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e-Government Software

e-Government Software

Experienced prime contractors and independent software vendors (ISV) recognize that teaming arrangements, particularly with local companies in the community of their government customer, are essential to success on RFP’s and other public sector solicitations. With a Made in USA approach to e-government software development, enterprise software development, government website development, or serving on a team as a database architect, Ayoka has a strong background in service to the public sector. The technical concept behind e-government or online government involves a web application or internet-based solution for providing citizen services, exchanging information, or performing transactions with citizens or companies. Benefits to the community are increased efficiency versus paper based transactions, greater accessibility for citizens, and additional means for citizen interaction. Web 2.0 applications are also favored instead of desktop software development. As enterprise software development become more integral to government operations, the opportunity for greater citizen service will expand to other delivery models, such as mobile / smartphone applications. Ayoka has served on public sector project teams since legislation after September 11th 2001 mandated roll-out of explosive detection systems and explosives trace detection systems in 442 airports nationwide. Other public sector teaming arrangements include Ayoka’s service as a database architect and custom software developer for several independent software vendors, working as part of the software development team on Java web applications and .NET web applications.

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