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Growing Pains? Why Your Company Should Consider Custom Software Development

July 5, 2016
Photo by Olu Eletu on Unsplash

Photo by Olu Eletu on Unsplash

Growth doesn’t happen by chance. Growth happens because of competitive attitudes and a strong team working together. Companies turn to custom software development when they are seeking ways to grow in their industry.

How do you know if it’s the right time to make the move to custom software?

If you are experiencing growing pains in your company, then you can probably relate to the following points, and this might me a good sign that it’s time to invest in custom software development services.

Expanding services

Take time to reflect on the future of your company. Where do you see yourself in five years? What new products or services do you plan on adding to your company?

Using software that isn’t suited for your business slows you down. It’s time to use custom software that accommodates for the future of your business.

The way you conduct business changes as you grow. Obsolete, or poorly supported software can get in the way of you standing out in your industry. Don’t worry, custom software development from Ayoka can help. Ayoka can build software from scratch and take your company to the next level. Add properties to your new software and design it specifically for your company’s needs.

Monitor business internally

There is a lot going on internally when managing a growing business. If you are a family owned and operated business, your current software may or may not allow you to keep track of every aspect of your business. Perhaps you are managing your business in two different programs. Using more than one type of software can cause communication issues.

Don’t worry. There really is an app for that.

Custom software can build internal applications that monitor the ins and outs of your business. And a growing business means hiring more people to distribute the work evenly. Internal business applications make hiring additional staff a breeze. You can train new employees with minimal effort and bring them up to speed quickly.

Get rid of menial tasks

A growing company has no time to waste on software issues. Software that doesn’t suit you needs or causes you to do extra work is only hurting you.

For example, you are going to one of the biggest healthcare trade shows in the country. Your software is slow and isn’t helping you to get everything you need completed. Scrambling to finish on time, you miss out on presenting the new services and products your company is unveiling.

Frustrated yet?

Remove the menial tasks that take time away from the most important aspects of your company with custom software. Just think. If you had custom software that eliminated routine work for you, you wouldn’t have been in such a rush to prepare for the trade show.


Your employees desire to prove themselves by working hard and being on time. But, if inefficient software is overwhelming them, they won’t be able to produce work as fast as you may like. The time you gain from custom software allows you to promote current employees and hire more people to take their place. You can expand operations and take on more clients without having to worry about missing deadlines.

When running a business, human error is bound to happen at some point. Something as small as a typo can cause a setback for your company. Avoid simple errors with custom software. With custom software development services you have the control. You can decide which tasks cause the most errors and then design the software to be more cognizant of those mistakes. No longer do you need to put production on hold and have everyone involved in fixing a software issue.

Custom software is an investment, not an expense

You may be hesitant to use custom software thinking that it is too expensive. When choosing to upgrade to custom software it’s important to consider the benefits of the outcome.  You could use off the shelf products that come with a 1-800 number on the back of the box. Or, you could work closely with someone here in the US who know’s a thing or two about what it is like to struggle with a company who is experiencing growing pains.

For example, the CEO of a small manufacturing company in the US will enjoy partnering up with a local custom software developer that will take the time to educate themselves about the manufacturing industry. By keeping things local, you can build a trusting relationship with individuals who care about your company. In the end, using something that is tailored to your growing company’s needs is worth investing in.

At Ayoka we are passionate about creating solutions to grow your business. Find out more about how Ayoka can help you succeed with software built to fit your company’s growing needs.

Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Posts

October 14, 2008

Ayoka and EO Software Team Up to Create the First Web-based Accounting and Reporting Application for Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Posts

Leading provider of software for VFW Posts and Auxiliaries taps software development firm

Ayoka to create secure, web-based accounting and reporting solution

Date Released: 10/14/2008 ARLINGTON and DALLAS, Texas – October 14, 2008 – Ayoka, a leading provider of enterprise-class software development services, and EO Software, a leading provider of software for Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Posts and Auxiliaries, today announced the release of the first web-based software application for VFW required membership and accounting procedures. By offering a secure, online tool for Quartermasters, this software solution substantially increases the efficiency and quality of monthly and quarterly reports, therefore greatly reducing the time for data entry and report generation. EO Software has been developing software for VFW Posts and Auxiliaries since 1991. Their time-tested, PC-based Membership Accounting Post Software (M.A.P.S.) has been providing VFW posts with accurate accounting and reporting data for over 15 years. EO Software recognized the need to expand their current applications capabilities by offering a secure, web-based solution that allows users to access their program and data from any location with Internet access.

EO Software launched M.A.P.S Online, the first ever web-based application for VFW Posts, at the VFW National Convention in Orlando, Florida in August of this year. Longtime users of the desktop version of M.A.P.S. were given demos of the new interface with quick and easy data entry and report generation features.

“As far as the new M.A.P.S. Online software goes…I love it. It is so nice not having to [manually] backup the data. Some of the screens have a new look, but they are easy to figure out. It took me 10 minutes to enter my previous year’s ending data and then I was ready to go,” said Quartermaster Mike Reilly, an EO Software customer since 1996, who upgraded to the new web-based application shortly after the convention. “I have been a programmer for 20+ years and I think that it is great!”

EO Software chose Ayoka, an innovative application development provider, to help create a software application that would allow VFW posts to log onto one site to enter accounting and membership data and print, retrieve and generate PDF documents and reports. They also wanted a solution that would provide online storage and backup within a secure environment.

“Our goal was to continue the tradition of producing the M.A.P.S. program with the latest technology available and to provide support and service to each customer, “ said Steve Dale President of EO Software.

“We were looking for a local company in the Dallas Metroplex, who had an established name and credibility for producing quality software, while still being competitive in pricing,” said Chris Curry, Director of IT at EO Software, “ Ayoka clearly distinguished itself by displaying proven success with Ruby on Rails applications and Web 2.0 development methodologies.“

“With EO Software, just as it does for many of our customers, location matters with software development. Complex processes, especially the details involved with accounting, require face-to-face conversations and personal support to clearly translate business requirements into software,” said Eknauth Persaud, CEO of Ayoka. “Plus, as a former Marine, I’m delighted to have our company perform custom software development for an application used by our Veterans’ organizations!”

About Ayoka:

Ayoka is a trusted, Made in USA company in the custom software development market, providing enterprise-class services that help people in diverse industries achieve core business goals. By working together in person, business needs are clearly translated into software applications that increase return on investment. Ayoka software development is a collaborative process, platform independent, and fully transparent, reducing the cost of in-house development. We deliver to clients cost-effective, quality applications along with the personal support found only in an American company.

About EO Software:

EO Software, Inc. has been developing software for VFW Posts and Auxiliaries since 1991. The president is a Vietnam Veteran from the Marine Corps and a CPA with over 20 years in public practice and experience as a revenue agent with the IRS specializing in non-profit organizations.