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Transportation Systems

Transportation Systems

From supply chain management and online scheduling to wireless communications and process automation, the transportation industry presents unique challenges. That’s especially true as we move toward a more heavily regulated, global marketplace.

Ayoka offers the transportation systems solutions your business needs to stay competitive. Innovative approaches like ITS (intelligent traffic systems), also known as smart traffic systems, are being developed to integrate information and communications technologies into vehicles and transportation infrastructures to improve safety, lower fuel consumption and enhance logistics.

In addition to commercial value, the roadway and traffic surveillance components of ITS have made the technologies invaluable to state and local governments, as well as the Department of Homeland Security, by providing data that facilitates reduced response times for first responders as well as evacuation planning information in congested urban areas.

Ayoka is a recognized leader in the development and deployment of transportation systems and SOA (service-oriented architecture) solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of the transportation industry.

We offer a full-stack approach to SOA that is designed specifically for transportation and logistics companies that creates an end-to-end integration of their infrastructure and networks to streamline and automate transactions, accelerate supply chain performance, enhance agility and responsiveness and reduce IT expenses.