Made in USA: Enterprise Application Services

Transportation and Logistics

Transportation and Logistics

With decentralized supply chain models and tighter trading partner collaboration, there is strong demand for integrated transportation and logistics operations. Ayoka’s approach is to go beyond the immediate financial challenges in the transportation and logistics market – the approach is to deliver solutions that are durable and flexible to support additional stocking locations, smaller order sizes, and increased costs for basic transportation and logistics services.

Ayoka’s Made in USA enterprise application services are provided in a highly collaborative model, in order to achieve the highest levels of customer service for our transportation and logistics clients. As part of this strategy, Ayoka can help you implement new logistics technologies, such as integrated platforms for warehouse management systems and transportation management systems.

Warehouse management systems offer cost savings in labor and inventory space, while offering improving the accuracy of operations, orders, and audits. Transportation management systems improve efficiencies with freight audits, carrier capacity, carrier contracts, and carrier management.

Ayoka transforms your transportation and logistics operations to a modern platform, reducing on-going application management costs while supporting future growth.

Ayoka’s transportation and logistics services offer a full array of capabilities to address your challenges in the areas of cost reduction, return on assets and customer service.