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Custom Software Development Services for the Transportation Industry

July 28, 2020

Ayoka Systems provides custom software development services for the transportation industry. Whether you need software for supply chain management or online scheduling, we do it all. We offer unique and innovative technology within our software, like intelligent traffic systems. We work with commercial firms as well as the government to help create solutions for roadway and traffic surveillance. At Ayoka, we provide our customers with a full-stack approach to SOA (service-oriented architecture) specifically geared toward the transportation industry. We are recognized as a leader in developing and employing transportation software, so you can rest assured that our software will help you become more efficient and effective when it comes to transportation and logistics. In the long run, custom transportation software will save you time and money by streamlining processes and reducing IT costs. Read on to learn more about the custom solutions we offer the transportation industry.

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) is a way of using information technology to improve transportation infrastructure. At Ayoka, we create custom software that helps with traffic control and transportation management. We work with city and state governments to help improve efficiency when it comes to transportation. Our ITS technology involves surveillance of roads and traffic control that can help cities reduce congestion, have fewer and shorter delays, enhance operating capacity, and improve safety. In addition, this leads to enhanced security and better air quality. The ITS can also be useful in disaster scenarios. The technology can assist first responders and facilitate a mass evacuation of people out of a city. The ITS has a flexible architecture that can grow into future web application standards. It also can remain in operation across multiple vendors and municipalities.


When it comes to the transportation industry, logistics is one of the most important facets. There is a want and need in the transportation industry for improved centralization of supply chain models, tighter trading partner collaboration, and an integration between transportation and operations. Unfortunately, the cost is high to do all of these things. At Ayoka, we understand the financial challenge and have developed a solution to support better logistics. Our software helps with things like additional stocking locations and smaller order sizes in order to keep prices down as much as possible.

Transporting goods involves a lot of logistics. From the most efficient delivery routes to determining the ideal capacity of carriers, there is a variety of planning that goes into the transportation aspect of the supply chain. Our custom software helps our clients in the transportation industry by providing new logistics technologies, such as transportation management systems. Our software also provides integrated platforms for warehouse management systems. The software will save money in both labor and inventory space. It will also improve the efficiency of operations, processing orders, and also audits through the software’s ability to manage things like freight audits and carrier management.

By switching to custom software, you can truly manage the logistics of your supply chain when it comes to transportation. Our modern platform will help you reduce logistics-related costs while increasing efficiency. Your ROI will be increased by investing in custom software to manage all your transportation needs.

Systems Integrator

The U.S. Department of Transportation has supported Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) initiatives. Their goal is to create a national transportation system to solve issues, increase safety, and improve mobility and environmental performance. ITS systems include many different devices. Some examples of devices included in the system are:

  • Variable Message Signs (VMS)
  • Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV)
  • Ramp Meter Stations (RMS)
  • Microwave Vehicle Radar Detection (MVRD)
  • Travel Time Indications (TTI)
  • Automatic Traffic Recorders (ATR)
  • Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) Readers
  • Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS)
  • Supervisory Controls and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA)
  • Fire Detection
  • Public Address Systems (PA)

ITS systems also include other components like fiber optic cable and Ethernet switches. This is a complex system! At Ayoka Systems, we provide transportation systems with custom software development services. Our approach is to create a project-wide integration plan. We work closely with contractors to troubleshoot potential integration issues, and we also thoroughly test the integration software before it goes live. We also review the necessary technical documents and learn how to coordinate interface points. Our goal is to reduce time and costs by integrating all of these separate things within the Intelligent Transportation System.

Ayoka Systems provides custom software development services to many different industries. The transportation industry has a great need for custom software. Our software provides improved efficiency in areas like transportation management, traffic control, and improving logistics in the supply chain. We work with many different types of transportation clients, from private contractors to government agencies.

Our goal is to provide the best customer service possible to our clients. We are a USA-based company, and we aim to learn about each of our clients so we can fully understand their custom software needs. Before the design process begins, we will sit down with your team to learn about your objectives, mission, needs, and how we can help. Our solutions are affordable and allow you to quickly realize a return on your investment. By reducing costs and increasing efficiency, a custom software solution can help the transportation industry meet its goals without spending more money or hiring new people.

At Ayoka Systems, our goal is to become the only affordable option for custom software development in the USA! As our past experience with clients shows, we are willing to put in the time and effort to deliver successful software at a budget-friendly price. For more information about our software and how it can help the transportation industry, contact us today.

7 Types of Enterprise Architecture and Technology Custom Software Development Services We Provide

June 23, 2020

At Ayoka Systems, we provide companies with custom software development services including enterprise architecture and technology services.

At Ayoka Systems, we provide custom software development services to businesses across a wide range of industries. From healthcare to finance, we have created custom solutions that help companies optimize their workflow and save costs. Our custom software solutions are scalable and can specifically integrate into your business, something that an off-the-shelf software would not be able to do as seamlessly. At Ayoka, we believe in working with your business as a team to learn about your software wants and needs. We focus on frequent communication to get your dream software developed efficiently. Here are 7 types of enterprise architecture and technology services we provide.

.NET Development Company

.NET is a unified platform made by Microsoft that we provide at Ayoka Systems. The .NET 5 will be released in November 2020. This system targets Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, tvOS, watchOS, and WebAssembly. This is a single platform where all .NET code can be used. The platform brings a single code base with a consistent look and fee. JAVA and Swift will be available on the platforms. .NET is a great place to start for developers because it is a single platform and starting point for any type of coding. Developers will also have more choices when it comes to runtime experiences. At Ayoka, we are very experienced with .NET and know that it will help increase productivity, strengthen communication, and provide strong reporting for your business.

Java Custom Software Development Services Company

Java software solutions are beneficial for many types of companies. Java works across platforms and is widely used across a variety of industries. Java can be used for businesses of all sizes. Java can do things like API integration, customer relationship management, data analysis, and more. Java is so customizable that businesses can truly have their software needs met.

Vue Consultant

At Ayoka Systems, we are a Texas Vue consultant. Vue.js is an MIT open-source JavaScript framework that is used to build interfaces. It can also be used for desktop and mobile application development. Vue.js is perfect for things like single-page apps as it focuses on the view layer. One benefit of Vue is that it has faster load times and good overall performance. Vue is mostly used for working on user interfaces through HTML, CSS, and JS. Vue is typically used in smaller companies, although a larger company could also use Vue for one of their smaller projects.

PLC Integration

PLC software integration is common with our industrial customers. This allows things like automated control systems and near real-time transaction data. PLC provides manufacturers with cost-efficient automation and machine control software. PLC systems are sturdy! They are designed to withstand dust, moisture, heat, and cold. At Ayoka, we design software that can help industrial businesses with remote equipment monitoring, machine controls, temperature monitoring, motion control, data acquisition, and more. Features like remote equipment monitoring, automation of factory machine controls, and controlling the temperature can end up saving factories thousands of dollars.

MongoDB Database Custom Software Development

MongoDB solutions can be standalone applications or integrated with traditional relational databases. This database can be used across many industries. A pharmaceutical company could use it for drug interaction applications, while a utility company could use it to connect with smart meters to analyze usage. MongoDB allows for simplified app development. It makes the development process faster and less complex. Data is saved as BSON, providing efficient serialization format. Another benefit of the MongoDB technology is that it is NoSQL (Not Only SQL). This means the databases are minimally structured and can be scaled to hold large amounts of data. MongoDB also has a flexible data structure, enabling it to easily index and query data.

AI Custom Software Development Services

Another area of custom software development services we offer is in the world of AI. AI software has been used frequently in the realm of healthcare and medical research. At Ayoka, we have helped develop an AI solution for behavioral health analysis for patients who suffer from disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, Alzheimer’s, and more. This helps doctors move away from recording behavioral changes manually to using the AI software to analyze the changes for them. The software is very consistent and accurate and provides data beyond what humans can uncover. Our AI software runs on the cloud, meaning our clients don’t have to buy special hardware. AI is also the perfect solution for those doing research studies. The software allows users to perform automated multivariate testing and then provide extensive data.

AWS Migration

AWS (Amazon Web Services) migration is a way of moving data and workloads to the cloud. This helps companies save on IT costs while improving their efficiency, productivity, and flexibility of operations. At Ayoka, we are here to help you migrate your workload to AWS. Migrating to AWS is a great solution for businesses across a variety of industries. Businesses will benefit from the secure cloud that allows for better flexibility and efficiency when it comes to day-to-day operations and higher-level business agility.

At Ayoka Systems, we know that custom software development services are the way to go, as opposed to off-the-shelf options. Your business needs software that can be catered specifically to your needs and is scalable based on your size. Instead of forcing an off-the-shelf software to integrate into your systems, hire a software development company, like Ayoka Systems, to develop a custom solution. At Ayoka, we have years of experience helping customers across a wide range of industries, including retail, transportation, healthcare, financial services, e-government, and manufacturing. We provide many different enterprise architecture and technology services, including .NET development, Java, Vue, PLC integration, MongoDB, AI, and AWS migration. For more information about our custom software development process and how it can help your business, contact Ayoka Systems today.

The Most Common Questions About Custom Software Development Services

October 7, 2019
custom software development services

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash


Thinking about custom software development services? Ayoka can help you with that. Ayoka has a team of expert software developers who have all kinds of industry experience. At Ayoka, we create custom databases, applications, and plenty of other software solutions for our clients. Still, if you’re thinking about custom software, you probably have a lot of questions. It’s understandable. Switching to custom software is a big step for any business. You’re certainly not the only one with questions. As a matter of fact, we get lots of questions about custom software development. We’ve listed the most common questions and their answers below.


What Do Custom Software Development Services Do?

You’re looking into custom software development services. Let’s say that you find the one you want. Now what happens? First, your software team will want to schedule a consultation with you. If you’ve chosen the right company, this consultation shouldn’t cost you anything. During this first meeting, you’ll get a good idea of what this service can provide. You’ll also fill them in on the basics of your project.

After that initial meeting, your engineers will take lots of time getting to know you and your company. They’ll learn how you use software in your business, what systems you’re currently using, and what you need the most from your software. During this phase, the software engineers may ask you a lot of questions. After all, nobody knows your company better than you do. Your team should want to gain as much information as they can.

Once your team members have all of the information that they need, they’ll chart a plan for your custom software development services. The plan will likely include several phases for building and perfecting your software. Once that’s done, they’ll go through each phase, one at a time, building your software. If you’ve picked the right software development team, they’ll keep you posted throughout each phase. Once they’ve finished your software, they’ll deploy it for your company.


Why Do I Need Custom Software?

Why choose custom software development services? Why not stick with commercial, off the shelf software? Custom software gives you lots of benefits. For one thing, custom software gives you far more security than mass-produced software. As we’ve pointed out in the past, hackers tend to go after off the shelf software because that kind of software is easier to figure out. If you have customized software, then your software has unique security features that prevent hacking.

Second, custom software development makes your business competitive. It sets you apart from similar businesses in your field. Third, there’s just nothing like having software that was built especially for you. Imagine having a software that was designed entirely with your business in mind. With that kind of software, you can run your company more smoothly and seamlessly.

The bottom line is that there are plenty of reasons why custom software development services can help your company thrive. If you want to learn more about how custom software can help your company in particular, feel free to get in touch with us at any time.


How Long Will My Custom Software Project Take?

Your project will likely take several months. Smaller projects can take around four months of planning and development. Larger projects can take closer to eight or nine months. That said, the best way to find out how long your project will take is to talk to your custom software development service. Each project is unique, so each one has a different time frame. In any case, if you’ve chosen the right development team, then they’ll take their time crafting the perfect software for your needs.


Why Not Use Off the Shelf Software?

Off the shelf software is fine for speed and convenience. Other than that, though, generic software can’t serve your business the way that custom software can. First of all, generic software isn’t designed specifically for your business. It’s designed for businesses like yours. However, this software ignores all of the things that set your company apart from the rest. As a result, a lot of your needs are going to slip through the cracks. For that matter, you’ll also get a lot of features that you don’t need while missing the features that you do need. Next, as we’ve mentioned above, off the shelf software is vulnerable to hackers and other security issues. We could go on about the pitfalls of generic software. The bottom line is that nothing can top the benefits of using custom software development services.


Who Has the Best Custom Software Development Services?

Who has the best custom software development services? That would be Ayoka Solutions. Your Ayoka team can develop your perfect software solutions. We’re also right here in the US, so you won’t have to worry about delays or poor communication. Want to start with your free consultation? Contact the Ayoka team today.

Why Your IT Department Will Love Custom Software Development Services

December 4, 2017
Photo by Kevin on Unsplash Custom Software Development Services

Photo by Kevin on Unsplash. Why Your IT Department Will Love Custom Software Development Services

As a business owner, one of your most significant responsibilities is selecting the right staff for your IT department. Once you hire the right team, you need to give them the power to make software decisions that enhance and grow your business. You could dictate to your IT department which software systems to purchase. However, if you are not proficient in electronic communications, you could end up operating systems that impede your business productivity. To eliminate this problem, discuss your available options with the head of your IT department. These options typically include an off-the-shelf-software program or custom software development services. However, there are many reasons that your IT department will love custom software development services.

Best Equipment and Service Support

Your IT department can be in charge of evaluating the different companies that design custom software development services. They can select the one that is the best fit for your needs. There are many different choices when it comes to vendors. Their expertise is necessary for determining the best decision based upon cost, available options, and security measures.

Customized for Your Business

With custom software development services, your IT department will analyze the specific needs of your business. Then, your IT department will work with the design team to design the different software options that your organization needs. Does your business focus on service delivery? If so, the team will work with your IT department to incorporate systems to increase your production rates. The team will also provide a consistent delivery of services or products and reduce production errors. Additionally, the IT department can help identify areas to reduce duplication of data entry. Lastly, they can determine how to integrate data from different departments to increase staff efficiencies.

Ease of Implementation

The design team will prepare your IT department for implementation of the new system for the rest of your employees. Even though the system may be complicated when covering all your needs, the team will prepare your IT department. Afterward, your IT department teaches your employees to sign on, operate, and optimize their user experience.


Your IT department will love the ability to identify with ease who can have access to certain types of information within your custom software development services. Once a determination has been made on the varying levels of information accessibility, your IT department will identify a process for staff to receive computer access. Moreover, your IT department will identify unique circumstances and how to apply for access in those instances.


As your business grows, your needs will expand. The benefit of a custom software development services is that you can upgrade your software system as you grow. Your IT department will be the first to know that your system is not fulfilling your needs for data storage, input, and integration. Once you reach the point that your system is no longer serving your needs, your IT department can discuss the specific needs with the design team and start on the necessary upgrades.


The last option that your IT department will love is the security of your custom software development services. With an off-the-shelf system, computer hackers can find ways to break into your system. On the other hand, with a custom software development services, computer hackers are unfamiliar with the design of the system. It would take time for a hacker to figure out how to break into your system. The process is too time-consuming. As a result, a hacker will continue searching for a business who is using off-the-shelf software to breach their network and steal their information.

Now that you know why your IT department will love custom software development services, what’s next? Contact a professional developer and sit down to discuss your specific needs, focus on the results that you are looking to achieve and how your changes can help your customers. With the right customized application development system, you can become more efficient or build your operational capacity.

Ayoka Custom Software Development Systems

If you are an organization and searching for ways to improve your information management, then look no further than Ayoka for services that will increase your productivity while still maintaining the security of your business records. Ayoka custom application development emphasizes local, hands-on interaction, and discovering the needs of the end-users. If your business focuses on service delivery, then the team will incorporate systems to increase your production rates, provide more consistent delivery of services or products, and reduce variances or tighten tolerance for errors. This makes us ideal for delivering increased accessibility, efficiencies, and security to your business through our custom application development.

Don’t make customized application development complicated. If you want expert advice to guide you through the process and help you get the most out of your software, contact Ayoka. We are an experienced industry leader. Call (817) 210-4042 and begin.

How Custom Software Development Services Improve Communication

November 9, 2017
Photo by Quino Al

Photo by Quino Al on Unsplash. How Custom Software Development Services Improve Communication

Communication is the backbone of businesses in every industry, and nothing improves communication like custom software development services. Developers begin with their clients’ needs and form unique solutions that target every level and type of interaction. A single product may improve person to person communication, communication between applications, and even the interaction between employees and their software tools.

Person to Person Communication

Every business has a unique communication model. This is formed by chain of command, available hardware, the nature of services offered, special procedures, and more. So, it’s easy to see how off the shelf solutions fail to allow for this diversity. After all, a premade solution is designed to cater to industry averages. Many manufacturers seek to account for communication style diversity by including customization, attachment, and integration options. However, these often fail to completely meet a business’s needs. Without a reliable system, communication breaks down, and this leads to serious consequences. A failed message could mean a death in the case of hospital staff, emergency dispatchers, or stand-by nurses. Failed communications cause losses in any industry, however, and could easily cost thousands in wasted labor, missed opportunities, and lost resources.

Custom software development services avoid this problem simply by being what they are. Each custom product begins with the client’s needs, and developers build up from a client’s unique communication model. This means their custom products never face the obstacles off the shelf products inherently encounter. Businesses with especially complex systems of communication need individual solutions. Such business include emergency services, large scale manufacturers, shipping companies, and more. In the age of complex, online trade and sales, even small businesses need advanced communication solutions. Communicating an order, sending a confirmation, or simply summoning an employee to fill a particular role shouldn’t be difficult. These are all essential, daily functions, and it’s imperative to use a system that makes these tasks easier and more reliable.

Application to Application Communication

Your applications speak to each other, and interruptions in this type of communication lead to serious technical problems. These could range from an email that fails to arrive to an entire computer freezing. The API (application programming interface) that governs each of these conversations between applications is the root of many failed functions, glitches, and frozen computers. Although developers behind premade software solutions do their best to smooth out these interactions, it helps to know what other programs the final product will interact with. By understanding your ultimate goals for a piece of software, custom software developers can build better APIs to allow specific types of standardized interactions and create fluid WebSocket integration.

Custom software development services also help software integration go more smoothly. Good custom software developers oversee installation and integration personally. This prevents accidents and reduces overall downtime for applications and software services. Custom software creates fewer long-term risks as well. Most computer problems stem from conflicting programming. When developers build a software product for an individual client, they consider existing software and applications already in use. This allows them to work around potential issues and prevent freezes and glitches. New software arrives ready to communicate seamlessly with the software your business already relies on.

Person to Application Communication

In order to read this article, you’re communicating with a number of applications. It should feel effortless, and you probably don’t have to stop and think about each action. Unfortunately, many advanced software solutions do not cater to the user experience. While the software may work with other applications well, it’s useless if it cannot quickly and accurately communicate with the user. Clients need easy access to the core features of their software, and the layout must favor any process the software is a part of. Generic dashboards and intuitive design only go so far. After all, intuitive design for a private email application looks dramatically different from a customer service representative’s filing software. The design must come from the product’s role, and no premade software product’s designer knows exactly how and where the software will be used.

Team to Goal Communication

Custom software development services tailor software to meet a specific goal. The best developers visit in person to observe how clients operate and take time to interview employees who will eventually use the finished product. This allows developers to fit the new product into employee’s established workflow and avoid delays during transition. It also allows them to figure out the most efficient design for new users. So, they can see what product layouts the employees favor, and which ones bog down production. However, no remote developer for a premade software product could apply these insights, but the unique advantage of custom software development services is that they can see and understand everything that sets your business apart. Custom software products are made for the specific path your business follows.

Without good communication, any business will fall apart. To get the message across accurately the first time, choose the only option tailored for your unique business model, software applications, and workflow. Custom software development services can tackle any communication issue, and they may even rectify problems you didn’t know you had. Contact us today to see how custom software development could benefit your business.

Do You Really Need Custom Software Development Services?

September 22, 2017
Photo by on Unsplash

Photo by on Unsplash. Do You Really Need Custom a Software Development Service?

A custom software development service would likely strike most businesses as a luxury. At worst, they may see them as an unnecessary expense. Neither point of view is true. Custom software is as varied as the businesses that need it, and each solution is truly unique. These products stand above off-the-shelf competition in every respect. The truth is, you probably already need some form of custom software.

Are You Struggling to Grow Production?

One of the biggest signs that a business could use custom software development services is stymied growth. While there are many reasons a business may struggle to expand, most end up facing a production crisis. There is a sensitive point where businesses must dramatically expand or revise production in order to meet increased demand from new clients. This is both an opportunity and a risk. Change is never easy, but it’s always necessary for growth. It’s important to execute that change carefully, however. Delays, accidents, and other roadblocks can set a business back rather than propelling it forward. Since production is already under pressure due to rising demand, these risks are exacerbated.

Custom software can help with any job in any industry. Whether you need to streamline customer service or adapt the behavior of an assembly line robot, custom software offers the best solutions. The reason custom software is so much better in so many different roles is because it’s designed to fit the client’s exact needs. Developers take everything from your history to your distant goals to configure the best possible product for your immediate and long term needs. They not only address your current crisis, but actually make it easier to expand or adapt again in the future. Whatever you need, custom software can deliver.

Do You Struggle with Communication?

There’s a reason so many seminars focus on communication techniques. There is an important technical aspect to business communications as well, though, and if they are not met, it doesn’t matter how well-trained your staff is. Custom software development services often work with clients to revise entire communication technology strategies. This is especially important for busy, rapid response businesses. These include health care, police, businesses that handle volatile chemicals, newscasters, and more. The more moving parts a business has, the more complicated communication becomes. There are no simple off-the-shelf solutions for a business handling that level of complexity.

Custom software development services work from the client’s needs up. They do not try to fit premade solutions, but make solutions that fit an established business. Everything from software to compatible hardware comes under consideration. You and your custom software development team may discover a straightforward solution, or you may create something entirely new. It depends entirely on your business and your situation, just as it should.

Have Off-the-Shelf Solutions Failed?

Sometimes, off-the-shelf software suits your needs. Sometimes it does not. Custom software development services always provide a product that matches your exact demands. When you have a very unique business, you really need these adaptable solutions. There’s really no single off-the-shelf software that handles everything you can throw at it. There will always be something about your workflow, software configuration, business design, or rate of expansion that simply doesn’t work well with your off-the-shelf product.

A custom software development service would welcome a challenging case. The developers are as adaptable as the software they create, and they’re happy to your needs. The best developers actually come to meet in person with clients throughout the development process. This is a level of service that comes standard for custom software development is far beyond anything you could expect from off-the-shelf product developers. When you have a unique problem, you need a unique level of dedication to address it.

Do You Want an Edge Over the Competition?

Staying ahead of competitors is more challenging today than it has ever been before thanks to the online marketplace. You no longer face competition strictly from local and regional businesses, but also from those overseas. Since many of these competitors can undercut your prices no matter what you do, it’s important to provide the best service and the best products to demonstrate the superiority of your brand. Customers always recognize quality, even when they’re looking for a deal.

Custom software development helps your business be the best at what you do. Rather than stuffing your workflow into a premade mold, this process allows the things that make you unique to shape the software solutions you need. It may not seem like much, but it makes a big difference in response time, service level, and final product quality.

Need is relative, but utilizing the best solutions is a matter of practicality. Custom software isn’t just useful today. It actually makes future growth and adaptations easier. You probably need some form of custom software today, but you will definitely need it tomorrow so contact us today to get started.

Custom Software Development Services You Should Have Onsite

August 31, 2017
Photo by Tirza van Dijk on Unsplash

Photo by Tirza van Dijk on Unsplash. Custom Software Development Services You Should Have Onsite

Custom software development services need to spend a surprising amount of time onsite in order to make the best custom products. Limited time face to face with clients, or entirely remote development, creates problems in several key steps of software development. Several steps require the development team to visit, speak with, assess, review, and plan with clients onsite in order to be most effective. Anything less, results in a substandard product. Below are some of the top custom software development services that must be conducted at the client’s place of business.

Developing the Initial Relationship

One of the most important services you should demand from your custom software developer is an onsite meeting at the very start of your working relationship. This initial interview is a crucial step in designing the best solution for your business. Ayoka’s local Texas software development teams go to clients’ businesses to meet in person at the very start of their working relationship. During the first interview, they get to know both the client and their business by going beyond simple requirement checklists. They investigate clients’ goals, history, and plans in order to better understand their needs. Whatever software they create doesn’t just address common industry problems, but zeros in on the unique needs and aspirations of the client. In order to make the best possible product, however, developers absolutely must meet clients face to face. This opens better channels of communication and allows for a clearer expression of needs.


It’s impossible to thoroughly assess a business remotely. No sensible business mogul would buy a location they’d never visited, and no superior custom software developer can make a truly custom piece of software without understanding the environment of which it will be a part. This assessment is the natural progression of discovery and questioning that immediately follows the initial interview.

Developers need to be onsite for several reasons. The first is, of course, to see the business in person. This allows them to better understand critical aspects of the business they will serve. Such aspects include things like workflow, business culture, speed and efficiency of labor, and more. Onsite assessment also gives developers the chance to speak with employees who will be most directly affected by the new software. By gathering information about the benefits and drawbacks of the old system from various levels of the client business, developers can create solutions that will address issues across the board.

One of the greatest problems with remote assessments is the limitation of communication. While the top ranking employees of a business may know their roles perfectly well, there will always be unique insights from other levels. The developer also provides invaluable input as an outsider that may help the client discover and exploit new opportunities.

Development and Review of Software Documentation

Software documentation is an essential part of custom software development. In order to ensure it communicates necessary information to employees, managers, and decision makers in different roles, it needs to be developed together with the client. This highly-detailed information makes all the difference between a great product that no one knows how to use, and a product that addresses concerns on every level of a client’s business.

To ensure the client receives all the necessary benefits of the software documentation, at all levels, developers need to review it with the client in person. This makes it easy to ask questions, develop new strategies, and perfect this critical aspect of software engineering.

Project Planning

Your business doesn’t stop when you hire custom software development services. The right developers won’t just grudgingly accept that you can’t shut down your operations while they overhaul your system. Their plan to install your new software must conform to your needs. As we mentioned before, you should expect developers to work with you, in person, from day one. An important part of that in person work is project planning. This involves not only the construction, but the implementation of your new software.

Important questions to work through with developers focus on timing and goals. What are your expected sales figures? How can your new software boost your profit? Is there time to make major changes to your system before an upcoming rush? Do you need to stagger implementation in order to meet customer demands? How can your custom software development services work with your schedule rather than simply around it?

Custom software development work demands a lot of time onsite, working face to face with the client. This obviously gives local custom software development services like Ayoka a distinct advantage. Their software development process begins and ends with the customer’s unique needs, goals, and work environment. Superior custom software development requires intimate knowledge of the business the final product will serve. Without that, the product might as well have come straight off the shelf. Contact us today to discus how custom software can help your business.

Five Reasons the Best Custom Software Development Services Are Local

August 10, 2017
Photo by on Unsplash

Photo by on Unsplash. Five Reasons the Best Custom Software Development Services Are Local

Thanks to digital advances, it’s possible to do business with companies on the other side of the world. In this competitive market, however, local custom software development services still have a series of important advantages over remote competition. Despite technological advances, these local businesses can still provide superior products.

You Can Expect Collaboration

From your first interaction, you can expect face-to-face collaboration. This includes your initial interview, where you can discuss your long-term goals, short-term goals, and how the commissioned software would fit into these ambitions. The beginning of your professional relationship will set the tone for the rest of the project. Meeting face-to-face provides heightened accountability and better communication. It also makes it easier to learn firsthand about your business and the individual quirks that make it unique.

No overseas company can offer these kinds of services without dramatically increasing costs. Flying developers to meet with clients face-to-face on another continent is not a cheap endeavor. It also makes follow-up visits and the other local advantages on this tremendously impractical. To get true collaboration, you need to hire custom software development services locally.

Work On-Site

Obviously, your developer will have to go back to their offices to do the majority of their work. They need their specialized tools, just as your employees do. That doesn’t mean your custom software development service won’t be visiting again in person, however. They should come in person for additional meetings and further investigation. Although developers trust you to know your business inside and out, they also understand that they may see or hear something that will help them make a better piece of software. This isn’t an oversight on the business owner’s part, but simply another advantage of hiring local developers.

One of the most important things developers should do when they’re working on-site is interviewing stakeholders. How will the people who will use the software every day benefit? Do they have any insight into the problems their old system presented? These discussions can help developers build products better suited to meeting the goals you discussed in your very first interview.

Present for On-Site Testing

Testing is one of the trickiest parts of custom software development. Implementation could take several steps, and no matter how well you and your developer plan in advance, it’s always possible that something could go wrong. Even if you don’t face a major error, even a minor software glitch could cost your business money if it isn’t quickly resolved.

When you work with remote software development services, you again face the obstacle of time and cost to transport professionals to oversee on-site work. Local custom software development services, on the other hand, can easily come as often as necessary to ensure a smooth implementation and transition. Having an expert onsite is one of the best ways to reduce risk during implementation, and it could easily save your business thousands of dollars in the long run.

Receive Feedback through Discussions

This advantage is essentially the follow-up to one of our earlier points. Interviewing stakeholders as the software is developed helps ensure it is designed well the first time. However, that doesn’t mean there won’t be room for improvement. The entire point of custom software development is to create a tailored product that fits your business. This may require a few tests to ensure the program is just the right fit before final implementation. To gather feedback, developers need to discuss test performance with the client. Whether this feedback is positive or points out opportunities for further development, it still gives custom software development services vital information. Holding these discussions on-site makes it easier to demonstrate problems or point out unexplored potential.

Optimizing UX

Optimized user experience is a huge advantage of commissioning custom software. Every business has a different workflow and culture, and it’s impossible to find off the shelf solutions that will perfectly match your work habits and process. Building from the ground up is the best solution. Of course, user experience takes a lot of research and discussion to fine tune. Giving developers access to some of your best employees is a great way to ensure an optimized user experience that can speed up production and limit mistakes. Again, this is tricky to manage from across an ocean or a continent, but local developers can work around your business’s schedule to ensure you don’t lose valuable labor time in exchange for the perfect product.

The best custom software development services are found locally. Only the local advantage can give developers the insight, communication, and collaboration opportunities they need in order to do their best work. Because they are often on-site, they offer the best, safest on-site testing, and they’re the most help during final implementation. Although they are making software, face-to-face interaction with humans is what sets these developers and their products apart. Contact us today to talk about your software needs.

What You Should Expect from Custom Software Development Services

July 27, 2017
Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash. What You Should Expect from Custom Software Development Services

Whether you’re ordering a dress or a piece of software, custom orders can be confusing. Since there is such fierce international competition for custom software development services, it’s especially difficult for businesses to choose wisely from all the available options. A few key services, however, will help you identify superior developers. Here is a short list of services you should expect from a custom software development service.

Commitment to Your Custom Needs

First of all, a custom software development company should be serious about the actual customization of their product. Unfortunately, there are still businesses who seek to take advantage of clients by modifying a handful of code to transform a regular product into a “customized” version. While customers do sometimes need popular programs to be customized through additional programming, these services are unique to the client.

Your developer’s primary concern should be your business needs. This is represented not only through the finished product, but through the steps the developer takes to make the commissioned software. Custom software development services should address your specific needs by asking questions and digging deeper than a checklist of features.

Face to Face Interviews

Part of accomplishing the goals in the previous section requires at least one face to face interview. Local companies are better at this than remote contractors. In order to make the best product possible, your developers need to actively seek out the elements that make your business special. These will inform their software development work.

While a phone interview has its uses, nothing beats face to face discussions. This allows for better communication, and it also gives developers a chance to see how your business works. What kind of work culture do you promote? What is your established workflow like? Are there secondary concerns that may influence the software you need? It’s easier to find these answers and develop further questions onsite.


The best custom software is a result of close collaboration between developers and clients. Although a face to face interview is an important place to start, that meeting should not represent the beginning and the end of your discussion. Clients will inevitably have questions, and their needs may shift slightly throughout the development process. A developer needs to be available in order to make sure the finished product still fits a business’s needs. Another face to face meeting may be in order, or the question may be resolved through a phone call. Either way, custom software development services that keep their developers in-office can address these concerns far more easily than a service that uses remote contractors.

If you need to speak to your developer during regular business hours, you should be able to reach them easily. Although many software development companies use separate customer service representatives, they are not as well versed in the project as the actual developer. They also slow down communication by adding an unnecessary intermediary between developer and client. If your developer isn’t available to communicate, then how can you collaborate successfully?

Additional Services

Developing a piece of custom software is different from installing it. Developing custom software is also very different from offering technical and emergency support later in the product’s life. However, even though these are separate services, the best custom software developers offer them. Ideally, custom software development services will care for your custom product from its inception to the day you upgrade. This means you should have access to the services listed above in addition to other common technical services.

The reason why is pretty simple. Your developer knows your software better than anyone. If the developer does the research needed to make a good product, they will also know the rest of your system reasonably well. This puts them in a unique position to deliver expedited tech support when things go wrong. A regular IT specialist would have to take time to study your custom software before pursuing the problem simply to avoid exacerbating it. Your software designer doesn’t face this obstacle.

A Fantastic Piece of Software

The most important thing you should expect from your custom software design services is, of course, a great piece of custom software. It should not only perform its designated function well, but it should support your ultimate company goals and blend in with your existing framework. Custom software should address a range of needs. These include immediate workflow problems and extend to future growth and expansions. Ultimately, you and your developer will decide which features your software needs. Keep in mind that one of the greatest advantages of a custom product is the opportunity for additions and expansions down the road.

Excellent custom software begins with excellent customer service. Demand at least one face to face meeting, and make sure the developer doesn’t just nod and accept your criteria. Custom software should be custom, and that requires a clear interest in how your business works and where the product will fit in. In the end, you should expect a truly fantastic piece of custom software. Contact us today to discuss our custom software development services and what you could expect from us along the way.

Making Software Applications Mobile

December 27, 2016
Photo by Alejandro Escamilla on Unsplash

Photo by Alejandro Escamilla on Unsplash

If your organization is considering making its software applications mobile, now is the perfect time to seek a custom software development service provider to help you.  The mobile application business is booming and companies with the ability to deliver real-time, simplified information to employees, partners, and customers are thriving.

Making your software applications mobile is a giant step in the right direction. This step will help your business gain a competitive edge, increase ROI, and drive productivity.  Mobile applications are the most effective, easiest way to reach clients and/or customers.  Both of whom appreciate efficacy and simplicity.

The Advantages of Going Mobile 

In addition to the business advantages listed above, there are many other advantages to going mobile.  A few of these are:

  • Improved access to reports and dashboards
  • Increased productivity with data being input at the work site
  • Improved reporting time
  • Increased field support team productivity
  • Improved connectivity
  • Happier customers

Further, field employees have full access to mobile apps, even when offline, when the right mobile tools are introduced. The benefits of mobile applications are real and substantial.

Customer Software Development Services

 When deciding to make your organization’s software applications mobile, the most important thing you can do is choose a custom software development company that works with you collaboratively in person.  Learning the ins and outs of your organization, exactly what you want and expect from the mobile application, and developing a relationship that will continue to flourish based on trust and respect are crucial to creating a successful mobile application.

Ayoka is a Texas-based custom software development company that has created business mobile applications for many enterprises ranging from healthcare organizations to industrial businesses.  Whether your organization needs a mobile application that works in the office or in the field (offline), or both, we have the knowledge and capabilities to meet your needs.

Mobile Applications for Organizations

 Recent trade mobile application studies show that seven out of ten manufacturing organizations seek to streamline operations using mobile and wireless solutions.  The healthcare industry is incorporating mobile applications especially with the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend now being accepted by many hospitals and healthcare organizations.  Regardless of the type of enterprise, Ayoka works with you to identify the critical success factors necessary to build, implement, and deploy a mobile application solution.

Manufacturing companies with mobile applications reap the benefits of improved productivity and increased revenues. Moreover, relationships with customers, dealers, and wholesalers are enhanced overall. Your company also benefits from streamlined operations and decreased production costs. Another large benefit is instant access to supply chain management.

Within the healthcare industry, professionals often benefit from health apps that help increase their knowledge of their patients’ conditions. Furthermore, many users can improve their quality of life with mobile health apps. Today, many healthcare professionals believe that health apps encourage patients to take more responsibility for their health. As you can see, the advantages are clear for mobile applications in healthcare.

These are just two of the industries that benefit from using custom software development services to make their software applications mobile.  The energy industry, retail industry, financial industry, transportation systems, and many others will only improve by going mobile.

Meeting Your Needs

 At Ayoka, we get in your business.  We want to learn as much about your business as possible to design a mobile application that works exactly the way you want it to.  When properly designed, a mobile application can deliver much more information than a desktop system or a web-based application.

Now is the time to extend the reach of your organization’s productivity.  The proliferation of mobile applications will only continue to rise with the advanced technology of smart devices and the number of people using them.  The ability to use your organization’s software anywhere will not only increase your organization’s productivity, but also your ROI.

Ayoka custom software development services for mobile applications includes:

  • Determining which platforms need to be taken into consideration (iOS, Android, Windows)
  • Selecting the features that need to be available on mobile for a lean build
  • Identifying the development strategy flexible enough to accommodate future changes in technology
  • Paying special attention to security concerns to protect source code as well as confidential business data
  • Addressing syncing issues so mobile apps can offer functionality offline and online depending on the use case
  • Designing the app with the correct blend of server side and client side development (Native, HTML5, and hybrid)

A reputable, dedicated custom software development services company knows that a large portion of mobile application development is understanding the mindset of the end user. At Ayoka, we conduct site visits, attend employee interviews, and attend trade shows as part of our commitment to being a part of your industry.  Your organization’s success is our organization’s success.

Ayoka has successfully developed software solutions ranging from complex enterprise business software to completely innovative new mobile applications for startup companies and we would love to work with you.  Call us today at 817-210-2042 for more information and a free quote on making your software applications mobile.

Preparing for the New Year with Custom Software

December 19, 2016
Photo by Yolanda Sun on Unsplash

Photo by Yolanda Sun on Unsplash

As 2017 rapidly approaches, your business has made the decision to invest in custom software or enhance existing software.  More and more businesses are doing so as the investment in flexibility promises large gains in terms of productivity as well as competitive advantages. Custom software is designed to meet your business’ exact needs which simplifies your business processes and enhances your ROI.

With today’s mobile workforce substantially increasing, the ‘off the shelf” software programs lack the adaptability that is demanded by those who work off-site.  Additionally, the typical user’s profile is rapidly changing as businesses needs change and cloud-based platforms lessen the time and cost necessary to build custom solutions.

The Benefits

In preparation for your custom software, some of the key benefits you can look forward to are:

  • Innovation – Custom software enables businesses to enhance existing software to improve their current processes. Furthermore, it creates the intelligence to execute new tasks that are more appropriately aligned to decisive goals.
  • Efficacy – Custom software reduces the amount of time wasted while increasing agility and swiftness of response by conforming to the user demands exactly.
  • Cost Enhancement – Customization of software unlocks its maximum value, thereby minimizing risks and maximizing ROI.

The result is an innovative, more productive, and profitable business.

What to Look for in a Custom Software Developer

Integrating new custom software or enhancing existing software requires exceptional communication between you and the software developer.  A customer service-driven software developer focuses on providing a software solution that fits your needs and, at Ayoka Systems, we have one clear objective – delivering the very best in customer service.

From medical software development to manufacturing software development, Ayoka System’s mission is to exceed client expectations while maintaining competitive pricing.  By establishing a united approach with clients, we look beyond the technology and focus on the main objective of your software and how it aligns with your business. We love learning as much about your business as possible to formulate or integrate the custom software that is perfect for you.

Beyond the Desk

You probably do not go anywhere today where you do not see people working with mobile devices.  Some industries such as energy services require remote monitoring.  Remote and rural locations often lack internet connectivity.  Ayoka System designs mobile apps that incorporate a “store and forward” capability.  This means they are preloaded with data, operate without being connected to the internet, and allow the users to sync the data when internet connectivity is available.  A custom software program designed with this capability saves time, money, and a lot of work.


In addition to the benefits mentioned above, the most advantageous benefit of custom software development is communication.  The very core of customer service is exceptional communication.  The internet and mobile apps give customers what they want and expect through interactive software.  If your business is experiencing steady growth, or has difficulty keeping up with the customer base, a custom app helps to solve this problem.  Ayoka System’s custom software development services create apps for business that can handle anything and everything.

More Powerful and Profitable 

If your business already has software that you want to make more powerful and profitable in 2017, you need a roadmap of exactly what you want to integrate.  Some of the things you need to consider are as follows:

  • Are there features and functions that need to be added? This can be anything from changing the way users interact when they log in or visit to changing items so they appear only in certain places on your site or app.  No matter what features you add, it is imperative that they are user-friendly.  These additions should be prioritized by business impact and the amount of time and effort required to implement them.
  • Do you need or want to make upgrades? Some upgrades require more precise planning than others.  For example, adding reporting abilities to a dashboard or web app requires more planning than adding eCommerce to your website.
  • Evaluate your website and web app performance. Do they need to work better or faster on mobile devices?  Do you need to add an Android or iOS app?  These integrations will require more time, but it is very important to include them in your custom software plan.

Make a Commitment 

Take your time and evaluate trusted custom software developers before you decide on one.  Changing developers midstream can be very costly.  You should choose a software development firm that works with you to establish a long-term relationship and someone you can rely on to make things right when things go wrong.

At Ayoka Systems, we are dedicated to serving you.  If you are not happy, we are not happy.  Prepare for the New Year with custom software by being ready before the New Year.  Contact us today and we will help you and your business with a plan for custom software for 2017 and beyond.

Business Efficiency and Information Management

November 29, 2016
Photo by on Unsplash

Photo by on Unsplash

An efficient business is a productive business, and nothing contributes more to your success than productivity. Unfortunately, it’s easy to restrict your productivity through old systems and poor information management. Your organization behind the scenes reflects your business’s efficiency, and one of the first systems to fall into disrepair during busy periods is information management. Scattered information makes the employees’ jobs more difficult and much more time consuming. Poorly designed information management systems don’t just limit your productivity now, however. They can also hamper your business’s future. Custom software development services combat inefficiency on both fronts. After all, the best solution doesn’t just patch a problem temporarily. The best solution paves the road for future improvements.

Handling Business Today

No matter what industry you are part of, information drives your daily operations. Your intellectual resources require easy access in order to remain efficient. Scattered files and outdated software make your work longer and harder than it should be. You waste valuable time and money without efficient information management software. Information management solutions can create an instant difference in the productivity of your business. By removing obstacles, such as scattered organization, confusing filing, and inefficient software, you allow employees to work at a higher capacity. Hourly wages yield a greater return, and you may find you can trim back costly overtime.

Improving information management software also allows you to communicate more efficiently with customers. Rather than apologizing and chatting as they dig through convoluted systems for the right type of information about a particular kind of client, employees can quickly locate the details they need to answer questions and concerns. This boosts your business’s professional image and demonstrates your efficiency in every customer interaction.

Planning for the Future

For optimum efficiency, your information management software needs to keep your business current. Not so long ago, the most advanced businesses saved their information on floppy disks. However, young professionals entering the world of industry today may not have used such technology, even as children. These employees may fill positions that didn’t exist before the last four or five years. In another decade, today’s cutting edge information technology will seem as outdated as floppy disks do today. Keeping your information current goes beyond updating client files. You must consider how and where those files are stored. Do you use a personal server, or do you keep critical information on a separate hard drive? Do you have backups in place to prevent a true IT disaster? These important technological advances only came about recently, but it’s difficult to image a functional business without at least a few of them.

Good technology prepares your business for the future. The best information management system not only works around your current infrastructure, but leaves room for future developments. Flexibility and scalability are key. Custom software development services allow professionals to build the best information management system possible around the software you already use, and the software you will someday discover. By planning ahead, custom software development services can save you time and money in the future. No matter how well your system operates now, it will eventually need upgrades and new software. Your software needs to accommodate change, or you will have to shut down your business during every upgrade and keep your doors closed far longer than necessary. This gross inefficiency is, fortunately, entirely avoidable. If your system requires a simple update to keep up with new technology rather than a complete overhaul, you save time, money, and potential profits you would have lost had you had to close for maintenance.

Customer Effects

Business efficiency and information management are inexorably linked. Efficiency requires excellent organization to ensure employees can access whatever information at whatever time they need it. Employees should not need to go on a treasure hunt in order to find the appropriate intellectual property for a client. Time spent questing after information, that should be readily available, creates a pattern of inefficiency. This hurts your business and will eventually inconvenience your customers.

All businesses rely on efficiency, but that has never been truer than it is today. Customers demand expediency from every type of service provider, and the most successful industries make efficiency an art. Just think of fast food restaurants or online shopping companies. They may be highly organized, but everything is built on information, and in order to create sustainable efficiency, you must build from the ground up

Information is the lifeblood of any industry, and in order to build an efficient business, your information must be easy to access and clearly organized. Custom software development services can build around your existing systems, fixing flaws and building a scalable framework with room for future advances. Efficiency grows from your business’s internal structures. Without efficient information management, you cannot expect efficiency from any employee who uses that information.

Point of Sale Solutions and Customer Service

November 22, 2016
Photo by QuickOrder on Unsplash

Photo by QuickOrder on Unsplash

What do you think of when someone mentions customer service? Do you think of a separate desk where employees handle returns and rain checks? Do you think of a hotline for customer complaints and requests? These are only the final steps in a customer’s customer service journey. That journey begins the moment they walk into the store, and the quest’s tipping point stands at the cash register. When you think of customer service, you probably don’t think of point of sale (POS) software. However, to surpass expectations and win return sales, you need to rethink the role of your cashiers.

Developing Front of House Customer Service

Of all your employees, your cashiers interact with customers the most. Customers usually go straight to the register when they have questions, and every customer who makes a purchase ends their time in your establishment at the checkout. Employees don’t have to be part of the customer service department to play a vital role in customer appreciation. They are the front line of customer service. They provide answers, services, and suggestions. As well trained as your cashiers may be, however, they can still leave customers with unpleasant impressions of your business if employees do not have the tools they need. Nothing ruins a great customer experience like a long line or point of sale errors. Your customers may like your cashier, but your point of sale system represents your business just as much as your employee. If the point of sale system is down, cannot accept the customer’s preferred payment method, or simply takes too long, it will make your entire business appear unprofessional.

Even the smallest business with a traditional storefront has a cashier. That cashier may multitask, which makes it even more important to give your front of house employees the tools they need. By the time a customer goes to a separate desk or sends a comment to customer service, chances are you’ve already lost the customer’s trust.

Businesses without traditional storefronts need superior point of sale software even more. If a customer never meets your employees, and only uses your online store, their online experience will invariably determine their impression of your business. POS software for online storefronts needs to fulfill the roles of the cashier and the cash register at the same time. In order to find a POS system that meets these demands, businesses should invest in custom software development services. This is the only way to ensure your POS system meets the same customer service standards you hold your employees to.

Improving Your POS

To deliver great customer service, a POS system needs to assist human employees as much as possible. Include your POS system in any planned systems integration updates. A point of sale system that can communicate with bookkeeping and merchandise software cuts back on time and limits errors. This helps your business behind the scenes, but it also allows cashiers to focus on the customer rather than juggling multiple systems.

Consider your POS’s current abilities. Can it accept multiple payment types? If the system crashes, or a key piece of hardware, like a card scanner, malfunctions, can you still accept credit and debit payments? Your technical troubles should never interfere with a customer’s experience. When you hire custom software development services, you can augment existing systems with features you need or build a new POS system from the ground up. Every business will have slightly different needs, but creating a smooth interaction at your point of sale is critical for future business and repeat customers.

Make sure your POS allows cashiers to fulfill multiple functions. Customers will ask questions, especially as the holidays approach. Cashiers have to answer questions about sales, layaway options, return policies, and gift receipts. Customers face extra stress, and your point of sale needs to run faster and more efficiently than ever. By implementing software that keeps merchandise information, policies, customer records, and more, you preempt the worst of the holiday rush. Cashiers do more than finalize sales, but without the necessary tools, they can’t do their jobs at the pace your customers demand.

Custom software development services can streamline and improve any part of your business. While the most popular custom software updates often serve your back of house needs, these products can help any aspect of your business. Even if you have a separate customer service department, you must recognize that customer service begins even before a buyer walks into your shop. Cashiers hold a place of authority, and since they are the easiest employees to find, they must answer the majority of customer questions. The right software allows cashiers to fulfill the roles customers expect of them. An online business faces even greater customer service challenges, since no human employee can interact with the customer during the sale. Custom software development services allow you to pack everything you need into a POS system while simultaneously streamlining the flow of information to your back of house. Take care of your customers by giving them what they need where they expect to find it.

Winning Customers with Custom Software

November 1, 2016
Photo by Crew on Unsplash

Photo by Crew on Unsplash

Everyone struggles to win customers, and marketing campaigns become very expensive very quickly. You may think of custom software development as a back of house upgrade, but customers often discover your business through your web presence. This means your web or mobile apps will make that critical first impression. Simply making a pretty website leaves vast opportunities for marketing and sales untapped. By making the most of your custom software, you turn your app into a lure for customers. Make apps that can speak for you through user-friendly interfaces and options. Build safe websites and mention your custom security in ads and sales pitches. A well designed app can make the sale for you, from beginning to end. First, however, you must understand what your customers are looking for.

User-Friendly Apps

The best part of custom software development is design. Work with the developers from the beginning to achieve your goals, and you’ll be amazed what you can achieve. Although it’s important to consider what you want your software to do, it’s just as important to consider what you don’t want your software to do. Think of every user interface that has ever given you a headache, or every system that just can’t seem to get along with your operating system.

You don’t want your digital storefront, your web and mobile apps, to fall prey to these same flaws. Tricky or confusing software deters buyers and creates additional work. Think of your customers when you design your apps. What do customers like about your store or previous website? What complaints do customers share? Use this feedback as a roadmap to the ultimate user-friendly app.

All apps interact with the user, but the best engage users. A fun app draws more return customers than a boring one. Utilizing graphics, previews, and other features compatible with both traditional and touch screen interfaces adds an element of muscle memory to the impression your app leaves in the customer’s mind.

Selling Safety

Online security is a bigger issue than ever. When major browser and search engines like Google announce plans to remove unsecured websites from their results, customers take notice. To win customers, you must not only run secure apps, but also let customers know about your security through marketing. Custom software development provides the best, most secure software on the market. Not only is it tailored to suit your needs, but its unique design deters hackers and limits your vulnerability to attack. Since hackers use and share the same tricks and backdoors over and over again, they are less likely to attack unique software without familiar entry points. Even custom versions of existing software offer superior protection to off the shelf software, since developers use the latest, most secure additions with security updates and improvements.

Using Sales in Software

You already teach your employees how to sell product. They suggest additional purchases, compare benefits of different products when customers cannot decide, push credit and layaway options, and generally do their best to provide information and close the sale. Software isn’t as intuitive as a human yet, but it’s come a long way from the days of static text and pixilated images.

Today, custom software development offers web and mobile apps that can do much of your work for you, including a great deal of your sales. Using discrete suggestions and presenting a range of logical options helps connect customers to the right products. Your web and mobile apps should serve as an active guide for customers rather than a passive catalogue of your inventory. While you can provide chat options for customers who would like help or suggestions, by and large, your shoppers will go through your app alone. Think of your app as both a destination and an employee. It fills both these roles for potential customers.

Once upon a time, websites served as digital billboards. They had more information, but they served the same purpose. Customers needed to contact the seller, find a shop, or email an appointment request. Today, a huge number of transactions take place solely online. While it’s still important to provide information in case customers need to reach you, most prefer to do their own shopping. They interact with your app to make purchases, examine options, and even preview customizations. Your app must be user-friendly in order to make a sale, and it must use creative sales techniques to push additional merchandise. Customers care about ease and security. Use your custom software’s innate security as a sales point and allow the app to walk customers through a sale. Custom software wins customers, especially when it’s paired with careful marketing. There are always customers online, but they only want to shop with the best companies. Make sure your company represents itself well online. Remember, custom software development allows you to showcase the very best your business has to offer.

The Advantages of Custom Software

October 4, 2016
Photo by Jacob Miller on Unsplash

Photo by Jacob Miller on Unsplash

Custom software development offers unparalleled opportunities for business development. No matter what industry your business falls under, software is a vital tool in the age of the Internet, and better tools make better products. Software controls everything from customer service to stock management, so it’s vital to find the very best software for your unique needs. Unfortunately, mass produced software isn’t designed to handle the features and challenges that make your business different. In order to get everything you need out of your software, you need custom software development. The best fit is always made to your measurements, and custom software is always developed with only you in mind.

Fit and Value for Your Business

Although the idea of paying for custom software may seem daunting, it is far more affordable than you may think. Not only is the initial price lower than you may expect, but the product will serve you better in the long run. You also receive more “bang for your buck” with custom software. When you order custom software, all costs go into making your ideal product. It has no unneeded features or extra bells and whistles. Software is tailor made to fit your business exactly. When you buy regular software with unnecessary features and add-ons, you are paying for the labor it took to make parts of a product you will never use. It’s like a chef buying a Swiss army knife rather than a good cleaver. The Swiss army knife won’t do what the chef needs it to do as well as cleaver will, and most of the Swiss army knife’s features aren’t meant for a fast-paced kitchen. Software works the same way. Regular software carries functions you will never need in your industry, or in your specific field. For example, you may have a separate billing system for your clients, and prefer not to use the built-in feature regular software provides. Why buy features you don’t need?

Development and Expansion

Custom software can have whatever features you need, including the ability to expand. Even if you do not want to pay for such features now, it’s possible to design software with future expansion in mind. After all, even the best business development plan can’t predict the future. If you plan to use the same custom software development company, then you can discuss plans for future expansion with them when you first order. This allows them to leave doors open in your software so you can add to it later. It’s easier to update a system if the custom software development team is the same, of course.

A Perfect Fit for Customers

As the above points discuss, custom software is the best fit for any business because it is tailor made to suit. However, custom software can also be the best fit for your customers. Multichannel selling has allowed unprecedented growth for small businesses. Even those without physical storefronts can use mobile and web apps in addition to ever-evolving online platforms to move product. Multichannel selling comes with some critical rules for success, though, and chief among these is a seamless experience for customers. Whether they buy through their phones, laptops, or in person at a trade show, they must enjoy the same experience. Your business has to present the same face and features, no matter which channel customers choose to buy through. Your apps must all look the same, and they must tie into any physical locations or branded banners you use. It’s important for all channels to present the same buying options with the same information, too. If you sell something like tea, can customers choose between different weights? Can they see the blend? Can they order a taste test? Do all of your channels provide thorough information about the product and its ingredients? Custom software allows you to create exactly what your customers expect to find. No cookie-cutter software could do this.

Choosing custom software over regular options is like choosing an office made to your specifications over a place in a strip mall. One has everything you need, and you know this because you chose what it would contain. The other is formatted to host as many different kinds of business as possible, and you have competitors standing on even footing right next door. Business development demands expansion, control, and careful customer management. Custom software offers all of this and more. It’s one of the soundest investments available for any business, and since it’s made to fit your business, you can use it to solve essentially any problem. Custom software helps you keep up to speed with both developing trends and established trends, such as multichannel selling. It offers room to grow and even saves your business money. Custom software development can be updated, just like any software, and that means your custom software will never lose its efficiency. Unlike other software, however, custom software updates will always take you in the direction you wish to go.

How System Integration Prepares Businesses for Future Software

September 20, 2016
Photo by Javier Quesada on Unsplash

Photo by Javier Quesada on Unsplash

System integration allows business to function more smoothly, by facilitating the exchange of information among enterprise applications or connecting to hardware devices that allow firms to get a step ahead of the competition. As more businesses use custom software development services to strengthen their competitive advantages, the more valuable it becomes for software designers to integrate their systems. This leaves standalone systems at a disadvantage and gives those with integrated systems a platform that best fits their organization. There are plenty of advantages to converting to an integrated system now, but there are even more reasons integrating your system can help you prepare for the future, particularly future software.

A Single System Eases the Process

An integrated system makes it easier to adapt to new software, particularly cloud computing products that include API’s (Application Programming Interfaces) that are designed to connect with custom applications. Rather than forcing users to log out and log into separate applications, a well-executed integration model appears to users that they are using a single system. This also limits potential system issues. After all, it’s easy to troubleshoot minor problems when you know which system is causing them.

New software changes are also increasing in tempo. An integrated system’s flexibility can keep up with these changes. However, a system without integration would only grow more cluttered. Regardless of your system’s design, an integrated system always has room for new software. Any integrated system worth its salt can easily accommodate these changes with minimal frustration on the part of IT. This allows your system to grow and change with your business. Without this key feature, system integration would be an unreasonable investment. After all, what kind of business has time to stop and restructure its entire software system every two or three years?

Intuitive Front of House Software Requires Integration

Some of the best ideas hitting the software market are created for front of house systems. These systems are designed to improve customers’ experiences while cutting back on overhead and boosting sales. An excellent example is the digital shelf tag that displays an item’s current price. An integrated system allows the hardware on the shelf to communicate with the rest of your business system. This tag can tell when an item is on sale and update the price accordingly. When the sale ends, the tag automatically adjusts the price. This prevents mislabeling that costs businesses both money and professional pride. Without system integration, however, a digital shelf tag is a flashy but essentially useless tool. Reprogramming each tag individually would be more time consuming than sending employees through the store with stickers, and such a system would be equally vulnerable to human error. Only a wireless link to an integrated system makes this futuristic price tag worth investing in.

Your IT Department is Liberated

System integration is a wonderful way to free your IT department to work on developing new and better ways to run your business software. Rather than putting out fires across your many systems and answering interdepartmental queries, IT is free to advance your company. It’s the difference between having crew members who are focused on day-to-day operations, versus evaluation of technical alternatives for future applications that can yield increased customer retention or growth.

That free time allows IT departments to do more than keep pace with current software trends. As they tailor your integrated system to function at maximum capacity, your IT workers can also keep an eye on the horizon for up and coming software trends. Your IT department may be among the first to know about rising software companies with innovative mobile application development services. Since your IT department already knows your legacy systems so well, they can quickly determine what new software characteristics are the best fit for your business. They can actively seek improvements and lead initiatives rather than patch up your system.


Integrating your system is taking a step into the future of software. It prepares you for not only the latest software, but the latest hardware as well. Think of how frustrating it is to have a business that operates on hardware with embedded software – each revision to the chip-set may require code updates. By integrating hardware to software, i.e. the Internet of Things Today’s technology is tailored for wireless internet, and without it, customers quickly become frustrated. Soon, the majority of software for businesses will be tailored to integrated systems and custom software development. Eventually, the hardware will follow suit. By that time, however, businesses that have not integrated their systems will be busy playing catch up.

Making such a dramatic change in your business systems may seem overwhelming and ill advised, but custom software development one of the best investments available today. System integration solves current issues, like wasted labor, incorrectly copied information, and inaccurate stock numbers, and simultaneously prepares businesses for the future. It eases the addition of new software and ensures a business system can keep up as it grows. It also prepares businesses for intuitive hardware and software applications while freeing IT workers who can dedicate more time to building new systems. There are any number of reasons to pursue system integration. It’s simply a matter of finding the right custom software development services to suit your needs.

Save Money by Investing: How Custom Software Helps You Keep What’s Yours

September 13, 2016
Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Investments can be terrifying opportunities, especially when you’re investing in something like software. Is it worth the cost? How can it help your business? Will you see a return on this investment, or is the software really just a mandatory update? The truth is that no other investments can compare with custom software. The right software can fix issues behind the scenes, sell product, and open unexpected doors. Armed with a thorough understanding of your own business and its weaknesses, you can easily find the right custom software development services to build your perfect solution to any problem.

Control Merchandise

Merchandisers may consider upgrading through system integration. An integrated system allows businesses to monitor and control their merchandise with an unprecedented level of detail. By joining separate systems into a single, coherent interface, employees can access information about merchandise in real time. Systems communicate directly with each other, as well, helping to ensure reports and sales pages are accurate. This is an essential function for any retailer with an online shop. Without a system to reconcile information as it changes, a single item may be ordered multiple times from the same posting, or sold online moments after it’s sold in a physical shop.

System integration also allows business owners to see the whole picture. Few things are as important to business finances as merchandise. It’s far easier to grasp the minutiae in a single report rather than piecing together the puzzle of information provided by different finance, sales, reordering, budgeting, and administration systems. If you and your employees must keep all of these systems active in different windows, an integrated system may very well speed up desktop computers as well.

Retain Talent

Good employees work at the heart of every successful business. Keeping those employees, however, can sometimes be more difficult than hiring them in the first place. Study after study reports that top employees leave their employers because of poor management. Not all poor management can be handled by human resources, and it’s important to have user-friendly systems for your employees to use. Can employees access information about their benefits easily? Do they have reliable, straightforward instructions? Do they dread certain tasks purely because of the computer systems they must deal with in order to complete them? These are all symptoms of poor management.

Custom software can remedy any of these problems. Rather than squeezing your business into a rigid mold provided by cookie-cutter software, find custom software development services that can tailor the software to your business. Investing in custom software development and using employee input to design user-friendly features provides business owners with a double reward. Not only will the new system solve technical problems, but the open commitment to employee wellness and productivity will stick in employees’ minds. Poor management can go beyond human interaction, and it’s important to ensure your software is not making your employees’ jobs needlessly difficult.

Reduce Your Overhead

How much money are you wasting on overlapping programs? If you have a program for your finances, a program to manage merchandise, and an employee network, chances are, you are paying for services you don’t need. Again, this is a golden opportunity to integrate your systems. Integrated systems are often more cost efficient than running multiple, overlapping programs. A one-time investment can reduce your business’s overhead in the long run.

Custom software development also allows businesses to trim down unnecessary positions. Software inefficiency leads to extra staff needs, such as additional human resources staff. After all, if people do not trust the technology, they will find reasons not to use it. By developing optimally efficient software, you free employees to take on new work and expand your business. Rather than over staffing business finance departments, employees can join new marketing teams and run the numbers to estimate potential expansion costs. Anytime overhead costs and labor times are reduced, opportunities for expansion grow.

The saying goes: you have to spend money to make money. The truth is that you can save money by spending, too. It is possible to save money by investing, and few investments offer the kinds of return custom software development can provide. Whether you need a better way to run your business, more user-friendly systems, or you want to expand by downsizing, custom software can help. Imagine putting all of your employees through a Master’s course to better train them for their specific roles in your company. Investing in custom software is a similar upgrade.

Your system should function according to the needs of your business. The right system may even grow and change as your business develops. It’s difficult to outgrow custom software, and it’s an investment business owners can be certain of. Not only can custom software help bring money in, but it can help bring an end to preventable losses.

Let Your App Do the Talking

September 6, 2016
Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

Web and mobile apps are the technology of today. Rather than accepting static information, customers expect and appreciate interactive software. While custom software development provides many benefits, one of the key advantages for business owners is communication. Customer service is the key to return business and regular patronage, and the heart of customer service is good communication. It doesn’t take long for a growing business, however, to develop a customer base significantly larger than its customer service staff. A custom app can solve this difficulty. Custom software development services can create an app for your company that handles everything from estimates to feedback.


Companies who must provide estimates for potential customers face a potential loss of time and resources with every query. While those losses are usually covered by successful sales, it’s possible to avoid much of those costs. Rather than keeping a knowledgeable employee chained to the phone, you can create an app. By and large, estimates are based on a series of regular criteria. A roofer, for instance, needs to know the size of a roof and the customer’s choice of roofing material in order to make a reasonable estimate. While most homeowners may not know the size of their roof, they probably know the approximate square footage of their homes. They can also recognize the style of their roof. It wouldn’t be difficult for custom software development services to create an app with a feature to help determine roof size. Obviously, serious customers would need a second estimate with an exact measurement. However, a multiple choice app could save a roofer serious money and labor by weeding out curious window shoppers. An app that provides estimates also provides introductory customer service, saves time and money, and seeds your company’s name in the minds of shoppers not yet ready to commit.


Some industries cannot have effective demos through an app. Skin care and beauty treatments are prime examples. However, a little creativity goes a long way, and you might be surprised how many companies use demos in their apps to help make a sale. Pizza delivery companies were among the first adapters to mobile software and app technology. They are true masters of the app. When customers order a pizza, the interactive software adds toppings to their virtual pizzas before their very eyes. It’s tantalizing and practical. It lets customers know how much of a topping they can expect. It allows them to play with their options. It makes the pizza seem real before the dough is even stretched. No one would have thought that food could have an effective demo through a flat screen, but it’s now the norm for many restaurants’ mobile software.


Today, a huge percent of purchases are made online. Customers order everything from fine jewelry to toilet paper through the same web app. Without an efficient online ordering system, you miss out on key sales. Mobile and web apps provide customers with immediate access to your products, increasing impulse buys. Since buyers almost always choose the closest option, it’s important to keep your business as close as their smart phone.

Custom software development allows businesses to provide all available options on the same screen. Customers should be able to customize and view ordered products before purchase. Even if a customized item isn’t made until the order is placed, apps can use base images with changeable scripts and colors to approximate the buyer’s choices. As discussed above, seeing is believing, regardless of whether a customer orders a personalized baby blanket or a pizza. Such visual features also help prevent accidental errors on the buyer’s part, leading to fewer returns.


After ordering from your company, enjoying your products, and dealing with any direct customer service, your customers most likely want to leave feedback. Rather than subjecting employees to recording notes from phone calls, or expecting customers to write letters or emails, provide a feedback function on your app. This really is as simple as it sounds. Multiple choice rating systems allow you to see where your customer service could use improvement, and blank response sections allow customers to leave praise for specific employees or vent general frustrations with your product. Positive or negative, an app can provide customers the opportunity to leave feedback whenever they are ready.

A customized app answers questions and guides customers from initial interest to final purchase with minimal employee involvement. With the help of custom software development services, you can develop an app specifically designed for your business. By allowing your app to do the talking, you save time and labor that you can then reinvest in expanding and improving your business. An app also makes life easier for your customers. Apps reach them where they are, operate on their schedules, and provide thorough options they need in order to make informed purchases. In the end, a customer who gets what they want is a customer most likely to order again.


How Service Industries Can Capitalize on Custom Software

August 30, 2016
Photo by Mike Wilson on Unsplash

Photo by Mike Wilson on Unsplash

Custom software is the most durable and effective investment any business can make, and this is especially true of service industries. Businesses in the service industry face specific demands other businesses do not. This is in part thanks to the amount of time and attention they must spend on each customer. Customer service is the heart, soul, arms, and legs of any service industry business. On top of this, these same businesses often face dramatic seasonal shifts in demand, making their business difficult to manage both in front of and behind the counter. Fortunately, custom software development services can help businesses on both these fronts.

Software Can Serve

It’s easy to see software as nothing more than an expensive, digital flyer. That isn’t true, though. Today’s market occupies the Internet as much, or even more, than physical locations. Companies can grow from garage start-ups to sprawling businesses with stock options and international sales without a single storefront. Although much of the service industry depends on physical locations, it’s a mistake to believe your service starts once a customer walks through the door. Service really begins when potential customers find you online. Your online presence will often determine the type and number of customers who will follow through with a purchase of services in person.

It’s vital to use custom software that not only suits your business, but also your customers. If you’re hesitant to invest in custom software development, consider what your online presence says about your business. Do you have a basic website with information, or do you have a web or mobile app that allows customers to get a taste of your services in advance? Can potential customers schedule via the medium through which they found you, or will they have to stop and make a call? Do you have apps that interact with the customer, or just static information? The Internet was designed for communication, and unlike a newspaper ad, flyer, or billboard, apps give potential customers the chance to immediately respond. Why restrict your customers?

All of this goes beyond the simple fact that, in the service industry, the customer is always supposed to be right. If you don’t make an effort to serve your customers from the first moment of contact, chances are high that they will find another service that will. Your front door has moved. It is no longer part of your physical location. The front bell rings the moment someone clicks on your business’s name online.

Custom Software Is Flexible

Every business grows, sees temporary losses, and enjoys peek seasons. Unfortunately, this demands a good deal of flexibility from your software. The vast majority of programs cannot keep up with these changes. The service industry sees more of these changes than nearly any other type of business, which makes finding workable software particularly challenging.

Custom software development services can help. By working with a team of professionals to develop a system that works through constant changes, you put yourself ahead of the competition and save time you could spend on your customers. Service industry professionals know that it’s important to get a professional for complex work, and they also know that custom products are superior to mass-produced or ready-made versions. Don’t forget that custom software development is a service, too, and the providers will already have a degree of insight into the service industry.

You could just adapt how you use your software based on shifting demand, but that will take precious time away from your business. This is especially problematic when adjusting for peaks. If your business is already facing more demand than usual, why would you voluntarily spend a greater amount of time handling needless details behind the scenes?

Running a business in the service industry is a demanding challenge. The reward is worth that challenge, though, and custom software can ease the burden of any business owner. Hiring custom software development services to create a web or mobile app for your customers is not only good marketing, but also excellent customer service. Demonstrate your commitment to service up front, and you’ll build customers’ confidence in the reliability of your primary services. Behind the scenes, custom software can save valuable labor and time better spent on the customers. Mass-produced software may not even be doing its job efficiently for businesses in the service industry. With the wild changes of seasonal demand in the majority of the service industry, it’s possible to lose all the money you saved on cheap software by investing endless hours of labor into adjustments and updates. Regardless of what kind of software you are looking to improve, front-end or back-end, consider getting custom products. They will serve you and your customers better than any premade competition.

How Hiring Local Software Developers Results in Better Products

August 23, 2016
Photo by Nik MacMillan on Unsplash

Photo by Nik MacMillan on Unsplash

Custom software development is one of the most significant investments a business can make. In a highly competitive market, defined by multi-platform interaction and online conveniences, it’s essential to reach employees through their computers and phones. High demands for user friendly design makes finding the right custom software development services more difficult than ever. Even if you narrow your search to your business’s country of origin, there are still many development companies that may warrant your attention. How can someone focused on business results determine which developer will produce the best quality work?

Once you’ve cleared the competition’s smoke screen, it’s easy to see the advantages of hiring software development services locally. Not only can you work directly with their developers, they are also much easier to hold accountable for their work, and they might just pay you back in ways you never expected. All of these factors combine to make superior software products.

What is Local?

For some, local means a place within an hour of driving distance, as close as the farmers who bring their produce to local farmers’ markets. Others consider a county, state, or general region as local. Businesses may prefer to work with others in the New England area, for instance, and while this area includes several states, it may be suitably local to those businesses. Some would consider using American software developers from any part of the country as hiring locally. The closer a software development service is to you geographically, however, the more benefits you receive.

Keep your definition in mind when or if you consider using your choice to invest in local business as a sales point. Just as businesses have different definitions of local, consumers will have equally varied expectations.

Target Markets

Local companies are your neighbors, your teammates in business, and sometimes your competition. Local software developers have the same neighbors. They know how to win customers in the area, because they’ve watched local businesses rise and face challenges in person. Although nearly any developer in any part of the world could work on a serviceable application, local developers know the right questions to ask based on touring your operations, and that’s half the battle. A good development company can present your business’s roots in the local community and make introductions. Local developers are instinctively more likely to avoid topics and themes linked to regionally taboo subjects.

Many of these details would never strike a business owner until the damage is done. Imagine a Cincinnati business selling sports equipment. Their non-local developer does enough research to know that it’s football season, and the business owner likes the idea of a seasonal sports theme for a new app. When the new app launches, it hosts a theme reminiscent of Cleveland’s football team, the team that happens to be Cincinnati’s greatest rival. Even if this does not drive away local sports enthusiasts, it will not inspire the same excitement the business owner wanted. No matter how thoroughly you detail your plans, there will be things you are bound to forget. Since local developers have similar experiences and knowledge of the community, they act as a cultural proofreader, and a proofread product is always a better product.


It’s always comforting to know that your developer is governed by the same laws and codes as your business. Having these rules in common goes a long way to ensure the quality of your developer’s product. Just as you must hold your business to certain standards to meet these local requirements, so must your software developer. This prevents potential snags in production and decreases the amount of information you must hand-feed your developer. It’s an effortless quality control measure.

There is also an extra incentive for developers to provide superior products for local businesses. They want you to be successful because your success is theirs. Although any successful contract is an opportunity to network and advertise, local work has the potential to yield more results. Not only is their work more likely to attract local talent for their staff, but getting a foothold in the local market is an excellent way to boost profits. Testimonials from other businesses or individuals a business owner personally knows will have far more weight than an impersonal report from a company on the other side of an ocean.

Mutual benefit is a powerful motivator, and business owners have a lot to gain by working with local developers. Local developers enjoy a series of advantages over the competition, and these advantages lead to better products. Since local developers know your audience, they tailor effective software that meets your needs. They can also better represent your business. Since local developers have as much to gain by working with local businesses as you do, they have an extra incentive to create excellent products. These will in turn earn your positive reviews, which will attract more local business for the developer. One benefit leads to another, ultimately leading to an excellent product.