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Making Software Applications Mobile

December 27, 2016
Photo by Alejandro Escamilla on Unsplash

Photo by Alejandro Escamilla on Unsplash

If your organization is considering making its software applications mobile, now is the perfect time to seek a custom software development service provider to help you.  The mobile application business is booming and companies with the ability to deliver real-time, simplified information to employees, partners, and customers are thriving.

Making your software applications mobile is a giant step in the right direction. This step will help your business gain a competitive edge, increase ROI, and drive productivity.  Mobile applications are the most effective, easiest way to reach clients and/or customers.  Both of whom appreciate efficacy and simplicity.

The Advantages of Going Mobile 

In addition to the business advantages listed above, there are many other advantages to going mobile.  A few of these are:

  • Improved access to reports and dashboards
  • Increased productivity with data being input at the work site
  • Improved reporting time
  • Increased field support team productivity
  • Improved connectivity
  • Happier customers

Further, field employees have full access to mobile apps, even when offline, when the right mobile tools are introduced. The benefits of mobile applications are real and substantial.

Customer Software Development Services

 When deciding to make your organization’s software applications mobile, the most important thing you can do is choose a custom software development company that works with you collaboratively in person.  Learning the ins and outs of your organization, exactly what you want and expect from the mobile application, and developing a relationship that will continue to flourish based on trust and respect are crucial to creating a successful mobile application.

Ayoka is a Texas-based custom software development company that has created business mobile applications for many enterprises ranging from healthcare organizations to industrial businesses.  Whether your organization needs a mobile application that works in the office or in the field (offline), or both, we have the knowledge and capabilities to meet your needs.

Mobile Applications for Organizations

 Recent trade mobile application studies show that seven out of ten manufacturing organizations seek to streamline operations using mobile and wireless solutions.  The healthcare industry is incorporating mobile applications especially with the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend now being accepted by many hospitals and healthcare organizations.  Regardless of the type of enterprise, Ayoka works with you to identify the critical success factors necessary to build, implement, and deploy a mobile application solution.

Manufacturing companies with mobile applications reap the benefits of improved productivity and increased revenues. Moreover, relationships with customers, dealers, and wholesalers are enhanced overall. Your company also benefits from streamlined operations and decreased production costs. Another large benefit is instant access to supply chain management.

Within the healthcare industry, professionals often benefit from health apps that help increase their knowledge of their patients’ conditions. Furthermore, many users can improve their quality of life with mobile health apps. Today, many healthcare professionals believe that health apps encourage patients to take more responsibility for their health. As you can see, the advantages are clear for mobile applications in healthcare.

These are just two of the industries that benefit from using custom software development services to make their software applications mobile.  The energy industry, retail industry, financial industry, transportation systems, and many others will only improve by going mobile.

Meeting Your Needs

 At Ayoka, we get in your business.  We want to learn as much about your business as possible to design a mobile application that works exactly the way you want it to.  When properly designed, a mobile application can deliver much more information than a desktop system or a web-based application.

Now is the time to extend the reach of your organization’s productivity.  The proliferation of mobile applications will only continue to rise with the advanced technology of smart devices and the number of people using them.  The ability to use your organization’s software anywhere will not only increase your organization’s productivity, but also your ROI.

Ayoka custom software development services for mobile applications includes:

  • Determining which platforms need to be taken into consideration (iOS, Android, Windows)
  • Selecting the features that need to be available on mobile for a lean build
  • Identifying the development strategy flexible enough to accommodate future changes in technology
  • Paying special attention to security concerns to protect source code as well as confidential business data
  • Addressing syncing issues so mobile apps can offer functionality offline and online depending on the use case
  • Designing the app with the correct blend of server side and client side development (Native, HTML5, and hybrid)

A reputable, dedicated custom software development services company knows that a large portion of mobile application development is understanding the mindset of the end user. At Ayoka, we conduct site visits, attend employee interviews, and attend trade shows as part of our commitment to being a part of your industry.  Your organization’s success is our organization’s success.

Ayoka has successfully developed software solutions ranging from complex enterprise business software to completely innovative new mobile applications for startup companies and we would love to work with you.  Call us today at 817-210-2042 for more information and a free quote on making your software applications mobile.

Let Your App Do the Talking

September 6, 2016
Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

Web and mobile apps are the technology of today. Rather than accepting static information, customers expect and appreciate interactive software. While custom software development provides many benefits, one of the key advantages for business owners is communication. Customer service is the key to return business and regular patronage, and the heart of customer service is good communication. It doesn’t take long for a growing business, however, to develop a customer base significantly larger than its customer service staff. A custom app can solve this difficulty. Custom software development services can create an app for your company that handles everything from estimates to feedback.


Companies who must provide estimates for potential customers face a potential loss of time and resources with every query. While those losses are usually covered by successful sales, it’s possible to avoid much of those costs. Rather than keeping a knowledgeable employee chained to the phone, you can create an app. By and large, estimates are based on a series of regular criteria. A roofer, for instance, needs to know the size of a roof and the customer’s choice of roofing material in order to make a reasonable estimate. While most homeowners may not know the size of their roof, they probably know the approximate square footage of their homes. They can also recognize the style of their roof. It wouldn’t be difficult for custom software development services to create an app with a feature to help determine roof size. Obviously, serious customers would need a second estimate with an exact measurement. However, a multiple choice app could save a roofer serious money and labor by weeding out curious window shoppers. An app that provides estimates also provides introductory customer service, saves time and money, and seeds your company’s name in the minds of shoppers not yet ready to commit.


Some industries cannot have effective demos through an app. Skin care and beauty treatments are prime examples. However, a little creativity goes a long way, and you might be surprised how many companies use demos in their apps to help make a sale. Pizza delivery companies were among the first adapters to mobile software and app technology. They are true masters of the app. When customers order a pizza, the interactive software adds toppings to their virtual pizzas before their very eyes. It’s tantalizing and practical. It lets customers know how much of a topping they can expect. It allows them to play with their options. It makes the pizza seem real before the dough is even stretched. No one would have thought that food could have an effective demo through a flat screen, but it’s now the norm for many restaurants’ mobile software.


Today, a huge percent of purchases are made online. Customers order everything from fine jewelry to toilet paper through the same web app. Without an efficient online ordering system, you miss out on key sales. Mobile and web apps provide customers with immediate access to your products, increasing impulse buys. Since buyers almost always choose the closest option, it’s important to keep your business as close as their smart phone.

Custom software development allows businesses to provide all available options on the same screen. Customers should be able to customize and view ordered products before purchase. Even if a customized item isn’t made until the order is placed, apps can use base images with changeable scripts and colors to approximate the buyer’s choices. As discussed above, seeing is believing, regardless of whether a customer orders a personalized baby blanket or a pizza. Such visual features also help prevent accidental errors on the buyer’s part, leading to fewer returns.


After ordering from your company, enjoying your products, and dealing with any direct customer service, your customers most likely want to leave feedback. Rather than subjecting employees to recording notes from phone calls, or expecting customers to write letters or emails, provide a feedback function on your app. This really is as simple as it sounds. Multiple choice rating systems allow you to see where your customer service could use improvement, and blank response sections allow customers to leave praise for specific employees or vent general frustrations with your product. Positive or negative, an app can provide customers the opportunity to leave feedback whenever they are ready.

A customized app answers questions and guides customers from initial interest to final purchase with minimal employee involvement. With the help of custom software development services, you can develop an app specifically designed for your business. By allowing your app to do the talking, you save time and labor that you can then reinvest in expanding and improving your business. An app also makes life easier for your customers. Apps reach them where they are, operate on their schedules, and provide thorough options they need in order to make informed purchases. In the end, a customer who gets what they want is a customer most likely to order again.


Why Delivery Businesses Need Custom Apps

August 16, 2016
Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

Delivery has always been about convenience and expediency. Today, large portions of deliveries are ordered via smart phones. Developing a custom mobile app for your delivery business is crucial to sales, marketing, and customer service. This isn’t the technology of the future; this is the service of today.

Delivery and Mobile Applications

It is possible today, to order nearly, any service or product solely online. Mobile apps allow customers to not only order on the go, but to express their order with as few human errors as possible. It’s easy to mishear an address, a direction, or even the name of an item over the phone thanks to poor connections, background noise, and even differences in dialect. Customers who speak a different language than your staff may not be able to order over the phone at all. However, ordering via app makes it easy for the customer to select from all available options, see the price of individual items, and even save payment information for future orders. This saves time in your business’s physical locations, and also decreases labor costs and optimizes production.

The advantage of developing an app rather than just a mobile friendly website is repeat sales. By installing your app, customers make ordering incredibly easy. Whenever they look at their phones, they will see the app. If a customer is hungry or considering ordering out later for dinner as they look at their phone, then the app presents the same temptation hungry shoppers face in the grocery store. The sight of the app keeps your business in the customer’s mind, and the ease of mobile ordering helps bridge the gap between interest and action.

Customers are more likely to order from a delivery service when they are busy or coming to the end of a busy time. During weekends, delivery restaurants see a spike in orders. When customers order delivery, they are looking for the best, most thorough service that requires the least amount of effort to order. In return, they are willing to pay more for these services. The less effort a customer must use to place an order, the better. If your business is ready to deliver an order to a customer’s door, then your ordering system should be ready to cater to the customer, wherever he or she is.

Why Do Apps Need to Be Custom?

It’s true that no two businesses are the same, and this is never more apparent than when customers place their orders. Restaurants have different menus, specials, and policies, even if they serve similar products. For example, two restaurants may both serve pizza, but they probably have different side dishes, desserts, and drink options. Even ordering pizzas means, no two pizzas will be the exact same. Some businesses allow customers to order different kinds of pizza sauce, or different kinds of cheese. Various crust options, bake times, and available toppings can make the same basic experience very different.

An outstanding business needs an outstanding app. If you spend time making your customers’ experience memorable in person, you need to make sure your app lives up to your reputation. This goes beyond the uniform expectations of multi-channel selling. Obviously, an app is designed to be used, and although it can generate new business, it also replaces a lot of old business. Many shops now provide telephone numbers in case of technical failure or additional questions rather than as a primary method of ordering. The originality, style, and efficiency of your app will replace your in-store experience for many customers, who will judge your business accordingly.

Hiring custom software development services is essential to creating mobile software that truly represents your business. Custom software development allows an essentially unlimited range of unique and creative features that will improve the customer experience and drive repeat business. An app should be more than a few blank fields for a customer to fill out. Interactive features stand in for sales representatives. If customers enjoy using an app, they are likely to use it to spend more money.

Today’s customers expect mobile apps the way they expected competent phone representatives ten years ago. The principles of customer service haven’t changed, but their medium has. In order to continue providing stellar customer service, delivery services need to meet customers where they are. The best way to do this is through mobile software. Custom mobile apps continue to build a relationship with users throughout their use, increasing the likelihood of repeat business. The better the app does its job, the better the customer’s experience will become.

Think of custom mobile apps like this: they are long-term employees who will never quit or collect benefits. They have huge responsibilities, though, including sales, marketing, customer service, and order tracking. When you choose how to develop this employee, will you use a basic series of pamphlets from a third party, or will you invest in personalized training to turn this employee into the rising star you need?

Four Ways Mobile Software can Help Grow Your Enterprise Business

July 26, 2016
Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

Mobile phones today accomplish more than just calls and texts. They have grown into hand-held computers with full internet access and an incredible range of customized software. Thanks to mobile applications, businesses of all sizes can unlock the true potential of their smart phones.

By employing custom software development services to create original, branded apps, businesses can not only keep pace with developing trends, but also improve customer loyalty and increase repeat business. Many apps already on the market can help enterprise businesses streamline their productivity and sharpen their competitive edge behind the scenes.