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Co-Sourcing Application Services

Co-Sourcing Application Services

Managing your organizations applications can be costly and challenging. The ever changing business landscape creates demands that can over-extend your financial and human resources as new processes and applications are implemented to support your strategic initiatives.

Depending on factors such as liquidity and the scope and longevity of these initiatives, the solution may be internal expansion or outsourcing.

For many organizations, however, the ideal, long-term solution is co-sourcing of their application services.

Ayoka’s co-sourcing application services allows your in-house IT personnel to retain oversight control of your enterprise applications while leveraging our dedicated resources.

Although outsourcing once appeared to be the ideal solution to the over-extension of IT resources created by dynamic market changes and rapid innovation, the reality typically fell short of the promise. Businesses often found the process to be more costly over the long-term as to-market times became protracted due to the need for additional refinements.

Co-sourcing applications services has become the new paradigm and provides greater alignment of your vision with your co-sourcing partner’s capabilities.

Ayoka operates under the agile developer methodology in which developers, designers and programmers with highly specialized skills are assigned to your project to ensure compliance with best practices, maximize efficiencies and provide a higher degree of focus and accountability for your custom development project.

Whether your business is looking for a single, specialized application to facilitate a new service or process, or planning an enterprise-wide modernization initiative, our co-sourcing application services offer cost-savings and faster to-market delivery times.