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Making Software Applications Mobile

December 27, 2016
Photo by Alejandro Escamilla on Unsplash

Photo by Alejandro Escamilla on Unsplash

If your organization is considering making its software applications mobile, now is the perfect time to seek a custom software development service provider to help you.  The mobile application business is booming and companies with the ability to deliver real-time, simplified information to employees, partners, and customers are thriving.

Making your software applications mobile is a giant step in the right direction. This step will help your business gain a competitive edge, increase ROI, and drive productivity.  Mobile applications are the most effective, easiest way to reach clients and/or customers.  Both of whom appreciate efficacy and simplicity.

The Advantages of Going Mobile 

In addition to the business advantages listed above, there are many other advantages to going mobile.  A few of these are:

  • Improved access to reports and dashboards
  • Increased productivity with data being input at the work site
  • Improved reporting time
  • Increased field support team productivity
  • Improved connectivity
  • Happier customers

Further, field employees have full access to mobile apps, even when offline, when the right mobile tools are introduced. The benefits of mobile applications are real and substantial.

Customer Software Development Services

 When deciding to make your organization’s software applications mobile, the most important thing you can do is choose a custom software development company that works with you collaboratively in person.  Learning the ins and outs of your organization, exactly what you want and expect from the mobile application, and developing a relationship that will continue to flourish based on trust and respect are crucial to creating a successful mobile application.

Ayoka is a Texas-based custom software development company that has created business mobile applications for many enterprises ranging from healthcare organizations to industrial businesses.  Whether your organization needs a mobile application that works in the office or in the field (offline), or both, we have the knowledge and capabilities to meet your needs.

Mobile Applications for Organizations

 Recent trade mobile application studies show that seven out of ten manufacturing organizations seek to streamline operations using mobile and wireless solutions.  The healthcare industry is incorporating mobile applications especially with the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend now being accepted by many hospitals and healthcare organizations.  Regardless of the type of enterprise, Ayoka works with you to identify the critical success factors necessary to build, implement, and deploy a mobile application solution.

Manufacturing companies with mobile applications reap the benefits of improved productivity and increased revenues. Moreover, relationships with customers, dealers, and wholesalers are enhanced overall. Your company also benefits from streamlined operations and decreased production costs. Another large benefit is instant access to supply chain management.

Within the healthcare industry, professionals often benefit from health apps that help increase their knowledge of their patients’ conditions. Furthermore, many users can improve their quality of life with mobile health apps. Today, many healthcare professionals believe that health apps encourage patients to take more responsibility for their health. As you can see, the advantages are clear for mobile applications in healthcare.

These are just two of the industries that benefit from using custom software development services to make their software applications mobile.  The energy industry, retail industry, financial industry, transportation systems, and many others will only improve by going mobile.

Meeting Your Needs

 At Ayoka, we get in your business.  We want to learn as much about your business as possible to design a mobile application that works exactly the way you want it to.  When properly designed, a mobile application can deliver much more information than a desktop system or a web-based application.

Now is the time to extend the reach of your organization’s productivity.  The proliferation of mobile applications will only continue to rise with the advanced technology of smart devices and the number of people using them.  The ability to use your organization’s software anywhere will not only increase your organization’s productivity, but also your ROI.

Ayoka custom software development services for mobile applications includes:

  • Determining which platforms need to be taken into consideration (iOS, Android, Windows)
  • Selecting the features that need to be available on mobile for a lean build
  • Identifying the development strategy flexible enough to accommodate future changes in technology
  • Paying special attention to security concerns to protect source code as well as confidential business data
  • Addressing syncing issues so mobile apps can offer functionality offline and online depending on the use case
  • Designing the app with the correct blend of server side and client side development (Native, HTML5, and hybrid)

A reputable, dedicated custom software development services company knows that a large portion of mobile application development is understanding the mindset of the end user. At Ayoka, we conduct site visits, attend employee interviews, and attend trade shows as part of our commitment to being a part of your industry.  Your organization’s success is our organization’s success.

Ayoka has successfully developed software solutions ranging from complex enterprise business software to completely innovative new mobile applications for startup companies and we would love to work with you.  Call us today at 817-210-2042 for more information and a free quote on making your software applications mobile.

Mobile Applications Can Help Your Manufacturing Business

April 25, 2016
Photo by Matam Jaswanth on Unsplash

Photo by Matam Jaswanth on Unsplash

If you are in the manufacturing business, you might think that mobile applications are for everyone else, but you’d be wrong. There are many ways that mobile applications can help your manufacturing business and here we’ll take a look at a few.

Customer Relationship Management

One of the most apparent ways that mobile applications can help your manufacturing business is with customer relationship management. TechTarget defines customer relationship management, or CRM, as  “practices, strategies, and technologies that companies use to manage and analyze their customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle, with the goal of improving business relationships with customers, assisting in customer retention, and driving sales growth.” At Ayoka, our local employees can easily meet you on-site and work with you to develop a mobile app to collect and analyze your customer data in order to better meet their needs. For example, if the data you have collected shows that a particular customer always orders a product in February, you can start preparing your inventory at the end of January to be sure you can meet that customer’s needs. If one of your long-term customers places their 1,000th order, you might wish to congratulate them or send a special gift with the order. With a mobile app, you have this information at your fingertips, and can access it at any time to improve your customer relationship.

On the Shop Floor

It may seem obvious that mobile applications can help your manufacturing business with CRM, but they can also help you on the shop floor. Ayoka can develop a mobile app for your business that can help increase productivity on the shop floor. You can use a mobile app to integrate with PLC devices or equipment to analyze how efficiently machines or employees are working. Perhaps you’ll find that a machine is running 4 percent less efficiently than your other machines. In the short term, this might not show up, however, in the long term, this could cost you in amount of product made and possibly a customer or two. With a mobile app, you can monitor and report on the efficiency of your manufacturing business and use it to increase productivity. You can also use a mobile application to streamline operations. With the data you collect and analyze, you might discover that workflow among different people overlap and increase the risk for rework. Visibility into shopfloor operations often provides opportunities to improve performance on company metrics.

Inventory Systems

Mobile applications can also help your manufacturing business with inventory systems. Whether you are scanning products in and out on a daily basis, or using another form of technology to keep track of inventory, Ayoka can create a mobile application to help you monitor and adjust your inventory in real time. On any given day, at any given time, you can access your app and see how your inventory is doing. This can help you prepare your inventory and track how quickly or slowly inventory dwindles at certain times. If you notice inventory disappears when certain employees are on the clock, you might discover that you need to monitor that shift more closely for theft. If you have a new product launching, you can monitor how well it does in real time and know whether you need to amp up production or continue as planned. Mobile applications can help your manufacturing business in regard to inventory as well.

As you can see, mobile applications are useful for several aspects of your manufacturing business, and are worth investing in. They free up your time and add value to your business. What more could you want?

EMR Applications for Mobile Phones

July 9, 2009

New powerful mobile devices have enabled whole new avenues for smartphone software development. There are hundreds of mobile based applications available now, and with all the Blackberries and iPhones in use, revenue opportunities from mobile based software applications are tremendous.

So what about mobility for healthcare applications, such as electronic medical records (EMR) applications for mobile devices? Could we develop a fully functional EMR application to run on a mobile device? Actually, developing a complete EMR application for a mobile device could be a very difficult task. Currently, web based EMR applications can be accessed through mobile devices, but they are not true EMR applications. We can certainly extend some of the functionality of an EMR application to a mobile device, but there are many technical limitations in the development of a full blown mobile EMR application.

Technical limitations for development of mobile based EMR applications:

  1. Limited processing power of a mobile phone limits processing of large amounts of data.
  2. Though web based EMR applications can be accessed through mobile devices, synchronization is still a problem. Mobile devices with small memory don’t have sufficient memory for caching. Moreover, the small screens of mobile devices makes it inconvenient to fill out large amounts of data such as charges and patient diagnosis.
  3. Difficult to work with image data and xml files.

Keeping these technical difficulties in mind, we can still develop an EMR application extension that runs on mobile smartphones. This  EMR application will not be a standalone healthcare application, but would be an interface to access a full blown EMR application. This interface may expose only some modules of the healthcare application to the mobile user such as demographic information of the subscriber or the diagnosis information of a patient. Some parts of the modules, such as charges, can also be exposed through interfaces. This will allow users to access the data that is most important to him or her from the convenience of a mobile device.


Both J2ME and Windows CE can be used to develop mobile based EMR applications. However, developing mobile applications on J2ME holds the advantage in that the mobile based application will have portability for a variety of devices. Windows CE based applications may provide the more familiar look of Windows based machines, but lacks the portability of J2ME based solutions. In other words, solutions developed on Windows CE would run only on Windows based mobile phones. They do, however have a lower developmental cost and learning curve.

On the other hand, developing mobile based EMR applications using C++ would not be good option since there is no need to access hardware with an EMR application. EMR is essentially a data driven enterprise application, so using C++ to develop the application would have a large learning curve.

In short, mobile based EMR solutions are feasible, but to implement them entirely may not be feasible for current phones. A mobile based application may be implemented as an extension for an enterprise EMR solution where the user can access some but not all features.