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SOA Solution

SOA Solution

In order to connect several business applications, Ayoka’s application integration services team implemented a SOA solution enterprise service bus (ESB) architecture. Use of an ESB architecture allowed the customer to separate application logic and integration tasks, reducing the number and complexity of integration points. ESB is a software architecture that uses standards based, middleware infrastructure components, that communicate through an event driven messaging engine.

ESB allows services to be changed or added with minimal interruption to the IT environment, while reducing cost and risk as the business changes. An ESB solution is intended to permit a flexible and uniform integration approach, enabling interoperability between different programming frameworks (e.g. Microsoft .NET and Java Enterprise applications). However, implementation of an this SOA solution with ESB requires an agreed upon message model that may add network overhead and increased latency.

SOA Solution Business Problem:

Client owned several business-dependent applications, but these applications did not “talk” to each other.

SOA Solution Technical Solution:

Implemented a middleware layer that provided a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) solution that the applications could use to collaborate and access each other’s services.

SOA Solution ROI:

Decreased duplicate data entry, increased accuracy and avoided expensive customization and duplication of application updates.