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Design-Build-Manage Services

Design-Build-Manage Services

Market conditions can change overnight, creating new challenges for your mission-critical business applications. Many businesses view such changes as problems to be dealt with as quickly as possible but, in most cases, without consideration for future changes and needs.

Developers therefore often design and implement applications with little though to ongoing management. The result is frequently higher total costs of ownership (TCO) resulting from limited integration potential and premature obsolesce.

With effective design-build-manage services from Ayoka, such changes become opportunities for your business to reap the benefits of available technologies. Our design-build-manage services help your business leverage the full potential of your legacy assets while expanding their capabilities to meet your current needs while allowing for future integration with emerging technologies.

Our end-to-end approach begins with the custom design of industry specific applications and continues through an iterative development cycle which allows us to minimize risk by fully testing functionalities and quickly adapting to new project requirements. Finally we provide ongoing applications management and support services to help your business continually improve processes and reduce costs.

Ayoka’s holistic design-build-manage approach ensures that your critical business applications are fully integrated, aligned with current market demands and poised to handle future changes seamlessly, cost-effectively and across your entire enterprise.

Among the benefits of the design-build-manage model are:

  • Applications that offer greater ease of use and lower cost to maintain
  • Faster time-to-market for in-house and customer-facing services
  • Lower total cost of ownership over the application life-cycle
  • Thorough, enterprise-wide alignment of application assets that are easily and cost-effectively scaled to meet future demands and accommodate growth
  • Ability to reallocate resources to other business initiatives increases overall productivity and promotes innovation