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Preparing for the New Year with Custom Software

December 19, 2016
Photo by Yolanda Sun on Unsplash

Photo by Yolanda Sun on Unsplash

As 2017 rapidly approaches, your business has made the decision to invest in custom software or enhance existing software.  More and more businesses are doing so as the investment in flexibility promises large gains in terms of productivity as well as competitive advantages. Custom software is designed to meet your business’ exact needs which simplifies your business processes and enhances your ROI.

With today’s mobile workforce substantially increasing, the ‘off the shelf” software programs lack the adaptability that is demanded by those who work off-site.  Additionally, the typical user’s profile is rapidly changing as businesses needs change and cloud-based platforms lessen the time and cost necessary to build custom solutions.

The Benefits

In preparation for your custom software, some of the key benefits you can look forward to are:

  • Innovation – Custom software enables businesses to enhance existing software to improve their current processes. Furthermore, it creates the intelligence to execute new tasks that are more appropriately aligned to decisive goals.
  • Efficacy – Custom software reduces the amount of time wasted while increasing agility and swiftness of response by conforming to the user demands exactly.
  • Cost Enhancement – Customization of software unlocks its maximum value, thereby minimizing risks and maximizing ROI.

The result is an innovative, more productive, and profitable business.

What to Look for in a Custom Software Developer

Integrating new custom software or enhancing existing software requires exceptional communication between you and the software developer.  A customer service-driven software developer focuses on providing a software solution that fits your needs and, at Ayoka Systems, we have one clear objective – delivering the very best in customer service.

From medical software development to manufacturing software development, Ayoka System’s mission is to exceed client expectations while maintaining competitive pricing.  By establishing a united approach with clients, we look beyond the technology and focus on the main objective of your software and how it aligns with your business. We love learning as much about your business as possible to formulate or integrate the custom software that is perfect for you.

Beyond the Desk

You probably do not go anywhere today where you do not see people working with mobile devices.  Some industries such as energy services require remote monitoring.  Remote and rural locations often lack internet connectivity.  Ayoka System designs mobile apps that incorporate a “store and forward” capability.  This means they are preloaded with data, operate without being connected to the internet, and allow the users to sync the data when internet connectivity is available.  A custom software program designed with this capability saves time, money, and a lot of work.


In addition to the benefits mentioned above, the most advantageous benefit of custom software development is communication.  The very core of customer service is exceptional communication.  The internet and mobile apps give customers what they want and expect through interactive software.  If your business is experiencing steady growth, or has difficulty keeping up with the customer base, a custom app helps to solve this problem.  Ayoka System’s custom software development services create apps for business that can handle anything and everything.

More Powerful and Profitable 

If your business already has software that you want to make more powerful and profitable in 2017, you need a roadmap of exactly what you want to integrate.  Some of the things you need to consider are as follows:

  • Are there features and functions that need to be added? This can be anything from changing the way users interact when they log in or visit to changing items so they appear only in certain places on your site or app.  No matter what features you add, it is imperative that they are user-friendly.  These additions should be prioritized by business impact and the amount of time and effort required to implement them.
  • Do you need or want to make upgrades? Some upgrades require more precise planning than others.  For example, adding reporting abilities to a dashboard or web app requires more planning than adding eCommerce to your website.
  • Evaluate your website and web app performance. Do they need to work better or faster on mobile devices?  Do you need to add an Android or iOS app?  These integrations will require more time, but it is very important to include them in your custom software plan.

Make a Commitment 

Take your time and evaluate trusted custom software developers before you decide on one.  Changing developers midstream can be very costly.  You should choose a software development firm that works with you to establish a long-term relationship and someone you can rely on to make things right when things go wrong.

At Ayoka Systems, we are dedicated to serving you.  If you are not happy, we are not happy.  Prepare for the New Year with custom software by being ready before the New Year.  Contact us today and we will help you and your business with a plan for custom software for 2017 and beyond.

Ayoka brings American know-how

June 12, 2011

Ayoka brings American business acumen to apps development, systems integration

Manufacturing Business Technology
By William Atkinson, contributing editor (

The U.S. manufacturing industry has lost its share of jobs to overseas competition, so when these companies seek outsourcing assistance, they may well prefer to work with U.S. partners.

Arlington, Texas-based Ayoka offers an affordable onshore alternative for software outsourcing, targeting underserved industries such as manufacturing. For manufacturing in particular, Ayoka’s factory automation software and remote monitoring allow users to access data whereby the Web browser functions as the human-machine interface, providing much broader access to machine controls and monitoring. In addition to real-time responsive interaction, the data is warehoused in integrated databases for business intelligence and reporting.

“When people use the term ‘application outsourcing,’ they usually are talking about the application in a post-production environment,” notes Rona Shuchat, program director of application outsourcing services for Framingham, Mass.-based IDC. “However, when Ayoka uses the term, it is referring to the application development and/or systems integration of the applications.”

Shuchat says Ayoka is moving companies – especially small to midsize manufacturers – forward to the state of automation where they can control how to tie the front end of the process – i.e., the sales order entry piece – into the production flow, and then into the output side, including control of accounting and shipping.

“In sum, Ayoka can go into a company and identify where lack of automation is hurting the company, and make recommendations on how to create a more automated flow,” says Shuchat.

One company using Ayoka services is HelloLabels, a subsidiary of Safford, Ariz.-based DRG Technologies. HelloLabels makes product identification solutions for electronics and other products. Ayoka developed an open-source e-commerce system for HelloLabels, which features back-end integration with production work orders, inventory management, and shipping systems.

“When I was brought into DRG to launch the HelloLabels division, we didn’t have a Web site and wanted to do our main sales online,” explains Matt Milliorn, general manager for HelloLabels. “We sell through a number of channels, including wholesalers, dealers, and direct consumers.”
HelloLabels deployed an Ayoka system that allows the company to seamlessly address all three channels with a single system.

“We also use it internally to input orders that come to us via mail or other sources,” says Milliorn. “We’ve been able to take the process of quoting and ordering that once took two hours with back-and-forth communication to one where orders can be quoted and entered in about two minutes,” concludes Milliorn.

Made to Order

April 18, 2008

Dallas Business Journal
by Margaret Allen Staff Writer

Custom software developer AYOKA LLC finds success

When software developers talk shop in San Francisco, they don’t typically brag about code they’re perfecting for a manufacturing company. It’s software for high-tech concerns that carries all the glory and cachet — not programming for heavy industry.

“It’s not sexy,” says Eknauth Persaud, founder and CEO of Ayoka LLC. But his Arlington-based custom software developer has found success by focusing on that niche.

Prior to launching Ayoka in 2004, Persaud worked for giant defense contractor Lockheed Martin and at other industrial companies. Through his on-the-job experience, Persaud saw a need by industrial companies for custom software applications to help them manage a variety of tasks: distribution, warehousing, logistics, customer orders, manufacturing flow and equipment automation, among other things.

“They are overlooked clients,” said Persaud, who moved from the West Coast to Dallas in 2002 to work as a software subcontractor on the automated baggage system for the new International Terminal at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

Though high-tech companies are easily sold on the benefits of software, industrial companies are more conservative, Persaud said. They don’t buy software for the sake of buying software, but because they seek efficiencies on the shop floor and elsewhere in their operation.

Because he spoke their language, Persaud worked on showing manufacturing companies how to harness the power of technology. And that approach has paid off for Ayoka. In four years, the company has achieved a 370% compound growth rate. It employs 22 in Arlington; Persaud plans to hire another 16 employees this year and open a second office this fall in Richardson’s Telecom Corridor.

The entrepreneur won’t disclose specific sales figures, but says they range from $2 million to $5 million. Ayoka has been profitable since 2006.
The company has about 15 customers, whose revenue ranges from $5 million to several billion. One-third of the clients are large software developers outsourcing a smaller project; the remaining are industrial company end-users.

Offering such a wide range of custom applications is rare, according to Joe Crosswell, manager for the technology solutions group at the Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center in Arlington, a government-funded program that helps small- and mid-sized businesses improve their operations.
“That is hard to find,” Crosswell said of Ayoka’s services. “Those are truly custom applications, and there are only a few companies out there that do that. You have to really look to find them. Many companies will simply try to develop the capability in-house. The need has been around for years — there just hasn’t been anyone doing it.”

Persaud says much of his company’s growth is due to middle-market customers who want to keep their software development onshore, so as to control their intellectual property and be able to meet face-to-face with developers. That’s an important need for Ayoka as well.
“We want to be close to our customers,” he said. “Location matters in software development.”