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Exceeding customer expectations is the focus of Ayoka as we provide python software development services. Python is a dynamic and also a strongly typed object oriented programming language. It also supports a procedural approach in programming as well. The core of Python has actually the structure of a classic compiler. This might surprise folks who think of Python as a scripting language. In brief, the way how Python works is, when interpreter is invoked, raw code is scanned for tokens and these tokens are then parsed into a tree representing logical structure of the program which is finally converted to “byte code”. Finally, “byte code” is executed by the virtual machine.

Recently, python has become a popular programming language taught to the next generation of software engineers. In an analysis of the top 39 computer science departments as ranked by U.S News in 2014 (, eight of the top 10 CS departments (80%), and 27 on the top 39 (69%) teach python in their introductory courses to programming languages.







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Python has gained a reputation as being easy to learn and program. Python code is highly readable, it has clear syntax and is concise. It forces indentation to separate code blocks which is suitable for humans to read instead of using curly braces as a mechanism to separate code blocks. Remember, code is read much more than its written – so readability counts!

Python is powerful enough to be used for network programming and can be used to build web servers to scraping 10 million websites in a minimal time. It has also proven itself highly efficient for processing huge datasets. Many companies and healthcare researchers involved in big data applications use python to process and manipulate their extensive data sets. Python is also popular for the web development and has demonstrated that is can scale to support millions of requests. YouTube is classic example that shows Python can be scaled to handle huge requests.

Python has also made its way to embedded microcontrollers. Developers can write in the REPL from your computer while the programs run on the embedded CPU and that is possible via Micro Python ( Micro Python is lean and fast implementation of python 3 but optimized to run on a microcontroller.

There is typically no limit on where you can use python. From web application development to scientific research or building desktop GUI application to managing huge server farms, python software development services can be used for a broad range of business applications.

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