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Business Intelligence for Small Business

Business Intelligence for Small Business

Business intelligence applications for small businesses are hard to come by in a market designed to cater to large enterprises. At Ayoka, we design business intelligence applications to suit your business’s needs – and its budget.

Large companies such as IBM typically follow a model of development that often includes expensive programs, such as Cognos or DB/2, and a large number of business consultants. This may be important for larger enterprises, but small business customers often do not the budget or internal IT departments to participate in this process. At Ayoka, our approach is a little different.

For small businesses, we prefer to work closely and collaboratively with our customers – and we provide experience with open-source or other innovative applications that are powerful enough to generate business intelligence for small business. When we build business intelligence for small business, we first sit down with the client and help the client determine what features are desired from the application and the desired time frame from design to deployment.

Business Intelligence for Small Business

Business Intelligence for Small Business

After requirements have been gathered for the business intelligence application, we draft a Detailed Design Document that shows the client how the application will look and behave. At this point, we obtain feedback to determine whether we have satisfied the business goals – and if we haven’t, we go back to the drawing board until we have. At Ayoka, client satisfaction is our number one priority.

Once the client has accepted the detailed design document, we begin construction of the business intelligence application. If desired, we can schedule interim releases and demonstrations so that the client may view our progress and actually begin using the application.

Return on Investment

When you consider business intelligence for small business, the return on investment stems from the fact that business intelligence accommodates growth. That is, by enhancing the decision making process with better information, small businesses are more likely to improve customer service, increase their profits and thus have room to expand.