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Face-to-Face Interviews are Critical for Custom Software Development

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash. Face-to-Face Interviews are Critical for Local Custom Software Development

Custom software development brings a higher level of efficiency to businesses’ willing to invest in this unique service. When software is specially developed for a specific user or organization, it will serve to precisely address their needs. Since custom software development will only work for one particular company, choose a local development company to bring the best results. The development company you choose to hire should take the time to understand your business. They should strive to translate your needs into design and specifications that work to fulfill the goals of your business.

A quality custom software development company should know the ins and outs of a particular business. Local software development companies that offer face-to-face interviews deliver a critical part in attaining the best version of custom software. Custom software development is tricky. Choose a company that is readily available throughout the entire process. Your company will benefit from a smooth implementation and meet its project objectives with accuracy.

Custom Software Development is All About Communication

The most important part of the project is communication. The process involves continuous collaboration, clarifying goals and objectives, refining ideas, and creating a solution that works for you. The first face-to-face interview conducted by your software development company is the most versatile form of primary research. During this meeting, your programmer will learn about you and what you want to get from your custom software development. They will ask detailed questions about the scope of your project, your priorities, and your budget. It is during the initial meeting that the most information is released.

The interview process with a development company will involve many questions and answers from both sides. Ask how their tools for the software project can match your needs. See how their previous experience working for other companies can benefit your project. Talk openly about your opinions and wants. If you take the time to invest in a relationship with a custom software development company, it will help both sides smooth out bumps down the road.

Since software is an intangible product, the final design is a direct reflection of what is communicated between your company and the developer. Lack of communication causes the biggest risk for error. Meeting with someone face-to-face allows the programmer to benefit from more in-depth data collection and a more comprehensive understanding of your project.

Trust and Accountability

Another benefit of hiring a company that will meet face-to-face is that it heightens the sense of trust. During the process, you will get acquainted with one another. Your programmer will also get to know other people within your company. This will give them an increased understanding of the culture of your business. Trust is an important part of this business exchange because implementing new software is a complicated process. It will increase your satisfaction as a customer if you know there is a real person on the other end of the phone when you call with questions.

Face-to-face interviews during the custom software development process also increases accountability on the side of the programmer. In the beginning of the process, you may experience longer meetings that call for a greater commitment to participate when they are conducted face-to-face. You also know that you have your programmer’s full attention. This leaves less room for distraction and lowers the risk of error in designing your software. They will need to speak with you directly when you have questions. And, you know you have hired someone who is reachable. This is particularly important during the implementation process.

Higher Quality of Service

Custom software development is tailor-made to your specifications to best serve your business. Top notch customer service will increase the efficiency of your new software. The implementation process involves several steps. During this process, it is not uncommon that something goes wrong. While you might never experience a major issue, minor glitches in the software can occur. Having a company that works with you, face-to-face, will ensure a smooth implementation and transition of your software.

An expert that can be onsite during the final process will allow for the safest testing and final implementation. This will reduce any associated risk for your company, and can save your business money in the long run. The process is a collaborative effort and involves excellent teamwork to be successful. Your final design should increase your business’ level of productivity. The cost of custom software development is offset by increased efficiency.

It is critical to the process to work with a company that is local and provides an onsite expert because of the need for ongoing support. Your software will be scalable and grow with your business. The money you invest in custom software development will create a solution for unique problems and eliminate unnecessary work. Therefore, additional support will be needed for your investment as time goes on.

Custom software development relies heavily on effectively communicating the details of your desired program. On the other end, your programmer should be probing you for extensive information relevant to getting the job done. Hire a local company that offers face-to-face interviews to gain the proper insight needed to attain your goals and create a product that delivers the best results to better your business.

[PRESS] Ayoka Systems Visits UTA Association for Computing Machinery

October 22, 2015

Ayoka Systems Visits UTA Association for Computing Machinery

Arlington, TX – October 22, 2015 – Ayoka Systems visited the University of Texas at Arlington to speak with members of the Association for Computing Machinery. ACM is the largest education and scientific computing society, and its UTA charter focuses on helping computer science and engineering students excel in both studies and post-graduation work.

custom software development companyAyoka Systems, a custom software development company based in Arlington, TX, offered valuable industry knowledge to UTA students attending the ACM workshop. Bradley Faught, a lead developer for Ayoka, talked to the attendees about the importance of gaining experience in emerging technologies to get ahead in the competitive world of computer programming.

“There’s a unique and ideal formula for every project. As a developer, your goal is not to manipulate the goal to fit your most proficient languages; it’s to make coding decisions based on what makes the most sense for the end goal.” Faught, Ayoka Systems

After getting a lesson in coding languages and frameworks currently considered “hot” in today’s industry, students got the opportunity to ask Ayoka questions to aid them in their journey into a professional career in technology. Among questions more serious in nature, one student asked about which projects of late have been the most fun to work on. Ayoka revealed their well-rounded client base with their answer.

“Two projects come to mind. We created an Uber clone for a local black car service company. It was a great project because we helped a local business adapt and compete with the times, allowing them to flourish in a time when taxi and black car services are closing their doors.” Faught, Ayoka Systems

The second project spoke of aiding healthcare professionals better serve patients by creating a system in which communication and information is more easily accessible.

UTA’s Association of Computing Machinery can be found on Facebook for organization information. Ayoka Systems, can be found at

Bernard Liad
Ayoka Systems
1161 Corporate Dr #303
Arlington, TX 76006
Phone: 817-210-4042


How Does Your Custom Software Development Company Handle Testing and Documentation?

September 22, 2015

How should a custom software development company handle tricky issues?

Creating new software is always going to involve venturing into uncharted territory. But a qualified custom software development company will take appropriate steps to help you mitigate this risk. Here are a couple of areas to explore with the team that is building your custom business application.

How Will Beta-Testing Be Handled?

Emulated environments, modern dev/testing tools, and cloud computing make it possible for even a small development firm to test an app pretty thoroughly. But there is no substitute for testing with actual users. Without this real-world data, you could be in for an unpleasant surprise in rolling out a new application.

  • For an internal app, a business should be able to designate beta-testers from its own organization to help with this phase of development. The software team should have experience working with and receiving feedback from business end users to incorporate into future releases to improve the software.
  • For customer-facing apps or those that will be resold for public consumption, a much larger pool of testers may be required for quality assurance. This is particularly true for mobile apps when factors like geographic location, network strength, and battery life can all impact the function of an application. Your selected software firm should be prepared to explore crowdsourced testing and other methods if needed.






custom software development company






What Documentation Will Be Provided?

Custom software should never be a “black box.” It’s simply not enough to have an application that works. As the owner of the end product, you should have everything from the blueprint to the instruction manual. Remember, this is your intellectual property and has value beyond just what it is doing for your business on a day-to-day basis.

The agreement you reach with the custom software development company should include a description of the forms of documentation that will accompany the application. When you have documentation in-hand, the software you paid to develop can be appropriately supported by another development team in the future, if necessary. At Ayoka, we intend to be there for you over the long term. But we also believe that you should have the freedom and flexibility that comes with truly owning your software.

What questions do you have about the software development process? Call us today to explore the answers.