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Software Internationalization Solution

Software Internationalization Solution

Software internationalization is the process of designing and developing software to handle different languages, text systems, and other language specific features. Prior to developing or enhancing an application, it’s important to understand if the long-term aim is to allow the software application to be accessible for people who do not, or would prefer not, to use English as their language for interacting with the application.  Understanding this up-front, during the application design stage, will minimize the costs for incorporating the features necessary for building a software internationalization solution.

For a company that operated a web application used by industrial equipment distributors and wholesalers, Ayoka’s application development team updated the design of the web application pages and user interfaces so that the business to business e-commerce system can be adapted to marketing in different languages and regions with minimal re-engineering. With the addition of software internationalization information, the same executable could be run worldwide and new language support did not require the code to be recompiled. In addition, culturally relevant information, such as currencies and dates, were automatically displayed in the users’ language and region formats.

Software Internationalization Solution – Business Problem:

For a company that operated a business to business web application used by industrial equipment distributors and wholesalers, this company was unable to effectively serve international customers and grow sales overseas.

Software Internationalization Solution – Technical Solution:

This was implemented using SAP’s internationalization features that provided language translations, combined with the localization features of a commercial e-commerce platform to provide localized product selection, marketing promotions and pricing.

Software Internationalization Solution – ROI:

By making the web application accessible to multilingual users, this company was able to increase website traffic, improve customer loyalty, and drive increased sales well in excess of the application development costs.