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Remote Monitoring Solution

Remote Monitoring Solution

Ayoka’s custom software development team created a remote monitoring solution for a local manufacturer, in order to track equipment utilization and monitor equipment health and status. Although remote monitoring is often performed with Windows programs or even DOS based programs, this remote monitoring solution was developed as a web-based application that could pull or push data to control systems in near real-time. As a web-based program, customers could log in and monitor their equipment from any browser over the internet. Data from the control systems was sent over a secure connection, with the capability for authorized users to get detailed information from the PLC (programmable logic control) devices. With this remote monitoring solution, data from multiple locations could be stored in a single SQL database, allowing the company to model trends and predict maintenance for their equipment. This remote monitoring solution allowed technicians to remote monitor hundreds of facilities from one location and view when equipment is being utilized or is when it is due for service.

Remote Monitoring Solution – Problem:

Manufacturer offers a remote monitoring solution or managed services contracts for their equipment. In order to track utilization, predict and schedule maintenance, and reduce downtime, this company decided to implement a a condition based maintenance program based on real-time equipment data. Knowing when to send technicians to service this equipment before it fails is difficult to predict;  often equipment can be down for a long time, which impacts credibility and availability of capital equipment.

Remote Monitoring Solution – Technical Resolution:

Ayoka’s custom software development team built a web-based remote monitoring solution that performs data acquisition directly at the hardware layer and the PLC’s (Programmable Logic Controllers) on the equipment via PLC integration software. Equipment health and status information is displayed in real-time using a web-based application viewable from any browser or smartphone.

Remote Monitoring Solution – ROI:

Technicians can now remote monitor hundreds of facilities from one location and know ahead of time when a piece of hardware is prone to failure, thereby reducing expensive trips to distant facilities.