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Windows Phone App Development Company

Windows Phone App Development Company

windows app development company

With market share in the single digits, the king of desktop software may not have the same stake in the mobile world. But it’s Microsoft’s pure dominance in computing that makes Windows phone app development a serious option for those wishing to capitalize on the over one billion devices, mobile or not, running Windows software. We would not have said that a few months ago, but Microsoft’s push for Windows 10 and universal software integration successfully changed our minds.

Universal Applications

Windows 10 finally achieve their long time goal of a unified Windows core running all devices. The platform lets creators make applications that run on the phone in your pocket, the tablet in your bag, the PC on your desk, and the Xbox console in your living room. Add in the future of IoT (internet of things), and you have yourself an app with the potential reach that surpasses both Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS.


With the ability for apps to be written once with one set of logic is a dream for developers wishing to make their program work across different device types. The obstacle software programmers face is making sure that they create code that scales well in a multitude of occasions. Thankfully, with the integration of tools such as Adaptive UX, the task is made doable.

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