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Top Software Needs for the Pharmaceutical Industry

September 9, 2019


The pharmaceutical industry is multi-faceted. Software should be too. There are several areas in the industry which benefit from pharmaceutical software: Manufacturing, Dispensing, CRM, and Billing.

Manufacturing pharmaceuticals is complex and can easily take too much time. Software makes it easy to manage and plan each element of production. This includes extraction of packaging and everything in between. To stay on top of manufacturing in a highly competitive industry, companies use software to manage manufacturing processes. Not only does it save time, but it’s more accurate, saving possible mistakes as well.

Dispensing is handled by pharmaceutical software as well. Pharmacies need a one-stop-shop for handling inventory. This includes movement from store-to-store as well as from pharmacy to customer. Additionally, software gives employees access to inventory data at the click of a button. This ensures that valuable inventory isn’t lost. It also communicates sales data, which is helpful in numerous ways and essential to a well-run business.

Customer Relationship Management analyzes customer data to improve customer satisfaction and increase interaction with potential clients. Software is needed to store and access work order information and transaction details.

Billing doesn’t need to be a separate operation. By consolidating billing within the same software environment, nothing gets lost in the weeds. No company can survive without great billing because, without it, no one gets paid. Great billing requires the right billing codes, which are stored in the pharmaceutical software for easy access. With such a streamlined operation, billing is more accurate and efficient. Therefore, this ensures that money goes to and comes from the right places.

Through Systems Integration, the various areas of pharmaceutical software needs are brought in sync with one another. This brings the whole business under a unified front.

Creative and effective database management

Simply put, the pharmaceutical industry involves a lot of data. Therefore, good software makes accessing that data easy, quick, and accurate. From managing manufacturing processes and materials to acquisition and distribution, pharmaceutical software needs to helpfully deliver information. This is done on the front end and the back end.

On the front end, software needs to be easy to use. This means that it needs to balance simplicity and functionality. In a fast-paced and multi-faceted industry like pharmacy, software makes the job easier, not more complicated. The software interface connects employees to the vast world of data needed to do their jobs.

On the back end, pharmaceutical software needs to powerfully and efficiently get the job done. Good software is clean rather than clunky. Therefore, it shouldn’t waste precious processing time unnecessarily. The strength and speed of great software come from under the hood.

Data Integration Services provide the custom applications needed for pharmaceutical companies to effectively organize and access their immense amounts of data.


Security is a priority for the pharmaceutical industry. This is especially true of software. A Security Assessment ensures that not only is a company in compliance but that they are secure from a breach or cyber attack. In order to maintain a secure software infrastructure, a company should abide by best practices and be aware of their vulnerabilities. Companies like Ayoka Systems provide the necessary expertise to keep pharmaceutical companies secure. They look at business environments, compliance regulations, cyber breach insurance, and more, in order to provide a clear picture of the current and future states of the company’s security. They then establish an on-going management plan for the business. This includes employee training, IT device inspections, software-level security patches, and more. Keeping company information safe is not exclusive to any one type of company, and especially does not exclude pharmaceutical companies.

Ayoka Systems’ analysis provides extensive services:
-Security Administration
-Data Loss and Fraud Prevention
-Cyber-risk & Intelligence Gathering
-Security Architecture
-Identity and Access Management
-Program Management
-Investigation and Forensics


The job is not finished once a pharmaceutical software is designed and applied. The industry is ever-changing and evolving continuously. For this reason, software needs to extend beyond its initial phase. Additionally, maintenance is needed to keep software up-to-date, efficient, and ensure that pharmaceutical companies are utilizing the newest software technology. Ayoka Systems’ Application Management Services do just that. When software becomes out-of-date, then companies lose their competitive edge. In the pharmaceutical industry, when a company loses its edge, it loses its vitality.

Ayoka Systems are a custom software development company with decades of experience serving companies of all kinds to meet their unique needs. Through customization, pharmaceutical companies get the flexibility they need to truly optimize their software interaction. Ayoka does it all, from start to finish, and sticks around to keep optimizing, improving, and securing your software infrastructure.