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Making Software Applications Mobile

December 27, 2016
Photo by Alejandro Escamilla on Unsplash

Photo by Alejandro Escamilla on Unsplash

If your organization is considering making its software applications mobile, now is the perfect time to seek a custom software development service provider to help you.  The mobile application business is booming and companies with the ability to deliver real-time, simplified information to employees, partners, and customers are thriving.

Making your software applications mobile is a giant step in the right direction. This step will help your business gain a competitive edge, increase ROI, and drive productivity.  Mobile applications are the most effective, easiest way to reach clients and/or customers.  Both of whom appreciate efficacy and simplicity.

The Advantages of Going Mobile 

In addition to the business advantages listed above, there are many other advantages to going mobile.  A few of these are:

  • Improved access to reports and dashboards
  • Increased productivity with data being input at the work site
  • Improved reporting time
  • Increased field support team productivity
  • Improved connectivity
  • Happier customers

Further, field employees have full access to mobile apps, even when offline, when the right mobile tools are introduced. The benefits of mobile applications are real and substantial.

Customer Software Development Services

 When deciding to make your organization’s software applications mobile, the most important thing you can do is choose a custom software development company that works with you collaboratively in person.  Learning the ins and outs of your organization, exactly what you want and expect from the mobile application, and developing a relationship that will continue to flourish based on trust and respect are crucial to creating a successful mobile application.

Ayoka is a Texas-based custom software development company that has created business mobile applications for many enterprises ranging from healthcare organizations to industrial businesses.  Whether your organization needs a mobile application that works in the office or in the field (offline), or both, we have the knowledge and capabilities to meet your needs.

Mobile Applications for Organizations

 Recent trade mobile application studies show that seven out of ten manufacturing organizations seek to streamline operations using mobile and wireless solutions.  The healthcare industry is incorporating mobile applications especially with the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend now being accepted by many hospitals and healthcare organizations.  Regardless of the type of enterprise, Ayoka works with you to identify the critical success factors necessary to build, implement, and deploy a mobile application solution.

Manufacturing companies with mobile applications reap the benefits of improved productivity and increased revenues. Moreover, relationships with customers, dealers, and wholesalers are enhanced overall. Your company also benefits from streamlined operations and decreased production costs. Another large benefit is instant access to supply chain management.

Within the healthcare industry, professionals often benefit from health apps that help increase their knowledge of their patients’ conditions. Furthermore, many users can improve their quality of life with mobile health apps. Today, many healthcare professionals believe that health apps encourage patients to take more responsibility for their health. As you can see, the advantages are clear for mobile applications in healthcare.

These are just two of the industries that benefit from using custom software development services to make their software applications mobile.  The energy industry, retail industry, financial industry, transportation systems, and many others will only improve by going mobile.

Meeting Your Needs

 At Ayoka, we get in your business.  We want to learn as much about your business as possible to design a mobile application that works exactly the way you want it to.  When properly designed, a mobile application can deliver much more information than a desktop system or a web-based application.

Now is the time to extend the reach of your organization’s productivity.  The proliferation of mobile applications will only continue to rise with the advanced technology of smart devices and the number of people using them.  The ability to use your organization’s software anywhere will not only increase your organization’s productivity, but also your ROI.

Ayoka custom software development services for mobile applications includes:

  • Determining which platforms need to be taken into consideration (iOS, Android, Windows)
  • Selecting the features that need to be available on mobile for a lean build
  • Identifying the development strategy flexible enough to accommodate future changes in technology
  • Paying special attention to security concerns to protect source code as well as confidential business data
  • Addressing syncing issues so mobile apps can offer functionality offline and online depending on the use case
  • Designing the app with the correct blend of server side and client side development (Native, HTML5, and hybrid)

A reputable, dedicated custom software development services company knows that a large portion of mobile application development is understanding the mindset of the end user. At Ayoka, we conduct site visits, attend employee interviews, and attend trade shows as part of our commitment to being a part of your industry.  Your organization’s success is our organization’s success.

Ayoka has successfully developed software solutions ranging from complex enterprise business software to completely innovative new mobile applications for startup companies and we would love to work with you.  Call us today at 817-210-2042 for more information and a free quote on making your software applications mobile.

How Custom Made Web Applications Can Grow Your Business

August 2, 2016
Photo by Tom Barrett on Unsplash

Photo by Tom Barrett on Unsplash

The Internet is everywhere, and everything’s on the Internet. At least, this is what consumers believe. Without an online presence, your business misses a significant portion of your target market and loses sales. Even if you have a limited Internet presence, such as a static website, you are not engaging with consumers in the way they have come to expect. That alone is reason to consider custom software development. (more…)

Four Ways Mobile Software can Help Grow Your Enterprise Business

July 26, 2016
Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

Mobile phones today accomplish more than just calls and texts. They have grown into hand-held computers with full internet access and an incredible range of customized software. Thanks to mobile applications, businesses of all sizes can unlock the true potential of their smart phones.

By employing custom software development services to create original, branded apps, businesses can not only keep pace with developing trends, but also improve customer loyalty and increase repeat business. Many apps already on the market can help enterprise businesses streamline their productivity and sharpen their competitive edge behind the scenes.


How Custom Software Offers Better Reporting

July 12, 2016

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

You ran out of product once again because of your flawed reporting system. You let out a heavy sigh as you have to now pick up the phone and tell the client what happened. You aren’t surprised when the client gives you a tight deadline and hints that they no longer want to work with you. You just lost your biggest client all because of your reporting system.

When it comes to using reports to manage your business, you need an internal business application that is on point, fast, and reliable. If your software isn’t up to the challenge, then it is time to move on. Luckily, custom software can help solve the issue before it becomes a bigger nuisance than it already is. Custom software can once again save you time, money, and give you that competitive edge in your industry. Here’s how.

Product Monitoring

Keeping an eye on product can get overwhelming. If a report is inaccurate, it can throw a whole wrench into your business system. Orders get delayed, clients get angry, and your business suffers. Create a reporting system that simplifies keeping track of inventory. Custom software can allow for real-time reporting so you will always be on top of supply and demand. Never fall behind again because of your reporting system.

Cognizant of Time

Proper management of your time plays a large role when growing your business. A custom made reporting system is a great way to help keep your timeline in check. Detailed reporting and analysis on critical data will maintain better operations and free you up so you can focus on more important tasks. Using the correct business application to capture data will save you time better spent in other aspects of the company.  

Competitive Edge

Want to be the best of the best in your industry? Then you’ll need great reports to help you get there. Custom software will give you a better insight on where to make improvements in your company.

Say you want to see how your latest campaign is doing. With custom software, you can tailor your reporting system to run a report specifically for that data. Now you can take that report and compare it against the market. Custom built reporting systems make it easier to see how you can make the campaign even stronger.  


Off the shelf software is built for your industry, but not exactly for your company’s specific needs. When you build your own software, especially here in the USA, you’ll get to pick and choose what you want to include and exclude in your reporting system. Creating filters to show the dimension and metrics you care about will again save you time, money, and help your business to succeed.

Employee Improvement

Employees want to do their best and with custom software you’ll have the knowledge to help them to succeed. Perhaps you notice that a certain department seems to be having issues. With a custom built internal business application you can zero in on the issue. Now, you know what to look out for and employees do too.

Data Driven Businesses Do Better

A data-driven business is when every person within the organization uses data to make better business decisions. As your business grows, so does the complexity of monitoring all aspects of the company. Having an accurate and reliable reporting system is the only way to keep everyone on track working together to obtain the same goal. A custom made reporting system will allow each department to closely monitor their aspect of the business.


Now you may be asking yourself, “This all sounds great! But won’t it cost me a fortune to build an internal business application like this?”

Actually, custom software can save you from unnecessary spending. For example, take running a report to see how much product you currently have sitting in your warehouse.  Inaccurate or vague reports show that you are low on product. Based on the report you buy some more. Later, after the order goes through, you find out that you had enough. This little glitch from your report has now interfered with your budget.

The reporting that custom software provides will prevent scenarios like that from happening. That in itself is worth spending the money to build your software versus using an off the shelf product.

The programmers at Ayoka systems understands what a business needs to succeed here in the USA. When you chose to work with Ayoka, you will get a timely response and up to date software. Ayoka will create internal reporting applications that will indicate where you can make improvements to help grow your business. Contact Ayoka for more information on how building custom reporting tailored to your business will make you stand out in your industry.

Made to Order

April 18, 2008

Dallas Business Journal
by Margaret Allen Staff Writer

Custom software developer AYOKA LLC finds success

When software developers talk shop in San Francisco, they don’t typically brag about code they’re perfecting for a manufacturing company. It’s software for high-tech concerns that carries all the glory and cachet — not programming for heavy industry.

“It’s not sexy,” says Eknauth Persaud, founder and CEO of Ayoka LLC. But his Arlington-based custom software developer has found success by focusing on that niche.

Prior to launching Ayoka in 2004, Persaud worked for giant defense contractor Lockheed Martin and at other industrial companies. Through his on-the-job experience, Persaud saw a need by industrial companies for custom software applications to help them manage a variety of tasks: distribution, warehousing, logistics, customer orders, manufacturing flow and equipment automation, among other things.

“They are overlooked clients,” said Persaud, who moved from the West Coast to Dallas in 2002 to work as a software subcontractor on the automated baggage system for the new International Terminal at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

Though high-tech companies are easily sold on the benefits of software, industrial companies are more conservative, Persaud said. They don’t buy software for the sake of buying software, but because they seek efficiencies on the shop floor and elsewhere in their operation.

Because he spoke their language, Persaud worked on showing manufacturing companies how to harness the power of technology. And that approach has paid off for Ayoka. In four years, the company has achieved a 370% compound growth rate. It employs 22 in Arlington; Persaud plans to hire another 16 employees this year and open a second office this fall in Richardson’s Telecom Corridor.

The entrepreneur won’t disclose specific sales figures, but says they range from $2 million to $5 million. Ayoka has been profitable since 2006.
The company has about 15 customers, whose revenue ranges from $5 million to several billion. One-third of the clients are large software developers outsourcing a smaller project; the remaining are industrial company end-users.

Offering such a wide range of custom applications is rare, according to Joe Crosswell, manager for the technology solutions group at the Texas Manufacturing Assistance Center in Arlington, a government-funded program that helps small- and mid-sized businesses improve their operations.
“That is hard to find,” Crosswell said of Ayoka’s services. “Those are truly custom applications, and there are only a few companies out there that do that. You have to really look to find them. Many companies will simply try to develop the capability in-house. The need has been around for years — there just hasn’t been anyone doing it.”

Persaud says much of his company’s growth is due to middle-market customers who want to keep their software development onshore, so as to control their intellectual property and be able to meet face-to-face with developers. That’s an important need for Ayoka as well.
“We want to be close to our customers,” he said. “Location matters in software development.”

Ayoka Wins Technology Advocate Award

August 21, 2006

Creating an Onshore Answer for Offshore Software Development

DALLAS, Aug. 21/PRNewswire/ – Ayoka LLC, the onshore alternative to offshore software development, today announced that they have been selected as the 2006 Tech Titans Technology Advocate winner by the Metroplex Technology Business Council (MTBC). The MTBC, the largest technology trade association in Texas, awarded Ayoka for their unique approach to keeping America competitive on both the education and technology fronts.

“The MTBC is pleased that these awards continue to be as vibrant and prestigious as our leading technology companies and the vast regional infrastructure that supports them,” said Skip Moore, regional marketing managing partner for technology, media and communications, Deloitte & Touche LLP, and co-chair of the MTBC’s Tech Titans steering committee.

Ayoka’s founder and CEO Eknauth Persaud proudly accepted the Technology Advocate award and cited his experience in the United States Marine Corps as the source for his commitment to young people and the American economy. “The Ayoka business model creates a software development environment that instills confidence, work ethic, and creativity to graduate students in technology, while providing software development services to American entrepreneurs right here on our soil,” said Mr. Persaud, “This keeps America competitive both in education and on the global technology front.”
Mr. Persaud was also a Tech Titan finalist in two other categories, Tech Titan of the Future and Emerging Company CEO.

About Ayoka:

Ayoka is the onshore alternative to offshore software development. As a custom software design, development, and integration company, Ayoka specializes in providing affordable enterprise application development, e-commerce integration, and develops database backed web applications using J2EE, .NET, Ruby on Rails, Ajax, and SQL. Their University Relations™ and strong commitment to education allow them to keep outsourced software development affordable in the United States. This passion enables Ayoka to provide affordable software development services to clients in manufacturing, internet marketing, advertising, healthcare and VoIP.

About MTBC:

Founded in 1994, the Metroplex Technology Business Council is a non-profit organization with approximately 350 member companies that include technology businesses and providers from across the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. The MTBC is dedicated to fostering a supportive business environment for technology companies and members of the technology community through leadership, advocacy, education and cooperative initiatives.

Source: Ayoka LLC