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Supply Chain Problems? Custom Software Can Help

February 18, 2019
custom supply chain software

Image by Falco on Pixabay

Do you have supply chain issues? If you’re struggling with part of your supply chain, you’re not the only one. Plenty of our clients have dealt with these problems. At Ayoka, we’re always happy to help them with custom supply chain software. We’ve helped clients with all types of supply chain problems, so we’re ready for whatever you throw at us. Let’s talk about your issues and how we can help you solve them. First, though, let’s look at some of the most common supply chain software needs.

Get a Solid Foundation

First of all, you’d be surprised at how many supply chain issues come from using the wrong database. If you have communication breakdowns, inaccurate numbers, or similar issues, then chances are good that your database is to blame. Among our other supply chain software solutions, we can customize your database. Your database is the foundation of your work. You can clear up a lot of issues just by solidifying that foundation. For example, does your database always give you accurate information? We can help your database collect input from barcodes, PCs, manufacturing machinery, and more. Then, we can create automated reporting solutions that will give you more accuracy. As a result, everything will run more smoothly.

Of course, not every software solution involves changes to the database. Sometimes, businesses need a smaller fix. Whether you need a database upgrade or a different software solution, we’re here to help.

Inventory Movement

It probably doesn’t surprise you that inventory movement is one of the biggest issues in supply chain management. Clients ask us to help them improve both internal movement and external movement all the time. With internal movements, clients want to track how their products move from one station to the next. With external movements, clients want to track their products and equipment between entities. Either way, the right supply chain software can help you keep track. We’ve developed all sorts of solutions. For example, we’ve provided barcode tracking for a lot of our clients. We’ll help you find the solutions that work best for your business. Then, we’ll implement those solutions so you can keep track.

Chain of Custody

Now, let’s go a little deeper into the inventory movement discussion. Plenty of clients come to us because of issues with the chain of custody. Chain of custody solutions become especially important when it comes to sensitive materials. For example, pharmaceutical companies sometimes ask for our help to track drug transport from one entity to the next. We develop secure and accurate tracking methods. We also develop innovative ways to measure inventory from one stop to the next. Without these measures, the products in question can become a public safety hazard.

Our supply chain software solutions can also help you track the valuation and devaluation of certain assets. The agricultural industry often needs these solutions. For example, agricultural products with an expiration date must move through the chain of custody quickly. If necessary, your custom software can help you re-route your supply based on these factors. Expired agricultural products can’t be sold in Europe, for instance, but you can sell the product as grain feed in the US. With the right software, you can stay on top of these things. Without the right software, you could face some serious losses in shipping costs.

Efficiency and Accuracy

Your supply-tracking software can make your entire business more efficient and accurate. We’ve already established that your software can give you better supply chain tracking. With this accurate tracking, you can give better estimates to your clients. As a result, you’ll get better customer satisfaction.

With custom software, you can also make your supply chain process more efficient overall. When everyone knows the next step in the process, they’ll be prepared to step in during their part of that process. When everyone stays prepared ahead of time, you can keep things running on schedule without any unnecessary delays.

Create the Best Possible Product

Your custom supply chain software solutions can help you prevent product defects. When problems happen at any point in the supply chain, you can get real-time updates. Therefore, you can handle defects and other issues right away. You’ll save time, save money, and prevent major recalls. You’ll also reduce waste because you won’t have to scrap too much of your product this way. When your software enables prevention strategies, you’ll also get the most out of your regular maintenance.

Custom Supply Chain Software

Want to get the most out of your supply chain software? Let Ayoka handle it. We create personalized solutions for businesses. Isn’t it time that your software worked perfectly with your business? We can make that happen. Talk to an Ayoka engineer to find out how. Let’s get your consultation started today. With our solutions, you can have your best software ever.

Which Industries Need Custom Software?

February 11, 2019
custom software solutions

Photo by Ani Kolleshi on Unsplash

Virtually every industry could use custom software solutions. Think about your own company for a minute. How much more effective could your software become if it melded with your business practices? How much time could you save on manual entry and other tasks? Think about your potential ROI. Though nearly any company can benefit from custom software, some industries need it more than others. We’ve listed those industries below. If any of these traits sound familiar to you, then Ayoka can help you create the perfect solutions.

Regulated Industries

Highly regulated industries absolutely need custom software solutions. Examples include the financial industry, healthcare, transportation, and more. Why do these industries need custom software? Because certain solutions can make their day-to-day business much easier. For example, many of these businesses submit compliance reports. They must prove that their products and processes live up to government standards. Custom software lets these businesses create clear and easy reports. As a result, they can save a lot of time and shift their focus to other things.

Industries that require lots of testing can also use custom software. Some industries need a lot of product testing before they can release those products to the public. Other industries must meet health testing standards. Companies that produce food, for instance, must test their products for certain health dangers. Once again, a custom software solution can make the process simpler and faster.

Finally, industries with complex HR rules can make life easier with custom software solutions. Let’s say, for example, that your industry limits the hours that people can work. Custom software can help you track those hours. If your industry requires certification, custom software can help you track that certification and let you know when somebody’s certificate is about to expire. When you don’t have to track these things yourself, you can focus on growing your business and serving your clients instead.

Complex Contract Management

Businesses with complex contracts need custom software so that they can keep up with the fine print. The gas and oil industry is one of the biggest examples, but plenty of industries use complex contracts. If your business hires independent contractors, for instance, you’ll have to follow different rules than you would for salaried workers. Custom software solutions can help you keep track of taxes and other relevant information. If your industry provides a lot of diverse job types, then that means a lot of diverse contracts. For example, let’s look at the healthcare industry again. Doctors and nurses have very different jobs than administrators. If your company’s contracts vary a lot, then custom software can help you manage those contracts in a simple, organized way.

Complex Billing

For some industries, billing is simple. For others, it involves a lot of steps and a lot of people. Again, the healthcare industry gives us the best example. Sometimes, people have to make their payments in several steps. Without the right software, healthcare facilities may struggle to keep track. Healthcare billing also involves a lot of different entities. Medicare, Medicaid, and health insurance companies handle different parts of the same bill. The right software can ensure that everybody receives the correct billing and communication.

Other facts can also make billing complicated. For example, the gas and oil industry often has to work with complex billing rules. They must decide which items can be reimbursed and which ones can’t, for instance. Custom software solutions can keep track of these rules and simplify the billing process.

Complex Work Planning

Some industries come with a simple step-by-step work day. Others do not. For those that don’t, custom software solutions can make life easier. Sometimes, work-related tasks overlap with one another. One step might involve multiple people, or one person’s task may depend on another person getting things done. Your software can help you organize tasks and timelines so that the workday becomes simpler. Maintenance jobs especially can benefit from customized software. These jobs must maintain several steps, and each of these steps involves complex safety rules. By using custom software to keep track, maintenance managers can make their projects simpler and safer.

Running Ledgers

While we’re on the subject of complex work planning, let’s talk about running ledgers. Industries that depend on running ledgers can get a lot from custom software solutions. When you’ve got different people doing different jobs at the same time, custom software can help you keep track. With custom software, you can create and maintain running ledgers that update as needed.

Custom Software Solutions

Do any of the above traits describe your industry? Looking for your own custom software solutions? Ayoka Systems can provide custom software for your business. With custom solutions, you can make your business life run more smoothly and simply. Ready for your best business software? Get in touch with us today.

Emerging Technologies: How We Provide Cutting-Edge Solutions

February 4, 2019
custom software development

Photo by Luke Chesser on Unsplash

You don’t just want custom software development, do you? Of course not. You want the latest and best software development. Well, we have good news. Ayoka is here to provide. As a top software development company, we use all of the latest and best software technology. We believe that our clients deserve the best. With teams in both Texas and Colorado, we stay on the cutting edge of software innovation. Here are just a few of the ways that we provide the best.

An Eye on the Future

We take pride in providing our customers what they need here and now. However, you have to look toward the future if you expect your business to grow. That’s why we look toward the future, too. We accomplish this goal in a lot of different ways. First of all, we research software in general. It’s true that we’re a group of software experts, but we’re also a group of lifelong learners. Software technology always evolves, so our knowledge must evolve right along with it. By staying on top of software news and watching for the most recent developments, we can keep our knowledge fresh and provide the best for our clients.

Next, when we identify current trends, we can figure out where the software world is headed. We can see new technology emerging, and we can plan for how we can use that technology in the future. This way, nothing takes us by surprise. We’re always ready to help our clients in the world of evolving technology.

Finally, we perform case studies that show us how new technology interacts with specific industries. This way, we can see the practical impact that software technology will have on your company. We make discoveries, and we adjust as needed.

Built for Growth

Of course, we don’t just study cutting-edge solutions. We also build them. We use highly innovative custom software development for our clients. That said, we make sure that our solutions are long-lasting ones. We build our solutions to last as long as possible so that our clients get the most out of their investments. We build many of our solutions with scalability in mind. This scalability doesn’t just apply to your data and storage needs, however. It also anticipates the arrival of new software technology. This way, you can keep working with your custom software without getting left behind when new technology shows up.

Across All Industries

As software engineers, we love to find unique solutions for different problems. We also like to test our solutions in all sorts of contexts. When we find a solution that works in one field, we apply what we learned to other fields. For example, let’s say that we create a new software technology. This technology improves communication between machines in the manufacturing industry even though these machines have very different functions. We might also use this technology to improve communication between specialists in the healthcare field. A team of doctors who work with the same patient can now talk to each other about this patient in a safe and direct way. By keeping our minds open, we can improve custom software development across all sorts of industries. That means that you, our clients, experience the benefits of our multi-industry research.

Integrating New Technologies

Now, developing new software technology doesn’t always mean leaving old technology behind. Sometimes technology becomes outdated, but at other times, we still need it. There’s no need to abandon a system that works well for you, but what if you could benefit from some upgrades? We can help. At Ayoka, we often integrate new technologies into your old ones for custom software development. This way, you can get the most out of your current software and give it a much longer shelf life. Of course, if you need to upgrade an entire legacy system, we can handle that too, and we’ll do it with the latest technology available.

Cloud Computing

A lot of our clients ask us to move their desktop-based apps to cloud computing platforms. Of course, we’re always happy to help, and our custom software solutions can provide exactly what these clients need. Cloud computing has become very prominent over the past several years. You might switch to cloud computing if you need more scalability. Cloud computing also gives you an easy way to allocate your data resources. If you want to make this emerging technology a part of your business life, then let Ayoka help you make it happen. 

Custom Software Development

At Ayoka, we often have the most innovative custom software development. Why? Because we go beyond the code. We start by listening to our customers and learning about their needs. When we start with your needs, we can create cutting-edge solutions to meet them. Ready to experience the Ayoka difference for yourself? Contact us today to get started.

Could Your Company Use a Custom Database?

January 28, 2019
custom database design

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Could you use a custom database for your company? If your standardized database falls short, you may need a database built just for your business. With your own custom database, you’ll experience a speed and range that you’ve never thought possible. Want to know why your custom database will work for you? Keep reading to learn some specifics.

The Core of Your Company

Your database is central to your business. You use it for every part of your company life, whether you realize it or not. You couldn’t run your company without a high-quality database. Since your database is so important, shouldn’t you have the best? Your database can give you a great ROI. If you invest in a custom database solution, your database will serve you well for many years to come, letting you make the most of your investment. Furthermore, a customized database will work seamlessly with your existing software, making your business technology easier overall.

What Do You Need?

At Ayoka, we always emphasize the fact that every business is different. Different industries have different needs, so those one-size-fits-all solutions just can’t get the job done. Even within the same industry, database needs will change from one business to the next. You should decide how you use your data, and a custom solution will help you do that. Custom database design will help you organize client information in an easy and straightforward way. You’ll get everything that you want and nothing that you don’t want, which means that you won’t have to sift through extra data to get to your relevant information. Even better, your data can be organized in a way that works for you. Your data structure will work for you so that you don’t have to adapt to your data.

Does Your Data Keep Up?

Let’s talk about the flexibility that you’ll need to adapt to future changes. Data flexibility can benefit virtually anybody, but some industries need more flexibility than others. The healthcare industry, for example, absolutely requires data flexibility. Healthcare technology evolves, patient data changes, and new medical discoveries emerge. Healthcare databases absolutely must keep up with all of the changes. Likewise, the manufacturing industry needs flexibility to keep up with changing technology. With the Internet of Things becoming more prevalent, databases must collect information across multiple platforms. If your industry needs flexibility, but your current database just isn’t scalable, then it’s time to upgrade to a database that can keep up.

Prevent Future Problems

A couple of years ago, we pointed out that customized data solutions can prevent long-term problems. Your database can protect you in a lot of different ways, and it starts from the development phase. Custom database production goes much more in-depth than standardized database production. Custom developers anticipate problems before they arise, making the end user’s job a lot easier. Furthermore, custom databases have better security than other databases. Your information and your clients’ information will stay safe. Finally, you can get your own customized backup procedures so that you never have to worry about losing information.

Gain Control and Set Yourself Apart

Your custom data solution can help you gain a better sense of control over your information, which makes you look smart, professional, and trustworthy. When you have the best, most efficient data management, you can grow faster, and your customers will notice the difference in the way that you run your business. Once again, this can lead to an excellent ROI. With a better database comes better customer service, and better customer service brings more customers. 

The Best Data Management

The only way to get the best data management is to use your own custom database design. With customization, you’ll get more consistency. You’ll have the same version of your data all across the board. This consistency will improve your communication and decision making, and it will remove a lot of space for human error. Imagine the time you could save if you didn’t have to sift through data inconsistencies. What could you accomplish with your data if you had the best management tools?

Custom Database Design

Are you ready to get started with your own custom database? Whether you know exactly what you want from your database, or you’re not quite sure what you need yet, Ayoka can design the best database for your business. First, we’ll have a consultation. You can tell us all about your company, your current database, and what you hope to get out of a new database design. We’ll offer some ideas for solutions that will take your business to a new level. From there, we’ll design and deploy the database of your dreams. Want us to get to work on your custom database design? Then there’s nothing left but to get in touch with us. Let’s set up your consultation today.

Can the Google Web Toolkit Help Your Software Programming

January 21, 2019
google web toolkit

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash

Should you use the Google Web Toolkit in your software projects? For many people, GWT provides a great development choice. It certainly gives you a lot of advantages. This open-source set of tools lets you create web-based apps using Java. Ayoka Systems uses the Google Web Toolkit when we develop certain software solutions. Using GWT tools helps us simplify many web app processes, both from our end and for our end users. So, will we use GWT in your custom software solutions? It depends, but here are some of the reasons why we might do just that.

Open Source Means Better Knowledge

Software engineering can’t exist in a vacuum. It always builds off of existing knowledge. When one engineer discovers an innovation, it won’t be long before a bunch of other engineers figure out how to make the most of it. How does that happen? It happens in a lot of different ways, but one of the most important ways is through open source code. With open source code, anybody can study and improve the code for other people to use and improve. The Google Web Toolkit became fully open source in July of 2013. Google itself provides upgrades as needed, so users can always work with the latest technology. The open source nature of the Google Web Toolkit means that you’re getting a collaborative approach with your software. Your apps benefit from the improvements of software engineers all over the world. By the way, “open source” also means “free” in this case, which means that you also get to cut some of your development costs.

They’ve Seen It All

The Google Web Toolkit provides a set of reusable tools for common software processes. Many people use GWT for the same types of applications, and the toolkit has been around since 2006. Score of people have used the toolkit to create projects before you got there. This means that if you hit a snag while working on a GWT project, somebody has more than likely experienced that snag before and found a way to fix it. In fact, you’ll likely avoid a lot of problems because developers who do encounter problems usually come up with a way to fix them within the toolkit. At the very least, if you run into trouble, somebody on a developing forum can help you fix the problem fairly quickly. This means that your overall experience becomes easier. You can save time and deploy your apps faster. If you’re working within a time limit, GWT’s smooth process will help you significantly.

Google Web Toolkit

So, who should use the Google Web Toolkit for their web app development? Essentially, anybody with a software project can benefit from its use, especially those who have already written in Java before. For those who have already used Java, there’s almost no learning curve for GWT. They figure it out fast and can get tangible results almost right away.

The fact that GWT lets developers write in Java is an advantage by itself. Java is easy to use and easy to learn. Once a developer learns Java, he or she will rarely have to relearn it. Furthermore, Java is easy to debug. Once again, if you run into snags, you can overcome them quickly and move on efficiently.

If you run your software across multiple platforms, the Google Web Toolkit is one of the best development resources that you can use. Since most platforms support Java, you won’t have to spend time searching for coding tools that you can use across all of your platforms.

The GWT is also perfect for those who want to create a user-friendly web app for clients and customers. As a company, Google has always had a user-friendly focus. It’s no surprise that their toolkit helps developers create user-friendly experiences.

The bottom line? Unless your web app plan absolutely requires a language other than Java, you can have a great experience working with the Google Web Toolkit.

Where We Come In

Now, what if you do need to use a language other than Java? For that matter, what if you just want a professional, innovative, and trustworthy service to develop your apps no matter what technology they use? That’s when you call Ayoka Solutions. At Ayoka, we learn all of the ins and outs of your software dilemmas and software goals. After that, we develop a game plan. Sometimes that plan involves GWT. Often, it involves a combination of technologies that we use to meet your unique needs. Whatever the technology, you get a seamless, elegant solution to your software problems. Ready for us to build your software solution? Then get in touch with us today. Let’s schedule your consultation so that we can build your best solution. We can’t wait to work with you.

Are You Meeting Your Key Performance Indicators?

January 14, 2019
key performance indicators

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If you own a business, you can probably envision the “big picture” at any given time. Your key performance indicators help you make that big picture happen by dividing it into smaller steps. You can’t maintain a company without regular, measurable actions. With your own custom software, you can measure those actions more easily than ever before. You can also use your software to create those indicators in the first place. Ready to gain some clarity and efficiency for your company in 2019? Let Ayoka help.

Custom Software

The best way to create and meet key performance indicators? Custom software, of course. Your company sets itself apart from other businesses in your field. While you may have a few goal similarities, you’ll have many more differences. Why not tailor your software to meet those exact goals? Ayoka can build your perfect software solutions for goal setting. We’ll start by talking to you about your company ideals. For example, what are your most important goals? How do you organize them? Do you want to reprioritize any of them? From there, our software architects will build solutions that will help you meet all of those goals.

Measure Progress for Repetitive Tasks

Sometimes, meeting your key performance indicators means performing the same task over and over again. It’s the nature of running a business, but it gets frustrating. When the tasks get repetitive, it’s hard to tell when you’re making progress. Ayoka can develop a solution for that. You need ways to measure growth. Whether that means revealing results, maintaining a streak, or some other measurement, you need a more tangible way to see that your consistent tasks make a difference. With progress measurement, you and your team can stay motivated, which will keep your company on track.

Adjust Goalposts in All Departments

If you run a medium to large business, you probably have multiple departments. Even smaller businesses can divide themselves into departments, depending on the business. In any case, different departments will have different goals, even within the same business. However, each department’s goals will overlap in different ways. As a result, if one department has to adjust certain goalposts, the other departments will often have to adjust as well. A custom software solution can help your company stay on track, even when everyone has to reevaluate their goalposts. Your solutions can stay completely automated, completely manual, or something in between. Whatever your business needs, Ayoka can make it happen.

User-Friendly Reporting and Calculations

Does your data reporting help you meet your key performance indicators? If not, then it’s time to make a change. With user-friendly reporting, you’ll get faster, clearer indications of whether or not you’re meeting your goals. You shouldn’t have to spend a bunch of time interpreting your data. Stick with solutions that make your reports easy. This user-friendliness will help you make sure that people from all departments understand their desired outcomes. You’ll also save a lot the time that you would have spent interpreting data. Furthermore, you can use your software to calculate your need for future outcomes. Overall, this usability will help you make adjustments as easily and as efficiently as possible.

Quantitative and Qualitative Data

Most companies use two types of key performance indicators, whether they realize it or not. The first type is called quantitative data, while the second type is called qualitative data. The quantitative data involves numbers, statistics, and other objective information. It doesn’t change based on anybody’s thoughts or opinions. The qualitative data, on the other hand, is more subjective. It interprets goals based on your own values for your company. You need a way to measure and interpret both.

A custom software solution can help by providing several points of measurement. By measuring input and output, time spent on different activities, and different work methods, your software can help you measure both qualitative and quantitative data. Both are equally important, so both deserve your attention.

Organization and Communication

If your software doesn’t keep your key performance indicators organized, then your company probably won’t meet its goals. Ayoka can build a custom software solution that keeps your goals and tasks organized. If you’re not meeting your performance goals, you may just need a new organizational strategy. We can help you make that happen. Your new software solutions can also help you communicate more easily within your company. This way, you can make sure that everybody stays on the same page.

Key Performance Indicators

Ready to meet your goals like never before? Let 2019 be the year for ultimate business performance. Ayoka will help you get there. We build software solutions to meet business needs on every level. If you’re ready to transform your company in the best way, get in touch with Ayoka now. You can use our contact page or call us at 817-210-4042. Let us help you take your business to the top.

Software Solutions for Transportation Systems

January 7, 2019
transportation software

Photo by Matthew T Rader on Unsplash

You expect a lot from your transportation software. And why not? Transportation companies have to juggle a lot of different tasks at the same time. They have to manage cargo, vehicles, drivers, and more. Even more challenging, they have to manage those aspects across multiple locations. With all of these requirements and considerations, it only makes sense for your transportation software to handle a range of details. At Ayoka, we develop cutting-edge software solutions for the transportation industry. For many years, Ayoka has brought the latest technology to logistics teams. We can do the same for your company. Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways our software can help your transportation business.

Close Collaboration

Transportation software calls for a collaborative approach. When we design transportation software, we work very closely with our clients. This way, we can come up with the perfect solutions for each company. Over the years, we’ve worked with a lot of different transportation businesses, but each one is different. Only you know what your specific company needs are. Furthermore, by working with you, we can come up with fresh ideas that will benefit the transportation industry as a whole. Finally, working with you lets us hear about your specific and unique challenges. We’ll work together to come up with creative and effective solutions.

Warehouse Management

If you manage cargo in between point A and point B, Ayoka can help. We’ll integrate warehouse management into your software solutions. Warehouse management software comes in a variety of models, so you have a lot of options to choose from. We’ll work with you and help you figure out which model will work best for you. No matter which model you choose, you can use your warehouse management software to keep track of your inventory. As soon as your team warehouses your cargo, you can make sure that everything is accounted for. Your new software will also help protect your business from human error in the warehousing process, which can ultimately give you more flexibility.

Transportation Management

Of course, your software will include transportation management. Ayoka can help you build the best transportation management system that your company has ever seen. This system will include cargo tracking so that you know when your cargo or your client’s cargo reaches certain checkpoints. You can also track vehicle maintenance, which will help you keep your trucks or other vehicles in good shape. This way, they can serve your business for a long time. Overall, all of these developments can help you reduce fuel costs and improve your efficiency. The more you stay informed, the more empowered you’ll be to make the most helpful decisions.

Supply Chain

Warehouse management and transportation management are just two pieces in your overall supply chain. Thankfully, Ayoka can build software that will help you bring it all together. You can manage every part of your supply chain productively with your custom software. For example, your supply chain consists of a lot of different people and tasks. You can use your software to manage the timing of those tasks so that your clients get what they need right on time. You can also get updates during each step in the process so that you can keep up and stay knowledgable. This way, if your clients have any questions, you’ll have the answers right away.

Client Communication

Speaking of client questions, Ayoka can design transportation software solutions that will help you with your overall client communication. We take a multi-step approach to client communication software. First, we make business intelligence a priority. You can get automated data that will help you get to know your clients better. When you learn more about your clients’ preferences and patterns, you can make better decisions about communicating with them.

We help you improve communication in other ways, too. For instance, you can have better form generation. With clear, easy forms, you’ll avoid delays by making it easier for clients to fill out those forms and return them quickly. You can also use your software to communicate via multiple different portals.

Add Mobility

Mobility can enhance almost any business, including transportation companies. Ayoka can add mobility to your transportation software. With a mobile app, you can add a level of convenience to your business that you haven’t experienced before. You can take your software on the go and stay updated for quick decision making. Mobility also gives your clients more ways to communicate with you, and you’ll have an easier way to manage your supply chain.

Transportation Software

Ready to upgrade your transportation software? Then it’s time to sit down with a team from Ayoka. Let your software architects build the perfect software for your transportation business. No matter what you need, we’ll make it happen. Start by visiting our contact page now. We can’t wait to work with you.

Top Ten Signs that You’re Using the Right Business Software

December 31, 2018
business software

Photo by Hack Capital on Unsplash

Do you get everything you want from your business software? Are you getting amazing results, or are your results just ”okay?” Technology has expanded a lot in recent years. If you want to add new software to your business, how do you know that you’re getting the most from your new options? At Ayoka, we keep up with all of the latest innovations. In fact, we came up with a few of them ourselves. That’s why we know exactly what you should look for in your business software. Here are our top ten signs that you’ve picked the right software options for your company.

It’s Tailored to Your Needs

Off the shelf software only works up to a certain point. You can use it in the same way that everybody else does. Beyond that, you don’t have a lot of options. However, your business isn’t like everybody else’s business. Why would you want a software that only works as well for you as it does for everybody else? If you have a truly great software, it will work smoothly with your entire business structure. You’ll get exactly what you need from your software and nothing less.

It’s Organized Well

How well is your business software organized? If you have well-organized software, you have all of the information that you need at your fingertips. You’ll also get automation options, clear documents, and other things that will help you run your business efficiently. Is your business suffering from software disorganization? Then it’s time to start looking for some new solutions.

You Have Maintenance and Integration Options

Some software companies will just build your software and then walk away. The right software company won’t work that way (unless you want it to, of course). The best software comes with maintenance and integration options. Want someone to help you maintain your software? What if you want to integrate a custom solution? The right software should come with both of these options.

You Have the Mobility that You Need

If you have the right business software, you have all of the mobility that you need to run your company effectively. If you want to add an app to the mix, you’ll have that option. Your software will have the mobile capabilities that you’ll need for marketing, communication, bill pay, or whatever else you may need them for.

Your Business Intelligence Works for You

Do you have automated data reporting? Do you have clear and simple ways to use that data? If so, then you probably have the right business software. If not, then it’s probably time for an upgrade. Your software should help you grow your business in whatever way you’d like. You can’t do that without strong business intelligence solutions.

You Have Marketing Resources

Does your current business software help you reach your customers effectively? With the right software, you’ll have an easy way to reach your clients across multiple channels. This one resource will help you reach clients via email, social networking, and other options. Your business intelligence solutions should also come into play here. You’ll be able to look at the data from past marketing campaigns to find out what works well and what doesn’t work.

You Have Easy Accounting

With the right software solutions, you’ll have easy accounting. Does your current software have direct bill pay, or do you use a more complicated system? Do you have clear and easy spreadsheets, or does your accounting team have to spend extra time organizing? Easy accounting means fewer errors, so do your company a favor by upgrading your accounting software.

You Have Excellent Customer Relationship Management

A good customer relationship management (CRM) program will help you retain clients. You’ll boost customer loyalty by building solid communication approaches. With the right business software problem, CRM becomes easy. You’ll get the data that you need to learn more about your customers and make better decisions. Soon, one-time customers will become lifelong clients.

You Get Excellent Customer Service

On the flip side of the CRM coin, you want a business software provider that has amazing customer service. You need a software development company that will be there for you when you need it. If you have questions or ideas, your software developers should be ready to help.

Business Software

Finally, you’ll know that you have the right business software if it comes from Ayoka. At Ayoka, we provide the best custom software solutions for our clients. We’ll talk to you about your needs and goals, and then we’ll develop a solution that will work perfectly with your business structure. Our software provides all of the above qualities and so much more. Ready to see for yourself? Get your free assessment by visiting our contact page. Find out why our business means “bringing joy to all.”

Texas Software Development: How Keeping It Local Helps Our Clients

December 24, 2018
texas software development

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

At Ayoka Systems, we’ve always loved providing Texas software development. We have a passion for our community, and we know that staying local gives us the best way to serve our clients. We could outsource our development, and we could move our business overseas, but why would we do that when our clients are right here in the United States? Ayoka’s software teams are passionate about putting the client first. That’s why we planted ourselves right here in Texas. After all, we can’t put our clients first if we can’t work with them directly.

Closer Proximity Means Better Results

By keeping our three locations in the US, we can give our customers better and faster results. First, let’s talk about deploying your solutions. When we’ve finished crafting your perfect software solution, you’ll want to start using that software as soon as you possibly can. Since we’re right here, we can put your solution to work much more quickly than if we did our remote work overseas.

This level of communication doesn’t just benefit you at the end of the development process, though. In fact, we can maintain communication with our clients throughout the entire development process, starting with the very first assessment. Do you want regular updates on our progress? No problem. Again, we’re right here, and we have all the information that you need. Our lines of communication are open, and we can get back to you quickly. We’re not tied up with side projects all over the world. We stay dedicated to our clients in the United States.

We Know US Businesses

By keeping our business local, we get to keep our eye on US business and industries. We’ve worked with all kinds of American industries, from healthcare to manufacturing. Since we develop software in America, we’ve gotten to know how American business works from the inside out. We always start our development process by having an in-depth conversation with the client. We want to know how our software can help the client reach his or her goals and benefit his or her business structure. As a result, we’ve gained a lot of insight into American industry. That’s why our software solutions can work so seamlessly with your company’s existing structure. They’re designed to meet your exact software needs.

American Innovation

Our Texas software development lets us stay at the heart of American innovation. When you work with software development, you must stay on top of the latest advances. A lot of those advances come from the United States, especially the ones that will impact American industries the most. When new innovations arrive in the tech world, we want to be among the first to hear about them. This way, we can get to work planning how we can use these innovations in our software development. At Ayoka, we’ll never let our clients fall behind the curve.

Continued Research

While we’re talking about new developments, let’s discuss the fact that Ayoka engineers believe in consistent growth. At Ayoka, we’re always learning and studying so that we can gain new insights to help our clients. We use case studies and continued research to learn how to solve client dilemmas with software solutions. We’ve dealt with some complicated challenges over the years, but with persistence, we always find a solution. By keeping our business in the US, we know that we’ll always have access to the resources that we need to keep learning and developing our software. We can keep our knowledge up to date because we have a wealth of information at our fingertips.

Due Diligence Availability

Working with Texas software development has given us the opportunity to provide due diligence for American companies. Ayoka can examine a company’s software to determine potential vulnerabilities and setbacks. We help businesses with mergers and acquisitions by figuring out software compatibility and worth. At Ayoka, we love helping companies perform due diligence, but we wouldn’t be available to help if weren’t right here in the United States.

Texas and Beyond

Recently, Ayoka has expanded its Texas software development to include Denver software development. We’ve added this location right here in the US so that we’d have more opportunities to serve our amazing clients. By adding a Denver location, we’ve found new and better ways to keep researching, communicating, and developing software innovations.

Texas Software Development

Are you looking for help with your Texas software development or any other US-based software needs? Let Ayoka help with that. We’re right here and available to create the custom solutions that you need. Whether you want to get in touch with our location in Dallas, Houston, or Denver, we want to help you take your company to the next level. Ready for the software of your dreams? Contact us now so we can start with your assessment.

Software Development for Universities

December 17, 2018
custom software for universities

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

Sometimes, universities need custom solutions to meet their complex software needs. Universities have to meet the needs of thousands of people. Even more challenging, they have to meet those needs all the time at different levels. When technology evolves, shouldn’t universities take advantage of it? After all, many students will have to use that technology as they graduate and enter the workforce. Furthermore, software development for universities can make life easier for everybody who uses that software. In this post, we’ve listed just a few of the reasons why colleges go to Ayoka for their university software development needs. Keep reading to learn more.

Board and Leadership

When people think about software development for universities, they usually think about how that development will impact staff and students. Of course, university software development does impact those groups, and we’ll discuss them a little later. However, people sometimes overlook the fact that custom software can help school boards and leadership, too.

Ayoka’s software innovations can simplify a leadership team’s daily responsibilities. For example, with the right software, school board members may hold their meetings online instead of in person. They’ll reduce commute times and gain more efficiency. University software development can also help the leadership team turn raw data into usable information. This way, they can recognize university shortcomings, bolster strengths, and implement new ideas for improvement. As a result, software that benefits school leaders will ultimately benefit everyone at the university.

Empower Students

At Ayoka, we’re thrilled when a school board asks us to develop software to help students. With the right software development for universities, students can take their education to new levels and gain a sense of empowerment. First, university software changes can provide better usability. This usability will let students access information with ease. For instance, when they need to look up their degree requirements, such as labs and prerequisites, the right software can make this process easy. Students can also use university software to sign up for their classes online. Too many universities use software programs that can’t handle a large number of students signing up for classes. This problem leads to glitches, slow speeds, and a lot of frustrated students. With the right software development changes, universities can alleviate this frustration.

Furthermore, software upgrades can make life easier for students who take online classes. Even students who live on campus will take an online class every once in a while. These classes often become difficult, not because of the subject matter but because of the class format. University software development can create programs for faster, more intuitive online classes.

Engage Future Students

Software development for universities doesn’t just benefit current students. The Admissions department can use custom software to engage future students, too. A campus with up-to-date custom technology will prove far more appealing to today’s students than a campus with outdated technology. Furthermore, Admissions can use university software to track, maintain, and compare applications.

Maintain Alumni Relations

Just because a student has graduated doesn’t mean that he or she can’t stay in touch via university software. Universities gain a lot of resources thanks to alumni donations, and custom software can help universities accept and track those donations. Furthermore, university software can help schools create and print alumni communication materials like newsletters and magazines. Finally, it can store addresses so that those communications get sent to the right place.

Tools for Teachers

A lot of teachers and professors still use outdated tools for lesson planning. Software development for universities can change that. After all, don’t teachers deserve better? With new software options, teachers can use university resources to plan and store lessons. They could use the software to gather information for the syllabus, for example. They might also use university software to access lesson-specific tools, such as slide shows or video programs. Custom software can also help teachers use other resources and make them available for students. For instance, a teacher might use an online textbook, and custom software could help that teacher provide better access to the text. Finally, university software can also help teachers communicate with students as well as track and record grades.

Software Development for Universities

Interested in software development for universities? At Ayoka, we understand that finding the right software solutions can get difficult. It gets even more difficult when you work with such a complex structure as a university. Ayoka can help you simplify your software solutions. First, we’ll meet with you so that we can hear all about your university and its software needs. Next, we’ll work with you to develop a plan. Finally, we’ll build and then deploy that plan so that everyone at the university can enjoy the benefits. Ready for the best university software development? Then contact us at Ayoka. We’re ready to make your software dreams come true.

How Marketing Software Can Amplify Your Business Voice

December 10, 2018
marketing software

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How much time do you spend on marketing every month? Are you getting the results that you want with your time? If not, it’s time to take it up a notch. With custom marketing software solutions, you could save time and get better results. Every industry uses marketing on some level, and Ayoka has years of experience helping all sorts of companies get marketing results. Our clients have noticed numerous benefits thanks to their marketing software. We’ve listed just a few of our favorites. You can experience all of these advantages and so much more. Let Ayoka help you reach your full marketing potential.

Start With Insight

Marketing doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It begins with research, data, and clues about what works and what doesn’t. That research becomes much easier with marketing software. Your software will help you start with insights that can help you make better long-term marketing decisions. First, it can gather data about customer buying patterns. It can also keep tabs on inventory or services that don’t sell as well as others. Then, you can use this information for business intelligence decisions. Eventually, you’ll notice patterns that you can use to your company’s advantage.

Reach Your Target Market

How well do you reach your target demographic right now? Do you have room for improvement in your outreach? Marketing software can help. With the right software, you can use multiple channels to reach a wide audience. For example, Ayoka can set up a program that will help you reach more customers with email campaigns. You can also use your new software to post ads on social media, search engines, and more. Instead of turning your marketing into a confusing mess, you’ll have a single source for all of your outreach tools.

More Than Just Leads

Marketers talk about generating leads, but what does that mean for you? Sure, leads are important, but eventually, you’ll need more than leads alone. With smarter marketing, you won’t just get leads. You’ll turn leads into repeat customers. Marketing software can help you develop a “follow-through” technique. From first customer contact to the “thank you for your purchase” email, you can handle everything through your software. Furthermore, you can do so efficiently, without tracking all of those steps yourself.

Automate Your Actions

Speaking of efficiency, one of our clients’ favorite parts about custom marketing software is its ability to help them move from one task to another. Marketing involves a lot of creativity and brainstorming. However, it also involves a lot of repetitive, less creative work. Let your marketing software take care of the more dull tasks. This way, you can free up brain space for generating ideas.

Improve Your CRM

The right marketing software can help you improve your customer relationship management (CRM). Earlier, we mentioned that you can start your marketing campaigns with insights from your data. Why not start by using that data to help with your CRM? For example, you might use your data to figure out how different customers interact with your company. When you find out how your customers prefer to interact with you, you can meet them on their level. Almost right away, you’ll come up with better ways to reach your customers.

After you run an ad campaign, you can also use this information to reflect and refocus. You’ll learn from the things that worked and the things that needed improvement. As a result, you’ll create better and stronger marketing campaigns in the future.

Custom Solutions for Your Industry

Now that we’ve discussed some marketing software benefits, let’s take a look at the kind of software that will work best for you. You have a lot of choices in terms of your marketing software. However, your best choice will always be the one that was built specifically for your business. Different industries use different marketing techniques. Custom software can help with all sorts of marketing from retail to healthcare.

Even within the same industry, no two businesses use the same marketing strategy. Your software should work for you. Let your competition have the “one size fits all” model if that’s what they want. You, on the other hand, can take a different approach. If you want to create unique marketing opportunities, you’ll have to start with unique software. Start by having a talk with your software architects. Let them know exactly what you need from your marketing software. This way, you can create a custom strategy together. You’ll have a software solution that works well within your existing business structure.

Marketing Software With Ayoka

Are you ready to work with your own marketing software? Then it’s time to gather your team from Ayoka. Tell us all about your marketing goals, and we’ll create your perfect software solutions. Contact us now to take your marketing to new levels.

How to Get the Most out of Data Warehouse Reporting

December 3, 2018
data warehouse reporting

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Your data has the power to transform your entire business. Do you use that power to its full potential? If not, why haven’t you upgraded yet? You don’t have to settle for data that doesn’t serve you. Instead, look for better data warehouse reporting solutions. You can make simple changes to your existing software, or maybe it’s time to build a completely different system. Either way, you can build the data warehousing that your company needs. Read on to learn more about what you’ll need from your data warehouse reporting.

Choose the Tools that Meet Your Needs

First, make sure that you’re working with the right reporting tools. Even within the same industry, different companies will have different reporting needs. One retail company, for example, might need data to figure out customer buying patterns. Another retail company might need reports as part of the due diligence process. Both of these businesses will use different software tools to get the reports that they need.

You may already know which tools you want to use, or you may want some help to figure it out. In any case, you can start by sitting down with your team from Ayoka. You can tell us all about your data reporting needs, and we’ll work with you to figure out a plan. For example, your software upgrades might include one of the following options:

  • For basic, quick reporting, Windows Reporting Services gets the job done without any added frills.
  • If you want clean, strong records that you can share with other people, Crystal Reports will help you make an impression.
  • For a flexible open sources option, the Business Intelligence and Reporting Tool provides what you need.

Whatever you want to accomplish with your data, Ayoka Systems has the tools and the expertise to put you on the right track. Furthermore, we won’t try to sell you anything that you don’t need. We’ll help you accomplish your goals without pushing anything extra.

Find Your Design

Your data warehouse design will depend on your data hierarchy needs. Which data is the most important to you? Which data can you use right away? Do you have data that you aren’t ready to use yet but know you’ll need eventually? Data warehouse reporting comes in different designs, and each design will show you your data in a different order. Talk to us about the data that matters most to you, and we’ll use that information when we design your warehouse solution. This way, you can save time because you won’t have to spend all of your time finding your data. You’ll have it right at your fingertips as soon as you need it.

Ensure Data Quality

Your company generates data all the time, but the amount of data means nothing if you don’t have quality data. By the time your data reaches you, it should be data that you can use, not data that you’ll have to sift through to find something valuable. When you search for data warehouse reporting solutions, look for options that ensure high-quality data reporting. Is your data doing what you want it to do, or are you less than satisfied with your data warehousing right now? If your data warehouse reporting could be better, your Ayoka team can make sure that you get the quality you want.

Take Advantage of Business Intelligence Tools

Does your current data warehouse reporting help you with business intelligence? If not, look for a solution that does. After all, what good is your data if you can’t learn from it? Data warehousing is a key component of business intelligence. In fact, it’s the place where business intelligence begins. When you look for data warehouse solutions, look for the solutions that help you learn more about your business and your clients. You can use that information to improve practices and grow your business.

Use Better Automation

How fast is your data warehouse reporting? Do you have full automation? If you don’t have fast, automatic reporting, Ayoka Systems can help you get it. The faster you retrieve your data, the faster you can use that data for market research, updating company practices, and more. On the other hand, when you slow down your data warehouse reporting, you slow down your entire business. Don’t hold yourself back.

Automated data reporting comes with a lot of benefits. For example, with automation comes consistency. As a result, you’ll notice patterns quickly. Automation also lets you avoid making mistakes with manual data entry.

Data Warehouse Reporting

Ultimately, the best way to get the most out of your data warehouse reporting is to let Ayoka Systems handle it. At Ayoka Systems, we provide custom solutions, building tailor-made software options for each one of our clients. Ready for the solution that will fit perfectly into your business? Contact us today to get started.

How to Tell if You Need a Database Upgrade

November 26, 2018
database upgrade

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Your database is the center of your business. You rely on it to provide your company with all the information that it needs. Without it, there’s no way that you could run your company at full capacity. Unfortunately, databases can’t always keep up with the current technology. Tech and business practices gain new innovations all the time. However, if your database trails behind the rest of your company, you could be operating below your full potential.

At Ayoka Systems, we work with all sorts of companies to create long-term, scalable solutions. Sometimes, a simple software upgrade will get the job done. At other times, companies need a more in-depth approach. Either way, we have the tools and the know-how that you need to bring your database up to speed. We’ve listed some of the top signs that you may need a database upgrade. If the list below sounds familiar to you, give us a call today.


You’re Holding Back Your Business Practices

As your business grows, your business practices should grow, too. Sadly, you won’t see much growth if your database is holding you back. Are you reaching your full potential, or are you avoiding exciting changes because your database wouldn’t keep up with those changes? Alternately, maybe you’ve upgraded your business practices over the years, but you’ve had to find ways to work around a database that just can’t keep up. Either way, you’re stopping your business from growing. Who knows how much growth and revenue you could gain with a database upgrade?


Your Applications Don’t Communicate With Each Other

You may have added new applications and software to your company over the years. How well do those apps communicate with one another? Your apps should all use the same data, but if your current database doesn’t support all of your new technology, you’re probably wasting a lot of time. Does your database support all of your applications, or do you have to perform a lot of manual data entry to make everything work? By getting a database upgrade, you can help all of your technology work together. As a result, you’ll save yourself from a lot of frustration, and you can save a lot of time. You’ll also avoid a lot of the mistakes that come from manual data entry.


The System Has Slowed to a Crawl

Merging new technology with an old database will eventually slow down the entire system. If your system has slowed enough to cause frustration, the database may be the problem. It may be reaching the limit for how much data it can handle. In this case, a larger database will suit your needs perfectly. If your database doesn’t currently support cloud usage, an upgrade can also help you gain access to the cloud for your data. This option provides another great way to save space, and as a result, you’ll gain speed. Imagine how much more productive your work day will become if you weren’t waiting for a slow database to do its job. 


Your Competition Has Gained Efficiency

What’s worse than working with a slow database? Working with a slow database when your competition is doing the opposite. Other companies in your field are probably using similar databases to the one that you’re using, but are their systems more efficient than yours? It’s hard to gain that information directly, but certain signs point to a more efficient database. Do people mention excellent communication when they talk about your competition? Is your competition working with new innovations? Look for these and other signs that your competition has gained efficiency. If they have, then you can’t afford to fall behind. 


You Have to Dig for Data

An up-to-date database will let you find your information quickly. You can use that information to get to know your clients and make better business decisions. With an outdated database, you may have to put more effort into digging for data. Once again, this means lost productivity for your company. Why spend your time searching for data when you could be using that time more productively? If you get a database upgrade, you can put that time and energy into more productive tasks, which will help you run your business in a more productive way. 


You’re Worried About Security Issues

Finally, and most importantly, your database security matters. Out of all of your technology and software, your database is probably the most vulnerable to cyber attacks. Databases are full of information that hackers can use to their own advantage. The older the database, the more open it is to hackers. By completing a database upgrade, you’ll increase your security, protecting your company and its clients from digital harm.


Database Upgrade

Do you need a database upgrade? Maybe you know exactly what you need, or maybe you’re not sure where to start. In any case, Ayoka Systems is here to create your custom database solution. To get started on your database upgrade, get in touch with us today.



Due Diligence: How Ayoka Can Help

November 19, 2018
due diligence

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Are you getting ready to acquire a new company? You’ll need to do a lot of research, especially if you’re acquiring a tech-heavy company. In any case, acquisitions come with a lot of potential risk and reward. How will you know if you’re making the right decision? Well, you can rest easier by performing technology due diligence before you make your merger or acquisition final. Ayoka is here to help you make an informed decision. We have more than 15 years of history in software development. We can help you analyze your risk, your potential reward, and ways that you can improve your new company.

Independent Investigation

An independent investigation, like the one Ayoka provides, has a lot of benefits for both parties involved in the merger or acquisition. With independent due diligence, the investigator stays objective and neutral. Furthermore, an independent agency brings a fresh perspective that the other parties may not have considered. Therefore, both parties may notice new opportunities for improvement and risk management as a result of the investigation.

Acquisition Value

During an acquisition, the buying company will obviously want to make sure that it’s getting the right value for the entity that they’re acquiring. Sometimes, companies look sleek and advanced on the outside, but on the inside, they’re dealing with potentially expensive software issues. Due diligence uncovers these issues so that the buying company gets substance instead of fluff. With Ayoka, due diligence goes into every aspect of the acquired company’s technology, determining if that technology adds or subjects value from the investment. With this knowledge, the owners of the buying company can decide whether or not the value is worth the purchase.

Software Quality and Compatibility

Of course, the core technology that Ayoka examines is the software. Software is the lifeblood of most companies, and faulty software can lead to company meltdowns. When examining a company’s software, Ayoka asks several simple questions before going more in-depth. For example, was this company’s software custom designed, or did they buy their software off the shelf? What is the overall efficiency of that software? Has the company’s management performed any updates recently? Furthermore, we’ll determine whether or not their software is compatible with yours. If we notice potential compatibility issues, we may suggest our software integration service.

Time and Effort

Sometimes, the acquired company’s software and other technology may have a high value, but the buying company will still have to put in a lot of time dealing with software issues. For instance, we’ve already mentioned that we’ll find out when this company last updated its software. If the software requires a lot of extensive updates, somebody from the buying company may have to dedicate a lot of time to that process. Furthermore, if the acquired company has applied temporary fixes to long term problems, the buying company will have to find more sustainable fixes. In these cases, the buying company’s owner will have to decide whether the acquisition will be worth the extra time that he or she will have to put into it.

Security Assessment

Due diligence also performs security assessments on a company’s software. Of course, one doesn’t have to buy or sell a company to get this kind of assessment. Plenty of business owners seek regular security assessments to protect their businesses. No matter the reason, a security assessment is a great way to make sure that a company is maintaining compliance, especially if it’s a medical or financial company. However, a security assessment goes much further than compliance. For example, when Ayoka performs a security assessment, we figure out how the company’s software stays protected from risks like cyberattacks. We also ensure that the company has performed their own regular security checks, placed any necessary patches, and generally kept their security risks at a minimal level.

When Ayoka performs due diligence, we also look for other areas of potential risk. We’ll find out, for instance, if a company has obtained all of the necessary licenses and documents to run their software. We’ll also find out who owns certain intellectual properties and how each company should handle those facts during the acquisition process.

Workplace Staff

At Ayoka, we can also analyze the overall workplace culture of the business that you’d like to acquire. Workplace culture can make or break a business, and poor management often leads to poor business culture. We’ll take a look at a business’s productivity, which tells us how seriously staff members take their work. We’ll also examine overall skill level, management abilities, and tech knowledge.

Due Diligence

If you’re looking for software due diligence, allow Ayoka to provide what you need. We bring our tech and software expertise into every due diligence operation, providing a complete examination. If you want to make sure that you’re making the right decision, get in touch with Ayoka today. We’re here and ready to help.

Top Benefits of Using a Software Integration Service

November 12, 2018
software integration service

Photo by Hack Capital on Unsplash

At Ayoka Systems, we provide top-level software development solutions. We often create entirely new software solutions for businesses that need a complete change. That’s not all we do, though. Sometimes, you don’t want to overhaul your entire system. You may already have a system that works for the most part, but the things that don’t work are slowing you down. This is where a software integration service can make a huge difference. With software integration, an engineer can create new solutions to merge with your current software. When you choose software integration, you’ll notice a lot of different benefits in a short amount of time. We’ve included just a few of our favorites in the list below.

No Need to Start from Scratch

Like we said, you may not want to get rid of your entire software system. We can work with that. A software development team from Ayoka can make sure that you don’t have to abandon what already works in your favor. When we meet with you, you can let us know which software aspects are working for you and which ones are giving you trouble. From that point, our development plan will use your current software as a foundation. Since you’re getting custom solutions without completely scrapping your software, you’ll save a lot of money in software development costs. You’ll get the best of your current software plus all of the rewards that come from custom development.

Maximize Off the Shelf Software

Speaking of getting the best of both worlds, a software integration service can help you use custom solutions to bridge gaps in your off-the-shelf software. Maybe you’d like to create better communication between your existing applications. Maybe your technology has evolved, but your standardized software can’t keep up. In any case, a software integration service can build a technological bridge. The process can help you get the most usage out of your standardized software program.

Leave Inefficiency Behind

A software integration service can also boost your company’s overall efficiency. When we integrate your new software with your existing software, you’ll notice that your entire system just works better than it did before the integration. First, part of the software integration process involves getting rid of the software aspects that just aren’t working. Just like when you prune a plant, pruning your outdated software can lead to better, more efficient growth. Furthermore, when your outdated or broken software pieces aren’t taking up your storage and data space anymore, you’ll get to work at faster speeds. As a result, you’ll be able to accomplish more with your software. Furthermore, you can also get rid of other inefficiencies like double entry. If you merge your softwares into one system, you won’t need to enter data more than once. This benefit will mean fewer mistakes and better accuracy, which will also contribute to your business efficiency.

Better Data Access

Since we’re on the subject of data and data space, let’s talk about how a software integration service can give you better access to your data. New technology has likely increased the amount of data that your company can access. However, outdated software platforms are limited in their ability to help you reach that data. This lack of access can hold you back because if you had better access to that data, you could use it to learn more about business trends and your clients’ preferences. Software integration helps by providing new channels for data access and by reconfiguring old channels. You can then use your newly-accessible information for business intelligence.

Room to Grow

Outdated software can leave you without the scalability that you need. Often, companies that use standardized software quickly outgrow their own programs. The rest of the business world evolves, but their own software leaves them trailing behind. When customers are ready for growth, software integration can provide that growth. New solutions can add scalability to existing software programs, letting you keep the software that you like without getting stuck.

Improved Workplace Communication

With a software integration service, you can improve your workplace communication. When your company starts outpacing its old software, communication slows down. This can be detrimental to companies that require communication between departments. Software integration can provide better channels for communication, whether that communication happens via mobile application, computer program, or web program. By enhancing your business communication, you’ll create a better workplace culture. Solid communication can boost virtually every part of a company.

Software Integration Service

Are you looking for a top-level software integration service? Ayoka Systems is here to provide exactly what you need. We’ll identify all the ways that we can help you get the most out of your current software. From there, we’ll develop your custom solutions and integrate them into your plan. Let’s talk about your software integration solutions today. Contact us now to set up your first meeting.

How Ayoka Keeps Bringing Joy to All

November 5, 2018
best software companies

Photo by Aditya Saxena on Unsplash

When we founded our custom software company many years ago, we knew that Ayoka, which means “one who brings joy to all,” would be the perfect name. We wanted our name to reflect our mission: bringing trust and joy back into the software development process. We uphold our mission in everything we do, from creating new solutions to maintaining due diligence. Below you’ll find just a few of the ways in which Ayoka keeps bringing joy to all. If you’re looking for the best software companies, look no further than the company that brings you joy.

We Start With You

Over the years, we’ve worked with all sorts of businesses and industries, but we still take the time to get to know each of our clients individually. Only the best software companies understand that nobody knows your company better than you do. Only you can tell exactly what your company needs. That’s why at Ayoka, we always begin the development process with the most important person: you. Your company has unique and specific software needs. When you work with Ayoka, we start by learning everything we can learn from you about your company, your goals, and the challenges that you face. You know what you need. We’re here to help you achieve it.

Custom Solutions

After we get a thorough understanding of what you want from your software, we develop a custom solution specifically for your needs. Any software company can provide a decent “one size fits all” program, but only the best software companies can develop custom solutions. You shouldn’t have to adjust your business practices to fit your software. Your software should work for you! Ayoka designs solutions that fit beautifully into our clients’ lives. We provide seamless integration and amazing scalability so that you get the most out of your software.

Variety of Services

As one of the best software companies, we don’t just provide a few different services. Instead, we offer a wide variety of options to fulfill all of your software needs. For example, if you want to expand your options with a mobile application, Ayoka has what you need. If you want to upgrade an entire legacy system, we’re here to help. From healthcare settings that want to improve patient outcomes to retail settings that want to improve consumer communication, all sorts of entities can get the services that they need from Ayoka.

Far-Reaching Expertise

Speaking of different entities, the software teams at Ayoka have the expertise to help all sorts of different clients. Our team members have worked closely with clients in a wide range of industries, gaining understanding about what those industries need from their software designers. Healthcare providers, for example, need software designers who understand HIPAA compliance and who are willing to implement certain safety measures. Likewise, the banking industry needs encryption and other protections for their customers. Transportation companies need their software designers to understand how software can impact logistical nuances. At Ayoka, we rely on our experience, research, and case studies to keep us informed about how our software can impact our clients.

Constant Exploration

Speaking of case studies, Ayoka understands that our clients’ software needs are always evolving, and we want to evolve right along with them. To be one of the best software companies in the world, we constantly explore new innovations to keep our software as cutting edge as possible. While we definitely have our tried and true methods, we also know that technology is always improving, and we refuse to let our clients get left behind. Our case studies and other research methods allow us to keep growing so that we can keep providing the best.

Quality Customer Service

Finally, Ayoka keeps bringing joy to all by maintaining the highest standards in our customer service. After all, software development exists to make the client’s life and business easier. As we mentioned, we always start with the client, but we don’t stop there. We serve the client at every step along the way. Our customer service doesn’t end after implementation. If you ever need our software support, we’re always here to help. In fact, we design and build our software right here in Texas, so you never have to reach very far when you need help. We’re just a phone call away.

Best Software Companies

When you need custom, high-quality solutions, you start looking for the best software companies you can find. Thankfully, you won’t have to look any further than the company that brings joy to all. We take a collaborative approach to our software solutions because we want to make sure that you get exactly what you want. You already know what your company needs, and we’re here to help you implement it. If you’re ready to experience the joy of Ayoka firsthand, go ahead and contact us today.

Top Considerations for Electronic Medical Records Development

October 29, 2018
emr software

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EMR software has already provided countless benefits to doctors and patients all across the globe. These records go far beyond the abilities of pen and paper, providing better speed and communication across the healthcare field. For instance, they remove all of the confusion that poor handwriting causes between doctors and patients, reducing wasted time. On a larger scale, they cut back the time it takes for healthcare professionals to communicate with one another about specific patients, which is a critical factor in case of emergencies. They’re better protected from physical disaster than paper records, and they last for longer periods of time. Still, EMR software comes with certain core requirements and considerations. Both the developers and the client should consider the following aspects when designing or upgrading EMR software.

Patient Care Improvements

EMR software certainly provides efficiency and convenience to healthcare providers. However, doctors and software designers must focus on how these changes will impact patients. Some byproducts of EMRs can improve patient outcomes, for example. The easier accessibility and better communication between providers can mean faster test results, better insights, and more accuracy. Because the patient is at the forefront of this software, clients and developers must consistently consider how changes will impact the patient. These considerations can lead to long-term improvements in the software.

Privacy and Security

We’ve already mentioned that EMR software can safeguard its information from physical disasters. But what about digital disasters? During EMR software development, developers must use all available measures to protect patients from information leaks. The first and most obvious way to do so is by maintaining full HIPAA compliance. The software should also follow state-mandated Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) processes. By working closely with the client, software designers can gain a full understanding of their requirements.

Furthermore, the software must have safeguards against breaches during communication. Because EMR software does allow for instant communication between medical professionals, the software must have protections for secure communication across different channels.

Easy Updates

Speaking of compliance and security, those who want to implement EMR software should make sure that their new software is easily updated. Why? Because privacy and security laws evolve as new technology emerges. While the evolution is necessary, it can make record-keeping more difficult for those whose software lacks scalability. Furthermore, as technology changes, so do security threats and hacking capabilities. When your record keeping processes are set in stone, you’ll have to change nearly everything about your software when the laws and technologies change. If, however, your developers have provided your software with some wiggle room, you won’t have to worry about it. You can keep up with changing needs and laws without any major issues, and you’ll save the money that you would have spent on expensive upgrades.

Multi-Platform Usability

You’ll also want an EMR software that providers and patients can use across several platforms. In doctor’s offices, providers will likely access these records from computers or tablets. When they send information to other healthcare providers, they may use mobile devices. Likewise, patients are likely to use mobile devices such as smartphones when they access their own data. The EMRs should remain accessible from all of these different platforms, and they should stay as intuitive and user-friendly as possible.

Additionally, as new technology evolves, the room for growth that we mentioned earlier will ease the transition into new devices. For multi-platform usage, your best choice is to find a software engineer team with experience building mobile apps as well as computer based technology. This way, you’ll know that your software will work just as well on a phone as it will on a desktop computer. Your end users won’t experience frustration and glitches.

Return on Investment

Finally, your EMR software development should yield an excellent return on investment, both in time and money. When electronic records can help you increase efficiency, you can decrease the amount of time that it takes to identify your patients and their needs. As a result, you can avoid using unnecessary resources and ultimately save money on all of the costs of paper storage. To get the best ROI, though, you’ll need to hire a software solutions company that understands the financial strengths and challenges of implementing EMRs. This way, your team can work with you to create a system with a financial value that rivals its convenience factor.

EMR Software

Do you need help with EMR software development? Ayoka Systems has exactly what you need. Our team has led the way in medical software development for years. As a US-based, client-centric software company, we do everything in our power to provide all of the above benefits. From full HIPAA compliance to the latest innovations, we develop healthcare software that works wonderfully for our clients. If you’re ready to get started, contact Ayoka Systems today.

Custom Software for the Manufacturing Industry

October 22, 2018
custom software for manufacturing

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Are you looking for custom software for manufacturing? The manufacturing industry has to deal with all sorts of problems and challenges. Often, your standard off-the-shelf software isn’t going to be enough to meet those needs or live up to those challenges. Between all the complexities that come with machinery and all of the interactions between employees, managers, and clients, manufacturing companies need more from their software than standardized options can provide. They need software that can balance all of these challenges with accuracy and efficiency.

To get the right software, manufacturers should choose a company that understands the industry. At Ayoka Systems, we have years of experience developing custom software for manufacturing. We work with manufacturing companies, taking time to get to know our clients so that we can meet all of their software needs.

Better Machinery Control

When manufacturers come to us with their software needs, they often mention the need for better machinery control. Custom software for manufacturing can help. In manufacturing, any slight change in machinery can make a huge difference. Different pressures, temperatures, and vibrations can cause problems and bring production to a halt. Ayoka can help you monitor your machines so that you can look for these small changes. Furthermore, custom software can also help you control the machinery settings. By noticing these small changes as they happen, you can save money and time on costly repairs later.

Business Intelligence for Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry comes with a lot of opportunities to collect and use data. However, those opportunities go to waste when a company doesn’t have the right tools. This is where business intelligence software comes in. Business intelligence software allows manufacturing companies to use data to improve their business practices. Managers can collect data from different parts of the business. For example, a company may use this data to examine their inventory. This way, they can order new supplies as needed and spend less money on the supplies that don’t move as well as the others. Manufacturing companies may also use business intelligence for employee management. For instance, when many employees don’t work regular 9 to 5 hours, business intelligence can help the company manage and post schedules. 

Business intelligence software can provide data mining and automated reporting so that manufacturers can make changes as needed. As a result, this software can help manufacturing businesses save time, keep customers satisfied, and potentially increase their revenue.

Customer Service Management

Speaking of satisfied customers, custom software for manufacturing can also improve a business’s customer service practices. First, companies can use the data we mentioned above to improve their communication. The information shows managers when and where customer service is needed the most. Second, custom software can provide forms and other means of customer relations so that customers can communicate more easily with the company. Finally, custom software can help these companies provide better and faster responsiveness, which, once again, leads to more customer satisfaction.

Custom Mobile Apps

As we’ve pointed out, adding mobility to your custom software can benefit your business in several different ways. Manufacturing businesses will notice the benefits of having mobile software built specifically for their companies. When your software is designed to work with your machinery, your communications, and your business practices, your company will run much more smoothly than it would have run with software that doesn’t conform to your business needs.

You can use custom mobile software in a lot of different ways. For example, you might use your mobile app to work with the PLC devices that will manage your machines. We already mentioned better machine control with custom software. With a mobile application, that machine control can become even easier and faster. You might also use mobility to communicate with your customers or with people within the company. In manufacturing, communication is essential, and a mobile app can make it easier and more efficient.

Room for Growth

The problem with off-the-shelf software is that for many industries, much of the technologies in these softwares are already obsolete. By the time they reach the shelves, these mass-produced softwares have already fallen behind many of the industry changes. Custom software, on the other hand, is better equipped to anticipate change. It provides the scalability that an individual company needs to adapt to different changes. As a result, when the company evolves, it won’t have to make expensive software changes.

Custom Software for Manufacturing

Are you looking for custom software for manufacturing? Ayoka Systems is ready to help in any way possible. At Ayoka, our software engineer teams have years of experience working with all the intricacies of the manufacturing industry. We provide client-centric solutions that will help you run a more efficient business. If you’re interested in learning more about custom software for manufacturing, you can start by contacting us today.

Top Five Ways that Custom Software Helps Workflow Management

October 15, 2018
Custom software

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Poor workflow can derail an entire business, but why even settle for average workflow when you can take it to the next level? Optimized workflow solutions will help you create a culture of efficiency and stability. For businesses, this could mean increased revenue. For government entities, it means quickly resolving issues. With any entity, whether business or government, a good workflow means better customer and client satisfaction. Ayoka Systems can build the custom software solution that you need to graduate from the humble to-do list.

Incoming an Outgoing Communication

First, custom software will improve the first part of your workflow: communication. We’ve discussed how custom software can improve communication, but today, let’s focus on how better communication can improve your workflow. For many entities, workflow begins with a client or customer request. With workflow-optimized software, you can automatically route incoming customer communication to the right department. This way, you remove three or four unnecessary exchanges from the process. Client communications will go exactly where they need to go right away.

Next, custom software will also improve outbound communication. You’ll speed up the process that allows the company to communicate with its customers. Furthermore, when you use workflow-optimized software, you’ll notice better communication within the company itself. Whether you work in the manufacturing industry, retail, a government entity, or any other multi-step field, people at different steps in the process can communicate quickly with one another. They’ll catch mistakes, report changes, and perform other communication that will bring efficiency and quality.

Time Frame Management

Custom workflow solutions will also help you manage your time frames for different projects. You can set up to-do lists, due dates, and intermittent tasks. These time frames will ensure that work gets done on time. They also prevent you from losing track of important calendar information for your projects. Furthermore, custom software for workflow ensures that everyone stays on the same page when it comes to due dates. For tasks that don’t get completed within the right time frame, you can have automatic escalation and routing. This way, time-sensitive tasks can move to the front of your priority list. As a result, you’ll prevent customer dissatisfaction.

Consistent Tracking

Consistent tracking in your custom software will also help you manage your workflow. For example, Ayoka once helped a government entity that struggled with its citizen service requests. Citizens used pen and paper to write their requests, and then manually delivered them to the City department. This method led to inconsistencies in workflow. City employees couldn’t accurately track the order of request arrivals. Furthermore, there was a lack of communication about which tasks were completed and which ones still needed work. As a solution, Ayoka developed a custom software that improved workflow tracking. This government entity now has consistent tracking for various tasks. They can complete projects in order of importance, and they can track the different stages of completion. As a result of this new software, the citizens themselves can now track their own requests, and citizens have expressed increased satisfaction with this particular government entity.

Overall Improved Efficiency

Of course, the presence of a custom software solution will also improve your workflow efficiency. When your software was designed to work specifically with your needs, every step in the process becomes more accurate and more efficient. Each department has its own access to the workflow-enhancing software. You’ll reduce or eliminate the pauses that come from software glitches. Instead of working around different software problems and complications, you’ll find your software working for you, which is exactly as it should be.

Business Intelligence Reports

Finally, custom software gives you the option of business intelligence reports, which keep you updated on the progress of open tasks. They also help you determine the success of previous projects. You can get an up-to-date view of all of these different projects so that you can spot inconsistencies in workflow and take steps for improvement. You’ll improve workflow-related decision making in every aspect from financial decision making to daily to-dos. With custom report solutions and options for automation, you’ll have a clear way to notice patterns in data that can improve your own workflow and the workflow of everyone else who works with the company.

Custom Software

Are you ready to improve your workflow and complete more tasks within a smaller amount of time? Ayoka Systems has exactly what you need. We’ve developed custom workflow solutions for all types of industries, and we’ve been creating these solutions for more than a decade. If you need custom software to take your efficiency to new heights, the development team at Ayoka would love to help. When you’re ready to simplify your tasks and strategies, get in touch with Ayoka. You can tell us about the areas that you would like to improve, and we’ll create your perfect software solution.

How Mobility Can Boost Your Business

October 8, 2018
mobile app development

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You probably use mobile applications every day. You may even be reading this from a smartphone right now. No matter your own mobile app usage, you’ve probably realized by now that your clients and customers are on their phones all the time. Why not take advantage of the technology and use mobile app development to boost your own business? Plenty of the major players have already realized the benefits of mobile app development. Many have significantly added to their revenue through mobile technology. There’s no reason why your business shouldn’t have the same advantages. We’ve listed some of the top benefits of adding mobile technology to your software. Take a look at some of these advantages, and when you’re ready to add mobility to your business, Ayoka is ready to help.

Customer Convenience Means Better Revenue

As we mentioned, your clients will likely almost always have their phones nearby. If your customers are like most of the general population, their phones are never further away than a few feet, even while they’re asleep. Mobile software gives you the opportunity to make use of this convenience. When your clients have your technology right on their phone screens, they won’t have to work hard at all to reach you. They’ll have the ability to purchase products or services within a few moments. Mobile application development gives your clients more convenience than when they reach your business through your website, even when they reach your site through a mobile browser. For some businesses, convenience is everything, and that extra convenience can give your company a serious boost in sales.

Gather the Right Data for Marketing

They key to a good marketing campaign is getting to know your client base, and what better way to do that than through mobile app development? Through this technology, you can gather and use data about your customers and their buying habits. For instance, you may notice that some products sell better in some locations than in others. Some customers may leave items in their cart, hesitate before making a purchase, or engage in other specific buying patterns. You can use this information to create the most effective marketing campaigns for your clients. You’ll stop spending money in areas that don’t work, and you’ll put your marketing dollars to better use, giving you a better return on investment.

Put Your Name Ahead of the Competition

Mobile app development gives your business heightened visibility. Think about the other businesses that compete for your clients’ attention. What if you could bypass all of them to put your company’s name at the forefront of your clients’ minds? That’s exactly what mobile technology can do for you. Ordinarily, your customers have to see a lot of different names and icons before they reach your company’s name. They see the name of their internet browser and the name of a search engine before they reach your website. In that time, your competition can grab your clients’ attention, diverting them from your website. With a mobile app, your customers will bypass that process and go straight to your business instead.

Build Customer Loyalty

By getting your brand name ahead of the competition, mobile app development helps you build customer loyalty. You can also use the technology in other ways to build that loyalty. For example, you might offer special promotions and discounts just for customers who use the app. You could also offer a points system that rewards customers for making purchases. When you reward customers for using your brand, you’ll build brand loyalty. Mobile technology gives you unique opportunities to secure your customers and keep them coming back for more purchases.

Improve Customer Service

Mobile app development opens communication channels between your brand and your customers. Human customer service reps are invaluable to any company, but humans do have limitations, and mobile technology can supplement your customer service base. Mobile apps can provide your customers with the satisfaction of being able to reach your company at any time. Furthermore, this technology gives clients and customers a clear, easy way in which to reach you. A frustrating customer service experience can turn away any customer, so why not make the process as easy and straightforward as possible?

Mobile App Development

If you’re interested in bolstering your company with mobile app development, Ayoka Systems is here and ready to help. Based right here in Texas, we develop custom solutions for complex software needs. Technology evolves quickly, so allow us to keep you from falling behind. We can provide you with the scalability and specificity that your mobile app will need to help your business thrive. Ready to get started and see all of the benefits listed above? We’d love to work with you. Contact us today to start talking with us about your software needs.

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