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e-Government Solutions

e-Government Solutions

With the evolution of the information society, e-Government solutions have become critical to local, state and national governmental agencies seeking to provide their citizenry with accessible, responsive and efficient government services.

E-Government solutions provide enhanced transparency and greater value by eliminating waste associated with paper based transactions.

The e-government model is comprised of four unique elements. E-services pertain to the electronic delivery of government programs, services and information. E-commerce relates to online financial transactions including taxation and licensing transactions. E-democracy is defined as functions and processes that promote and facilitate involvement by and accessibility for citizens and businesses. The final component of e-government is termed e-management which encompasses the management of information technologies and includes the use, maintenance and security of electronic documents.

Ayoka provides robust, cost-effective, fully compliant e-government solutions including e-government software application development, enterprise software development, government website development, and emerging mobile / smartphone applications.

Ayoka team members have served on a wide variety of public sector projects and served as independent software vendors on a host of Java web applications and .NET web applications initiatives.