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Agriculture Software Development - Made in USA

Agriculture Software Development – Made in USA

Agriculture Software Development

From cash grains to a broad range of field crops, Texas based Ayoka provides agriculture software development and technology services. Ayoka works closely with our clients to develop custom software that meshes the expertise of our clients with modern technical alternatives.

Ayoka’s services focus on well-designed user interfaces, to make it easy and fast for users to operate. Much of the software is developed to provide remote monitoring capabilities or databases that can be used without continuous or reliable network connectivity. Customers have replaced paper records with custom mobile apps to log field inspections, roguing and weed control activities or field inventory operations. For companies involved in animal husbandry, Ayoka has developed applications to manage inventory, animal testing and health records, and integration with financial or ERP systems.

With rapidly growing data sets, Ayoka helps customers establish secure private clouds that manage and provide reports on big data. Frequently, data is integrated with global data sets to tie agricultural activity data to other business operations.

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