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Google Web Toolkit (GWT)

Google Web Toolkit (GWT)

Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is one of the most popular Ajax frameworks today. It's an open source framework that makes writing Ajax applications easy for developers. With this framework your front end code is written using Java and the GWT compiler converts your Java classes to browser-compliant JavaScript and HTML. GWT development has attracted a lot of attention lately as a way to add Ajax Web 2.0 features to applications. GWT insulates developers from having to deal with the underlying JavaScript, that typically implements these features. GWT development achieves the goal of simplifying the creation of advanced client-side JavaScript widgets by generating them from Java code. GWT development provides an alternative to implementing Ajax in user interfaces versus traditional programming techniques in web development. With GWT, a developer does not require as much time to think about interoperating with the browser, using JavaScript functions, or browser incompatibilities. Much like Swing and other desktop UI APIs, the developer can design the user interface in the same language they are using for the backend, and GWT automatically converts this into everything needed for the browser to render it correctly.

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