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Four Ways Custom Software Development Can Improve the Safety of Your Employees

February 15, 2018
Custom Software Development Photo by on Unsplash

Custom Software Development Photo by on Unsplash

Computer safety of your employees and company is a significant concern for any business. That is why custom software development is essential for businesses to consider when creating their system. You want to be able to ensure your employee’s ease of access and complete security while working from day to day. Companies also want to prevent outside access to their system. Custom software can do all of this. Custom software development has many benefits for your employees and business. Here is a list of four ways custom software development improves the safety of your employees.

Prevent Hacking

Custom software developed for your company is a great way to deter hackers. For the most part, hackers are going to go to companies that use generic software programs. These programs are too simplified. Because they have so much traffic hackers can easily find another hacker who knows how to get into it. Hackers try to use the same tricks to get into similar systems. That isn’t something they can do with custom software. By utilizing custom software, you are making the hackers work extra hard. The extra work will make the likelihood of a hacker breaking into your system much lower than if you were to have a generic system.

Determine Employee Access

Developing your own custom software ensures user exclusivity. Because the software was custom developed for your company only people within your company and select few, you identify outside will have access to the system. Autonomy will protect your company from outside web interference. Protect everything with usernames and passwords. Ensure only your employees have access to the inter-workings of your company. You can also customize individual employee’s access to ensure greater safety for the company as a whole. No matter how you customize the employee access by having an exclusive system, you are already improving safety by having fewer people on the system.

Protect Your Employees Online

Internet security is a vital proponent of employee safety. There are many aspects of internet usage at work that can compromise the safety of your employees. One example includes your employees using online features of your company in their everyday work. With online logins, security checks, and even employee benefits, pages deep within your website can be risks. By having these aspects of daily work online, you are exposing your employees and their computers to online threats such as viruses. Customizing your software and creating those features offline or securely online will protect your employees.

Another online risk for employees occurs through the sites they visit and clicking on links. By putting limits, walls, and blocks in place, you protect your employees while they are online. Moreover, when you create your own system, you can tailor make the security features for your employee’s online use. In return, you enhance their safety while online.

Ensure Safety of the Individual System

Customized software closes off all of your systems from outside access. Individual system access is how most hackers begin gaining their access to companies systems. They tap into one computer and then create a network from that connection. You can prevent that access through formulating a complicated individual system. The more programs and functions that are within your program the safer the system is for your company and employees. Standard networks may claim individual system security but as said before these are much easier for hackers to penetrate. Customizing your own software ensures that your individual system is airtight. Employees won’t have to worry about the security of your system because there will be no doors to access your network.

You enhance your safety by having a custom software developed from the start. You also put yourself on top of potential risks and threats. Through maintenance, you can continue to stay ahead of potential risks and hackers. Your customized system is something you can also share with potential hires to show them they will be safe working with your company. You can tell your employees how much you care about them with a system that is developed to protect them. It demonstrates their value. A customized software system puts you in the offensive position instead of being in the defensive position all the time.

Whether you have been put on the defensive by a hacker threat or you merely want to stay ahead custom software development is where you should be looking. It is the safest option for your company and employees. To start on your road to a custom developed software give us a call, (817) 210-4042. Ayoka Systems is here to help you navigate your roadmap to custom software development and employee safety.

How Can Custom Software Development Improve Your Clerical Pool’s Efficiency?

January 29, 2018

Custom software development provides your business with a platform tailored with precision. It handles the unique daily operations and tasks that keep your company up-to-date. Efficiency is the key to succeeding in the business world. For this reason, you need a custom software platform to help your employees work better and faster. By implanting custom software, you have access to a user-focused experience specific to your individual business needs. You also eliminate redundant work and create a more efficient work environment for you clerical pool.

Eliminates Redundant Effort

One of the most powerful benefits of custom software development lies in the elimination of redundant effort. When the applications you use don’t interact with each other, it’s time to consider custom software development. Software developers design software to include API’s (Application Programming Interfaces) to connect software applications to facilitate data exchange and increase accuracy while reducing redundant data entry.

When you utilize a system that makes capturing data easier, you also streamline various tasks in your company’s operational processes. These tasks vary and include everything from manual performance to clerical responsibilities. Regardless, custom systems provide opportunities for optimizing data collection in all areas. A custom system automatically logs relevant information into a centralized database. Once there, the system analyzes it. Basically, it ingests spreadsheets and other CSV files in order to automate processes for ETL (Extraction, Transformation, Loading).


Not using software made specifically for your business, results in not having the right applications you need to process delicate information. With custom software, you have a more flexible approach to identifying problems and focusing on a solution. You have the power to create applications tailored to your individual needs. A system made especially for your company allows you to sync the information, notes, and materials necessary for sharing. With a custom software development system, clerical pools can easily share tasks, documents, spreadsheets, and notes with anyone in the system with just a click of a button.

Tailored Solutions

Custom software development doesn’t just give your organization a program that fits your needs; it facilitates tailored optimization of the processes that are specific to you. Custom software can eliminate workflow dependencies according to the unique processes of your company and break down any unnecessary delays. As you develop and implement the software, you may find that there are simpler ways to transfer date. With a customized system, you increase the efficiency of your clerical pool by instantly noticing granular details and solving them.

Improved Project Management

Once you have a custom software development in place, it’s easy to implement reporting capabilities. With this program, your clerical pool gains access to information that improves project management. Decision makers possess the information they need instantly. As a result, it improves efficiency not only in the present but also in the future. This helps them be more prepared and well organized. A customized system improves communications and organization skills, therefore helps the clerical pool become an indispensable part of the team.

Employee Retention

Purchasing someone else’s software is investing in their business and helping them grow. Developing your own custom software is a direct investment into your own business. Furthermore, the program will be unique, more effective, and stand out from the competition. If you have a state-of-the-art system, your clerical pool will have a sense of pride working for you. They will trust the system and feel that it is reliable to their specific needs.

Although a lot of different elements contribute to job satisfaction, it’s important to give employees the tools they need to succeed. Custom software development takes this principle a step farther by including employee concerns and ideas in planning. It also allows the clerical pool to stay on top of scheduling. They can familiarize themselves with their schedule, along with the boss and other employees.

Ayoka Custom Software Development Systems

As your business grows, you want to continue to improve processes, boost productivity and increase profits. In every aspect of this, custom software development plays a key role. Custom software is an investment in your company and your clerical pool. It leads to greater productivity, but it also leads to a greater return on investment. Moreover, you see greater efficiency and profits for your business.

Custom programming is the primary service provided by Ayoka Systems for our clients in the Texas area. Over the years, it has been interesting to see an increased demand for customized software solutions throughout North Texas. If you want expert advice to guide you through the process and help you get the most out of your software, contact Ayoka Systems. Call us at (817) 210-4042 and begin today.

How Your Customer’s Benefit from Custom Application Development

November 16, 2017
custom application development Photo by Štefan Štefančík on Unsplash

Photo by Štefan Štefančík on Unsplash

As a business owner, you know that when you benefit so do your customers. Custom application development is just one way you can help your customers while benefitting as well. First, you may have questions about what custom application development is. In this case, custom application development is the development of software for a specific group of users or a single user within an organization or business.

Problems with Mass-Produced Software Programs

When an organization is searching for a software application system, they have specific needs in mind. While not consistent, sometimes mass-produced software program works sufficiently for the applications needed by the organization. For example, an organization may need a simple program that monitors employee’s time and attendance. But, what happens when those mass-produced software applications don’t fit the needs of your business? Do you spend the time to modify your entire organizational structure to work around the software differences? If you do, you are taking time away from your customers.

You need to decide if you should purchase a second software program, putting some of the data into each program. What if the two systems don’t talk to each other? It would make the information unusable. Moreover, it could negatively impact employee morale by causing unnecessary and wasteful changes. Don’t underestimate the impact on morale when organizational practices are changing for no apparent reason. When your employees are irritated with making unnecessary changes it also frustrates them, leading to them to rebel against the changes. They often see a loss of productivity and reduced inefficiency due to learning the new system. In return, they might take their attitude out on your customers or fall short of their quotas. It is more prudent to save changes for actions that make your business more productive and efficient.

A Better Purchasing Experience

What can make your customers have a better purchasing experience? Consider a custom application development for your organization that also fits the exact needs of your employees. The new software eliminates duplicate work and shares different types of data that would have never been cross-referenced before. It also solves specific needs and problems that your employee’s face. Although change is difficult for your employees and there will be a learning curve with any new system, the custom application will make their jobs easier, save them time, and produce results that they’ve never been able to do before. With better efficiency and production, your employees will be able to focus on your customers and provide them with better customer service, have time to craft new products, improve marketing, and target prior customers for new services.

Custom Application Development Is Scalable

What is another benefit to a customized application development system? Scalability. Many of the off-the-shelf software programs that you can purchase are cheap to purchase. While this sounds good, the results are not. For example, software designed for a small organization won’t work for your medium-sized organization. The software program will not be sufficient for what you need. What about a program for a large organization? The off-the-shelf software program might have a decent price, but it could be expensive to license and operate long term. Again, the cost to your customers is that you are using operating systems that can’t expand as you grow.

Added Security

The safety of your customer’s personal information should be your primary concern. If your customers can’t trust you to keep their data private and secure, they will no longer be your customers. Customized application development provides added security to your organization, regardless of the value you place on your product. Unfortunately, many hackers research these off-the-shelf software applications. As a result, they easily identify ways to breach the security of these systems. In the end, it puts your organization at risk for theft or manipulation of data.

There would be nothing worse for your reputation than waking up to find you’ve been hacked. Hackers work to steal all your customer’s names, credit card types, and credit card numbers. Sadly, this results in them spending hours and days trying to repair their credit. With a custom build application, you will reduce the attractiveness of your business to hackers. It takes too long for a hacker to analyze a new system and learn its weaknesses. They would rather exploit ones they already know.

Decreases Expenses

With off-the-shelf application systems, a software company can stop operation and disappear; leaving you with your data in a non-maintained system. The expense and downtime of changing unexpectedly can be costly to your business as customers move on to other companies that can solve their needs right “now”; while you are wrestling with the cumbersome process of transferring data to a new system. While customized application development is more expensive than purchasing a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software program your customers can benefit from your costs savings by eliminating delays and/or working around “cookie cutter” application.

Ayoka Custom Application Development

How can you get a customized application development system designed specifically for your organization’s needs? Contact a professional developer and sit down to discuss your specific needs, focus on the end results that you are looking to achieve and how your changes can help your customers. With the right customized application development system, you can become more efficient or build your operational capacity.

If you are an organization and searching for ways to improve your information management, then look no further than Ayoka for services that will increase your productivity while still maintaining the security of your business records. Ayoka custom application development emphasizes local, hands-on interaction, and discovering the needs of the end-users. This makes Ayoka ideal for providing increased accessibility, efficiencies, and security to your business through their custom application development.

Contact Ayoka Now

Customized application development for organizations does not have to be complicated. If you want expert advice to guide you through the process and help you get the most out of your software, contact Ayoka. Ayoka is an experienced industry leader. To get started with your custom application development for your organization, call (817) 210-4042.

The Value of Custom Software Development for the Borderless Enterprise

September 21, 2017
Photo by on Unsplash

Photo by on Unsplash

As companies continue to adapt to the ever-evolving modern business world, the need for custom software development in the borderless enterprise has skyrocketed. The borderless enterprise is more prevalent, as businesses compete to offer the most flexible options to employees and customers. This breakdown of organizational, geographical, and cultural barriers between departments and employees has resulted in more complex infrastructures for businesses.

Cloud-hosted applications and wireless access are now a staple in modern businesses. As a result, employees now have instant access to information from all parts of an enterprise. This is regardless of location and time zone, custom software development and is beneficial to meeting the needs of your business. When employees work from anywhere, with any device, off-the-shelf software falls short of needed requirements. Most importantly, it lacks many of the components necessary to keep company information safe and accessible. Thankfully, this is where custom software development steps in. First, custom software development helps streamline work flow. It also fixes weaknesses in the system and reduces labor costs associated with securing and pairing a network.

Custom Software Development for Security

One of the most important needs of the borderless enterprise is a need for increased security. For example, borderless enterprise structures create a competitive advantage for many businesses. As a result, it also creates a more vulnerable state when it comes to cyber-crime risk. Cyber-attack can be a business catastrophe. The easiest way to deal with cyber-crime is to put preventative action in place. Through custom software development, your business creates an extra layer of protection throughout your entire network.

Hackers look for typical off-the-shelf software when they target a specific business or enterprise. This gives them a back door into your network and access to your most valuable company information. Many people purchase off-the-shelf software because they consider it easy to maneuver. Unfortunately, it also leaves your business vulnerable to security breaches. As a result, hackers see your business as a gold mine. However, when you use custom software development, you create a unique solution to cyber risk. You eliminate the backdoor into your system and present a code different than what the typical hacker sees. Even if they breach your system, the most hackers get is useless data.

Custom Software Development for Integration

Another benefit of custom software for the borderless enterprise comes with integration. Borderless enterprise structures actually lack structure when it comes to user systems. Because many employees work remotely, from all different parts of the world, businesses face a unique roadblock from software failures due to conflicting user systems. Custom software development forces all employees within the borderless enterprise to work through the same user systems. This creates unity with employee software and leads to better network performance.

Today, many people work from mobile devices. This means that apps and software packages pose a problem when faced with integrating with other systems. By choosing custom software development, you eliminate those integration issues that arise. Additionally, it locates and fixes any issues that employees face with their IT infrastructure. This leads to less income reduction from down time, as most companies invest in a technical support team after their custom software development is complete.

Custom Software Development for Support

As previously stated, the support does not cease when your custom software development is complete. Most businesses, especially those who are identified as a borderless enterprise, invest in a technical support team to assist them throughout the life of their custom software. Because this is now a crucial part of your business, many custom software development companies look at your project as more than just development. You are all invested in the success of your infrastructure. Your development company has invested their time, and you have invested your money, so it is important to be proactive in handling any software issue that may arise.

Emergency Backup Plan

Part of your plan, when you sign on with a custom software development company, involves an emergency backup. Software development companies deal with businesses of all sizes and types. As a result, your borderless enterprise benefits from this. this is due to scaling your recovery plan in order to meet the specific needs of your business. In the end, with a recovery plan in place, you save time and money. You also eliminate any risk associated with the loss of your most crucial information. Implementing an emergency backup plan is vital. Along with it, you also need a technical support team, trained in handling this type of emergency. In the end, your company saves money by preventing the loss of income that generally results from a system crash.

As borderless enterprises continue to emerge in the business world, and veteran businesses adapt their business structure to meet the demands of this new flexibility, business executives are faced with new problems. Inherent vulnerabilities and security risks from cloud environments and mobile devices can be fixed through custom software development. And, businesses can benefit from better integration and a more proactive emergency backup plan. Reduce the effects of conflicting user systems, damaging security risks, and loss of important information through custom software development for your borderless enterprise. 




Face-to-Face Interviews are Critical for Custom Software Development

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

Custom software development brings a higher level of efficiency to businesses’ willing to invest in this unique service. When software is specially developed for a specific user or organization, it will serve to precisely address their needs. Since custom software development will only work for one particular company, choose a local development company to bring the best results. The development company you choose to hire should take the time to understand your business. They should strive to translate your needs into design and specifications that work to fulfill the goals of your business.

A quality custom software development company should know the ins and outs of a particular business. Custom software development companies that offer face-to-face interviews deliver a critical part in attaining the best version of custom software. Custom software development is tricky. Choose a company that is readily available throughout the entire process. Your company will benefit from a smooth implementation and meet its project objectives with accuracy.

Custom Software Development is All About Communication

The most important part of the project is communication. The process involves continuous collaboration, clarifying goals and objectives, refining ideas, and creating a solution that works for you. The first face-to-face interview conducted by your software development company is the most versatile form of primary research. During this meeting, your programmer will learn about you and what you want to get from your custom software development. They will ask detailed questions about the scope of your project, your priorities, and your budget. It is during the initial meeting that the most information is released.

The interview process with a development company will involve many questions and answers from both sides. Ask how their tools for the software project can match your needs. See how their previous experience working for other companies can benefit your project. Talk openly about your opinions and wants. If you take the time to invest in a relationship with a custom software development company, it will help both sides smooth out bumps down the road.

Since software is an intangible product, the final design is a direct reflection of what is communicated between your company and the developer. Lack of communication causes the biggest risk for error. Meeting with someone face-to-face allows the programmer to benefit from more in-depth data collection and a more comprehensive understanding of your project.

Trust and Accountability

Another benefit of hiring a company that will meet face-to-face is that it heightens the sense of trust. During the process, you will get acquainted with one another. Your programmer will also get to know other people within your company. This will give them an increased understanding of the culture of your business. Trust is an important part of this business exchange because implementing new software is a complicated process. It will increase your satisfaction as a customer if you know there is a real person on the other end of the phone when you call with questions.

Face-to-face interviews during the custom software development process also increases accountability on the side of the programmer. In the beginning of the process, you may experience longer meetings that call for a greater commitment to participate when they are conducted face-to-face. You also know that you have your programmer’s full attention. This leaves less room for distraction and lowers the risk of error in designing your software. They will need to speak with you directly when you have questions. And, you know you have hired someone who is reachable. This is particularly important during the implementation process.

Higher Quality of Service

Custom software development is tailor-made to your specifications to best serve your business. Top notch customer service will increase the efficiency of your new software. The implementation process involves several steps. During this process, it is not uncommon that something goes wrong. While you might never experience a major issue, minor glitches in the software can occur. Having a company that works with you, face-to-face, will ensure a smooth implementation and transition of your software.

An expert that can be onsite during the final process will allow for the safest testing and final implementation. This will reduce any associated risk for your company, and can save your business money in the long run. The process is a collaborative effort and involves excellent teamwork to be successful. Your final design should increase your business’ level of productivity. The cost of custom software development is offset by increased efficiency.

It is critical to the process to work with a company that is local and provides an onsite expert because of the need for ongoing support. Your software will be scalable and grow with your business. The money you invest in custom software development will create a solution for unique problems and eliminate unnecessary work. Therefore, additional support will be needed for your investment as time goes on.

Custom software development relies heavily on effectively communicating the details of your desired program. On the other end, your programmer should be probing you for extensive information relevant to getting the job done. Hire a local company that offers face-to-face interviews to gain the proper insight needed to attain your goals and create a product that delivers the best results to better your business.

 Five Reasons to Choose Custom Web Development

February 27, 2017
Photo by Lee Campbell on Unsplash

Photo by Lee Campbell on Unsplash

Every business needs a website in the digital world today. There are very few people who would say otherwise. Websites are critical to the success of a business. They can make you, or they can break you. People who come across your website while browsing the internet could very well be turned into customers. A poorly developed website can devastate your business by turning away potential customers. The key is to have a website that intrigues and fascinates people, while remaining functional. This is where custom web development comes into play.

What Makes a User Want to Stay On a Site?

Put yourself in the shoes of a random web browsing user, and consider what aspects of a website make you like it. Most people would say easy navigation. In fact, the presentation of the site’s content matters more to many people than the content itself. If users have to click through a labyrinth of links to get to their destination, your website is badly designed. If, on the other hand, it is easy to click and navigate through your site, you will see your traffic and revenue go up in no time at all. Custom web development ensures that your website looks and feels good. It also has many other benefits. 

1 – Custom Web Development Helps with SEO

While a custom website is developed by experts in the industry, there are other options. For example, you could buy a template and edit its theme; however, you are limited on how much you can change. Moreover, this almost never works out as well as building a completely unique site from the ground up. With the help of a custom web development expert, you can incorporate SEO techniques into the design of your site. Search engines like Google, rank websites based on their content, links, and the ease of navigation through the pages of the site.

2 – A Custom Site is Truly Unique

 There is so much more involved in building an online business. You need more than a website with a fancy logo on the home page. Your online site will be nothing if you don’t have good web design throughout the site. While building a website with a template seems easier and cheaper, it will never look nearly as unique as a custom site. Your website is a representation of you and your business. While information is important, trying to fit all your information into a pre-made placeholders on a template, could leave your site lacking. At Ayoka, we strive to emphasize how unique your company is in the industry so your users will feel the passion behind your brand too. The website is the foundation upon which the rest of your company is built. Make it stand out.

 3 – Custom Sites are Built for Customers

When deciding on a custom website, ask yourself who keeps your company running when all else fails. Your customers do, of course. Without your customers, your company would shut down in days. They are your primary source of income. Building a website is something that should be done for your customers’ convenience, not your own. A custom web development service crafts a site that is optimally structured for your customers. From start to finish, your website flows smoothly, guiding your visitors on a gentle journey that culminates in a powerful call to action to make a sale. At Ayoka, our team of experienced web developers will ensure conversions for you.

4 – Leave the Competition in the Dust

Do you believe that competitors are a good thing? You might be thinking that this is a blasphemous thing to say. The truth is, competition gives you a world of opportunities to take advantage of. Without your competitors, you wouldn’t have to come to Ayoka for a custom web development service suite. With a custom website, your business will show nothing but excellence in the field, being the best version of itself that it can be. We take your brand name and give it an identity that projects the name of your business out among the stars, leaving your competitors in the dust.

5 – You Build New Relationships

Consider the situation where you buy a template right off the shelf. What happens when something goes terribly wrong with the site and you need support? Some templates have limited support, but nothing to the extent of the after sales support here at Ayoka Systems. When you work with our expert custom web development team, you build lasting relationships with them. Whenever you encounter a problem with your new website, all you have to do is call and the problem will be solved before you know it!

Having a custom website is truly something you shouldn’t pass up. It is an opportunity to grow your business and show your customers that you are truly passionate about what you do. You give an identity to your company and site that simply can’t be emulated when you use a traditional website template to build upon. Take the time to invest in custom web development at Ayoka Systems and watch as your business reaps the benefits.

Fast Forwarding iOS with Swift for Business Applications

Photo by Xavier Wendling on Unsplash

Photo by Xavier Wendling on Unsplash

Are you trying to get a mobile application up and running for your company? The challenges you face when trying to do this are many indeed, but the reward when you do get one is more than worth the effort you put in. The problem here is the time it takes to build an application on iOS that you can roll out to your customers in as short a time frame as possible. Ask your team when they can have an app ready and they will almost always give you a number you simply can’t work with. This is where the Ayoka Swift development services come in and save the day. Using Swift for business apps is by far the best way to deliver a powerful solution to your customers in the shortest time.

Why Use Swift Over Objective-C?

When Swift was first announced by Apple as the new standard for programming iOS applications, the coding industry was taken by surprise. Most developers predicted that it wouldn’t last. Today, it is quickly becoming the industry standard. At Ayoka, our highly skilled teams’ language of choice is Swift for business applications. If you check the training history of your own team, you may notice that most of them specialized in Objective-C instead, which was the language of choice before Swift entered the playing field. So why do the Ayoka Swift development services teams use this language instead?

  1. Better readability – one of the biggest advantages of Swift is that there is less code involved. While the code is just as complex, the readability is far better, as are the benefits and the recyclability of existing code. Companies like Lyft, which are completely mobile-based, have apps written completely in Swift. Your business could benefit from switching to Swift too, mainly because of the significant reduction in how much coding has to be done for a certain process.


  1. More reliable – When you enlist the Ayoka Swift development services to rebuild your business applications for iOS, you’re already ensuring a lack of errors in the code. However, Swift reduces the incidence of errors during the coding process by such a great amount that your app could be on its feet and ready for launch in far less time than you may have thought possible. The difference in syntax when compared to Objective-C means that the language is simply more stable and allows for far better quality control while we write your application for you.


  1. Swift is fast – At Ayoka, we specialize in a variety of programming languages, including C++, the fastest in the industry. The speed and performance of Swift are considered second only to this. Constant updates to the speed of the language by Apple ensure that our use of Swift in the development of your app will improve the front-end performance of your app on customer devices.


  1. Interactive testing is possible – Our developers believe in delivering the highest quality product to your organization. This involves an extensive testing process that improves your application significantly at the end of it all. We can test each portion of the code on its own without creating your entire app and finding an error afterward. This increases our efficiency and allows us to deliver an incredible application to you in record time. Using Swift for business applications on iOS increases our efficiency and your satisfaction!

How Using Ayoka Swift Development Services Benefits You

When you use our professional Swift programmers to aid in the construction of your application, you ensure the highest standards in the industry. One of the biggest perks of using our services is that you gain access to the best programmers in the business for a far lower cost. The reason for this is that Swift is an open-source application. We can make use of it without having to pay exorbitant prices for it, which makes it far easier to lower your prices as well.

In addition to this, you get to push updates to your customers whenever there is a change in the performance of your iOS application. Apps based on Swift can actually be linked to new updates to the language itself because of the use of dynamic libraries. We introduce an update to your app, and you put it on the App Store for your users to download. All the functions of your original app are retained, but the application itself becomes faster, less prone to crashes, and better in every way.

The Future of Swift Applications in Your Business

A final benefit of Swift for your business is diversity. In the future, you might decide to introduce an Android-based application for your customers on that platform. Swift, unlike Objective-C, isn’t completely unique to the iOS platform. Indeed, one of the main perks of the language is that it is closely related to the other languages in the programming industry. All you need to do at a time like this is call our company up and enlist our help in reusing your old Swift code to build an Android or Windows Mobile application in no time at all. Ayoka and its team of expert coders are always ready and willing to assist you!


Enterprise Application Services for Retail

February 17, 2017
Photo by Anna Dziubinska on Unsplash

Photo by Anna Dziubinska on Unsplash

An Enterprise Application, if you didn’t know already, is a platform of system software designed to work within a certain business environment.  These applications are quite complex in nature. They are highly distributed throughout a business. At Ayoka, the software we develop, as part of our enterprise application services, consists of highly specialized groups of programs. These programs share the goals of your business and have an infrastructure based on your needs. Our teams are well-trained in the art of using enterprise architecture to build software that meets all your requirements with ease.

Where Enterprise Application Services and Software are Used

Our enterprise application software helps you manage processes within your retail business.  The term retail business includes all a wide range of businesses, such as online shopping, processing customer payments, creating and maintaining catalogs of available inventory, billing system management, store security, IT management, resource management (human and otherwise), and much more. As a retail-oriented company, your organization could greatly benefit from our enterprise application suite.

The Retail Industry Needs a Strong Enterprise Application System

The rate at which technology develops greatly impacts the success of your business when you’re in the retail game. Today, technology is advancing at an alarming rate. Investing in the latest tech is one of the best ways to ensure the success of your company.

Knowing the types of solutions you need to perfect your processes is critical to your success in the future. You also have to know when to outsource work. When you work with Ayoka’s enterprise application services department, for example, you get guaranteed high-quality results.

Analytics is a major part of the retail industry. You perform analysis of customer behavior in order to meet their needs more readily. Working with big data like this is a huge opportunity for new technology to be implemented into your systems. To do this seamlessly, you need a base of enterprise application software like CRM and Business Intelligence.

How Our Enterprise Application Software Works

When we integrate your new software, we use one of three methods:

  • Point-to-point – Ayoka integrates each of the business apps to each other using a single connection between them. This is the easiest form of integration, but is also one of the most limited because of the obvious restriction to scalability due to the single link.
  • Separate engine – Connecting all your databases and applications to a separate server or engine that can collect, analyze, and distribute data to the relevant apps later.
  • ESB – Also known as the Enterprise Service Bus, this is a solution that works well if your company has a complex IT system within it. We develop multiple complex enterprise apps and use your network to distribute tasks and information.

Better Management Capabilities

When you work with us to integrate Enterprise Application Software into your company, you’re taking a step towards a more successful future. You enjoy a whole range of benefits immediately after switching your business over to EAS. Better management capabilities are one of a few benefits you should see.

If your company has multiple departments responsible for different processes that come together to improve the output of the company, enterprise software improves the efficiency with which each department communicates with the rest. Interoperability is one of the prime causes of financial losses for companies. In fact, the automobile industry in the USA loses about a billion dollars each year due to inefficient interoperability.

Automated Workflow

Ayoka Systems’ enhanced enterprise application services ensure that all your company’s information is collected seamlessly and accurately, then distributed to the relevant departments. This means you no longer have to worry about errors during the processing and retrieval of data. A good example of this is the Customer Relationship Management segment of our enterprise application services. The data collected by the CRM system on customers can be used to build and push out a new marketing campaign. Reports on the success of the campaign can be built and delivered automatically to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign.

Gain a Flexible IT Department

By integrating software into your business, you get to expand your IT systems when you need to. Because of this flexibility, loss of data is no longer a risk. As your store grows in size and popularity, upgrades to your system will be required, especially to stay abreast of customers’ expectations. Enterprise application integration allows you to do this quickly, smoothly, and efficiently.

Integrate Enterprise Applications to Your Business Today

As you see, there are many benefits of integrating enterprise applications for your retail business. At Ayoka Systems, we employ our very own, custom-made enterprise application services team. This team is more than capable of building such a system for your company. Without an enterprise application system in place, your business will not last for long in the competitive retail industry today. Ayoka Systems is committed to helping your business succeed. If you think you’re ready to make the smart choice and switch over to software integration, give us a call and get started with the most professional teams in the business.


Custom Software Development Made In The USA

Photo by Thomas Kelley on Unsplash

Photo by Thomas Kelley on Unsplash

Decisions, decisions. The most important question growing business owners ask themselves is, “What type of software is best for my business?”

With hundreds of different types of software on the market, choosing the right one for your business can get tricky. It’s all a matter of choosing between outsourcing or insourcing. Outsourcing is when you obtain goods from a foreign supplier. Insourcing is just the opposite. Insourcing goods mean that you are using a local organization to produce goods or products. In other words, when you choose insourcing, you work with companies here in the US.

So, should you use outsourced software that has a 1-800 number on the back of the box? Or, should you create your own custom software made here in America? Both options have pros and cons, but when it comes down to it, using local software made here in the US is the better choice.

Here’s why.

Keep an eye on quality

It is easier to manage custom software built here in the US. Working closely with a local company can help reduce the amount of complications. It is easier to test the product and make changes before it goes to launch.

Here’s another thing you’ll love about working with local custom software developers.

Together you can work to create a special aspect designed specifically for your company’s needs; a secret sauce so to speak. This puts you ahead of your competitors and gives you the edge you need to succeed.


Getting a hold of a local developer is much easier than calling that 1-800 number to some unknown destination. Most companies you chose to work with are within driving distance instead of having to flying overseas. Also, frequent in-person meetings ensure everyone is on the same page.

Successful communication is key and local developers understand what it is like to run a business here in the states. Outsourcing can lead to miscommunication about your company’s goals. Another country may run things differently and not understand, or care to know, how you prefer to run your business.

Keep up with company growth

Your company is growing fast and there is no time to slow down. Outsourcing software and working with a large corporation overseas can make it tough for everyone to be on the same timeline. By working locally, you get to know the software developers you are working with and they can keep you on track.

And here is something else to consider.

There are no international loopholes to go through. Your product will get to you quickly without getting held up by international taxes or delivery obstacles. If you need your software immediately, you can pick it up or have it shipped overnight without any hold-ups.

Great customer service

Great customer service is always a plus when you team up with a company that is developing custom software. Your developers will train you and your employees how to use your new software. Working together shows loyalty, that the custom software developers care about your company.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Creating custom software in the US makes resolving any IT issues, a quicker turn around. A simple phone call directly to the company avoids any waiting and puts you at the front of the line. There is no third party needed when developing custom software locally. You save both time and money by avoiding working with a third party.

Know the people behind the product

The best part of working with custom software developers here in the states is the personal relationships you build together. You get to work with a developer on a first name basis who is always quick to respond. By that, you form a unique community that probably wouldn’t exist when working with a company overseas.

When comparing the strengths versus the weakness of the two options, you will love using custom software that is made right here in the US. Getting to know the company you chose to partner with makes for a strong working relationship. Custom software developers here in the US want you to succeed! You are all on the same team and have the same goals in mind.

The friendly and knowledgeable team at Ayoka is proud to offer applications and software made right here in the US. They go above and beyond to provide excellent customer service to business owners across the country. Contact Ayoka today and see what it is like to work with a true American company.

If You Haven’t Considered Custom Software Development, You Might Be Leaving Money on the Table

June 7, 2016

Hiring developers to create custom software for your business is a huge decision. How do you know whether your business will benefit from custom software development over off the shelf software?

If you have never thought of custom software development as something that would benefit your business, it’s time to start. Many businesses and companies are finding that hiring developers to create customized software helps their company in myriad ways.

Not only do you get software that runs exactly the way you want or need it to, but you don’t have to rely on the developers of off the shelf software for maintenance or updates. Each step of the way, you are involved in the process, ensuring that the finished product is perfectly tailored to your business’s needs.

By far the biggest reason to invest in custom software development is that it saves – and makes – money in the long run. How is this possible? Keep reading to find out more about how custom software development can help your business grow and earn more.

It’s just for you

As the name suggests, custom software is just for you. Whether you need new software to streamline current business practices or want to implement something entirely new, custom software can do it. You aren’t constricted by the limitations of off the shelf software, which needs to work for a wide variety of businesses and individuals. Instead, your custom software can do whatever you need it to do, without waiting for updates or pricey add-ons.

How does this save you money? For larger or growing businesses, licensing off the shelf software can be horrifically expensive. Then you have to pay for it again when the license expires. With custom software, developers will work with you so you aren’t paying for more than you need.

Productivity increases

If you already have software for your business, there’s a pretty high chance that buying a new off the shelf software either won’t be compatible with it or will require a large learning curve to fully master it.

Custom software can be developed to integrate perfectly with your existing software, meaning that there are fewer error messages, less lost work, and higher employee productivity. This saves time, and in turn, saves money.

It’s safer

With off the shelf software, you run the risk of hackers discovering all the weak spots. They are easily exploited and make your business vulnerable to technological attacks. With custom software, your business is protected. Hackers have no idea what your software is like because they can’t easily access it.

If you’ve ever had difficulties with your business’s security being compromised, you know that it results in loss of business and man hours and a lot of money wasted in upgrading software systems. An initial investment in custom software development eliminates this possibility, meaning your business is safe and your money stays in your pocket.

Aids growth

Custom software development can help your business grow in more ways than one. For one, it can streamline processes that are already implemented in your business. This increases efficiency and makes it so that you can focus on other aspects of your business.

When you invest in custom software development, your employees will be able to do their jobs faster and more efficiently. In this way, your business goals become more easily reachable. Your company will be able to grow faster and perform better. You can take on more clients or customers because your custom software can handle the influx quite easily.

It’s easy to see how custom software development can not only save your business time and money, but also help you grow and make more. Making the decision that custom software development is best for your business is admittedly a big one. However, with its ease of use, tailored fit and ability to streamline your business’s practices, it’s something to consider.

If you are curious about how custom software development can benefit your business in particular, contact Ayoka Systems and let them walk you through the process. You’ll see just how custom software can help your business grow, save money, and be protected. With their experience and expertise, they can work with you to design and build the perfect software for your business. After all, it’s your software. It’s perfectly tailored to your needs, and your feedback is the most important part of the design process.

Unlike working with off the shelf software, with Ayoka Systems, you’re guaranteed custom software development that is finished on time, is completely supported and will work perfectly for whatever you need. The peace of mind that goes along with that guarantee is invaluable for your business.


Pros and Cons of Custom Software Development

May 24, 2016
Photo by Dose Media on Unsplash

Photo by Dose Media on Unsplash

How can you know if you need custom software? Here are the pros and cons of custom software development so you can make the best choice for your business.


Custom software is just that – custom. Your business is its intended audience, so everything about the product is designed for your team of users. This can be invaluable for a business with highly specialized practices. It’s also good for more mainstream businesses that want to get an edge on the competition.

A potential downside to using custom software is that sometimes you need more options than you initially thought. Many businesses find that pre-made software has functions and tools they never knew they needed. Because it’s made for a large audience it has to appeal to a wide array of industries and needs.


When you choose custom software development, you can make changes to the product as you need them. You have total control over the finished product and updates.

This is great for businesses that are growing or rapidly developing. You get to choose what to change and when. When you purchase pre-made software, you don’t have that freedom. Instead, you have to wait for updates and hope that they do what you want them to do.

There really aren’t any cons associated with this aspect of custom software development. In fact, it’s one of the strongest arguments for investing in it.


Here’s where a lot of businesses falter. The price of custom software development is significantly higher than the cost of mainstream software. The thing is, it’s just the upfront cost.

Yes, the price is high. However, if you’re thinking of investing in custom software development, you have to look ahead and see how much it will save you in the future. Well-designed custom software can provide an invaluable service and has the potential to give your business the edge it needs to grow and expand.


The downside of the price of custom software is that many smaller businesses cannot afford the upfront cost. However, by thinking of it as an investment rather than an expense, you may find that it’s a little easier to pay so much.

These are the three biggest things to take into account when you’re thinking about custom software development for your company. For a wide array of businesses, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. Contact Ayoka Systems for more information and to see how custom software can benefit your company

Buying Custom Software? Don’t Make These Mistakes

May 12, 2016
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

From time to time, you might realize that your generic software isn’t producing the results you had hoped. Maybe your company goals don’t quite fit within the results this software can offer, or maybe your company has grown, and “on the shelf” software no longer supports the data you wish to process. Whatever the reason your old software is failing you, it might be time to consider buying custom software. Before you purchase custom software, make sure you don’t make these common mistakes.

Expectations are impossible to meet

The idea of custom software can often send expectations soaring. When you have the option to design something specifically for your company, you might  believe that the sky is the limit. Custom software does offer great customization, but there are limits to what can be produced.

The first limitation of custom software is related to cost. More complex software takes longer to create and costs more than a basic software design. Businesses run on a budget, and the custom software you choose must fit within your budget.

Another custom software limitation is technology. New technology is being developed every day, but some expectations can exceed present capabilities. When you are buying custom software, be sure and discuss your expectations with your developer in order to make sure everyone is on the same page, so everyone will leave the experience on a good note.

Software is too complex

Another major mistake you can make when buying custom software is choosing a software that is too complex. When you work with a custom software developer, you have to keep in mind that your employees will have to be trained to use the software that is created. Sure, there are some amazing features that can be developed, but if they are too complex to teach to your employees, then your employees will not use the software.

The more training required, the more time will be taken away from production and/or services. The same can be said for features created for your company’s website. If the software is too difficult for the customer to use or understand, they won’t use it, or worse, they will choose another competitor to work with. It is understandable that flashy, new technology is eye catching, however, if it is too complex, it will not work for your company. Talk with your custom software developer about your company’s needs, and try to find the simplest way to solve your problem.

Deadlines are too rigid

In the business world, everyone lives and dies by the deadline. That’s not so with custom software. Your software delivery timeline often depends on which features you decide to use. New features bring more code, and because the features are customized to your business, the code is often new as well. Once the code is developed, there will have to be a testing period where all of the bugs will need to be worked out. There is no real way to estimate the exact timeframe for this. Several simulations must be run of all possible scenarios in order to make sure the software is running smoothly and correctly. If there are any glitches, the code must be corrected and tested again. It’s definitely good to set a date to shoot for completion, but it would be wise to understand that there has to be flexibility to receive quality custom software that can give your business the competitive edge.

These three common mistakes when buying custom software are easy to avoid, if you know they exist. Now that you do, hopefully, your custom software buying experience will be much more enjoyable and successful.

Three Signs You Need Custom Software Development

May 8, 2016
Photo by Tirza van Dijk on Unsplash

Photo by Tirza van Dijk on Unsplash

As Operations Manager, you are charged with making sure all aspects of your company run like a well-oiled machine. There are many tools you can use to make that happen, but sometimes your toolbox may seem overloaded, or worse, out of date. Here are three signs you need custom software development.

Technology is always advancing…without you

Technology is advancing at an exciting rate. If your business has a system that has been working the same way for years, it is often hard to change, but there may come a day when you realize that everyone in your industry has jumped on the technology train while you were left at the station. For some, that might mean finally adjusting your business operations and investing in software that can streamline of your business’s paperwork – from medical assessments to compliance reporting. For others, it might mean getting started in custom reports for your customers or collecting data from social media.

Now is an opportune time to consider custom software development. With custom application development, not only can your organization spring into the future, but software can be created specifically for your needs and for the data your company collects. Custom software design can also create solutions that helps you connect with your customers by utilizing the same technologies they do. This can help you stay relevant in their eyes and better understand what product or service would best meet their needs. If you see technology leaving you behind, it’s time to consider custom software development.

Current software can’t cut it

Another telltale sign that you need custom software development is that your current software is no longer supported (deprecated) or can’t seem to keep up with your current needs. Legacy software isn’t, in itself, a bad thing. It helps us with many established business tasks. For example, a custom windows application or desktop program works well if you are exclusively within your network, but falls short if you now want to use this functionality on a mobile device. Modernizing your legacy product into a more modular solution using custom programming can make this happen.

You shouldn’t have to use several different software products in order to get specialized data for your company, either. At Ayoka Systems, we work with your company to understand who you are, and we create software that can produce actionable data you need with efficiency and precision.

You need to be one step ahead

Custom software development can certainly give you a competitive edge – you don’t want to be competing against the leaders in your industry using the same old software available to everyone. If you invest in custom software development, you will gain an advantage because the software will focus on your business’s unique strengths and weaknesses.

In manufacturing, this is especially important. No company’s warehouse or procurement model is like any other’s, and you need software that can not only navigate your warehouse, but help it run more effectively and more efficiently.

Creative software engineering, performed in an open collaborative way with a local team,  is the way to go when it comes to helping your business thrive. Regardless of the reasons you choose to invest in custom software development, it will be one of the best decisions you can make to ensure your business is run more effectively, and that’s great for your bottom line.

Mobile Applications Can Help Your Manufacturing Business

April 25, 2016
Photo by Matam Jaswanth on Unsplash

Photo by Matam Jaswanth on Unsplash

If you are in the manufacturing business, you might think that mobile applications are for everyone else, but you’d be wrong. There are many ways that mobile applications can help your manufacturing business and here we’ll take a look at a few.

Customer Relationship Management

One of the most apparent ways that mobile applications can help your manufacturing business is with customer relationship management. TechTarget defines customer relationship management, or CRM, as  “practices, strategies, and technologies that companies use to manage and analyze their customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle, with the goal of improving business relationships with customers, assisting in customer retention, and driving sales growth.” At Ayoka, our local employees can easily meet you on-site and work with you to develop a mobile app to collect and analyze your customer data in order to better meet their needs. For example, if the data you have collected shows that a particular customer always orders a product in February, you can start preparing your inventory at the end of January to be sure you can meet that customer’s needs. If one of your long-term customers places their 1,000th order, you might wish to congratulate them or send a special gift with the order. With a mobile app, you have this information at your fingertips, and can access it at any time to improve your customer relationship.

On the Shop Floor

It may seem obvious that mobile applications can help your manufacturing business with CRM, but they can also help you on the shop floor. Ayoka can develop a mobile app for your business that can help increase productivity on the shop floor. You can use a mobile app to integrate with PLC devices or equipment to analyze how efficiently machines or employees are working. Perhaps you’ll find that a machine is running 4 percent less efficiently than your other machines. In the short term, this might not show up, however, in the long term, this could cost you in amount of product made and possibly a customer or two. With a mobile app, you can monitor and report on the efficiency of your manufacturing business and use it to increase productivity. You can also use a mobile application to streamline operations. With the data you collect and analyze, you might discover that workflow among different people overlap and increase the risk for rework. Visibility into shopfloor operations often provides opportunities to improve performance on company metrics.

Inventory Systems

Mobile applications can also help your manufacturing business with inventory systems. Whether you are scanning products in and out on a daily basis, or using another form of technology to keep track of inventory, Ayoka can create a mobile application to help you monitor and adjust your inventory in real time. On any given day, at any given time, you can access your app and see how your inventory is doing. This can help you prepare your inventory and track how quickly or slowly inventory dwindles at certain times. If you notice inventory disappears when certain employees are on the clock, you might discover that you need to monitor that shift more closely for theft. If you have a new product launching, you can monitor how well it does in real time and know whether you need to amp up production or continue as planned. Mobile applications can help your manufacturing business in regard to inventory as well.

As you can see, mobile applications are useful for several aspects of your manufacturing business, and are worth investing in. They free up your time and add value to your business. What more could you want?

Four Signs Your Custom Software Programming Company Is About to Let You Down

December 10, 2015


custom programming company

Is your software programming company failing to deliver? Here’s how you can tell.

At Ayoka, we’re fortunate to work in an industry where there are a lot of very smart and competent folks building great software. Unfortunately, not every software programming company can meet client requirements. It’s not always possible to tell that this is going to happen until a lot of time and money has been invested. But there are usually some warning signs of impending project implosion. Here’s what business clients should watch out for:

#1 A Steep Decline in Communication

No software company likes to admit defeat. They would rather avoid the conversation altogether and hope you go away. When a project appears to have stalled out and you can’t get an explanation about why, chances are high that things have gotten complicated.

#2 A Sudden Increase in Costs

Has the projected price of your custom application suddenly started resembling a hockey stick graph? If that’s because you decided to add a bunch of additional features, the spike may be valid. But if a price increase comes out of the blue, it may be a sign that the software firm left some important information off their original bid.

#3 An Overly Flashy Demo

The first time you see the brand new piece of software designed for your company can be exciting. But it can also be a bit of a letdown if you were expecting a lot of bells and whistles. Keep in mind that the purpose of a good demo is to demonstrate functionality and ensure your real objectives are being met. If a company is focusing too much on the “Wow” factor instead of the “How” factor, that’s a sign that you may be looking at a product that has more style than substance.

#4 Sketchy Documentation

If the software programming company delivers an app that seems to work fine but that has little documentation, that’s a warning sign that there will be problems later. A software firm that plans to be around over the long term will make sure there is detailed documentation available for ongoing maintenance of the application.

At Ayoka, we focus on what’s important to you and your business for an outcome you can rely on. Contact us at 817-210-4042 to talk through your project.

Software Product Development

December 1, 2015
Here’s what you should know about software product development vs software services development.

Did you know that a software product development project works differently than a software services project? At Ayoka, we work on both types of projects for our clients. Here are just a couple of the differentiators between the two:

There Are More Unknowns for a Software Product

In a typical custom software services project, a business is looking to build, modernize, or optimize an app for internal use. The software is intended to fulfill a preexisting and well-defined need. This makes it possible to get very specific about design and user requirements at the outset.

In contrast, when a software product is being developed that will be sold to end users outside the organization, demand is more difficult to estimate. User requirements can be tougher to figure out as well, since the proposed user persona is based on market research rather than actual business users. The design parameters may fluctuate dramatically based on feedback in early beta-testing.

software product developmentOwnership of Source Code for Software Products Is Negotiable

For software services projects, the code that’s developed usually belongs to the client. But when a software product is being developed, there may be a licensing agreement with the vendor retaining ownership of the code. This means the vendor can license and sell the code and derivative designs to other entities.

With that being said, Ayoka rarely retains the rights to source code for software products. Our clients are usually in a quest to develop highly proprietary software that gives them a substantial market advantage—and they want to fully own it. However, a licensing agreement is something that may be up for discussion occasionally for a software product that could serve a purpose for multiple organizations in a non-competitive sector. It’s definitely a topic that clients should make sure they understand no matter where they go for custom software product development.

Do you have an idea for a custom software product? Call Ayoka at 817-210-4042 to explore your concept with the experts.

Considerations in Developing a Custom Windows Application

November 25, 2015
Should you opt for a custom windows application solution? Consider this first.

If your organization is considering a custom Windows application, there’s probably a good reason. Maybe you’ve been struggling for a long time with the frustration posed by software that doesn’t fully mesh with your business practices. There comes a tipping point when you realize that investing in a better solution is smarter than continuing to wrangle with tools that aren’t getting the job done.

At the same time, you don’t want to waste money or end up with a new set of problems resulting from over-eager customization. Here are a couple of reasons you’ll want to seek out expert consulting before you make changes to your Windows software.

There May Be a Domino Effect

custom windows applicationIt’s important to take a close look at how any customizations may impact future software updates. When Windows is updated and upgraded, you will not always have the ability to pick and choose what happens with your organization’s Windows environment. Extensive customization may interfere with centralized updates, or the updates might break your custom app. Either way, you probably won’t be happy about spending more money fixing these problems.

There May Be a Better Way

One area where Windows customization sometimes comes into play is for remote access. When connectivity is intermittent, users with a smart-client may need access to data and advanced features even when they are offline. In that case, it may be beneficial to re-engineer a Windows app for additional client-side functionality. Or, it might be better to look at solving the connectivity problem so the existing web app can be used as is. You won’t know for certain without an in-depth look at your available options.

Want to explore custom solutions for Windows or other business applications? Contact Ayoka at 817-210-4042 for a consultation.


Open Source Projects Pave the Way for Custom Software Development

November 19, 2015
custom software development
Sony’s Confirms its Commitment to Custom Software Development with Camera Framework

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) aren’t known for their friendliness towards developers. Sony is one of the few OEMs who not only commits to making it easy for developers to employ their imagination on Sony products, they actually continually deliver on this promise. Sony believes in the power of custom software development, and their latest introduction of an experimental camera framework created for developers further confirms this belief.custom mobile app development

It’s an accepted idea that with more collaboration, more ideas, and more experimentation, comes better products and services. This is the essence of what makes the Android mobile platform so successful. The Android Open Source Project (AOSP) provides developers with the source code and information required for custom software development on Android. Sony makes great contributions to this information with their own open source project.

The latest buzz is about Sony’s release of a developer only camera, which will “enable developers to create custom ROM with basic camera functionality.” This is a huge deal because Sony’s camera software is known to be one of the best in the mobile business. Opening up their source code gives developers a chance to create custom mobile camera apps, which are creative, fresh, and innovative.

You can find information on Sony’s open source program here. Like Sony, Ayoka believes in the importance of innovation with custom software development. Contact us at 817-210-4042 to inquire about our services.



Is Windows 10 Ready for Enterprise Software Development?

November 12, 2015

Microsoft’s latest update to Windows 10 makes it a viable option for enterprise software development

custom enterprise software developmentIn terms of adoption rate, Microsoft’s latest iteration of Windows proves to be the most successful yet. Claiming to be the final version of Windows, Microsoft is betting on the fact that Windows 10 will appease consumers and the enterprise alike through software updates pushed by their development team. Their latest update caters to both populations by introducing tweaks to improve visual consistency and security. Let’s take a closer look.

Improved Context Menus

Words are king, and Microsoft’s latest software development update recognizes that. Context menus and the iconic tiles become more useful by displaying more text information to the user. Additional resizing options compliments this new feature as the user is given more options to display text information.

More Useful Cortana

Cortana, the Siri of Microsoft, catches up by adding functionality that’s present in its competitors. She, yes she not it, can tell you about missed phone calls, alert you about upcoming meetings, and even put Windows to sleep when you’re out of the office. Most importantly for the Enterprise, Microsoft is rolling out Cortana to most major world markets, allowing for universal adoption of her features.

Smarter Aero Snap

custom software development enterpriseAero Snap is a fan favorite among Windows features as it is visually mystifying and useful at the same time. Aero Snap is now smarter and more intuitive across all platforms, including mobile and tablet.

New Skype-Based Messaging System

Taking note from Google Hangouts and Apple iMessage, Microsoft rolls out its own proprietary messaging system. This gives businesses the ability to communicate seamlessly without any additional software.  Microsoft looks to make their Skype-based platform into the new messaging norm as oppose to an alternative.


Paramount for all businesses, and some consumers, is security. Microsoft beefs up its security with the latest update with better encryption and more security features for business clients.

It’s clear that Microsoft is serious about keeping its crown as the enterprise operating system king. The jury is still out, however, on whether it’s ready for enterprise software development. One thing is for sure, they are taking the right steps.

Does your business need to accomplish a project by the years end? Contact Ayoka today for custom enterprise software development. 817-210-4042

Security and Optimization Are Key Areas for Financial Software Development in 2016

November 12, 2015
financial software development blog
Financial software development is likely to focus on security and optimization over the next year.

Financial software development is a highly specialized area of custom programming. When money is at stake (as it always is in the financial sector) the key drivers are maximizing profit and minimizing risk. For 2016, we expect interest in security, compliance, and competitive advantage to be very strong. Here’s a peek at what some other industry experts are saying about these topics:

Plan for the Best, Prepare for the Worst

It’s important to make a system as secure as possible, but data breaches may still happen. Claire Giordano writes for about the importance of preparing for this type of incident by tracking what’s happening on the network: “You’ll need data to do the forensic analysis—so you should be collecting network traffic data now, in advance.”

She also recommends immediately cutting off employee devices that are lost or stolen. “One way criminals skirt defenses today is to steal an employee’s credentials via a sophisticated spear phishing attack. The time may have come to adopt two-factor authentication to mitigate the impact of stolen password credentials.”

With new threats emerging constantly, a full-scale security review should take place once a year at minimum. This includes taking a look at your data infrastructure, applications, typical uses, worst case scenarios, and prevention and recovery protocols.

Optimize Existing IT Assets to Focus on What Matters Most

Bob Olson from Unisys speaks to the needs of IT in Banking and the redesign of end user services for a better experience and less expensive maintenance. Olson advocates “business and security distinctions that are based on the user’s role, business mission, working patterns, IT needs, and security and compliance risks.”

Building personas in this way allows IT to determine the appropriate technology and support level. Users can be grouped based on device, network use, storage needs, and role within the organization. Mission critical processes can then be given appropriate attention at a help desk level.

From a development standpoint, this is also an interesting way to identify and prioritize what new features need to be built. Every dollar saved on maintaining existing IT assets is a dollar that can be put to use innovating to gain an edge over the competition.

How is your organization preparing to secure and optimize IT assets in the next year? Ayoka can offer an outside perspective on improvements. Call us at 817-210-4042 to find out more.