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8 Tips for Choosing the Right Custom Software Development Service

June 18, 2019
custom software development service

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You want the perfect custom software development service. So, how do you know when you’ve found the right one? For that matter, how do you even start looking? At Ayoka, we want to help. When you start looking for your software development team, you can find the right one by using these 8 tips. These steps will help you narrow down your choices until you’ve found the perfect match. Ready to get started? Then let’s begin with the first tip.


Find a Team With Experience in Your Industry

When you look for your software service, make sure that your team has experience with your industry. If your software development team has created solutions in your industry before, then they’ll be familiar with your software needs. As a result, you’ll get better efficiency from the software development process. Your team will also know about the challenges and struggles that come with your line of work, which will help them build the best software solutions.


Read Case Studies

Does your custom software service publish case studies? If not, find one that does. Look for a software company that publishes case studies on its website. Research and growth is a key factor for the best software development teams. Custom software is all about problem-solving. Case studies can show you how your team found solutions for specific problems. Notice the patterns after you read a few case studies. Did the software team blend creativity with time-tested thinking? Did they get the results that they wanted? Case studies can give you insight into the development process, so take some time to read a few. Specifically, look for case studies that pertain to your industry.


Look for a Range of Technology

Your custom software development service should have a wide range of technology at its disposal. When your team has lots of partners and available technology, you know that it has the tools and the equipment that it needs to develop your perfect software. See if your team dedicates a part of its website to their partners and technology. That section of the website can give you a good idea about whether or not this company can build exactly what you need.


Consider Your Data Integration Needs

Next, think about what you need from your data integration. Do you have lots of apps that need to sync up? Do you want to add more mobility to your repertoire? One question that faces app developers is whether they should use APIs or Webhooks for data integration. APIs provide seamless integration, but they do have their limitations, and Webhooks can handle tasks that APIs can’t handle. Does your team know the pros and cons of each? Do they know how to decide which method to use for your applications? If you have extensive data integration needs, ask your team how they’d handle those needs.


Find a Reputation for Security

Your custom software development service should have a reputation for high security. Do some searching to find the top-rated security teams. You’ll want a company that can develop safe, reliable software. Ask your team how their software can protect your company from hackers and other security threats.


Look for Customer Service

Your custom software team should offer excellent customer service. Pay attention to how this company treats you from the very beginning of your interactions. These interactions will be an indicator of how they’ll treat you in the future. Your software service should be available to answer your questions, help you deal with problems, and more. If your team can’t handle those tasks from the beginning, then you should find a team who can.


Choose a Local Team

Look for a custom software development service that’s headquartered in the US. Even better, look for a team that develops all of its software in the US. If you run a US-based company, then you need a US-based software team. This way, you’ll get fast, reliable results. You’ll also have better access to your software team in case you have any questions.


Schedule a Consultation

When you choose a software development company, one of the best things you can do is to schedule a consultation. This meeting should not cost you anything. During this meeting, your software experts should take some time to get to know you, ask you questions about your software needs, and make sure that everyone is on the same page. When you chat with your software team, you can get a feel for how well this arrangement will work.


Custom Software Development Service

Looking for your perfect custom software development service? Let Ayoka take care of it. Ayoka’s highly experienced team has all of the tools, technology, and knowledge that they need to create the solutions that you need. Ready to get started? Contact Ayoka today to start with your consultation.



Face-to-Face Interviews are Critical for Custom Software Development

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash. Face-to-Face Interviews are Critical for Local Custom Software Development

Custom software development brings a higher level of efficiency to businesses’ willing to invest in this unique service. When software is specially developed for a specific user or organization, it will serve to precisely address their needs. Since custom software development will only work for one particular company, choose a local development company to bring the best results. The development company you choose to hire should take the time to understand your business. They should strive to translate your needs into design and specifications that work to fulfill the goals of your business.

A quality custom software development company should know the ins and outs of a particular business. Local software development companies that offer face-to-face interviews deliver a critical part in attaining the best version of custom software. Custom software development is tricky. Choose a company that is readily available throughout the entire process. Your company will benefit from a smooth implementation and meet its project objectives with accuracy.

Custom Software Development is All About Communication

The most important part of the project is communication. The process involves continuous collaboration, clarifying goals and objectives, refining ideas, and creating a solution that works for you. The first face-to-face interview conducted by your software development company is the most versatile form of primary research. During this meeting, your programmer will learn about you and what you want to get from your custom software development. They will ask detailed questions about the scope of your project, your priorities, and your budget. It is during the initial meeting that the most information is released.

The interview process with a development company will involve many questions and answers from both sides. Ask how their tools for the software project can match your needs. See how their previous experience working for other companies can benefit your project. Talk openly about your opinions and wants. If you take the time to invest in a relationship with a custom software development company, it will help both sides smooth out bumps down the road.

Since software is an intangible product, the final design is a direct reflection of what is communicated between your company and the developer. Lack of communication causes the biggest risk for error. Meeting with someone face-to-face allows the programmer to benefit from more in-depth data collection and a more comprehensive understanding of your project.

Trust and Accountability

Another benefit of hiring a company that will meet face-to-face is that it heightens the sense of trust. During the process, you will get acquainted with one another. Your programmer will also get to know other people within your company. This will give them an increased understanding of the culture of your business. Trust is an important part of this business exchange because implementing new software is a complicated process. It will increase your satisfaction as a customer if you know there is a real person on the other end of the phone when you call with questions.

Face-to-face interviews during the custom software development process also increases accountability on the side of the programmer. In the beginning of the process, you may experience longer meetings that call for a greater commitment to participate when they are conducted face-to-face. You also know that you have your programmer’s full attention. This leaves less room for distraction and lowers the risk of error in designing your software. They will need to speak with you directly when you have questions. And, you know you have hired someone who is reachable. This is particularly important during the implementation process.

Higher Quality of Service

Custom software development is tailor-made to your specifications to best serve your business. Top notch customer service will increase the efficiency of your new software. The implementation process involves several steps. During this process, it is not uncommon that something goes wrong. While you might never experience a major issue, minor glitches in the software can occur. Having a company that works with you, face-to-face, will ensure a smooth implementation and transition of your software.

An expert that can be onsite during the final process will allow for the safest testing and final implementation. This will reduce any associated risk for your company, and can save your business money in the long run. The process is a collaborative effort and involves excellent teamwork to be successful. Your final design should increase your business’ level of productivity. The cost of custom software development is offset by increased efficiency.

It is critical to the process to work with a company that is local and provides an onsite expert because of the need for ongoing support. Your software will be scalable and grow with your business. The money you invest in custom software development will create a solution for unique problems and eliminate unnecessary work. Therefore, additional support will be needed for your investment as time goes on.

Custom software development relies heavily on effectively communicating the details of your desired program. On the other end, your programmer should be probing you for extensive information relevant to getting the job done. Hire a local company that offers face-to-face interviews to gain the proper insight needed to attain your goals and create a product that delivers the best results to better your business.

Why Delivery Businesses Need Custom Apps

August 16, 2016
Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

Delivery has always been about convenience and expediency. Today, large portions of deliveries are ordered via smart phones. Developing a custom mobile app for your delivery business is crucial to sales, marketing, and customer service. This isn’t the technology of the future; this is the service of today.

Delivery and Mobile Applications

It is possible today, to order nearly, any service or product solely online. Mobile apps allow customers to not only order on the go, but to express their order with as few human errors as possible. It’s easy to mishear an address, a direction, or even the name of an item over the phone thanks to poor connections, background noise, and even differences in dialect. Customers who speak a different language than your staff may not be able to order over the phone at all. However, ordering via app makes it easy for the customer to select from all available options, see the price of individual items, and even save payment information for future orders. This saves time in your business’s physical locations, and also decreases labor costs and optimizes production.

The advantage of developing an app rather than just a mobile friendly website is repeat sales. By installing your app, customers make ordering incredibly easy. Whenever they look at their phones, they will see the app. If a customer is hungry or considering ordering out later for dinner as they look at their phone, then the app presents the same temptation hungry shoppers face in the grocery store. The sight of the app keeps your business in the customer’s mind, and the ease of mobile ordering helps bridge the gap between interest and action.

Customers are more likely to order from a delivery service when they are busy or coming to the end of a busy time. During weekends, delivery restaurants see a spike in orders. When customers order delivery, they are looking for the best, most thorough service that requires the least amount of effort to order. In return, they are willing to pay more for these services. The less effort a customer must use to place an order, the better. If your business is ready to deliver an order to a customer’s door, then your ordering system should be ready to cater to the customer, wherever he or she is.

Why Do Apps Need to Be Custom?

It’s true that no two businesses are the same, and this is never more apparent than when customers place their orders. Restaurants have different menus, specials, and policies, even if they serve similar products. For example, two restaurants may both serve pizza, but they probably have different side dishes, desserts, and drink options. Even ordering pizzas means, no two pizzas will be the exact same. Some businesses allow customers to order different kinds of pizza sauce, or different kinds of cheese. Various crust options, bake times, and available toppings can make the same basic experience very different.

An outstanding business needs an outstanding app. If you spend time making your customers’ experience memorable in person, you need to make sure your app lives up to your reputation. This goes beyond the uniform expectations of multi-channel selling. Obviously, an app is designed to be used, and although it can generate new business, it also replaces a lot of old business. Many shops now provide telephone numbers in case of technical failure or additional questions rather than as a primary method of ordering. The originality, style, and efficiency of your app will replace your in-store experience for many customers, who will judge your business accordingly.

Hiring custom software development services is essential to creating mobile software that truly represents your business. Custom software development allows an essentially unlimited range of unique and creative features that will improve the customer experience and drive repeat business. An app should be more than a few blank fields for a customer to fill out. Interactive features stand in for sales representatives. If customers enjoy using an app, they are likely to use it to spend more money.

Today’s customers expect mobile apps the way they expected competent phone representatives ten years ago. The principles of customer service haven’t changed, but their medium has. In order to continue providing stellar customer service, delivery services need to meet customers where they are. The best way to do this is through mobile software. Custom mobile apps continue to build a relationship with users throughout their use, increasing the likelihood of repeat business. The better the app does its job, the better the customer’s experience will become.

Think of custom mobile apps like this: they are long-term employees who will never quit or collect benefits. They have huge responsibilities, though, including sales, marketing, customer service, and order tracking. When you choose how to develop this employee, will you use a basic series of pamphlets from a third party, or will you invest in personalized training to turn this employee into the rising star you need?