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jQuery Programming Services

jQuery Programming Services

jquery programming services

jQuery Programming Services

jQuery is the undisputed king of JavaScript Libraries. The open-source software is installed in over 60% of the top ten million most popular websites online today. The syntax in jQuery allows for developers to easily navigate documents, select document object model (DOM) elements, create animations, develop Ajax applications, and create plug-ins. Microsoft bundles jQuery on their platforms by including it with Visual Studio for use with ASP.NET.

Key Features
  • Support for Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, and Safari
  • Document Object Model (DOM) element selections
  • DOM manipulation based on CSS selectors
  • Special effects and animations
  • AJAX applications
  • JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) parsing

Built on shorter and simpler code, jQuery proves to be intuitive and effective. Developers are able to create fantastic websites through its built in tools and features, guaranteeing all elements to display even when JavaScript is disabled on the front-end.

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