hold large amounts of data. MongoDB also has a flexible data structure, enabling it to easily index and query data.

AI Custom Software Development Services

Another area of custom software development services we offer is in the world of AI. AI software has been used frequently in the realm of healthcare and medical research. At Ayoka, we have helped develop an AI solution for behavioral health analysis for patients who suffer from disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, Alzheimer’s, and more. This helps doctors move away from recording behavioral changes manually to using the AI software to analyze the changes for them. The software is very consistent and accurate and provides data beyond what humans can uncover. Our AI software runs on the cloud, meaning our clients don’t have to buy special hardware. AI is also the perfect solution for those doing research studies. The software allows users to perform automated multivariate testing and then provide extensive data.

AWS Migration

AWS (Amazon Web Services) migration is a way of moving data and workloads to the cloud. This helps companies save on IT costs while improving their efficiency, productivity, and flexibility of operations. At Ayoka, we are here to help you migrate your workload to AWS. Migrating to AWS is a great solution for businesses across a variety of industries. Businesses will benefit from the secure cloud that allows for better flexibility and efficiency when it comes to day-to-day operations and higher-level business agility.

At Ayoka Systems, we know that custom software development services are the way to go, as opposed to off-the-shelf options. Your business needs software that can be catered specifically to your needs and is scalable based on your size. Instead of forcing an off-the-shelf software to integrate into your systems, hire a software development company, like Ayoka Systems, to develop a custom solution. At Ayoka, we have years of experience helping customers across a wide range of industries, including retail, transportation, healthcare, financial services, e-government, and manufacturing. We provide many different enterprise architecture and technology services, including .NET development, Java, Vue, PLC integration, MongoDB, AI, and AWS migration. For more information about our custom software development process and how it can help your business, contact Ayoka Systems today.

Custom Software Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

June 9, 2020
Custom software is beneficial for healthcare providers as it makes them more efficient and effective and better able to care for patients.

Photo by Arseny Togulev on Unsplash

When it comes to software, apps, and web development, custom is the way to go. In the healthcare industry, it is important that systems are secure, efficient, and aim to help give patients the best care possible. A custom software solution gives doctors’ offices, hospitals, and other medical care facilities the ability to perform processes that are specific to their needs. At Ayoka Systems, we have worked on many projects in the healthcare industry. Read on to learn about some of the services we can provide to help your processes become more customized and more efficient.

Custom Software Development

Did you know that it is estimated to cost twice as much to store paper medical records versus storing them electronically? Many medical providers are still stuck in the past and using paper records. At Ayoka Systems, we develop software for medical providers so that patient medical records can be stored electronically. In addition, we provide software to help in the following areas:

  • Practice management
  • Billing
  • Payroll
  • Human resources automation

When it comes to the healthcare industry, privacy and security are vital since records contain personal health information. At Ayoka, we are very familiar with HIPAA standards and how they relate to custom software.

Medical App Development

App-based technology is helpful for both medical providers and patients. The apps can be web- or mobile-based, depending on your needs. One current development that many medical providers are taking advantage of is telemedicine. During the global pandemic, many patients are hesitant to go see their doctors as they normally would for fear of contracting the virus. Telemedicine apps allow doctors and patients to meet virtually in a secure way. Telemedicine is here to stay! Many providers are interested in keeping telemedicine options even when the pandemic is over.

Another way apps can be used in the medical office is to make clinical decisions. Custom apps can help doctors make care decisions based on symptoms. Apps can also be used to collect and analyze many different types of data. In addition, apps can be very useful for patients. Education and self-care apps help patients learn about what they can do at home to stay healthy. This app could be an exercise tracker, or one that gives daily health tips on topics like sleep and nutrition. Your patients will appreciate having access to these resources from their own devices at home. Apps are also helpful when it comes to appointment scheduling. At the end of the appointment, providers quickly schedule a follow-up through the app, reducing the work that the receptionists will need to do. At Ayoka Systems, we want to hear how an app could help your practice. Share with us your ideas and we will help them become a reality.

Accountable Care Solutions

When it comes to medical care, the fee-for-service model does not encourage providers to reduce overall spending. On the other hand, if providers are penalized for recommending costly services to patients, then the healthcare of patients could suffer. The goal of Accountable Care Solutions (ACOs) is to help patients get the best health outcome per dollar spent. The ACO software helps providers reduce quality errors, improves their guidance for differential diagnoses, and creates an overall operational improvement. Here are some things ACO software can do:

  • Manage prescriptions and administration of medications more effectively
  • Discourage providers from giving tests that will have no effect on treatment regardless of findings
  • More streamlined workflow
  • Better utilizes resources

Cognitive Health Custom Software Development

photo by CDC on Unsplash

Cognitive testing is very important in the senior population. It helps providers understand if a patient has a disease like Alzheimer’s, dementia, or other forms of memory loss. There is a lack of standardized control when it comes to cognitive testing. At Ayoka, we create software and apps that help providers deliver tests and record results. The process is quick, easy, standardized, and enables providers to easily analyze data. Perhaps the best benefit of all is that it can help with early detection of memory issues in patients.

Healthcare Web Development

In the healthcare industry, it is essential to take a step beyond simply having electronic patient records at the office. Having a strong web-based system gives providers the opportunity to provide real-time communication, patient online resources, insurance/billing management, patient surveys, health apps, healthcare staff training modules, and more! At Ayoka Systems, we make sure that when it comes to healthcare web development, our solutions are flexible and curated to your needs. As with other aspects of your practice, we also ensure that any of your web-based programs are HIPAA-compliant.

Electronic Medical Claims

When medical providers file electronic claims, they must be in compliance with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) 837 Standard. This ensures that medical providers are staying compliant with HIPAA rules and regulations. At Ayoka Systems, we understand how this system must comply with HIPAA. We also know that HIPAA standards change over time, so the software must be adaptable. We develop a smart client solution for EDI processing. The system is beneficial for medical providers because it is extremely customizable. The systems also have offline capability, so that it will still work even if the network connection is down. The web-based electronic medical records can be supported across various platforms and have data encryption to ensure privacy.

As a medical provider, it is time to consider custom software. At Ayoka Systems, we have a lot of experience customizing software for the healthcare industry. We can help your practice implement things like apps, web-based programs, accountable care solutions, cognitive testing software, and more. Our goal is to make providers more efficient and effective, because in the long run this will keep patients happier and healthier. For more information about the healthcare services we provide, contact us today.


Is Custom Software Development a Part of Your Business Plan?

May 26, 2020


Is custom software development a part of your business plan? The answer should always be “yes!” Custom software is a way that your company can use technology to improve efficiency and drive revenue. This software provides benefits well beyond an out-of-the-box solution. At Ayoka Systems, we have helped many different clients in many different industries by creating custom software that fits the needs and goals of their businesses. Read on to learn more about the benefits of custom software and begin to think about how it can help your business.

Drives Revenue

First and foremost, custom software drives revenue. Custom software is specifically catered to your business. It can be developed so that it does exactly what you need it to do, when you need to get it done. For example, at Ayoka Systems, we were able to help a restaurant to gain more orders and increase their revenue through a custom software solution. Through the software, customers were able to take orders through the mobile app and then suggest potential upsells or offer on-the-spot deals. This increased the number of ticket orders placed by their customers. Whatever industry you are in, there is a way for custom software to positively affect your bottom line.

Increases Efficiency

In addition to driving revenue, custom software also increases the efficiency of your daily processes. With software, things become much more automated. In the example above of the restaurant taking orders over their mobile app, this is much more efficient that customers placing orders over the phone. The efficient process allows employees to be allocated to other pressing tasks. As you work on your business plan, think about processes that are currently being done by hand. How could these be automated? Would automation save you time and money? Discuss your thoughts with Ayoka Systems. We are willing to talk through your ideas and think of custom solutions to improve the efficiency of your day-to-day tasks.

Custom Software Development Designed to Fit Your Business

Custom software development is beneficial to any business! It will help increase efficiency and drive revenues in a way that is specific to your business.

Photo by You X Ventures on Unsplash

Another benefit of investing in custom software is that it is designed to fit your business needs. Out-of-the-box software solutions can work, but in general they will not fully fit the needs of your business. For example, they may be designed for larger businesses and you could be a start-up with only two employees. Business owners often spend a lot of time and effort trying to figure out how to make this type of software work. Instead, invest in custom software so that everything is designed to fit your business.

At Ayoka Systems, we have worked with businesses in many different industries from healthcare to retail and everything in between! We are familiar with the needs of various businesses in these industries, so we want to hear from you about your custom needs! Don’t be afraid to reach for the stars! This software is designed to make you money in the long run. Remember, this software is truly built from the ground up. Whatever you need to happen, we can make it work.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Another issue when getting an out-of-the-box software solution for your company is that sometimes it is difficult to connect that software with your already-existing platforms and programs. For example, maybe you want your point of sales software system to easily connect to your QuickBooks for accounting purposes. Without custom software, connections like this might not be possible. Discuss with Ayoka Systems any preexisting software systems you have that will need to be integrated with your new custom software. We can make the integration happen, which will further reduce manual processes and increase efficiency.

Next Steps for Custom Software Development

If you think all of this sounds great and are ready to jump in, here are the next steps. First, contact Ayoka Systems with your ideas, custom software timeline, and budget. We will set up a time to come talk to your team about your software needs. We will propose a programming strategy based on what we discuss. Next, we develop a Detailed Design Document™ (DDD™) that fully explains how this new custom software will help you meet your business goals. We will also provide you with an estimate of how long the development will take and when it will be ready to test out and then use.

Once the software is fully developed and live, our relationship does not end! We are here to provide support and make any additional tweaks to get your software just right. An added benefit of working with us is that our software is 100% made in the USA. If you call us for support, you will never find an outsourced overseas employee on the other end of the phone. Providing you with the best service possible is our number-one goal. Our custom software comes at an affordable price. It is well worth the investment given the chance for increased revenue in the long run.

The Best Time for Custom Software Development is Now!

At Ayoka Systems, we believe that custom software development is a needed solution for your business. Custom software is built from the ground up to directly reflect the needs and goals of your business. Overall, it greatly improves efficiency and drives revenue. No matter what industry your business is in, you will find much more success with custom software than you will trying to buy something premade. At Ayoka Systems, our team works with your team to create solutions. Our many years of experience give us perspective on what is important when it comes to custom software. We share with clients what works and what doesn’t work with custom software. With your input and ideas, we will work efficiently to produce your software.

The best time to implement a custom software solution is now! Don’t wait another day! Put yourself on the path to greater efficiency and higher revenues. Contact Ayoka Systems for more information regarding custom software development and how it can help your business.

Custom Software: What New Managers Need to Know

May 12, 2020
Switching to custom software is a big decision but one that will pay off in the long run. Read on to learn what managers should know about the switch.

photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Switching to custom software is a great business decision. It will help make your business overall much more effective and efficient. Working with off-the-shelf software can be frustrating. Often it does not fit exactly with your company’s needs. This is where custom software comes into play. It is built from the ground up. The software is designed to fit your company’s mission, vision, and overall goals. If you are a new manager seeking change by transitioning to custom software, there are some things you need to know. Read on to learn more about switching to a custom software platform.


The first thing managers should consider when switching to custom software is the budget. At Ayoka Systems, we are focused on creating custom software for your business that is within your budget. Keep in mind, custom software is generally a greater investment than off-the-shelf software. Despite the initial higher investment, many businesses that use custom software see a reduction in costs and a high return on investment. Discuss your budget with Ayoka, and we will help you find a solution that is cost-effective for you.

Industry-Specific Custom Software

The most important thing to know about custom software from Ayoka Systems is that it is industry-specific. We have clients across all sorts of industries, including retail, manufacturing, healthcare, financial, e-government, and transportation. This allows us to understand what types of software are needed based on the day-to-day processes and operations specific to each industry. We want to work with you to figure out what you need from the software. Since the software is built from the ground up, we can focus on what works and is needed in your specific industry.

Improves Processes

Another thing for managers to be aware of is that custom software will greatly improve operations. While this is a good thing, it will require the manager to think about how things will change with the new processes. Employees will be able to do tasks a lot faster, meaning they will have free time to work on other tasks. The custom software route may cause managers to reallocate work differently. It can also allow managers to assign staff to different roles. Processes such as customer orders or returns can now be customized exactly to your liking instead of trying to modify an off-the-shelf system. In addition, the software can produce reports in a timely manner. Instead of an employee having to pull together data by piecemeal, the software can produce reports with the exact information you need – instantly.

Realistic Completion Time

Another issue that management needs to be aware of is the realistic completion time of switching to custom software. Managers should understand that changes made along the way could delay the timeline. In addition, it is essential that the software is not rolled out too soon. It needs to be thoroughly tested. All bugs need to be addressed before it goes live. There is a fine line between releasing it too early and waiting too long. At Ayoka Systems, we help you to find that balance so you can roll your software out at the perfect time.

Employee Training

As with any new system or cultural change, employee training will be necessary. Managers should set aside time dedicated to training employees on the new software. All employees interacting with the software should attend the training sessions. In addition, employees should understand their specific responsibilities when interacting with the software. The better they are trained, the easier the rollout of the new software will be.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Managers also need to consider cross-platform compatibility when implementing new software. This has to do with how the new software will integrate and communicate with preexisting software. Before the software design process begins, share any cross-platform compatibility needs with Ayoka Systems. This will be very helpful to know as we design the software to work effectively in your business.

Custom Software Mobile Use

Photo by Adeolu Eletu on Unsplash

In today’s digital age, many companies are using mobile devices. Mobile devices help the company run more smoothly. Mobile devices include phones and tablets, so the software should work on these devices. Before the software development phase begins, have a discussion with Ayoka about what types of software you need for mobile devices.

Relationship with A Custom Software Development Firm

Using custom software for your business can come with a lot of questions. Ayoka understands that implementing new software is a process. We want managers to rest assured that our team is here to help. Even after delivery, we are available to make changes, provide support, and continuously develop the software. We are more than happy to help support you every step of the way.

Switching to custom software is a big step for a company to take. Not only will it change the culture of your business, but it will also make processes much more effective and efficient. As a manager, there are some important things to think about during this transition to custom software.

Managers need to set a budget for the software development process. They should also brainstorm what they want the software to do. In addition, managers should understand how long software development will take and create a staff training plan based on that timeline. It is also important to think about potential cross-platform integration needs. Also, consider whether or not you need the software to work on mobile devices. Last but not least, Ayoka Systems wants managers to know that we are here to support them in this custom software journey every step of the way. From planning to development to implementation and beyond, we want to help create high-quality software by providing top-notch support. For more information about our custom software services, contact Ayoka Systems today.



Mobile Application Development: 4 Recent Trends You Should Know

March 31, 2020

Mobile application development is a hot topic in today's digital world. These apps can help remote worker be more effective.

Companies with control systems and large equipment often spend a lot of time and money monitoring their assets. Frequently, these pieces of equipment and systems are located in remote places. This means employees have to be flown in when issues arise. With the rise of mobile application development, this may no longer be an issue. Save time and money by investing in a mobile app. This will help you monitor your company’s assets. Here are four recent trends in the mobile app world.

Monitor Assets

Monitoring large industrial assets can be difficult since they are generally located in remote areas. Also, they are frequently watched over by employees who don’t necessarily understand all the ins and outs of keeping the equipment running properly. Engineers and other employees often have to travel to make repairs or fix issues. With a mobile app, all of this can change. Employees who live and work far away can now monitor their equipment via a mobile app. In addition, these apps are extremely easy to use and are in real time. This allows workers to monitor the various operations of the assets from afar.

Integration of AI and Mobile Device

The recent integration of AI and mobile apps has made it easier for employees to work together on troubleshooting issues with assets without having to be in the same place. Technology, like video annotation, has proved to help fix issues. This allows everyone to see what is going on in real time on their screen, as opposed to just hearing about it over the phone.

In-App Notifications

Another benefit of a mobile app is that it can have in-app notifications to direct employees to high-priority actions. This is an easy way for a manager to organize their employees and for employees to know exactly what they should be working on.

Perfect for Remote Workers

Last but not least, mobile applications are extremely helpful for remote workers. In today’s world, more employees than ever are working from home. Apps allow them to stay connected with their coworkers and with the business. In addition, apps provide workers with access to asset monitoring from the comfort of their own home.

Mobile application development is always expanding and creating new features to help people. In recent news, mobile apps are being used to help remote workers monitor assets through the use of their mobile devices and AI technology. For more information about mobile applications and how they can help your business, contact us today.

What Does the CBD Boom Mean for Custom Software?

December 23, 2019
custom software
Image by Julia Teichmann from Pixabay

CBD products are everywhere. From specialized shops on every corner to pharmacies and even grocery stores, you can find CBD products on virtually every block. Those products are selling well, too. There’s a reason why these businesses are cropping up everywhere. Why the sales explosion? CBD only recently became legal across the US. Between the novelty of the products and the perceived health benefits, people want to buy it for themselves. Plus, CBD is versatile. You can find it in everything from tinctures to bath bombs. As you can imagine, this CBD boom has had a big impact on custom software. 

Agriculture Software 

Of course, agriculture has seen some of the biggest impact. The agriculture industry is seeking custom software options to keep up with the demand for CBD. CBD growers need software that can keep up with the recent market boom, and custom software is often the only option that can effectively do that. With customization comes scalability, and with the CBD market continuing to grow, scalability is essential. 

Intelligence and Analytics 

Next, the CBD boom has made a huge impact on business intelligence and analytics. From the analytical side of things, CBD is fascinating. There are lots of factors involved. Marketers, investors, and business owners want to know how they can make the best decisions about CBD. Custom software provides the best business intelligence and reporting for that purpose. As a matter of fact, customization is the best choice for keeping up with all of the new information. 

Semi-Custom Options 

The CBD market has opened up several opportunities for semi-custom choices. Some business owners want to keep their current software, but they also want to add CBD to their product list. They need a way to adapt their software to their growing product line. That’s where semi-custom software comes in. With the semi-custom option, business owners don’t have to wait as long for their new software to be deployed, and they don’t have to replace the entire system. Instead, they can add just the right amount of customization. 

Custom Software 

Do you need custom software options to adapt to the CBD boom? No matter your software needs, Ayoka Systems can help. We’ll get to know you and your software needs, and then we’ll work with you to create the perfect solution for your business. Get in touch with the Ayoka team now. Let’s have a consultation about your software project.

Why Agriculture Software Matters Now More Than Ever

October 28, 2019
custom agriculture software
Photo by Roman Synkevych on Unsplash

Agriculture is the backbone of the US economy. Most of today’s products wouldn’t exist without agriculture. That’s why it’s important for the agriculture industry to have excellent custom agriculture software, especially in this day and age. Why custom software, though? Won’t any software work as long as it gets the job done? Not exactly. Custom software can help you manage your farm more wisely and efficiently. As a matter of fact, it turns out that custom farming software is more important now than it ever was before. Here’s why more and more farmers are turning to custom software for their management needs. 

Data Gets More Important Every Year 

Each year, farming data becomes more important. The farming industry has created all kinds of new technology. For example, the internet of things has transformed the industry in a short period of time. New clients have emerged thanks to new products and inventions, and scientists have done new studies on the benefits of agriculture. With so many changes in this industry, farmers need accurate and reliable databases to keep track of all of their information. In this case, a custom database will get the job done. Custom databases provide the flexibility that farmers need as things change. Farmers can get the data that they need in real time. Standardized databases, on the other hand, tend to stagnate. When you settle for standardization, your software is only as good as the current technology. 

Monitoring and Reporting 

Speaking of databases, custom agriculture software promotes better monitoring and reporting. With the right software, farmers can have sensors for soil and crop production. They can also monitor the weather in real time and learn how different conditions affect their crops. What about labor? Farm managers can monitor that, too. With a custom database, farmers get accurate information and accurate reporting whenever they need it. Farmers can meet with their software teams. Then, their teams can create specific software for their crops and location. Farming is a personalized business. Your software should reflect your personalized needs. 


We’ve discussed software protection a lot lately. Basically, custom software provides more safety from hackers than standard software. Standard software is easier for hackers to learn. Once they break into one type of software, it’s easy for them to break into similar systems. On the other hand, when your software is one of a kind, hackers don’t have a template for breaking in. Furthermore, your custom agriculture software team can build specific security measures so that you don’t have to worry. 

This protection matters especially for agriculture. As we said above, farmers provide an important service to the US economy. First of all, if agriculture fell apart, America would feel the consequences right away. If farmers don’t get the right protection, all of the US could suffer. Second, agriculture covers a lot of land. When your job and your software are so far-reaching, you need to make sure that you protect every part of it. Custom agriculture software will help. 

Better Livestock Management 

Livestock management is tricky. Farmers must keep up with herd health, product production, breeding, location, and so much more. With all of these factors, why should you manage your herd in the way that someone else says you have to? With custom agriculture software, you can manage your herds in any way that you’d like. Use whatever system works best for you. You can talk to your software developers about your management needs. Tailor your system based on the size of your herd and the type of animals you breed. Use as many or as few custom features as you want to use. 

Better Sales Management 

With custom agriculture software, you can tailor your sales management. Sales software has changed over the years. The way that people shop has evolved. 

For that matter, even the products that you can sell as a farmer have changed. For example, some farmers who sold medicinal cannabis have branched out into recreational sales. Furthermore, the recent legalization of CBD products has also shaped the farming world. The hemp plant and similar plants are now in high demand. Farmers who sell these products need a way to keep up with their booming product sales. You can keep up with all of the latest trends and changes by using custom agriculture software. Custom software will give you the scalability that you need as the market evolves. 

Custom Agriculture Software 

Are you ready to see the difference of custom agriculture software? Ayoka Systems can create the perfect software for your needs. At Ayoka, we know that your work is complicated. You deal with many factors every day. We’ll take the time to get to know your business so that you get the best software. Want to start with your free consultation? Contact the Ayoka team today for Agriculture Software Development

Should You Replace Your Third Party Software With Customization?

October 21, 2019
custom software development
Photo by Helloquence on Unsplash

Your third party software has worked well in the past. Now, though, you’re thinking about custom software development. It’s a big decision. Business owners put a lot of thought into whether or not they need customization. How do you make sure that you’re making the right decisions? Look for the signs that we’ve listed below. If you’ve noticed any of these signs in your business, then custom software can help you take your company to the next level.

You’re Ready to Replace Your Old Software With Custom Software Development

Some business owners look for custom software options when they realize that they’ve outgrown their old software. Your current software may not provide for your current needs. Why choose custom software development instead of choosing another off-the-shelf option? Because your business is growing. If you buy pre-packaged software, you’ll eventually outgrow that one, too. However, if you choose customization, you can have the scalability that you need.

Your Industry Has New Resources or Technology

Sometimes you need new software because your company has grown. Sometimes you need new software because your entire industry has grown. Some industries add new technology and resources at a rapid pace, and you want to make sure that you can keep up. After all, what customer wants to use an outdated service when there are more current ones available? Custom software lets you make the most of the latest technologies, and with the scalability possibilities, you can stay up to date consistently.

You’re Not Getting What You Need From Your Data

Is it time for a new database? Has your database slowed down recently? Is your company avoiding data entry because your current system is too complicated or frustrating? Custom software can help. The great thing about custom software development is that it always starts with the client’s needs. You can sit down with your engineer team and explain exactly what you need from your database software. Your team can then build your software according to those needs. This way, you can finally stop dealing with database frustration.

Your Information Is Scattered

Is your software leaving your company disorganized? Do you always have to track down the right spreadsheet? Have you had to cobble together a bunch of solutions into your current system? Then you need synchronization, and custom software development can provide just that. Your software team can synthesize your information, which will help you save time.

You’re Losing Client Satisfaction

Client satisfaction is everything. If your business starts losing its reputation, your bottom line suffers. What causes client dissatisfaction? Often, it stems from slow speeds and poor processes, both of which can be boiled down to software problems. Another off-the-shelf software product may temporarily relieve this problem, but after several years, you’ll probably face the same issues again. Custom software development can help you renew your relationship with your customers and keep those customers happy.

You Need a Marketing and Sales Expansion

Have your marketing and sales needs grown over the past few years? If so, your current software may not be able to keep up with those needs. Custom software can help your marketing efforts soar. Your software team can build a software that will meet your unique and specific needs. Custom software development will help you reach new clients and foster a great relationship with your current ones.

You’re Acquiring or Merging With Another Business

Mergers and acquisitions provide you with a great opportunity for custom software development. When you acquire or merge with another business, you’re essentially creating something brand new. Your software and the other company’s software aren’t going to be enough. Since you’re already customizing your company, you should customize your software, too.

You Need Better Security

We’ve mentioned a few times that custom software development gives you better security than off-the-shelf software. First of all, your software development team can build your software around your particular security needs. Second, customization protects your software from hackers. If your software is unlike any other software, then it’ll be tough for a hacker to figure it out.

Custom Software Development With Ayoka

Of course, it’s not enough to get custom software. You want your custom software development to come from the right team. That’s why Ayoka is here. The Ayoka team crafts custom software for companies of all sizes. Want to find out how Ayoka can help you? Contact us today. We’ll start with your free consultation to make sure that you get exactly what you need.

Healthcare Software Service: The Insider’s Guide

October 14, 2019

healthcare software service

Photo by Hush Naidoo on Unsplash



The healthcare industry needs the best software. When you manage a healthcare system, you can’t cut corners or settle for less. Your work has a real, often permanent impact on people’s lives. That’s why you need to find the right healthcare software service. How do you make sure that you choose the right one? Thankfully, software insiders know what to do. Here are some software insider tips for how to find the perfect healthcare software service.


Customization Matters

First, if you’re ever tempted to give up the search for the perfect software service, think about the alternative: off the shelf software. This software may work for some industries, but healthcare deserves the best. With customization, you get exactly what your practice needs: nothing more and nothing less. You get software that works seamlessly with your existing hardware. As a result, everything from diagnostics to payment plans becomes easier. Your doctors, nurses, administrators, and patients will all get the best experience possible.

In contrast, off the shelf software can fall short. Either you’ll have to settle for less than what you need, or you’ll end up with a bunch of features that just clutter your system. You won’t get the best support, and you’ll be more vulnerable to hacking and other threats. For the smoothest-running software, customization is best.


Consider Your Practice

Second, think about what exactly your practice needs. What kind of medical practice do you run? Is it a major hospital, an individual practice, or even a network of practices? Now, what goals do you have for your practice? When you start here, you’re on your way to choosing the perfect healthcare software service. When you keep your needs and goals at the front of your mind, you can make better software decisions.


Health Software Experience

Next, remember that not all software development companies are the same. Some create excellent educational software. Some make great gaming software. Just because a company performs well in one area doesn’t mean that it will do the same in another. When you need healthcare software, you can’t afford to compromise. That’s why you need to look for a healthcare software company that has specific healthcare experience. If you’re interested in a software company, take a look around that company’s website. Look for case studies and web pages that specifically mention healthcare. This way, you can make sure that your engineers have the expertise that you’ll need for your software.


Patient Needs

Before you start any software project, you should make sure that your patients will get everything that they need from it. When choosing your healthcare software service, ask yourself which one will do the best job meeting your patients’ needs. For example, which service will help doctors make clearer diagnostic and treatment decisions? Which service makes healthcare simple for your patients? In healthcare, the goal is to create the best outcomes for patients. The right software can help.


Excellent Organization

Next, you’ll want a healthcare software service that can help you with your organization. Healthcare absolutely must be organized. A disorganized system can cause complications for patients and frustration for doctors and nurses. You can avoid these stressors by choosing the right software development team. How can you find a team that prioritizes organization? Once again, case studies will help you narrow down your choices. Look for cases that involve streamlining and categorizing. You can also look for reviews that mention healthcare and organization.


Complexity and Integration

What can you accomplish with your software? If you have the right software, the answer is much more than you might think. Now, smaller individual practices may need their software to handle just a few tasks. However, hospitals and networks will need more complexity. If you run several facilities, for example, your software should facilitate communication between those places. Some software developers are better equipped for simpler projects. Make sure that your software development team can handle the complexities of your software needs.


Ease of Use

Finally, look for reviews and case studies that mention user friendliness. Your software may be complex, but that doesn’t mean it should be difficult to use. The more people you have on your healthcare team, the more important it is for you to have user friendly software. It’s important for everyone to learn your new software quickly so that they can start making the most of it as soon as possible.


Healthcare Software Service

Are you looking for your perfect healthcare software service? Then it’s time for you to talk to the Ayoka team. Ayoka engineers will start by getting to know you and understanding your needs. We always maintain open communication with our clients. Our process ensures that you get everything you need from your software. If you want the best healthcare software for your practice, contact the Ayoka team today. Find out what Ayoka can do for you.

Types of Mobile App Development That You Should Know About

July 8, 2019

mobile app development

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash


Thinking about mobile app development? You’re not the only one. These days, lots of business owners use mobile apps. Furthermore, many businesses that don’t have apps yet will have them in the near future. Mobile apps can definitely make your business life easier. However, while apps can seem simple on the surface, you probably have a lot more options than you realize. If you’re looking into mobile app development, keep reading to get a closer look at those options. The more information you have, the better your decision-making process will become. As always, no matter the decision, Ayoka is here to help you with all of your software needs.


Native, Web, and Hybrid Mobile App Development

In just a moment, we’ll talk about the different app categories. Before we get to that part, though, let’s look at the three main types of apps. When you use a mobile app development service, you can choose from a native app, a web app, or a hybrid app. A native app is designed to work within a mobile device. Since these apps are designed specifically for these devices, they often offer a fast and easy user experience. A web app lets people access mobile-friendly versions of websites. Social media apps fall into this category. A hybrid app, of course, mixes elements from the other two categories. All three types have pros and cons, and all three have become helpful for business owners over the years. If you’re not completely sure which type you’re looking for, then take some time to discuss the possibilities with your software engineering team.



Now that we’ve discussed the broad categories, let’s take a look at some different app uses. For example, some businesses use mobile app development to enhance their communication. The communication can be within the business itself. For example, contractors can use a business app to track their work hours. In warehouses and assembly lines, mobile apps can track workplace progress on the go.

Business can also use apps for B2B communication. They can fulfill orders, send emails, provide forms, and facilitate other methods of communication.

Finally, apps can create better B2C communication. Clients can use apps to connect to businesses in a quick, convenient way.



Retail businesses have turned to mobile app development to increase their sales. Mobile apps make it easier for customers to make purchases. With a mobile app, customers can go straight to the business in question without searching for product options online. As a result, mobile apps can help businesses bypass a lot of marketing hurdles. In this way, mobile apps can remove a lot of competition from the buying process. Furthermore, a shopping app can send notifications, and its presence on a person’s phone screen means that your company can be on that person’s mind every time they open their phone. As a result, you may see a lot of increased sales.



Of course, that doesn’t mean that mobile apps can’t also be used for marketing. As a matter of fact, these apps can improve a business’s marketing strategy and open up all sorts of opportunities. As we’ll explore in a moment, mobile apps can make data collection easier, which means that businesses can get to know their clients better and create targeted advertisements for those clients. Mobile app development can also provide a crucial step in creating a marketing funnel. When a client downloads your app, you already know that this client is interested in what your business has to offer. Instead of focusing on gaining this person’s interest, you can move on to the nurturing step, building that interest until this customer becomes a loyal brand ambassador.

Finally, a mobile app gives you a great opportunity to offer deals and promotions, thus increasing your sales. App users can get access to exclusive coupons, for example, or they might get to hear about sales before the rest of the general public.


Data Analytics

Like we mentioned above, mobile app development can make a difference in data collection and analytics. The Ayoka team creates all sorts of data analytics software options. We know that your company creates a lot of data, and we want you to get the most from that data. With a mobile app that communicates with your company’s software, you can get take your data on the go and use it to make business-savvy decisions.


Mobile App Development

Ready to see how mobile app development can improve your business? Let the Ayoka team help. We create custom software solutions, including custom mobile options. During your free consultation, we can discuss your choices and your company’s unique needs. From there, we can create a solution that will fit your business perfectly. Ready to get started? Contact Ayoka Systems today. Let’s work together so that we can deliver exactly what you’re looking for.

Hospital Data Management: What You Need Right Now

March 11, 2019

hospital software development

Photo by Piron Guillaume on Unsplash. Hospital Software Development – What You Need

Healthcare technology has grown rapidly, and it’s not showing any signs of slowing down. Hospitals and medical schools enjoy all sorts of innovation. From robotics to simulations to other medical breakthroughs, patient care gets better every day. However, one area lags behind: hospital data management. Hospital data is woefully behind the times. Thankfully, Ayoka can change that. We have the most top-notch hospital software development techniques. These techniques can bring your data up to speed. Here are just some of the things we use to make that happen.

Electronic Medical Records

Most hospitals store their medical records on paper. In 2019, that’s ridiculous. You have so much technology available. Why should most of your data live in a drawer somewhere? Paper records slow down the entire medical field. They block effective communication. Worse, they often lead to human error. As a result, patients suffer. They wait much longer than necessary to get results. They often deal with misdiagnoses and uncertainty. Electronic medical records (EMRs) can help.  First of all, they’re far more secure than paper records that can be stolen or destroyed. Second, they can help patient outcomes. How? By improving information access. Some patients deal with several doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals across a single hospital visit. They’ll have more accurate diagnoses and better help with EMRs. Their doctors and nurses will all have access to the same records at the same time.

Speed and Automation

Our hospital software development can give your database more speed and automation. We already mentioned faster diagnoses with EMRs. With fast database response, you can make those diagnoses even faster and more accurate. Better database speed means better insight. Likewise, automation provides quick results for better decisions. At Ayoka, we’ve helped the healthcare industry get automatic reporting from databases. These reports are fast, simple, and readable. As a result, doctors and nurses can notice patterns right away. They can then pull insight from these patterns. Therefore, they’ll make better decisions for their patients and improve outcomes.

Top-Notch Security and HIPAA Compliance

We already mentioned that EMRs are more secure than paper records. However, people sometimes hesitate when new technology arrives. They worry about safety and security. That’s part of the reason why hospitals should take extra care with their databases. EMRs and other data should have the best security. Doctors and other healthcare patients can assure their patients of HIPAA compliance. Ayoka only uses the most secure measures for hospital data technology. With top-notch encryption, password protection, and other security measures, we keep patient data safe.

Mobile Device Applications

Does your facility use mobile applications? If not, consider adding mobility. Sure, doctors and nurses can always access data from a computer. However, mobility will increase speed. Lots of hospitals have added tablets and phone apps to their toolboxes. This way, medical professionals don’t have to wait to access information. They can have that information at their fingertips any time that they need it.

This mobility also improves communication. First, it improves communication between medical professionals. Everyone can have the same information at the same time. We already mentioned that EMRs provide better information. However, mobile technology takes it up a notch. Second, it improves communication between patients and professionals. If the patient has a question, a doctor or nurse can pull up the relevant information right away. Finally, mobility can empower patients. It lets patients take a more active role in their own care. Patients can use mobile apps, too. They may use these apps to pay medical bills. They can also manage prescriptions and communicate with health professionals.

Simplified Billing

Hospitals bills are complicated. Insurance coverage differs from patient to patient. Poor communication can lead to inaccurate billing. With a simple, accurate database and plenty of automation, all bills will go to the correct places. Your billing system becomes easier for everyone. As a result, you get fewer mistakes, fewer delays, and fewer payment disputes. With the mobility that we mentioned earlier, patients can pay their portion of the bills faster.

Room to Grow

What else do hospital data systems need? Scalability. Ayoka’s hospital software development always leaves room to grow. Like we said, medical technology grows all the time. When technology changes, so does data. If your data system doesn’t have scalability, you’ll eventually have to overhaul the entire system. We can build your data system with scalability in mind. You’ll have all the flexibility that you’ll need to keep up with the times.

Hospital Software Development

Do you need more from your hospital software development? Then you need the best in the business. Ayoka can develop a system that will have everything you need. Our software innovations make life easier for all types of medical professionals. Ready for your best data system yet? Contact us at Ayoka today. We’ll start with your free consultation.

How to Tell if You Need a Database Upgrade

November 26, 2018

database upgrade

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Your database is the center of your business. You rely on it to provide your company with all the information that it needs. Without it, there’s no way that you could run your company at full capacity. Unfortunately, databases can’t always keep up with the current technology. Tech and business practices gain new innovations all the time. However, if your database trails behind the rest of your company, you could be operating below your full potential.

At Ayoka Systems, we work with all sorts of companies to create long-term, scalable solutions. Sometimes, a simple software upgrade will get the job done. At other times, companies need a more in-depth approach. Either way, we have the tools and the know-how that you need to bring your database up to speed. We’ve listed some of the top signs that you may need a database upgrade. If the list below sounds familiar to you, give us a call today.

You’re Holding Back Your Business Practices

As your business grows, your business practices should grow, too. Sadly, you won’t see much growth if your database is holding you back. Are you reaching your full potential, or are you avoiding exciting changes because your database wouldn’t keep up with those changes? Alternately, maybe you’ve upgraded your business practices over the years, but you’ve had to find ways to work around a database that just can’t keep up. Either way, you’re stopping your business from growing. Who knows how much growth and revenue you could gain with a database upgrade?

Your Applications Don’t Communicate With Each Other

You may have added new applications and software to your company over the years. How well do those apps communicate with one another? Your apps should all use the same data, but if your current database doesn’t support all of your new technology, you’re probably wasting a lot of time. Does your database support all of your applications, or do you have to perform a lot of manual data entry to make everything work? By getting a database upgrade, you can help all of your technology work together. As a result, you’ll save yourself from a lot of frustration, and you can save a lot of time. You’ll also avoid a lot of the mistakes that come from manual data entry.

The System Has Slowed to a Crawl

Merging new technology with an old database will eventually slow down the entire system. If your system has slowed enough to cause frustration, the database may be the problem. It may be reaching the limit for how much data it can handle. In this case, a larger database will suit your needs perfectly. If your database doesn’t currently support cloud usage, an upgrade can also help you gain access to the cloud for your data. This option provides another great way to save space, and as a result, you’ll gain speed. Imagine how much more productive your work day will become if you weren’t waiting for a slow database to do its job. 

Your Competition Has Gained Efficiency

What’s worse than working with a slow database? Working with a slow database when your competition is doing the opposite. Other companies in your field are probably using similar databases to the one that you’re using, but are their systems more efficient than yours? It’s hard to gain that information directly, but certain signs point to a more efficient database. Do people mention excellent communication when they talk about your competition? Is your competition working with new innovations? Look for these and other signs that your competition has gained efficiency. If they have, then you can’t afford to fall behind. 

You Have to Dig for Data

An up-to-date database will let you find your information quickly. You can use that information to get to know your clients and make better business decisions. With an outdated database, you may have to put more effort into digging for data. Once again, this means lost productivity for your company. Why spend your time searching for data when you could be using that time more productively? If you get a database upgrade, you can put that time and energy into more productive tasks, which will help you run your business in a more productive way. 

You’re Worried About Security Issues

Finally, and most importantly, your database security matters. Out of all of your technology and software, your database is probably the most vulnerable to cyber attacks. Databases are full of information that hackers can use to their own advantage. The older the database, the more open it is to hackers. By completing a database upgrade, you’ll increase your security, protecting your company and its clients from digital harm.

Database Upgrade

Do you need a database upgrade? Maybe you know exactly what you need, or maybe you’re not sure where to start. In any case, Ayoka Systems is here to create your custom database solution. To get started on your database upgrade, get in touch with us today.

Top Considerations for Electronic Medical Records Development

October 29, 2018

emr software

Photo by Owen Beard on Unsplash. Top Considerations for EMR Software Development

EMR software has already provided countless benefits to doctors and patients all across the globe. These records go far beyond the abilities of pen and paper, providing better speed and communication across the healthcare field. For instance, they remove all of the confusion that poor handwriting causes between doctors and patients, reducing wasted time. On a larger scale, they cut back the time it takes for healthcare professionals to communicate with one another about specific patients, which is a critical factor in case of emergencies. They’re better protected from physical disaster than paper records, and they last for longer periods of time. Still, EMR software comes with certain core requirements and considerations. Both the developers and the client should consider the following aspects when designing or upgrading EMR software.

Patient Care Improvements

EMR software certainly provides efficiency and convenience to healthcare providers. However, doctors and software designers must focus on how these changes will impact patients. Some byproducts of EMRs can improve patient outcomes, for example. The easier accessibility and better communication between providers can mean faster test results, better insights, and more accuracy. Because the patient is at the forefront of this software, clients and developers must consistently consider how changes will impact the patient. These considerations can lead to long-term improvements in the software.

Privacy and Security

We’ve already mentioned that EMR software can safeguard its information from physical disasters. But what about digital disasters? During EMR software development, developers must use all available measures to protect patients from information leaks. The first and most obvious way to do so is by maintaining full HIPAA compliance. The software should also follow state-mandated Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) processes. By working closely with the client, software designers can gain a full understanding of their requirements.

Furthermore, the software must have safeguards against breaches during communication. Because EMR software does allow for instant communication between medical professionals, the software must have protections for secure communication across different channels.

Easy Updates

Speaking of compliance and security, those who want to implement EMR software should make sure that their new software is easily updated. Why? Because privacy and security laws evolve as new technology emerges. While the evolution is necessary, it can make record-keeping more difficult for those whose software lacks scalability. Furthermore, as technology changes, so do security threats and hacking capabilities. When your record keeping processes are set in stone, you’ll have to change nearly everything about your software when the laws and technologies change. If, however, your developers have provided your software with some wiggle room, you won’t have to worry about it. You can keep up with changing needs and laws without any major issues, and you’ll save the money that you would have spent on expensive upgrades.

Multi-Platform Usability

You’ll also want an EMR software that providers and patients can use across several platforms. In doctor’s offices, providers will likely access these records from computers or tablets. When they send information to other healthcare providers, they may use mobile devices. Likewise, patients are likely to use mobile devices such as smartphones when they access their own data. The EMRs should remain accessible from all of these different platforms, and they should stay as intuitive and user-friendly as possible.

Additionally, as new technology evolves, the room for growth that we mentioned earlier will ease the transition into new devices. For multi-platform usage, your best choice is to find a software engineer team with experience building mobile apps as well as computer based technology. This way, you’ll know that your software will work just as well on a phone as it will on a desktop computer. Your end users won’t experience frustration and glitches.

Return on Investment

Finally, your EMR software development should yield an excellent return on investment, both in time and money. When electronic records can help you increase efficiency, you can decrease the amount of time that it takes to identify your patients and their needs. As a result, you can avoid using unnecessary resources and ultimately save money on all of the costs of paper storage. To get the best ROI, though, you’ll need to hire a software solutions company that understands the financial strengths and challenges of implementing EMRs. This way, your team can work with you to create a system with a financial value that rivals its convenience factor.

EMR Software

Do you need help with EMR software development? Ayoka Systems has exactly what you need. Our team has led the way in medical software development for years. As a US-based, client-centric software company, we do everything in our power to provide all of the above benefits. From full HIPAA compliance to the latest innovations, we develop healthcare software that works wonderfully for our clients. If you’re ready to get started, contact Ayoka Systems today.

Save With Custom Financial Software

Custom Financial Software Photo by on Unsplash

Custom Financial Software Photo by on Unsplash

The financial sector is one of the most competitive, unique, and complicated industries. A lot of other industries can afford to keep older systems and established practices. The financial industry doesn’t have that luxury. The market changes on a daily basis. Uncertainty plays a very real part in the business. The competition stays sharp, and customers have access to decision-changing information. In such a complicated sector, maintaining clients and keeping a healthy bottom line can become complicated. However, the key to saving time and money on a long-term basis is to keep your process as simple as possible. Below you’ll find just a few of the ways that custom financial software solutions can help you save.

Integration Saves Money

The financial industry relies on custom software more than many other industries because it has so many unique software needs. Financial businesses need software to manage accounts, track data, record transactions, and so many other tasks. Using multiple types of software to keep up with these needs will only complicate a business that already has to navigate too many complications as it is. Integration can simplify your business, saving time and money on a long-term basis. If you choose a standardized software package, you may run into compatibility issues with your existing software. You may even need to buy new hardware. A custom software developer can integrate your existing software into a streamlined solution. After the initial commitment, software integration can help your bottom line by saving you from unnecessary purchases.

Custom Financial Software Promotes Growth

Your business simply cannot grow if you’re holding it back with outdated software. The finance industry moves forward constantly. You cannot afford to lag behind the competition. Prepackaged software has no scalability. Customized software can grow with your business so that you can spend less money on software updates. Ayoka works with clients to customize the software as businesses grow. Stand software packages will leave you behind. Ayoka will help you move ahead. Simplifying your business with custom financial software will give you growth opportunities. If you want to expand your reach, you need to explore custom software solutions. Furthermore, you can’t grow your business in this industry if you can’t set yourself apart. The financial industry is enormous. It contains sub-categories within sub-categories. Your software can either make you memorable or forgettable in the eyes of financial clients.

Simple Software Attracts Customers

Don’t let somebody else’s business take your clients. One of the best ways to attract and maintain customers is to simplify your software program. Today, people have the option to use apps, websites, and other technologies to check their finances. They expect simplicity in those technologies. We’ve become used to user-friendly software systems. Anything too complicated will send clients to explore different options. If you’ve integrated all of your customers’ needs into one software, then you save them from hassle and frustration. As a result, you get to keep your customers.

Tight Security Prevents Loss

The financial industry absolutely needs the best security possible. Outdated software leaves you and your customers vulnerable to hacking. Even the newer standard software packages can attract hackers. Hackers have already familiarized themselves with standard software. These systems can be compromised quickly and easily. If you have to spend your time repairing damages instead of growing your business, you could lose a lot of money in a very short amount of time. A custom software solution can increase online security. Because hackers won’t be familiar with your custom software, you’ll have a barrier protecting your business from hackers and saving you from tremendous financial loss.

Custom Software Meets Your Needs

Maybe you need to build a new system from scratch. Perhaps you need to upgrade your current system. Maybe you need to make new solutions fit your software. We’ve already pointed out that you might have several reasons for choosing custom software. Standard software packages may have features you don’t need. They may also be missing features that you want. Whatever your software needs may be, customization can offer an affordable solution. An experienced database architect can work with you directly. He or she will offer flexible and affordable solutions that will help you to save money on both a short-term and long-term basis. You won’t have to work around missing features, and you won’t have to pay extra for features that your business will never use. Your software should have nothing more or less than what you truly need.

Let Ayoka Help

Ayoka is a Texas-based custom software development company. Our goal is to offer affordable custom financial software solutions that will save you time and money. We collaborate with our clients and provide solutions for their developmental, maintenance, and integrations needs. If you’re interested in a custom software solution for your financial business, contact us today.

Does Your Legacy System Need an Upgrade?

April 22, 2018

Photo by Fabian Grohs on Unsplash

Is it time to upgrade your legacy system? Unless you’ve recently performed an update, chances are that the answer is yes. There’s nothing wrong with a legacy system in and of itself. After all, we wouldn’t have our most recent technology without the innovations that older systems gave us. And legacy systems often perform the job quite well. Even NASA chose to continue using its system from the 1970s. However, these systems do come with a set of challenges. Whether you plan to overhaul your entire system or simply update the existing one, a legacy system upgrade is always a good idea.

A Legacy System Upgrade Lets You Keep Up

Any company that relies on technology has to keep up with the competition. Granted, because software changes almost constantly, it’s impractical to try to accommodate every available update. Often, though, companies need a legacy system upgrade to stay on track.

Upgrades help ensure the future of your company. There are no young legacy developers. In fact, most legacy developers are already old enough to retire. When these developers do retire, they’ll leave behind a workforce of millennials who have studied newer systems. “One of the key challenges the legacy systems face is that they are too abstract and generic for the millennials,” said Kumar Erramilli in an article for Forbes. Indeed, many millennials — who have invented more contemporary software systems — prefer upgrades. In the near future, when they comprise the majority of the software workforce, an outdated system could mean a loss of productivity. They’ll have to dedicate their time to learning the old software. Newer systems, on the other hand, will let them focus on more important tasks.

A Legacy System Upgrade Will Save Money Long-term

Some companies fail to upgrade because their leaders focus on short-term savings instead of long-term savings. System upgrades will cost money, of course. That said, they will yield a significant ROI in the company’s future. For one, legacy systems without strong security upgrades become vulnerable to hackers who can make you lose money. Furthermore, when you tether your business to outdated software, you may limit your potential ROI. We’ve already mentioned that you have to consider a younger workforce. You also have to think about your clients. If your competition’s software gives the clients a more user-friendly experience, you may notice a decrease in customers. The writers at the Harvard Business Review agree. As one article puts it, “As automation and digitization transform the economy, well-resourced incumbents in industry after industry are losing out to upstarts.” These advances will not go away any time soon. The companies that take advantage of upgrades will increase their profits, while those who refuse to upgrade may lose customers.

Improve Your Customer Relationships

Thanks to social media, customers expect easy connections to the services they use. Software can’t afford to be impersonal anymore. “Modern software solutions are much more intuitive and focused on user experience,” said Ivailo Nikolov in the Forbes article. “Legacy tools, on the other hand, were usually built with the sole purpose [of getting] the job done and without meticulous attention to detail.” This approach worked well for its time, but today’s clients expect a more personal touch to their software. Companies that use this intuitive software perform well. They get to know the client’s preferences and adjust accordingly. The Harvard Business Review points to Netflix as an example. “By instrumenting its apps to detect everything from where customers are geographically to when viewers stop watching a movie, the company is able to understand people’s preferences intimately. [Netflix] uses this knowledge to provide timely recommendations and to source — or create — content that people will love.” Upgraded software fosters deeper customer relationships, and those relationships will ultimately keep your business afloat.

Ayoka Systems

Generally, a legacy system upgrade is preferable to outdated technology. Ayoka has several different methods to help you upgrade your system. One is to move your legacy system to a web-based solution. We often move software systems from outdated PC-based applications to website applications. This gives our clients access to better updates and better ROI. We want you to get your money’s worth from your system, and this method can help. Instead of abandoning one system for another, we can re-write your existing software. There’s no need to lose any of your progress. We can also help you make your software user-friendly for smartphones and other devices. Take a look at this page for a list of ways that we can help you upgrade your legacy system. If you have any more questions or want to get started, visit our contact page or call us at (817)-210-4042.

What Can Mobile Applications Do For Manufacturing?

March 5, 2018

How can your manufacturing business benefit from mobile applications? Manufacturing companies are currently looking for mobile apps to solve and improve many concerns and issues. Also, recent research into the manufacturing industry has shown that as high as 7 in 10 companies are installing or have installed mobile apps. Companies are looking to this technology for a number of reasons, including streamlined operations and management assistance. With so many of your peer companies relying on this technology for improvements, now is the time to find out more. With streamlined operations, enhanced business relationships, assistance for your management, and improved productivity, the benefits are great. If you need more convincing, here are four ways mobile apps can help your manufacturing business grow and improve.

Streamlined Operations

Wireless and mobile apps allow your employees to move freely about their jobs. No longer will you be paying for time spent walking to and from a computer. Employees have the equipment they need right in their hand to make tasks and logging easy. A handheld device cuts down on time spent on various tasks such as following technical instructions and logging levels. Industry leaders have reported each employee can save up to 42 minutes per day. That is a lot of time to be saved. With streamlined operations, you will be able to save money and enhance your overall productivity.

Enhanced Business Relationships

Using mobile apps will allow you to communicate with customers on the go. No matter where you are as long as you have internet access you will have the information you need to communicate with wholesalers, dealers, and customers. This ability to constantly be in touch will improve your company’s response time. People will like being in business with you if you have a quick response time. Mobile apps can also be of assistance while you are meetings with your customers or dealers. You can easily pull up information that becomes pertinent to the meeting. Therefore, deals can be agreed upon easier and paperwork can be made a breeze. Everyone will want to do business with you because the process is made so simple. With all the information your management and sales teams need at their fingertips, you are enabling your team to be more successful.

Management Assistance

Access to critical operations information can be provided to supervisors and management all while being mobile with the help of an app. In this way, your management can interact better with your employees and be hands-on without sacrificing connectivity. Management will be able to identify and resolve problems faster that are happening on the shop floor. Additionally, a mobile app can help in locating and acquiring inventory and updating data can be made simple. The ability to have management on the floor will create a good rapport between management and floor workers. And there is no need to sacrifice connectivity. Improved relationships will enable problems to be fixed more easily when they do come up. Enabling mobility will create a more responsive management group.

Improved Productivity

Mobile apps will improve your team’s overall productivity. You will enable management to be hands-on and floor workers to carry all important information with them. You will save yourself money because wait times will be cut down. Employees can have instructions, blueprints, inventories, and other databases in their pockets. The mobile app will take away guesswork as it can assist your employees in any number of tasks. This improved productivity will not only cut down your costs but shorten production times for your customers. With production costs and times down, you and your customers will be in a better position. Clearly, mobile apps can be of great value to your company.

The benefits of custom-designed mobile apps for manufacturing business are endless. From enhanced business relationships to improved productivity, the monetary investment is completely worth it. You can have an app that perfectly helps your employees at every level. Through customization, your app will have all the functions and features your specific business needs, without any of the unneeded tools. Design features to help your shop floor employees perform their jobs better and more efficiently. Create access to supply chain data for supervisors and management while freeing them from their desks. Develop a system that is perfectly sized for your business needs and not a cookie cutter one-size-fits-all. Allow mobile apps to work in your favor. Cut down production times and improve your relationships. Mobile apps can help you do it all.

If you would like more information about how your specific manufacturing business can be helped by mobile apps, Ayoka Systems can help. Give us a call, (817) 210-4042.

Five Ways Cognitive Healthcare Benefits Patients

February 5, 2018

Cognitive software development

Cognitive Healthcare Photo Credit via / Pixabay

Welcome to the generation of cognitive healthcare. Today, the healthcare industry provides services that were once considered impossible. Moreover, cognitive software development is giving it a much-needed boost. Experts suggest this technology will solve problems by mimicking the way the human brain works. Essentially, cognitive computing works in exactly the same way as predictive analytics. It analyzes patient data, indicates results, and suggests a defined course of action.

The development of this software creates a new partnership between human beings and technology. Additionally, cognitive software development will dramatically alter how healthcare is conceived, delivered, and managed in the future. However, patients stand to benefit the most. Let’s take a look at five ways that cognitive healthcare will benefit patients.

1. Accessible Data

If you wear a personal fitness tracker, you generate a large amount of personal health-related data on a daily basis. Unfortunately, much of this information is underutilized and most people do not even know how to access the data. Patients realize that their electronic devices help them with their day-to-day lives. A health coach that is neither disruptive nor burdensome and highly personalized is the ultimate expression of the consumer experience. An AI avatar can provide this. Cognitive computing also enables researchers to uncover new insights in relationships among genes, proteins, pathways, phenotypes, and diseases.

2. Individualized Treatment Plans

The future of healthcare continues to focus on giving individuals a complete picture of what affects their health. For example, a real-time analysis allows doctors to make informed decisions at a moments notice. At the same time, they are also providing patients greater control over their own care. With the help of cognitive software development, doctors can identify the most critical attributes of a patient case. This allows them to provide uncomplicated reports for both patients and healthcare providers.

3. Improved Communication Between Patients and Doctors

Artificial intelligence is technology that uses reasoning, natural language processing, machine learning, and even human interaction through speech and vision interactions. What makes cognitive computing systems so smart is that they evaluate patterns from data and get better with each use. The goal is for systems to be able to anticipate problems and behavior, offering suggestions and solutions before an issue occurs. As a result, it notifies the doctor of any patterns that may suggest intervention.

4. Explore New Models of Care

Patients are looking for the best medicine from the best provider. Could cognitive healthcare be the answer? If healthcare professionals had access to world-class doctors and their expertise, it could make all the difference in the overall healthcare of their patients. For example, they could identify life-changing clinical trials perfect for their patients.

This cognitive technology has the potential to change the way patients look at their health plans. It combines the best of data analytics with patients and clinical research. The result is an extensive list of healthcare resources from which to choose.

5. Payment Reform

Cognitive software development helps support emerging value-based care models. It collects information at each step of the patient lifecycle then provides analytics to help improve decision-making and execution.

Cognitive software development is helping patients expand their knowledge, improve their productivity and deepen their expertise in their own healthcare. The goal of cognitive healthcare is to create automated information technology systems capable of solving problems without requiring human assistance. Big names in technology including IBM, Microsoft, and Google have made significant investments in finding healthcare uses for cognitive software development and providing a platform for various startup firms that create specialized applications.

Looking to the Future

As the population in the United States ages, cognitive software development continues to attract growing attention from established healthcare providers and startup companies seeking to create new software products.

Currently, healthcare is based on a one-size-fits-all method; however, new cognitive healthcare systems are changing that. For instance, by incorporating more information about individual patients, medical professionals draft personalized programs for their patients. Cognitive software offers a more individualized path for medical decisions. Like the human mind, a cognitive healthcare system makes judgments based on its ability to collect and recognize information. As a result, traditional health data, such as laboratory reports and clinical notes can now be gathered and assessed.

At Ayoka, we help companies apply software to meet complex clinical initiatives. If you’re ready to take your medical software to the next level, contact us today at 817-210-4042.

How Can Custom Software Development Improve Your Clerical Pool’s Efficiency?

January 29, 2018

Custom software development provides your business with a platform tailored with precision and efficiency. It handles the unique daily operations and tasks that keep your company up-to-date. Efficiency is the key to succeeding in the business world. For this reason, you need a custom software platform to help your employees work better and faster. By implanting custom software, you have access to a user-focused experience specific to your individual business needs. You also eliminate redundant work and create a more efficient work environment for you clerical pool.

Eliminates Redundant Effort

One of the most powerful benefits of custom software development lies in the elimination of redundant effort. When the applications you use don’t interact with each other, it’s time to consider custom software development. Software developers design software to include API’s (Application Programming Interfaces) to connect software applications to facilitate data exchange and increase accuracy while reducing redundant data entry.

When you utilize a system that makes capturing data easier, you also streamline various tasks in your company’s operational processes. These tasks vary and include everything from manual performance to clerical responsibilities. Regardless, custom systems provide opportunities for optimizing data collection in all areas. A custom system automatically logs relevant information into a centralized database. Once there, the system analyzes it. Basically, it ingests spreadsheets and other CSV files in order to automate processes for ETL (Extraction, Transformation, Loading).


Not using software made specifically for your business, results in not having the right applications you need to process delicate information. With custom software, you have a more flexible approach to identifying problems and focusing on a solution. You have the power to create applications tailored to your individual needs. A system made especially for your company allows you to sync the information, notes, and materials necessary for sharing. With a custom software development system, clerical pools can easily share tasks, documents, spreadsheets, and notes with anyone in the system with just a click of a button.

Tailored Solutions

Custom software development doesn’t just give your organization a program that fits your needs; it facilitates tailored optimization of the processes that are specific to you. Custom software can eliminate workflow dependencies according to the unique processes of your company and break down any unnecessary delays. As you develop and implement the software, you may find that there are simpler ways to transfer date. With a customized system, you increase the efficiency of your clerical pool by instantly noticing granular details and solving them.

Improved Project Management

Once you have a custom software development in place, it’s easy to implement reporting capabilities. With this program, your clerical pool gains access to information that improves project management. Decision makers possess the information they need instantly. As a result, it improves efficiency not only in the present but also in the future. This helps them be more prepared and well organized. A customized system improves communications and organization skills, therefore helps the clerical pool become an indispensable part of the team.

Employee Retention

Purchasing someone else’s software is investing in their business and helping them grow. Developing your own custom software is a direct investment into your own business. Furthermore, the program will be unique, more effective, and stand out from the competition. If you have a state-of-the-art system, your clerical pool will have a sense of pride working for you. They will trust the system and feel that it is reliable to their specific needs.

Although a lot of different elements contribute to job satisfaction, it’s important to give employees the tools they need to succeed. Custom software development takes this principle a step farther by including employee concerns and ideas in planning. It also allows the clerical pool to stay on top of scheduling. They can familiarize themselves with their schedule, along with the boss and other employees.

Ayoka Custom Software Development Systems

As your business grows, you want to continue to improve processes, boost productivity and increase profits. In every aspect of this, custom software development plays a key role. Custom software is an investment in your company and your clerical pool leading to greater efficiency, but it also leads to a greater return on investment. Moreover, you see greater efficiency and profits for your business.

Custom programming is the primary service provided by Ayoka Systems for our clients in the Texas area. Over the years, it has been interesting to see an increased demand for customized software solutions throughout North Texas. If you want expert advice to guide you through the process and help you get the most out of your software, contact Ayoka Systems. Call us at (817) 210-4042 and begin today.

The Importance of the Digital Thread in Manufacturing Software Development

January 22, 2018

Manufacturing Software Photo by Joshua Sortino on Unsplash

Photo by Joshua Sortino on Unsplash. The Importance of the Digital Thread in Manufacturing Software Development

How can manufacturing software development use the concept of the digital thread? Manufacturing software development can use digital thread to improve overall manufacturing production. By using the digital thread throughout the lifecycle of a product, your business can streamline the production of a complex product. Additionally, the digital thread also incorporates upgrades. Finally, in the end, the digital thread will signal the end of your product and the need for a different type of product.

What Is the Digital Thread

What exactly is the digital thread? The concept of the digital thread began with the military aircraft industry. The military was seeking ways to improve the performance of their future programs by using digital programs. With the use of these digital programs, they were able to apply lessons they were learning to future projects. Applying these lessons to future projects saved on production costs.  Moreover, the military saved time in the design and upgrade of their products.

How can the digital thread in intelligence manufacturing help your business? Through manufacturing software development, you can incorporate digital thread into the design of your product. Likewise, the production of your product can use the digital thread. Lastly, upgrades of your product can use the digital thread. In essence, the digital thread can follow your product from inception to the retirement of the product.

Design Phase

Custom manufacturing software development has the digital thread in mind during the design phase.  Additionally, you can use 3D imaging to design your product. In the past, developers stored these designs in separate, proprietary programs that would not share information with each other. As a result, the design process would not consider information from the manufacturing department. However, due to the digital loop, there will be a continuous feedback loop designed into your manufacturing software development.

Manufacturing Phase

The digital thread will incorporate data from the 3D imaging that the designers produced to speed up the process of manufacturing. The exact replica of the product that you are producing tells you where parts go. As a result, you will avoid hours spent incorrectly putting together the product.

During the manufacturing process, if you discover something is not going to work, you can send that back through the feedback loop to the design department. In the past, you would have produced the product even though it had an inferior design. There was no process built in for the manufacturing and design departments to interface together. Now, if the manufacturing department discovers something that won’t work, you can send that information back to the designers for re-designing. For example, if during manufacturing the aesthetic design of a product results in lost time, the design of the product can be changed before it is too late.

Quality Control

During the manufacturing process, there is quality control testing. Your product’s digital thread incorporates the process of reviewing your product. If the design needs adjustments, the digital thread will now take the information back to the designers. No longer will there be a gap in information between the quality control experts and the designers of your products.

Re-Design Process

Once your product is ready to go on the market, the re-design process should begin. The design and manufacturing of your product are complete. However, the digital thread does not have to stop there. As your customers use your product and provide feedback to your business, your designers should continue to analyze that data. The digital thread will provide designers with valuable information for future updates.  That information will guide how to make the product more user-friendly.

Ayoka Custom Software Development Systems

If you are a business and searching for ways to improve your product manufacturing, then look no further than Ayoka. Ayoka provides services that will incorporate the digital thread of your product. The digital thread will follow from design through the entire lifecycle of the product. Also, the custom manufacturing software development can save you time in the development of new products. Proper placement of parts streamlines production.

Our custom software development emphasizes local, hands-on interaction, and discovering the needs of the end-users. This makes us ideal for delivering the digital thread to your business through our Custom Manufacturing Software Development. Don’t make custom application development complicated. If you want expert advice to guide you through the process and help you get the most out of your software, contact us.  Call (817) 210-4042 and begin.

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