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Mobile Devices To Gain Market Share With Web 3.0 Applications

Mobile Devices To Gain Market Share With Web 3.0 Applications

Web 3.0 software applications will be location-aware, environment-aware, and more agent-based than ever. As the phones we carry become more and more capable of powerful processes they will not only know our location but they will also have dozens of sensors measuring temperature, humidity, and even calories we consume. The latest round of phones from Nokia, Apple, and the latest GPhone specs are capitalizing on these features and software developers will need to start keeping these capabilities in mind as they develop their latest software applications. In fact, Rails 2.0 already includes support for this and integrates it seamlessly into the REST model where it should be. Then, the software developer can just specify the output needed for the various Mobile / Smartphone devices. Microformats are another piece to this as they allow these devices to hook into a common language and display the information appropriately, whether it’s an iPhone that can display it using html, a VoIP phone that displays it on the LED, or a vending machine that displays it using whatever display a vending machine has.

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