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Workflow Management Solution

Workflow Management Solution

For a leading e-government solution provider, Ayoka provided co-sourcing application services to extend the customer’s application development team. New features were developed for a product that performed automated task escalation and routing. This workflow management solution supports all incoming citizen request for service, all outgoing communications for notification and feedback, and automated escalation and routing in the event the citizen request is not resolved within a designated timeframe. Through a web portal, citizen requests can be routed and entered into the City department’s back-end systems. Business intelligence reports are available to provide an up-to-date view of government support activities and open issues. The automated escalation and routing application improved citizen satisfaction and streamlined issue management costs.

Workflow Management Solution – Business Problem:

Citizen service requests were tracked by pen and paper and manually delivered to the respective City department. This lead to inconsistent tracking and resolution of Citizen issues.

Workflow Management Solution – Technical Solution:

Designed and implemented a web based workflow management application that enables Citizens and City employees to log Citizen requests and, based on the nature of the request, automatically route the issue to the correct City department. Each issue was given a standard resolution timeframe – in the event the issue was not closed in that timeframe, it would be automatically escalated to the Department supervisor.

Workflow Management Solution – ROI:

Citizens can now track progress on issue resolution and City Management can ensure Citizen requests are addressed in a timely manner.