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Key Performance Indicators Solution

Key Performance Indicators Solution

For a major industrial product distributor, Ayoka developed a business intelligence solution (BI solution) to allow executives to track, manage and predict business performance using a set of tailored metrics displayed as intuitive dashboards of key performance indicators (KPI). By developing the key performance indicators solution as a web-based platform, managers are able to remotely track business progress against long-term organizational goals. This web-based solution ensured that the key performance indicators solution was up-to-date and consistent with the operations across the enterprise. Ayoka’s application development team pulled data from the ERP (enterprise resource planning) system and other business systems to incorporate several aspects of production tracking into a simple, centralized application. As a result, supply chain processes and financials are accessible from a clear, user-friendly portal or dashboard. In addition, employees across the company were able to see the impact of their performance on the key performance indicators solution, encouraging employees to focus more of their energies on key activities that demonstrated the biggest benefits.

Key Performance Indicators Business Problem:

Client wants to monitor productivity and efficiency of their business without manually preparing business intelligence reports on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Key Performance Indicators Technical Solution:

Implemented a web-based dashboard that automatically retrieved information from different databases and business systems, then calculated KPIs displayed as colorful indicators that could be understood at a glance.

Key Performance Indicators ROI:

Managers have an accurate and immediate view of their projects and employees performance.