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Business to Business Integration Solution

Business to Business Integration Solution

Development of a business to business integration solution allows enterprises to collaborate and exchange data with trading partners, suppliers, and customers. With Ayoka’s enterprise integration services, clients have developed a range of business to business integration solutions that deliver capabilities such as:

Business Process Management and Collaboration – Orchestrate business processes to improve operations, efficiency, and collaboration with external partners. Users can directly design, monitor, and manage business processes and exchange data with partner applications. With this business to business integration solution, a major contract manufacturing firm streamlined their operations for vendor managed inventory / vendor owned inventory, and improved estimates for planning and replenishment.

Data Integration Services – For companies that support best of breed and existing legacy applications in a heterogeneous application environment, there is a need for their business to business integration solution to operate within the firewall and beyond it for trading partner transactions. Ayoka has developed business to business integration solutions, for large enterprises to mid-size firms, to operate an extended supply chain using data integration technologies such as EDI, XML, and other web services technologies.

Data Transformation and Data Validation – With the ability to move data between internal users and trading partners, data integrity and quality assurance are essential to keep automated processes moving without manual intervention for data correction. For a regional network of healthcare facilities, Ayoka developed a business to business integration solution to handle multiple data formats and perform data validation to ensure syntax and semantic rules are checked prior to transforming and loading electronic medical record (EMR) data sets into a data warehouse used for healthcare marketing.

Business Process Visibility – As firms consolidate business processes and implement electronic commerce with trading partners, there are new areas to establish visibility into business activity and to track progress against key performance indicators. Beyond these opportunities, increased industry regulations, liability exposure, and security risks are key considerations in Ayoka’s processes for developing a flexible business to business integration solution.

Business to Business Integration – Problem:

Client needs to exchange data with business partners and 3rd parties.

Business to Business Integration – Technical Solution:

Developed an integration program that could be configured based on type of business partner. This program acts as a “client” of the business partner’s application and posts data over a secure socket layer based on certain events.

Business to Business Integration – ROI:

Client is now able to support many more types of integration partners without having to invest in more development resources and causing a delay in signing partner contracts.