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EDI Development Services

EDI Development Services


EDI Development

–> EDI, Electronic Data Interchange, is the computer-to-computer exchange of official business documents between partners in a universal electronic format. As a safe and secure way of exchanging documents electronically, businesses now have an option that saves them from the hassle and time of dated paper based document exchange system. EDI effectively replaces the use of postal mail, fax machine, and e-mail, reducing errors, lightening cost, increasing speed, and creating an environment of better communication. All this is done through EDI messaging.

The dated paper-exchange format involves many steps, human time, and increased room for error.

paper exchange

The Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) method involves no paper, no people, and saves on time and money.

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How we use EDI messaging

EDI messaging is useful across all industries. We’ve implemented Electronic Data Interchange development for healthcare applications, which handles sensitive documents related to patients and their care. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountablility Act (HIPAA) established a national standard for electronic health care transactions. EDI messaging meets all of these standards and ensures security of all documents. Call Ayoka today for our EDI development services! 817-505-8508