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IOS App Development Company

IOS App Development Company

ios app development company



IOS App Development Company

Currently, there are over 300 million Apple iPhone users. Now more than ever, companies need the expertise of an iOS app development company to reach this vast user base. With two billion people using smartphones world-wide, boosting business through mobile applications is not only smart, but necessary. Apple, creating smartphones since 2007, is only gaining in popularity, so creating apps compatible with the latest versions of iOS is an investment that is sure to provide plenty of return.


What’s an advantage for creating a custom iOS application?

One word, tablets. When it comes to tablets, Apple has a clear leg up on other mobile platforms. The iPad pioneered the tablet market; each iteration is regarded as premium, reliable, and easy to use, much like its smartphone counterpart. It should go without saying, that it there’s a huge benefit for an application to work for both smartphones and tablets. With Xcode, an integrated development environment developed by Apple, achieving that is much simpler than it is when developing for Google’s Android.


What should an iOS App Development Company Know?

Swift Development ServicesA custom app development firm must be experts in the Swift programming language. Swift is safe, flexible, and marries maturity with innovation. As the new programming language for the apple ecosystem (iOS, OS X, and watchOS), Swift “builds on the best of C and Objective-C, without the constraints of C compatibility.” Checkout out our page on Swift Development Services to gain insight on the programming language’s ins-and-outs, advantages, and uses.


Ayoka, a seasoned iOS app development company, makes sure to remain up to date in the technologies needed to create useful and innovated applications for the iOS ecosystem. Contact us today at 817-210-4042.