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Why Customer Care Matters for Your Software Development Company

September 15, 2020

Running a software development company can be a complicated situation for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s due to the extremely detailed aspects of software design or determining how to best meet the needs of others, it can be tough. One thing that many software development teams struggle with is customer care. In today’s blog post, we’ll review a few ways that customer service and customer care should matter for your team.

Software Development Company Way #1: Functionality

The first way that your software development company can assist with customer care comes down to how your website works. When you design a website that is easy to use, it builds a sense of trust. Additionally, it’s important to make sure that customers or potential customers understand who you are and what your organization is all about. It matters a lot more than you might think.

According to research from the Super Office Group, 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience.

Customers who have a positive experience are more likely to come back for future needs. Providing easy pathways for customers to request more information, to request a consultation, or pay their bills will further interest customers in your company. A functional website is just the beginning. 

Way #2: Interaction

The second way that your software development company can improve your customer care profile involves how you contact customers. Much like the website functionality we discussed above, making it easy for customers to contact your team is essential to being customer-focused. Whenever possible, provide a variety of ways for contact to be made. 

Telephone, email, and social media platforms are a few examples. Depending on the size of your team, email and social media might be the best options–especially after traditional hours. Whenever possible, it’s best to quote a response to email within 24-48 hours. Chat provides a more flexible format because chatters can share key information quickly in a more casual format. Remember: a quick response can lead to a quick sale, a quick resolution, or a quick transition to the next question. 

Software Development Company Way #3: Support

The third way that your software development company can enhance your customer care programming comes down to how you manage support services. While most organizations do well in handling customer service at the beginning of a sales agreement, many stumble when it comes to fixing problems further down the line. In the eyes of many customers, this is a brush-off and it can tarnish the business relationship. Let’s look at ways of avoiding the slump.

Bottom line: your customers want to have their problems addressed as soon as they happen. Much like the customer service component we’ve already discussed, there’s a good chance that customer support needs will arise outside of traditional hours. Providing self-service options that contain usage guides, frequently asked questions, and videos can assist with minimizing contact with support teams.

When customers need to contact support for software or development issues, providing multiple contact platforms is a way to address the way that modern companies and individuals work. While phone calls are a great tried and true method of communication, many organizations have shifted to using email, chat, and social media apps to handle real-time requests. Outfitting an email/chat team (even a small one) with high-quality informational documents that can be shared with customers is a great start. It will also be beneficial to add a service ticket system to track requests and manage performance. 

Software Development Company Way #4: Balancing Product and Support

The fourth way that your company can significantly impact customer care is the trickiest one: finding balance between product sales and product support. In this section, the rest of today’s blog post comes together. A company that is great with sales but weak with service is destined to fail. It might not be quick, but it will be painful. Adjusting expectations and sharing resources appropriately is a key to ongoing success. This boils down to relationships.

Relationship building and relationship management are other ways of explaining sales and service or product and support. In the beginning, customers are wooed into your product line through a mixture of different sales techniques. Once they are active users of the software suite your company has developed, many organizations will want some additional training or assistance with more complex processes. These requests can lead to new features in future upgrades.

Shifting into relationship management can be a simple process. Take an opportunity to do a bit of outreach at different benchmarks: 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 120 days, 180 days. Quick, friendly check-ins with key stakeholders can show that your development team cares about their success. Similarly, answering any direct support inquiries quickly can show that you are invested in being partners in their success. Making strides can pay immense dividends on both sides of the situation. Customer care and software development go hand in hand. The concepts that we’ve discussed today are just the beginning of the conversation.

Ayoka Systems: Merging Customer Care and Software

Now that you’ve seen a few ways that customer care matters in software development, it’s time to join up with us. At Ayoka Systems, our team has decades of experience in designing custom solutions to meet the needs of any organization we work with. We can provide ways to meet or exceed your needs. When you’re ready to better meet your customer care metrics, don’t wait–contact us right away!

6 Reasons Your Business Needs Custom Web Development

August 25, 2020

When your business needs a website design, it can be tempting to go with a template. The problem with using a template is that they lack the originality and creativity of your brand. In today’s blog, we’ll take a deeper look at the top six reasons to invest in custom web development services for your organization.

Custom Web Development Services Reason #1: Your Brand Identity Matters

The first reason to insist on custom web development has to do with the uniqueness of your company. How you present yourself to the world matters immensely. Using a boilerplate design does not set the appropriate tone. Hiring a custom web designer like Ayoka to build your online presence will allow your uniqueness to shine through from start to finish. 

Working directly with a web development team will also allow your brand’s values to be visible in every aspect of the design. An experienced web designer will be able to work with all aspects of your branding, marketing, and quirkiness. Finding the appropriate niche for your brand will lead to the overall success of your future business endeavors. 

Reason #2: Your Content Will Change

The second thing to consider about custom web design is that your content cannot be static. Your site, like the world we live in, must adapt to changing needs and wants. Your visitors and your customers do not want to be bored with the same old thing. They want to be wowed! Web development is not a “one and done” situation. Websites go through consistent phases of adjustment and redesign. Of course, those changes don’t always have to be drastic.

Whether it’s a new product line, an updated policy, or something else, providing the newest and brightest view of your company is essential to maintaining a relevant corner of the market. Great businesses can adapt to shifts in customer interest and general stylistic movements. Using a template website does not achieve that. A custom web solution makes quick and adaptable changes possible! 

Custom Web Development Services Reason #3: Your Site Will Stay Fresh

The third reason to invest in a custom web design service comes back to the idea that keeping things current is important. Visitors to your site want to be impressed by your innovation. Giving them something unexpected and interesting will make it easier to keep them both as viewers and customers. When you partner with a custom web development service like Ayoka, you are investing in a constantly evolving project. Our experts understand how trends and styles shift. Keeping your site modern is a huge part of what a custom web design can do for your team. We won’t let you get left behind. 

Reason #4: Your Customers Will Feel Connected With You

The fourth tip to bear in mind about custom web solutions involves how you communicate with your customers. Another of the problems that arise from using a pre-designed website-in-a-box solution is how clunky the designs can be. The lack of personality and individuality can make it difficult to figure out how a customer can interact with your team. When you invest in a custom solution, the navigation and menus on your site will be designed to encourage customers and viewers to contact your team.

Whether this means routing email messages and forms through your existing email system or building a new system, it’s all about you. At Ayoka, our designers will find the best design features for your business model. We want you to have a seamless connection with your content viewers. Email, chat, social media – whatever fits your needs will fit onto your website. Developing a highly-responsive design will enhance everything that your team hopes to achieve. 

Reason #5: Customer Experience Will Drive Return Business

The fifth reason to consider employing a custom web design service comes down to revenue. Building a website that shows the uniqueness of your business will encourage happy customers to keep coming back. It will also encourage them to promote your business through word of mouth or social media posts. The key to this section is your overall ROI or return on investment.

Since a quality website will require ongoing attention, hiring a web development team will allow your content to remain fresh in all the ways that we’ve already discussed and more. As brand ambassadors, working closely with customers and stakeholders alike will allow your business to continually grow by leaps and bounds. 

Reason #6: You Control Traffic and SEO Routing

How can a custom web solution be partnered with an aggressive SEO program to drive traffic from new, first-time visitors? In short, SEO or search engine optimization is the process of raising the visibility of your site on Google. When your site has been custom built and uses a variety of quality resources and links, your SEO score will rise. When it rises, your web traffic will increase as a result. Additionally, including a wealth of interesting content items means your visitors will spend more time on your site, increasing your score further.

Ayoka Systems: Building Custom Business Solutions

Now that you’ve seen the six key reasons to invest in a custom website design program, it’s time to learn a bit more about us. At Ayoka Systems, we use our years of expertise to develop custom solutions to meet the needs of each organization we contract with. Whether your team is using Android, iOS, Windows, or a mixture, we can find something to meet or exceed your needs. When you’re ready to start customizing your web content, contact us right away!

Grow Your Business With Custom Software

August 13, 2020

Learn why you need custom software development for your business!

Running a business can be tricky, and you always want to make sure that you have the right custom software development to grow your company for the better. This is where business intelligence comes in. It helps you make more data-driven decisions with all of the tools that it offers. Now that we know what we need, how do we go about getting more information? Here are some things to consider when growing your business.

What Is Business Intelligence And How Does It Work?

Business intelligence (BI) is a combination of strategies and technologies used for collecting data analysis of business information, usually paired with custom software development. These strategies include business analytics, data mining, data visualization, data tools, and infrastructure. This helps your company by putting you in a position to make better decisions by providing present, historical, and predictive data. With the data collected, BI can identify ways to increase profit, analyze customer behavior, spot market trends, and compare your data with competing companies.

BI works by monitoring your business’ activity and interactions. There are two different routes to take when working with business intelligence: traditional and modern. Historically, traditional BI tools took an approach that was based on comprehensive factors. Data was driven by IT organizations, and analytic questions were answered with information from static reports.

Modern BI has a different, more advanced approach. It tends to be more interactive and client-friendly. There are multiple technologies available for use and with the proper software, clients can answer their own questions with the data presented to them.

What Is Custom Software And How Does It Work?

Custom software is the process of creating, designing, and maintaining software for a specific set of users, functions, or organizations. There are a few development companies that provide fairly standard software. They tend to provide a very generalized package that offers website creation and office productivity. Custom software provides services that are more specific to the needs of your business. Some of the possibilities that custom software might offer include an online app for your business or a service equipment program for manufacturing. It all depends on what you are looking to improve within your business.

Custom software works by narrowing in on a defined set of requirements and creating unique technology solutions to your problems. This software is executed by in-house development teams or an external party.

A few services that come with custom software include application management, application customization, and application modernization.

Custom software development

Why Custom Software Will Work Best For You

While it is cheaper to purchase off-the-shelf software, paying the price for custom software will be well worth it in the future. It requires a detailed plan that will adjust the research to your needs. Since the software is tailored, the development entails commissioning and releasing products designed specifically for you. No one else will receive the same development as you.

Custom software development is important because it will help you meet individual requirements. Your business will gain an increase in productivity, and internal needs will be addressed with the data provided. Efficiency is huge with this technology. It can save you a lot of time from trying to analyze your business on your own and possibly missing out on information that could boost your business to the next level.

Combined with business intelligence, custom software can boost your business to heights it hasn’t reached before. Many business have adopted these strategies to push their business ahead of the curve. This includes healthcare and education companies. Custom software can put your business in the position to compete with some of the biggest players in your field. Any business can use data to transform its current state for the better.

There are areas of custom development that can create a more comfortable experience. Data visualization and visual analytics are some of the more common ways to present business intelligence. These help you reach a better understanding of exactly how well your business is doing. This is usually done with charts that have different patterns or colors to represent multiple categories. This strategy can highlight trends and patterns that may not be immediately visible when analyzing raw data.

Many businesses also utilize self-service business intelligence (SSBI). Your custom software could be developed by your very own IT team. This gives you more access to exploring analytics, collecting your own data, and applying that right away rather than waiting for all of the data to be collected before making necessary changes.

Business intelligence and custom software are constantly evolving due to common business needs and updated trends. Your business will more than likely be growing with the trends, and these technologies will help you to stay ahead of the crowd.

What Can Ayoka Systems Do For Your Business?

At Ayoka Systems, our mission is to develop enterprise applications that exceed your expectations while maintaining competitive pricing. We specialize in everything from innovative mobile apps for startup companies to complex enterprise business software.

We have what it takes to transition your business into a custom system development that will help your company improve on a continuous basis. We have experience working on hundreds of projects in various industries. Manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, and retail & e-commerce are just a few of the industries that we have helped.

We take pride in our collaborative approach with our clients, where we look beyond the basics and focus on how our software aligns with your business. We are committed to using the most current information to provide the best software solutions for your company. Whether you need development, maintenance, or integration, we can get the job done. Give us a call to discuss what we can do for you. We look forward to helping your business grow.

Custom Software Development Services for the Transportation Industry

July 28, 2020

Ayoka Systems provides custom software development services for the transportation industry. Whether you need software for supply chain management or online scheduling, we do it all. We offer unique and innovative technology within our software, like intelligent traffic systems. We work with commercial firms as well as the government to help create solutions for roadway and traffic surveillance. At Ayoka, we provide our customers with a full-stack approach to SOA (service-oriented architecture) specifically geared toward the transportation industry. We are recognized as a leader in developing and employing transportation software, so you can rest assured that our software will help you become more efficient and effective when it comes to transportation and logistics. In the long run, custom transportation software will save you time and money by streamlining processes and reducing IT costs. Read on to learn more about the custom solutions we offer the transportation industry.

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) is a way of using information technology to improve transportation infrastructure. At Ayoka, we create custom software that helps with traffic control and transportation management. We work with city and state governments to help improve efficiency when it comes to transportation. Our ITS technology involves surveillance of roads and traffic control that can help cities reduce congestion, have fewer and shorter delays, enhance operating capacity, and improve safety. In addition, this leads to enhanced security and better air quality. The ITS can also be useful in disaster scenarios. The technology can assist first responders and facilitate a mass evacuation of people out of a city. The ITS has a flexible architecture that can grow into future web application standards. It also can remain in operation across multiple vendors and municipalities.


When it comes to the transportation industry, logistics is one of the most important facets. There is a want and need in the transportation industry for improved centralization of supply chain models, tighter trading partner collaboration, and an integration between transportation and operations. Unfortunately, the cost is high to do all of these things. At Ayoka, we understand the financial challenge and have developed a solution to support better logistics. Our software helps with things like additional stocking locations and smaller order sizes in order to keep prices down as much as possible.

Transporting goods involves a lot of logistics. From the most efficient delivery routes to determining the ideal capacity of carriers, there is a variety of planning that goes into the transportation aspect of the supply chain. Our custom software helps our clients in the transportation industry by providing new logistics technologies, such as transportation management systems. Our software also provides integrated platforms for warehouse management systems. The software will save money in both labor and inventory space. It will also improve the efficiency of operations, processing orders, and also audits through the software’s ability to manage things like freight audits and carrier management.

By switching to custom software, you can truly manage the logistics of your supply chain when it comes to transportation. Our modern platform will help you reduce logistics-related costs while increasing efficiency. Your ROI will be increased by investing in custom software to manage all your transportation needs.

Systems Integrator

The U.S. Department of Transportation has supported Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) initiatives. Their goal is to create a national transportation system to solve issues, increase safety, and improve mobility and environmental performance. ITS systems include many different devices. Some examples of devices included in the system are:

  • Variable Message Signs (VMS)
  • Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV)
  • Ramp Meter Stations (RMS)
  • Microwave Vehicle Radar Detection (MVRD)
  • Travel Time Indications (TTI)
  • Automatic Traffic Recorders (ATR)
  • Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) Readers
  • Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS)
  • Supervisory Controls and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA)
  • Fire Detection
  • Public Address Systems (PA)

ITS systems also include other components like fiber optic cable and Ethernet switches. This is a complex system! At Ayoka Systems, we provide transportation systems with custom software development services. Our approach is to create a project-wide integration plan. We work closely with contractors to troubleshoot potential integration issues, and we also thoroughly test the integration software before it goes live. We also review the necessary technical documents and learn how to coordinate interface points. Our goal is to reduce time and costs by integrating all of these separate things within the Intelligent Transportation System.

Ayoka Systems provides custom software development services to many different industries. The transportation industry has a great need for custom software. Our software provides improved efficiency in areas like transportation management, traffic control, and improving logistics in the supply chain. We work with many different types of transportation clients, from private contractors to government agencies.

Our goal is to provide the best customer service possible to our clients. We are a USA-based company, and we aim to learn about each of our clients so we can fully understand their custom software needs. Before the design process begins, we will sit down with your team to learn about your objectives, mission, needs, and how we can help. Our solutions are affordable and allow you to quickly realize a return on your investment. By reducing costs and increasing efficiency, a custom software solution can help the transportation industry meet its goals without spending more money or hiring new people.

At Ayoka Systems, our goal is to become the only affordable option for custom software development in the USA! As our past experience with clients shows, we are willing to put in the time and effort to deliver successful software at a budget-friendly price. For more information about our software and how it can help the transportation industry, contact us today.

Benefits of Mobile Application Custom Software Development

July 15, 2020

At Ayoka Systems, we offer custom software solutions for businesses across a wide range of industries. From healthcare to manufacturing, we do it all. In the past decade, mobile apps have grown exponentially. More and more businesses are taking advantage of how mobile apps make processes more efficient and effective. At Ayoka Systems, our number-one goal is to help you deliver the highest level of customer service through customized software experiences. We provide you much more than an out-of-the-box mobile application. We truly cater mobile apps to the specific needs of your business. Read on to learn more about mobile application development and the benefits of apps in several different industries.

iOS, Windows, and Android Apps

One of our first steps in developing a custom software mobile app for your business is sitting down with employees and discussing what is needed from the app. The first order of business is determining whether the app will run on iOS, Windows, or Android. This largely depends on the devices the company is already using, as it is costly to buy all new devices.

When it comes to mobile apps, iOS has a large influence on the app world. At Ayoka, we can create native iOS applications for your business. This is much more efficient than a web application, as it allows the app to run in tandem with the device. Did you know that industry leaders have reported saving an average of 42 minutes per employee each day by using applications?

Windows is another platform that supports custom apps. Between the Windows phone and the Surface tablet, there are several options when it comes to devices that support Windows. As we develop your custom mobile app, we can also integrate the app with your existing Windows products like SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, and Exchange Server.

Last but not least, we can develop custom mobile apps for Android devices. The business world is currently utilizing Android as an Apple alternative. We can create apps for Android that help your business with things like task and personnel management.

Overall, custom mobile apps can save you time and money and cut the need for excess labor costs. You let us know what you want your mobile app to do, and we will make it happen!

Custom Software in Healthcare with Mobile Apps

When it comes to healthcare, mobile apps provide medical practices and hospitals with a lot of benefits. First, mobile apps can be helpful to practitioners. It gives doctors and nurses an easy way to access things like images, medical histories, billing information, and more. Everything is done at the touch of a finger. You no longer have to drag heavy laptops into the room when you see your patients. Use a mobile device instead! Your patients will appreciate how quickly you pull up all their information in one spot. Gone are the days where you have to sift through a paper file to gain more information about a patient!

Mobile apps can also be used to help patients live a healthy lifestyle. We can help your business provide patients with apps that track fitness, provide medical references, monitor prescriptions, and more. These apps help your patients stay healthy and keep track of their medications and next appointments. Your patients will love having access to these apps from their own devices.

Anything related to patients in the medical world needs to be extremely secure. HIPAA and the FDA have rules about making sure patient confidentiality is maintained through mobile applications. At Ayoka Systems, we create apps that are secure and comply with federal regulations in regard to patient confidentiality. Our process begins with meeting with healthcare providers to figure out what is needed from the mobile app. Once we have a clear goal and objective, development begins!

Manufacturing Apps

Mobile applications are extremely useful in the manufacturing world. When used correctly, they can improve productivity and increase revenues while streamlining operations and decreasing production costs. In addition, they can enhance relationships with customers, dealers, and wholesalers. Overall, mobile apps can greatly improve supply chain management. Here are some ways the manufacturing industry is currently using mobile apps to improve their processes:

  • CRM used by sales teams
  • Access to critical information without being anchored to workstations
  • Resolve problems on the shop floor
  • Locate inventory
  • Update important information in real time and on-location

Data shows that 7 out of 10 manufacturers are looking to use mobile and wireless solutions to help streamline operations. At Ayoka Systems, we are ready to help your business save time and money and improve processes through a custom mobile app.

Industrial Apps

We have also developed apps for industrial businesses such as oil, gas, farming, and factory equipment manufacturers. As machinery becomes more automated, it is necessary to keep the software current. Mobile devices will give your industrial business immediate access to controlling these machines, whether you are 5 feet away or 500 miles away. Our apps help increase productivity by improving daily processes like organizing work orders, keeping track of the inventory database, and controlling shipping. All of this can be done from one single app. No longer do you have to worry about having different apps and websites for inventory, shipping, work orders, barcode scanning, and more. With a custom software mobile app, everything you do will all be located in one place. The mobile app can also decrease the chance of data loss.

Custom Software and Mobile Applications  Are the Way to Go!

At Ayoka Systems, we believe custom software is the answer to increasing revenue and decreasing costs while improving customer service. A mobile app is a flexible way to control many day-to-day processes from a lightweight handheld device. Whether you are a doctor or a factory worker, mobile apps are helpful across all industries. At Ayoka Systems, we specialize in creating custom mobile applications that are unique to your company’s needs. We can work with iOS, Windows, and Android, and we can integrate the app with your pre-existing systems. For more information on the benefits of mobile apps and the development process, contact Ayoka Systems today.

7 Types of Enterprise Architecture and Technology Custom Software Development Services We Provide

June 23, 2020

At Ayoka Systems, we provide companies with custom software development services including enterprise architecture and technology services.

At Ayoka Systems, we provide custom software development services to businesses across a wide range of industries. From healthcare to finance, we have created custom solutions that help companies optimize their workflow and save costs. Our custom software solutions are scalable and can specifically integrate into your business, something that an off-the-shelf software would not be able to do as seamlessly. At Ayoka, we believe in working with your business as a team to learn about your software wants and needs. We focus on frequent communication to get your dream software developed efficiently. Here are 7 types of enterprise architecture and technology services we provide.

.NET Development Company

.NET is a unified platform made by Microsoft that we provide at Ayoka Systems. The .NET 5 will be released in November 2020. This system targets Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, tvOS, watchOS, and WebAssembly. This is a single platform where all .NET code can be used. The platform brings a single code base with a consistent look and fee. JAVA and Swift will be available on the platforms. .NET is a great place to start for developers because it is a single platform and starting point for any type of coding. Developers will also have more choices when it comes to runtime experiences. At Ayoka, we are very experienced with .NET and know that it will help increase productivity, strengthen communication, and provide strong reporting for your business.

Java Custom Software Development Services Company

Java software solutions are beneficial for many types of companies. Java works across platforms and is widely used across a variety of industries. Java can be used for businesses of all sizes. Java can do things like API integration, customer relationship management, data analysis, and more. Java is so customizable that businesses can truly have their software needs met.

Vue Consultant

At Ayoka Systems, we are a Texas Vue consultant. Vue.js is an MIT open-source JavaScript framework that is used to build interfaces. It can also be used for desktop and mobile application development. Vue.js is perfect for things like single-page apps as it focuses on the view layer. One benefit of Vue is that it has faster load times and good overall performance. Vue is mostly used for working on user interfaces through HTML, CSS, and JS. Vue is typically used in smaller companies, although a larger company could also use Vue for one of their smaller projects.

PLC Integration

PLC software integration is common with our industrial customers. This allows things like automated control systems and near real-time transaction data. PLC provides manufacturers with cost-efficient automation and machine control software. PLC systems are sturdy! They are designed to withstand dust, moisture, heat, and cold. At Ayoka, we design software that can help industrial businesses with remote equipment monitoring, machine controls, temperature monitoring, motion control, data acquisition, and more. Features like remote equipment monitoring, automation of factory machine controls, and controlling the temperature can end up saving factories thousands of dollars.

MongoDB Database Custom Software Development

MongoDB solutions can be standalone applications or integrated with traditional relational databases. This database can be used across many industries. A pharmaceutical company could use it for drug interaction applications, while a utility company could use it to connect with smart meters to analyze usage. MongoDB allows for simplified app development. It makes the development process faster and less complex. Data is saved as BSON, providing efficient serialization format. Another benefit of the MongoDB technology is that it is NoSQL (Not Only SQL). This means the databases are minimally structured and can be scaled to hold large amounts of data. MongoDB also has a flexible data structure, enabling it to easily index and query data.

AI Custom Software Development Services

Another area of custom software development services we offer is in the world of AI. AI software has been used frequently in the realm of healthcare and medical research. At Ayoka, we have helped develop an AI solution for behavioral health analysis for patients who suffer from disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, Alzheimer’s, and more. This helps doctors move away from recording behavioral changes manually to using the AI software to analyze the changes for them. The software is very consistent and accurate and provides data beyond what humans can uncover. Our AI software runs on the cloud, meaning our clients don’t have to buy special hardware. AI is also the perfect solution for those doing research studies. The software allows users to perform automated multivariate testing and then provide extensive data.

AWS Migration

AWS (Amazon Web Services) migration is a way of moving data and workloads to the cloud. This helps companies save on IT costs while improving their efficiency, productivity, and flexibility of operations. At Ayoka, we are here to help you migrate your workload to AWS. Migrating to AWS is a great solution for businesses across a variety of industries. Businesses will benefit from the secure cloud that allows for better flexibility and efficiency when it comes to day-to-day operations and higher-level business agility.

At Ayoka Systems, we know that custom software development services are the way to go, as opposed to off-the-shelf options. Your business needs software that can be catered specifically to your needs and is scalable based on your size. Instead of forcing an off-the-shelf software to integrate into your systems, hire a software development company, like Ayoka Systems, to develop a custom solution. At Ayoka, we have years of experience helping customers across a wide range of industries, including retail, transportation, healthcare, financial services, e-government, and manufacturing. We provide many different enterprise architecture and technology services, including .NET development, Java, Vue, PLC integration, MongoDB, AI, and AWS migration. For more information about our custom software development process and how it can help your business, contact Ayoka Systems today.

Custom Software Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

June 9, 2020
Custom software is beneficial for healthcare providers as it makes them more efficient and effective and better able to care for patients.

Photo by Arseny Togulev on Unsplash

When it comes to software, apps, and web development, custom is the way to go. In the healthcare industry, it is important that systems are secure, efficient, and aim to help give patients the best care possible. A custom software solution gives doctors’ offices, hospitals, and other medical care facilities the ability to perform processes that are specific to their needs. At Ayoka Systems, we have worked on many projects in the healthcare industry. Read on to learn about some of the services we can provide to help your processes become more customized and more efficient.

Custom Software Development

Did you know that it is estimated to cost twice as much to store paper medical records versus storing them electronically? Many medical providers are still stuck in the past and using paper records. At Ayoka Systems, we develop software for medical providers so that patient medical records can be stored electronically. In addition, we provide software to help in the following areas:

  • Practice management
  • Billing
  • Payroll
  • Human resources automation

When it comes to the healthcare industry, privacy and security are vital since records contain personal health information. At Ayoka, we are very familiar with HIPAA standards and how they relate to custom software.

Medical App Development

App-based technology is helpful for both medical providers and patients. The apps can be web- or mobile-based, depending on your needs. One current development that many medical providers are taking advantage of is telemedicine. During the global pandemic, many patients are hesitant to go see their doctors as they normally would for fear of contracting the virus. Telemedicine apps allow doctors and patients to meet virtually in a secure way. Telemedicine is here to stay! Many providers are interested in keeping telemedicine options even when the pandemic is over.

Another way apps can be used in the medical office is to make clinical decisions. Custom apps can help doctors make care decisions based on symptoms. Apps can also be used to collect and analyze many different types of data. In addition, apps can be very useful for patients. Education and self-care apps help patients learn about what they can do at home to stay healthy. This app could be an exercise tracker, or one that gives daily health tips on topics like sleep and nutrition. Your patients will appreciate having access to these resources from their own devices at home. Apps are also helpful when it comes to appointment scheduling. At the end of the appointment, providers quickly schedule a follow-up through the app, reducing the work that the receptionists will need to do. At Ayoka Systems, we want to hear how an app could help your practice. Share with us your ideas and we will help them become a reality.

Accountable Care Solutions

When it comes to medical care, the fee-for-service model does not encourage providers to reduce overall spending. On the other hand, if providers are penalized for recommending costly services to patients, then the healthcare of patients could suffer. The goal of Accountable Care Solutions (ACOs) is to help patients get the best health outcome per dollar spent. The ACO software helps providers reduce quality errors, improves their guidance for differential diagnoses, and creates an overall operational improvement. Here are some things ACO software can do:

  • Manage prescriptions and administration of medications more effectively
  • Discourage providers from giving tests that will have no effect on treatment regardless of findings
  • More streamlined workflow
  • Better utilizes resources

Cognitive Health Custom Software Development

photo by CDC on Unsplash

Cognitive testing is very important in the senior population. It helps providers understand if a patient has a disease like Alzheimer’s, dementia, or other forms of memory loss. There is a lack of standardized control when it comes to cognitive testing. At Ayoka, we create software and apps that help providers deliver tests and record results. The process is quick, easy, standardized, and enables providers to easily analyze data. Perhaps the best benefit of all is that it can help with early detection of memory issues in patients.

Healthcare Web Development

In the healthcare industry, it is essential to take a step beyond simply having electronic patient records at the office. Having a strong web-based system gives providers the opportunity to provide real-time communication, patient online resources, insurance/billing management, patient surveys, health apps, healthcare staff training modules, and more! At Ayoka Systems, we make sure that when it comes to healthcare web development, our solutions are flexible and curated to your needs. As with other aspects of your practice, we also ensure that any of your web-based programs are HIPAA-compliant.

Electronic Medical Claims

When medical providers file electronic claims, they must be in compliance with Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) 837 Standard. This ensures that medical providers are staying compliant with HIPAA rules and regulations. At Ayoka Systems, we understand how this system must comply with HIPAA. We also know that HIPAA standards change over time, so the software must be adaptable. We develop a smart client solution for EDI processing. The system is beneficial for medical providers because it is extremely customizable. The systems also have offline capability, so that it will still work even if the network connection is down. The web-based electronic medical records can be supported across various platforms and have data encryption to ensure privacy.

As a medical provider, it is time to consider custom software. At Ayoka Systems, we have a lot of experience customizing software for the healthcare industry. We can help your practice implement things like apps, web-based programs, accountable care solutions, cognitive testing software, and more. Our goal is to make providers more efficient and effective, because in the long run this will keep patients happier and healthier. For more information about the healthcare services we provide, contact us today.


Is Custom Software Development a Part of Your Business Plan?

May 26, 2020


Is custom software development a part of your business plan? The answer should always be “yes!” Custom software is a way that your company can use technology to improve efficiency and drive revenue. This software provides benefits well beyond an out-of-the-box solution. At Ayoka Systems, we have helped many different clients in many different industries by creating custom software that fits the needs and goals of their businesses. Read on to learn more about the benefits of custom software and begin to think about how it can help your business.

Drives Revenue

First and foremost, custom software drives revenue. Custom software is specifically catered to your business. It can be developed so that it does exactly what you need it to do, when you need to get it done. For example, at Ayoka Systems, we were able to help a restaurant to gain more orders and increase their revenue through a custom software solution. Through the software, customers were able to take orders through the mobile app and then suggest potential upsells or offer on-the-spot deals. This increased the number of ticket orders placed by their customers. Whatever industry you are in, there is a way for custom software to positively affect your bottom line.

Increases Efficiency

In addition to driving revenue, custom software also increases the efficiency of your daily processes. With software, things become much more automated. In the example above of the restaurant taking orders over their mobile app, this is much more efficient that customers placing orders over the phone. The efficient process allows employees to be allocated to other pressing tasks. As you work on your business plan, think about processes that are currently being done by hand. How could these be automated? Would automation save you time and money? Discuss your thoughts with Ayoka Systems. We are willing to talk through your ideas and think of custom solutions to improve the efficiency of your day-to-day tasks.

Custom Software Development Designed to Fit Your Business

Custom software development is beneficial to any business! It will help increase efficiency and drive revenues in a way that is specific to your business.

Photo by You X Ventures on Unsplash

Another benefit of investing in custom software is that it is designed to fit your business needs. Out-of-the-box software solutions can work, but in general they will not fully fit the needs of your business. For example, they may be designed for larger businesses and you could be a start-up with only two employees. Business owners often spend a lot of time and effort trying to figure out how to make this type of software work. Instead, invest in custom software so that everything is designed to fit your business.

At Ayoka Systems, we have worked with businesses in many different industries from healthcare to retail and everything in between! We are familiar with the needs of various businesses in these industries, so we want to hear from you about your custom needs! Don’t be afraid to reach for the stars! This software is designed to make you money in the long run. Remember, this software is truly built from the ground up. Whatever you need to happen, we can make it work.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Another issue when getting an out-of-the-box software solution for your company is that sometimes it is difficult to connect that software with your already-existing platforms and programs. For example, maybe you want your point of sales software system to easily connect to your QuickBooks for accounting purposes. Without custom software, connections like this might not be possible. Discuss with Ayoka Systems any preexisting software systems you have that will need to be integrated with your new custom software. We can make the integration happen, which will further reduce manual processes and increase efficiency.

Next Steps for Custom Software Development

If you think all of this sounds great and are ready to jump in, here are the next steps. First, contact Ayoka Systems with your ideas, custom software timeline, and budget. We will set up a time to come talk to your team about your software needs. We will propose a programming strategy based on what we discuss. Next, we develop a Detailed Design Document™ (DDD™) that fully explains how this new custom software will help you meet your business goals. We will also provide you with an estimate of how long the development will take and when it will be ready to test out and then use.

Once the software is fully developed and live, our relationship does not end! We are here to provide support and make any additional tweaks to get your software just right. An added benefit of working with us is that our software is 100% made in the USA. If you call us for support, you will never find an outsourced overseas employee on the other end of the phone. Providing you with the best service possible is our number-one goal. Our custom software comes at an affordable price. It is well worth the investment given the chance for increased revenue in the long run.

The Best Time for Custom Software Development is Now!

At Ayoka Systems, we believe that custom software development is a needed solution for your business. Custom software is built from the ground up to directly reflect the needs and goals of your business. Overall, it greatly improves efficiency and drives revenue. No matter what industry your business is in, you will find much more success with custom software than you will trying to buy something premade. At Ayoka Systems, our team works with your team to create solutions. Our many years of experience give us perspective on what is important when it comes to custom software. We share with clients what works and what doesn’t work with custom software. With your input and ideas, we will work efficiently to produce your software.

The best time to implement a custom software solution is now! Don’t wait another day! Put yourself on the path to greater efficiency and higher revenues. Contact Ayoka Systems for more information regarding custom software development and how it can help your business.

Custom Software: What New Managers Need to Know

May 12, 2020
Switching to custom software is a big decision but one that will pay off in the long run. Read on to learn what managers should know about the switch.

photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Switching to custom software is a great business decision. It will help make your business overall much more effective and efficient. Working with off-the-shelf software can be frustrating. Often it does not fit exactly with your company’s needs. This is where custom software comes into play. It is built from the ground up. The software is designed to fit your company’s mission, vision, and overall goals. If you are a new manager seeking change by transitioning to custom software, there are some things you need to know. Read on to learn more about switching to a custom software platform.


The first thing managers should consider when switching to custom software is the budget. At Ayoka Systems, we are focused on creating custom software for your business that is within your budget. Keep in mind, custom software is generally a greater investment than off-the-shelf software. Despite the initial higher investment, many businesses that use custom software see a reduction in costs and a high return on investment. Discuss your budget with Ayoka, and we will help you find a solution that is cost-effective for you.

Industry-Specific Custom Software

The most important thing to know about custom software from Ayoka Systems is that it is industry-specific. We have clients across all sorts of industries, including retail, manufacturing, healthcare, financial, e-government, and transportation. This allows us to understand what types of software are needed based on the day-to-day processes and operations specific to each industry. We want to work with you to figure out what you need from the software. Since the software is built from the ground up, we can focus on what works and is needed in your specific industry.

Improves Processes

Another thing for managers to be aware of is that custom software will greatly improve operations. While this is a good thing, it will require the manager to think about how things will change with the new processes. Employees will be able to do tasks a lot faster, meaning they will have free time to work on other tasks. The custom software route may cause managers to reallocate work differently. It can also allow managers to assign staff to different roles. Processes such as customer orders or returns can now be customized exactly to your liking instead of trying to modify an off-the-shelf system. In addition, the software can produce reports in a timely manner. Instead of an employee having to pull together data by piecemeal, the software can produce reports with the exact information you need – instantly.

Realistic Completion Time

Another issue that management needs to be aware of is the realistic completion time of switching to custom software. Managers should understand that changes made along the way could delay the timeline. In addition, it is essential that the software is not rolled out too soon. It needs to be thoroughly tested. All bugs need to be addressed before it goes live. There is a fine line between releasing it too early and waiting too long. At Ayoka Systems, we help you to find that balance so you can roll your software out at the perfect time.

Employee Training

As with any new system or cultural change, employee training will be necessary. Managers should set aside time dedicated to training employees on the new software. All employees interacting with the software should attend the training sessions. In addition, employees should understand their specific responsibilities when interacting with the software. The better they are trained, the easier the rollout of the new software will be.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Managers also need to consider cross-platform compatibility when implementing new software. This has to do with how the new software will integrate and communicate with preexisting software. Before the software design process begins, share any cross-platform compatibility needs with Ayoka Systems. This will be very helpful to know as we design the software to work effectively in your business.

Custom Software Mobile Use

Photo by Adeolu Eletu on Unsplash

In today’s digital age, many companies are using mobile devices. Mobile devices help the company run more smoothly. Mobile devices include phones and tablets, so the software should work on these devices. Before the software development phase begins, have a discussion with Ayoka about what types of software you need for mobile devices.

Relationship with A Custom Software Development Firm

Using custom software for your business can come with a lot of questions. Ayoka understands that implementing new software is a process. We want managers to rest assured that our team is here to help. Even after delivery, we are available to make changes, provide support, and continuously develop the software. We are more than happy to help support you every step of the way.

Switching to custom software is a big step for a company to take. Not only will it change the culture of your business, but it will also make processes much more effective and efficient. As a manager, there are some important things to think about during this transition to custom software.

Managers need to set a budget for the software development process. They should also brainstorm what they want the software to do. In addition, managers should understand how long software development will take and create a staff training plan based on that timeline. It is also important to think about potential cross-platform integration needs. Also, consider whether or not you need the software to work on mobile devices. Last but not least, Ayoka Systems wants managers to know that we are here to support them in this custom software journey every step of the way. From planning to development to implementation and beyond, we want to help create high-quality software by providing top-notch support. For more information about our custom software services, contact Ayoka Systems today.



Software Development on a Deadline

April 28, 2020

Investing in custom software is a great way to make your business more efficient and effective. At Ayoka we provide custom software development services.

At Ayoka Sytems, we make custom software for clients in a wide range of industries. We specialize in software development for the retail, transportation, financial services, e-government, healthcare, and manufacturing industries. In order to have a successful business, custom software is the way to go. At Ayoka, we work with you to learn about your business and create software that helps you get the job done. We also pride ourselves on being able to provide you software at an affordable price. As a new business or a business looking to grow, you might need your custom software developed on a deadline. Read on to learn about how we can help you get custom software quickly.

Why Custom Software Development?

The idea behind custom software development is that the software will do exactly what your business needs to be effective and efficient. While out-of-the-box software can work in some situations, if your business is truly looking to grow and improve, custom software is the answer. The software is made specifically for your business. It is easily adaptable to any changes that need to be made. In addition, custom software is much more secure. Also, custom software can easily be made to fit the size of your company. A lot of off-the-shelf software is designed for large companies and may not work well with your business model.

Another great thing about custom software is that it can easily integrate with different departments of your business instead of each one working separately on different applications. If your business does not need fully customized software, semi-custom software is an option as well. This option can typically be designed faster as it is a smaller project.

Custom software will make your business better as a whole. Through more efficient and effective operations, you will be able to provide better support and services to your customers. Also, having custom software helps businesses avoid crashes. The software is extensively tested to make sure there are no bugs. If there is an issue, Ayoka is always available to help.

Early Delivery

Photo by Marcus Winkler on Unsplash

There are many reasons why companies have tight deadlines when it comes to software development. At Ayoka Systems, our mantra is that early delivery solves all problems. Often new businesses will want custom software as soon as possible so that they can get their business running quickly. Established businesses that are having issues with their current software might also want a quick turnaround for custom software development. Whatever the reason, at Ayoka, we are up for the job. We understand that you are under a time crunch, and we will work with you to meet your goals.

How Do We Do It?

Photo by Dylan Gills on Unsplash

We work hard to meet your deadlines because we understand how important your business is to you. We have found that the fastest and lowest risk way to meet a deadline is to come interview your team and propose a programming strategy for your input. There is no need to prepare anything for this interview; it is simply a way for us to get to know your business and software needs.

After the interview, we develop what we call a Detailed Design Document™ (DDD™) that outlines what your business goals are and how technology will help you meet those goals. Next, we will propose an agile spring release plan with milestone dates so that you know what to expect. During this whole process, let us take the stress off of you. We want you to focus on what you do best, which is running your business, while we take over the technological side. As mentioned above, going the semi-custom route will also cut down on design time. During the interview process, we will discuss with you what makes sense and whether semi-custom is a good option or if going the extra mile for fully customized software is more beneficial.

What Happens After the Software Development Deadline?

At Ayoka Systems, we strongly believe that once we hand over the custom software that our job is not done. We will provide support to help you get the software implemented into your day-to-day operations. Whether you have questions about access or employee training, we are here to help. In addition, as your company continues to grow, you might need tweaks made to the software to fit your expanding business. We are more than happy to further customize your software to best fit your current needs. Our goal is to continue providing you with software support long after we reach the development deadline.

Why Pick Ayoka Systems?

So many companies create custom software solutions – what makes Ayoka different? Our software is made in the USA. Rest assured that if you need support or instant help, you will not have to call a number that leads to an outsourced overseas call center. We meet with all of our clients to gain in-depth knowledge about your business objectives and how software can help you meet your goals. Our vision is to create custom software that is affordable for you and in the end positively affects the bottom line of your business.

Need custom software development? In a time crunch? Have no fear, Ayoka Systems is here. We are highly experienced in getting custom software developed in a turnaround time that works for you and your business. We work closely with you to determine goals and objectives, and then we create a plan to get things done on your timeline. After the deadline passes, we continue to provide software support to answer any questions you have. Our software is 100% USA made and comes at an affordable price. In addition, we have designed software for a plethora of businesses in different industries, so rest assured that we will know how to help your company. For more information about software development services, contact Ayoka Systems today.



Interested in Business Growth? Find a Database Development Company

April 14, 2020
database development company

Photo by Kevin Ku on Unsplash

One of the best ways to see your business grow is to have data organized in a database. This helps your business to be more effective and efficient when pulling data. Many small businesses and startups have their data stored all over the place. While this may be comfortable, over time it will become cumbersome to find what you are looking for. This is where a database development company like Ayoka Systems comes into play. At Ayoka, we build custom databases for companies in a wide range of industries. In addition, we can help organize your data in an effective way that makes sense for your business. Read on to learn how a custom database can be helpful.

What Are You Doing Now?

Usually, businesses start off storing data all over the place. It could be in Excel spreadsheets, Microsoft Word documents, on a Google drive, and buried in emails. While all of these are good tools to use, they are not necessarily great places to store data in the long term. It is difficult to quickly retrieve data and run reports when it is stored across different applications. Fortunately, there is a better way!

Custom Database Development & Design

At Ayoka Systems, we work with businesses to develop custom databases. There are two types of databases. The first is called DSS (Decision Support System). A DSS stores historical data. Because of this, a DSS is not updated frequently. The second type of database is called OLTP (Online Transactional Processing). These databases are constantly updating in real time. Reports and queries can be run in OLTP databases, but they are at a much larger and more detailed level when using a DSS.

This may sound complicated and be over your head, and that is exactly why you need a database development company to help. Eventually, our main goal is to take care of the technical side of things to help you provide the best service to your customers. We want to work with you to learn about your business goals and how your day-to-day operations work so that we can build customer enterprise applications that are relevant to your company.

Database Optimization

Once you have your custom database in place, data optimization is key. This helps the database quickly run through information to provide the user with the exact information that they need. An SQL Server Automated Index can optimize the data. At Ayoka Systems, we can help get your database organized so that it is providing you with the best information possible.

Designed to Work in Your Industry

It is crucial that the database you are using is designed to work within the framework of your business. This is why it is so important to work with a database development company that creates custom databases. At Ayoka, we work with companies in the retail, transportation, financial, e-government, healthcare, and manufacturing industries. We create databases for all of our clients that fit their business needs and goals and help them to interact with their customers/clients/patients in the most efficient and effective way possible.

In the retail world, databases can help with point-of-sale solutions, supply chain management, inventory, and CRM. The transportation industry needs a database designed to help with things like supply chain management, online scheduling, and communication. In the financial services industry, the databases provide services to help with cash management, accounts receivable, accounts payable, asset management, and risk and business analysis. In the e-government industry, the goal of the databases is to provide more transparency and eliminate paper transactions. Within the healthcare world, it is important to have a database that keeps everything organized while complying with HIPAA. Our custom healthcare databases help providers organize medical records, invoices, purchase orders, and more. For those businesses in the manufacturing industry, efficiency and responsiveness are key. Our databases help save your business money by tracking fluctuations in currencies and commodity prices and providing web browser-based human-machine interface.

Connect to 3rd Party Systems

A database can also be connected to third party systems. The database will connect to EDI messages, ERP account, CRM systems, and more! This will help all of your employees get on the same page.


Investing in custom database is a great way to help your business grow. The first step is working with a database development company to determine a plan.

Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash

One of the most essential parts about having a database to organize all of the data is the reporting features. As we say at Ayoka, “the information inside your database is useless unless you can extract important and vital details from the rows upon rows of data inside them.” There are many different tools that can be used to extract the necessary data. Windows Reporting Services (WRS) is one simple solution that can generate reports immediately. Crystal Reports is another system that shows graphical reports. Additionally, Business Intelligence and Reporting Tool (BIRT) is another good system that generates reports.

Don’t feel overwhelmed by the reports. We will sit down with you to gain an understanding of what type of information you are looking for in your reports. Whether it is details about product orders or patients in a healthcare practice, we can utilize the tools to get you the reports you need. When you’re thinking about custom reports, it is crucial to understand exactly what data your business needs to grow and succeed. Be creative when it comes to pulling data. What reports can you obtain that will help to move the needle and positively affect your bottom line?

Finding the Best Database Development Company For Your Business

As your business is looking to grow and expand, working with a database development company is critical to your success. At Ayoka Systems, we work with a variety of businesses across different industries to provide database solutions that will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operations. Our goal is to help you find solutions to organizing and reporting data that will, in the end, enhance your ability to provide top-notch customer service. For more information about how a database can help your business, contact us today.


Mobile Application Development: 4 Recent Trends You Should Know

March 31, 2020

Mobile application development is a hot topic in today's digital world. These apps can help remote worker be more effective.

Companies with control systems and large equipment often spend a lot of time and money monitoring their assets. Frequently, these pieces of equipment and systems are located in remote places. This means employees have to be flown in when issues arise. With the rise of mobile application development, this may no longer be an issue. Save time and money by investing in a mobile app. This will help you monitor your company’s assets. Here are four recent trends in the mobile app world.

Monitor Assets

Monitoring large industrial assets can be difficult since they are generally located in remote areas. Also, they are frequently watched over by employees who don’t necessarily understand all the ins and outs of keeping the equipment running properly. Engineers and other employees often have to travel to make repairs or fix issues. With a mobile app, all of this can change. Employees who live and work far away can now monitor their equipment via a mobile app. In addition, these apps are extremely easy to use and are in real time. This allows workers to monitor the various operations of the assets from afar.

Integration of AI and Mobile Device

The recent integration of AI and mobile apps has made it easier for employees to work together on troubleshooting issues with assets without having to be in the same place. Technology, like video annotation, has proved to help fix issues. This allows everyone to see what is going on in real time on their screen, as opposed to just hearing about it over the phone.

In-App Notifications

Another benefit of a mobile app is that it can have in-app notifications to direct employees to high-priority actions. This is an easy way for a manager to organize their employees and for employees to know exactly what they should be working on.

Perfect for Remote Workers

Last but not least, mobile applications are extremely helpful for remote workers. In today’s world, more employees than ever are working from home. Apps allow them to stay connected with their coworkers and with the business. In addition, apps provide workers with access to asset monitoring from the comfort of their own home.

Mobile application development is always expanding and creating new features to help people. In recent news, mobile apps are being used to help remote workers monitor assets through the use of their mobile devices and AI technology. For more information about mobile applications and how they can help your business, contact us today.

5 Factors That’ll Make You Think Twice about Your Software Programming Company

March 18, 2020

software programming

Getting a high-quality software programming company is one of the most important factors in growing the online portion of your business. In today’s digital world, it is crucial to have a functioning, attractive website. Many companies also include an e-commerce store on their website. Picking the perfect software company can be difficult. Read on for 5 signs that you may be working with the wrong software programming company.

The Software Programming Company Does Not Know Your Business Model

If your software company does not know your business model, then they are not the right company for you. It is impossible for a software company to create high-quality custom software for your business if they aren’t even sure what it is you do. At Ayoka Systems, we believe in our developer team working side-by-side with your company. We will learn the daily ins and outs of your business. This helps us create software that in the end will help you.

Don’t Understand Your Vision

Another sign that you are using the wrong software company is if they don’t understand your long-term vision. It is impossible to accomplish your goals as a business if the software programmers don’t even know what these goals are. In order to have customized software that will help you achieve what you need to in the future, the programmers need to be fully invested in the company vision.

Are Uninformed About Your Industry

A big red flag when it comes to working with software programmers is when they don’t understand the industry you work in. If you are in the agriculture business but your programmer has never had a client in that industry, it will be difficult for them to know how to cater the customer software specifically to your business.

They Are Not on the Same Page Budget-Wise

It is critical that the company and software programmers are on the same page budget-wise. If not, the company may find themselves paying extra for services they did not know they would be receiving and may not want. Before signing on with a software programming company, sit down and write up a very detailed contract.

The Software Programming Company Does Not Have Good Customer Service

Another red flag is when your software company does not have good customer service. You should always be able to reach your company quickly and not to worry about being put on hold. It is vital that if something goes wrong with the software, you can reach someone who can help you.

As your business goes through the process of picking a software programming company, make sure that it is someone who is aligned with your business model, vision, and industry. This company should also have outstanding customer service. At Ayoka Systems, we provide all of these things. For more information about the services we provide, contact us today.


7 Tips Before Picking a Custom Web Design Company

March 3, 2020

Ayoka Systems is a custom web design company who will help you business build their website. Learn what to do before picking a custom web designer.

Custom website design is a great investment for companies to make. Rather than simply picking a website template online such as WordPress, why not make a site that is customized to your business? You will have more freedom over the design and will be much less limited in what the website can do. Read on to learn 7 things to do before picking a custom web design company.

Figure Out Exactly What You Want

The first step is creating a plan where you figure out exactly what you want the website to look like. Document everything from the desired graphics to any functionalities the website should be able to perform. This will help give you and the custom web design company a good idea about where to begin and the amount of work necessary to proceed.

Know Your Industry In and Out

Before starting the process of creating a custom website, be sure that you know your industry in and out. Understand how a custom website will be beneficial to the business and what needs to go on the website. Analyze the website of companies similar to yours to get ideas.

Research How the Custom Web Design Company Interacts with Clients

When finding the perfect web design company, it is important to consider communication. The goal is to find a company that will be available to answer questions promptly and provide immediate help should anything go wrong.

Understand how Working with a Custom Web Design Company will Benefit Your Business

Another thing to consider is how a custom website will benefit your business. A custom website is very beneficial in many ways. Write a list of how you want the website to help your company. This will be a good guide during the web design process.

Determine the Security Component

Determine how the web design company will keep your website secure and safe. This is especially important if you have an e-commerce site and are accepting customers’ credit card numbers and personal information.

Recognize How the Custom Web Design Company Will Handle A Crash

Another important component of a custom website is figuring out how the web design company will help in the case of a crash. Although custom websites are less prone to crashing, it is inevitable that all websites will go down at some point. Learn how the web design company will work with you promptly to get the website up and running to prevent disturbing the flow of business.

Determine the Timeline

Last but not least, determine a timeline for setting up the custom website. This will be important to discuss with your future web design company. Setting up a custom site takes time, so it is important that everyone is on the same page about the timeline from the beginning.

Launching a custom website is very exciting and beneficial for businesses. Before diving in headfirst and picking any random custom web design company, do your research and consider exactly what you want for your website. At Ayoka Systems, we will help you through every step of the custom website design process. For more information about our services, contact us today.




Why Ayoka Is the Best Choice for Texas Web Development

February 17, 2020
texas web development
Image by 200 Degrees from Pixabay

Looking for Texas web development? In that case, you have choices. As a matter of fact, those choices can get overwhelming, especially if you have a specific software project that you want done well. So what makes Ayoka in particular the best for web development? Our clients could tell you plenty of reasons, but for now let’s stick with the top four. 

Ayoka Is Local 

First of all, if you want Texas web development, then you want a web development service based in Texas. That may sound obvious, but lots of web development companies do most of their work overseas. This approach is often cheaper for the development company, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come at a cost. Clients may have to wait longer for their product, and getting support is much more difficult in these circumstances. Ayoka, however, isn’t an overseas company. In fact, we’re right here in Texas. As a result, you get easy communication, and you won’t have to worry about delays. 

Ayoka Works with Several Industries 

Next, you should make sure that your Texas web development company has the right expertise. We’re not just talking about software expertise, either. The right web developers will understand your industry. If you’re developing web software for healthcare, for example, you need a team that understands HIPAA compliance. The Ayoka team has worked with clients in several industries. We’ve developed software for healthcare, finance, retail, transportation, and much more. 

Ayoka Puts Clients First 

Our clients matter to us more than anything else, and that’s why we always put our clients first. Our clients are at the center of our web development process. We always make sure that our clients get exactly what they need and more, and we’re always available when our clients need product support. If you have questions at any point of the process, we’d be happy to answer them. 

Ayoka Exceeds Expectations 

Among Texas web development companies, Ayoka is known for exceeding expectations. For the Ayoka team, enough is never enough. We’re always asking ourselves how we can make things better, easier, and faster for our clients. However, just because we exceed expectations doesn’t mean that we don’t have fair prices. As a matter of fact, our pricing has always been competitive. 

Texas Web Development 

Looking for the best Texas web development team? Ayoka is here to help. Talk to us today about your web development project. Let’s work together to turn your goal into a reality.

How You Can Tell if You Need a Software Code Audit

February 3, 2020
software code audit
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Do you need a software code audit? What about a broader software quality assessment? Code audits and assessments examine software for potential viruses and vulnerabilities. They reveal the ways in which a software can be compromised. These are highly useful processes, but how can you know if your commercial software needs them? Here are a few clues. 

You’re Acquiring or Merging 

A software code audit can help you make sure that you’ve got all of your due diligence bases covered. When you’re acquiring another company, merging with a company, or having your company acquired, an audit can reveal possible bugs that may show up after the merger. With a thorough due diligence audit, you can rest assured that everything will stay fair, legal, and simple. 

You’re Buying New Software 

If you’re buying new software, then your engineering team should include a software code audit as part of the process. This way, by the time your software gets to you, it’s fully protected and ready to go. If you’re thinking about buying custom software, ask your development team about their code auditing process. Ideally, their process should be thorough and detailed. 

You’re Experiencing Glitches 

If your software has been glitching or running slowly recently, it could be a sign that your software has a bug or has been hacked. With a professional audit, you can get to the root of the problem. Whether you ultimately replace your software or you fix the problem, your code audit can tell you where to start and let you know exactly what’s going on. When it comes to your own software, you need to be in the loop. 

You’ve Had Your Software for a While 

You may not be ready to replace your software yet, but what if you’ve had it for several years? Once your software has gone through several updates, a code audit is a good idea. Since technology evolves over time, an audit can show you if your software is vulnerable in light of the latest tech developments. Plus, it can help you make sure that your software is still safe from hackers. 

Software Code Audit 

Do you need a software code audit? Ayoka Systems can provide a complete audit as part of our due diligence service. We can make sure that your software runs smoothly and stays protected from harm. We also develop custom software, and we perform meticulous code audits before we deploy any software system. Want to learn more? We’d love to hear from you. Contact us today to start a conversation.

What You Should Know about Cognitive Software Technologies

January 20, 2020
cognitive software technologies
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Cognitive software is software that imitates human thought. However, unlike human thought, cognitive software can analyze a virtually unlimited amount of factors when it makes decisions. Humans, on the other hand, can usually only process a handful of factors at a time. Back in July, we discussed some of the industries that benefit from cognitive software technologies. Maybe you’ve already decided that cognitive software is right for you. If so, here are a few things that you should know. 

Choosing the Right Source 

First of all, you’ll want to make sure that you get your software from the right source. You have a lot of options, so how do you make sure you’re choosing the right software company? Start by looking for companies that develop customized software. When it comes to cognitive software technologies, customization will take you much farther than off-the-shelf software. With customization, your software will be optimized with your specific business in mind. 

Next, look for software developers who work closely with their clients to provide them with exactly what they want. Communication is everything. In this case, your best bet is looking for US-based companies. You’ll have better access to communication, and you’ll face fewer delays due to time zones. 

Obviously, you should look for developers who have experience with cognitive software technologies. When you talk to different companies, ask about their experience with cognitive software and your industry. 

Finally, your software development team should offer excellent customer support and have consistently good reviews. 

Get to Know Your Software 

What else should you know about cognitive software technologies? You’ll need time to get to know your new software, especially if you don’t normally use cognitive software for business. Because cognitive software imitates human thought, working with your new software is almost like getting to know a person. Give yourself time to explore your software’s features. You should also set aside time for employee training on the new software. Feel free to ask your software developers lots of questions, too. Your development team can help you make the most of your software. 

Stay Up to Date 

Cognitive software technologies are becoming increasingly popular. By using these technologies, you’re keeping your business up to date. This way, your competition can’t sneak past you, and you’ll see lots of benefits with customer interaction, marketing, and other business factors. 

Cognitive Software Technologies 

Ready to transform your business with cognitive software technologies? Let the Ayoka team help. We develop custom cognitive software for healthcare, education, finance, and plenty of other industries. Contact us today to start with a free consultation. Let’s talk about your software needs and how cognitive tech can help.

Have You Considered Semi-Custom Software?

January 6, 2020
semi-custom software
Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Custom software can give you more freedom, scalability, and clarity than your standard off-the-shelf software choices. Still, not everyone is ready for fully customized software just yet. If you want some customization but don’t want to overhaul your entire system, why not look into semi-custom software instead? With semi-custom software, you get to keep your current software, but your team will engineer some specific customizations for your business. Why do people choose the semi-custom route? Here are some of the most common reasons. 

Stand Out 

Semi-custom software provides the same basic benefits that fully-customized software does. When you choose partially-customized software, you can still provide the service and experience that standardized software can’t provide. As a result, you’ll still stand out among the competition. 

Faster Turnaround 

A lot of people need customization quickly. For example, thanks to the recent CBD boom, agriculture and sales entities have had to expand their software along with their expanding businesses. However, customization takes time. The development process has several stages. Semi-custom software, however, doesn’t take as long as fully customized software because it’s naturally a smaller project. As a result, you can start using your software more quickly than if you choose the completely customized route. 

Cost Reduction 

A lot of business owners want custom software but need a way to reduce costs. If that sounds like you, then semi-custom software can help you save money. It’s a cost-effective way to get the most from your software. Whether or not you choose full customization later, partial customization can help you save money now. 

Exactly What You Need 

You might already be happy with your current software, but maybe there’s just one thing that needs improvement. If you’re mostly happy with your software, then there’s no reason to change everything about it. Why not just fix the one thing that causes trouble? Or why not just enhance the one thing that could go the extra mile? If you take the semi-custom route, you can do that. 

Semi-Custom Software 

Whether you want semi-custom software or fully-customized software, Ayoka Systems is here to help. We’ll work with you to learn everything there is to know about your software needs. Whether you already have a plan or need help coming up with the basics, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help. When it comes to software development, you want the most creative and detail-oriented team on your side. Ayoka Systems is that team.

What Does the CBD Boom Mean for Custom Software?

December 23, 2019
custom software
Image by Julia Teichmann from Pixabay

CBD products are everywhere. From specialized shops on every corner to pharmacies and even grocery stores, you can find CBD products on virtually every block. Those products are selling well, too. There’s a reason why these businesses are cropping up everywhere. Why the sales explosion? CBD only recently became legal across the US. Between the novelty of the products and the perceived health benefits, people want to buy it for themselves. Plus, CBD is versatile. You can find it in everything from tinctures to bath bombs. As you can imagine, this CBD boom has had a big impact on custom software. 

Agriculture Software 

Of course, agriculture has seen some of the biggest impact. The agriculture industry is seeking custom software options to keep up with the demand for CBD. CBD growers need software that can keep up with the recent market boom, and custom software is often the only option that can effectively do that. With customization comes scalability, and with the CBD market continuing to grow, scalability is essential. 

Intelligence and Analytics 

Next, the CBD boom has made a huge impact on business intelligence and analytics. From the analytical side of things, CBD is fascinating. There are lots of factors involved. Marketers, investors, and business owners want to know how they can make the best decisions about CBD. Custom software provides the best business intelligence and reporting for that purpose. As a matter of fact, customization is the best choice for keeping up with all of the new information. 

Semi-Custom Options 

The CBD market has opened up several opportunities for semi-custom choices. Some business owners want to keep their current software, but they also want to add CBD to their product list. They need a way to adapt their software to their growing product line. That’s where semi-custom software comes in. With the semi-custom option, business owners don’t have to wait as long for their new software to be deployed, and they don’t have to replace the entire system. Instead, they can add just the right amount of customization. 

Custom Software 

Do you need custom software options to adapt to the CBD boom? No matter your software needs, Ayoka Systems can help. We’ll get to know you and your software needs, and then we’ll work with you to create the perfect solution for your business. Get in touch with the Ayoka team now. Let’s have a consultation about your software project.

Can Custom Financial Software Help Your Clients Trust You More?

December 9, 2019
custom financial software
Photo by Cytonn Photography on Unsplash

Custom financial software comes with a lot of benefits. For example, did you know that having custom software can help your clients trust you more? Custom software is a stable, cost-effective choice that can last much longer than prepackaged software. With better software comes more client trust. Here’s how your custom financial software can help your clients trust your business over other choices. 

Custom Financial Software Shows that You Value Your Business 

You put time, effort, and consideration into your business every day. That’s excellent. Clients are much more likely to choose a business that has caring managers and owners. This is especially true when it comes to the financial industry. Clients won’t trust their finances with people who don’t care. By choosing custom financial software, you’re sending the right message to your clients. You’re showing them that you care about your business and the services that you provide. You’re telling your clients that you want to provide them with the best. 

Provide a Better Customer Experience 

Speaking of providing your clients with the best, custom financial software lets you do exactly that. With custom software, you can make sure that your clients get the experience that they deserve. When your clients can use your products easily, they know that you care about providing the best user experience. This knowledge will foster trust from your clients. It shows your clients that you care about what you can provide for them, not just what they can provide for you. 

Tailor Made for Client Needs 

Of course, custom financial software doesn’t just provide a great experience for your clients. It also helps you meet your clients’ individual needs. You can tailor your software with all of their needs in mind. How does that increase client trust? A lot of businesses claim that they want the best for their clients. They boast of their commitments to client satisfaction. It’s an easy enough claim to make, but how many of these businesses care enough to demonstrate those claims? When your software provides everything that your clients need from you, you’re actively demonstrating your commitment to your clients. Basically, you’re showing integrity, and that helps you gain trust from your clients. 

More Safety Means More Trust 

Of course, we can’t forget that custom financial software is just safer than off the shelf software. It’s harder for hackers to breach, it’s generally more well-built, and you can work with a software development team that will prioritize safety above everything else. Financial software needs safety. Clients cannot trust their finances with your service unless they’re completely sure that their information and money will stay safe. With custom software, you provide the safety and security that your clients need to trust your business. 

Prevent Crashes and Other Pitfalls 

Custom software is generally more stable than prepackaged software. When you choose customized software, your software development team is completely focused on making that software work perfectly with your business model. Custom software teams use rigorous testing processes to make sure that you get what you need. As a result, custom software experiences fewer crashes and other software pitfalls. When it comes to financial services, which do you think a client will trust more: a buggy service that’s prone to crashes, or a stable service that’s always reliable? With custom software, you can make sure that you always fall into that second category. 

Have Support to Offer Support 

You want to offer support to your clients whenever they need it. With proper support, your clients will have a better experience and gain more trust in the service that you provide. If you’re going to offer the best support, you’ll need some support of your own. Your custom financial software team can offer you consistent product support so that you can make the most of your software. This support will then help you to offer the same to your clients. 

Better Reporting for Positive Change 

Financial software isn’t known for its amazing reporting possibilities. As a matter of fact, financial software tends to fall short in that area. It doesn’t have to be that way for your business, though. If you choose custom financial software instead of a mass-produced option, you can prioritize reporting. When you generate better reports, you can see patterns and make changes. Reports let you notice things that might impact client trust, and you can address those issues in a timely way. 

Custom Financial Software 

Of course, to get the most from your custom financial software, you’ll want to make sure that you choose the best software development team. That’s where Ayoka comes in. We care about our clients just as much as you care about yours, and we want to help you provide the best. Ready to talk about your custom software project? Then get in touch with us today. Let’s turn your vision into a reality.

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