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Photo by Thomas Kelley on Unsplash

Photo by Thomas Kelley on Unsplash

Decisions, decisions. The most important question growing business owners ask themselves is, “What type of software is best for my business?”

With hundreds of different types of software on the market, choosing the right one for your business can get tricky. It’s all a matter of choosing between outsourcing or insourcing. Outsourcing is when you obtain goods from a foreign supplier. Insourcing is just the opposite. Insourcing goods mean that you are using a local organization to produce goods or products. In other words, when you choose insourcing, you work with companies here in the US.

So, should you use outsourced software that has a 1-800 number on the back of the box? Or, should you create your own custom software made here in America? Both options have pros and cons, but when it comes down to it, using local software made here in the US is the better choice.

Here’s why.

Keep an eye on quality

It is easier to manage custom software built here in the US. Working closely with a local company can help reduce the amount of complications. It is easier to test the product and make changes before it goes to launch.

Here’s another thing you’ll love about working with local custom software developers.

Together you can work to create a special aspect designed specifically for your company’s needs; a secret sauce so to speak. This puts you ahead of your competitors and gives you the edge you need to succeed.


Getting a hold of a local developer is much easier than calling that 1-800 number to some unknown destination. Most companies you chose to work with are within driving distance instead of having to flying overseas. Also, frequent in-person meetings ensure everyone is on the same page.

Successful communication is key and local developers understand what it is like to run a business here in the states. Outsourcing can lead to miscommunication about your company’s goals. Another country may run things differently and not understand, or care to know, how you prefer to run your business.

Keep up with company growth

Your company is growing fast and there is no time to slow down. Outsourcing software and working with a large corporation overseas can make it tough for everyone to be on the same timeline. By working locally, you get to know the software developers you are working with and they can keep you on track.

And here is something else to consider.

There are no international loopholes to go through. Your product will get to you quickly without getting held up by international taxes or delivery obstacles. If you need your software immediately, you can pick it up or have it shipped overnight without any hold-ups.

Great customer service

Great customer service is always a plus when you team up with a company that is developing custom software. Your developers will train you and your employees how to use your new software. Working together shows loyalty, that the custom software developers care about your company.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Creating custom software in the US makes resolving any IT issues, a quicker turn around. A simple phone call directly to the company avoids any waiting and puts you at the front of the line. There is no third party needed when developing custom software locally. You save both time and money by avoiding working with a third party.

Know the people behind the product

The best part of working with custom software developers here in the states is the personal relationships you build together. You get to work with a developer on a first name basis who is always quick to respond. By that, you form a unique community that probably wouldn’t exist when working with a company overseas.

When comparing the strengths versus the weakness of the two options, you will love using custom software that is made right here in the US. Getting to know the company you chose to partner with makes for a strong working relationship. Custom software developers here in the US want you to succeed! You are all on the same team and have the same goals in mind.

The friendly and knowledgeable team at Ayoka is proud to offer applications and software made right here in the US. They go above and beyond to provide excellent customer service to business owners across the country. Contact Ayoka today and see what it is like to work with a true American company.

Onshore Software Developer Competes with Offshore

February 1, 2008

An Onshore American ADM Model that Competes with Offshore’s Cost, Scalability, Flexibility, and Quality

February 2008
Outsourcing Journal
By Kathleen Goolsby, Senior Writer

In this article, Kathleen writes “I’ve been writing about outsourcing since 1998 and easily remember when it was remarkable to write about a company deciding to outsource its business process offshore. Over the past few years, that phenomenon has become mainstream and no longer really newsworthy, at least certainly in outsourcing initiatives of American businesses.

What’s remarkable now is a U.S. company that can compete with offshore service providers in cost, scalability and flexibility, quality, expertise, and time to market.

Enterprise software development outsourcing provider Ayoka, headquartered in Arlington, Texas, in the middle of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, has a unique model that makes its solutions scalable, cost-effective, etc., like offshore solutions. And it has the added benefit of a local presence throughout the United States.”

Lessons from the Outsourcing Journal:

  • Despite many success stories of companies using an offshore model for their outsourcing initiatives, there are companies that do not achieve their objectives by offshoring; and many that find “hidden” costs of managing such a relationship that they did not anticipate or underestimated.
  • Cultural fit is essential in an outsourcing relationship; yet it’s often very problematic and costly in the offshore model but is a benefit in the onshore model.
  • In its universities, rural communities, and other locations, the United States has huge overlooked resources that can provide effective outsourcing solutions and services as well as a local onshore presence.
  • Offshore application development and maintenance (ADM) works best with — and really requires — investment in technical management and relationship management.
  • Select a software development service provider with a solid track record of dynamic conversations with its clients, pushing back and asking questions and offering alternatives to make sure the project is designed at the outset to ensure it gets the client where it wants to go.
  • When customers and application development service providers together define the work correctly up front, the developers can make better decisions, which translates to lower costs because of doing the work correctly the first time.

Ayoka Slowing the Tech Drain

March 1, 2006

Software firm gives students a reason to stay in the States

CHERYL HALL – The Dallas Morning News

Want to get someone in academia all riled up? Bring up the hot topic of “flight capital.” That’s the growing phenomenon of foreign students coming to U.S. universities for advanced degrees only to return home for more rewarding careers than they can find here. Computer science and software engineering are particular vulnerable to the skilled talent exodus.

Cheaper costs in India, China and Russia have ignited software production there and siphoned jobs from American companies. [Ayoka LLC] believe[s] they’ve found a local answer to this global issue. To read more, Contact Us.

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