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Financial Services Solutions

Financial Services Solutions

With increasing regulatory pressures, global competition, customer demand for more innovative services, and emerging technologies, the financial sector faces unique challenges.

Ayoka offers financial services solutions, custom designed to ensure that your business delivers optimal efficiency and value by providing functionality aimed at key requirements of banking and financial market organizations.

Ayoka focuses on providing process-driven software application and database development solutions aligned to deliver optimal efficiencies and cost savings across your entire enterprise. Our Web 2.0 financial services solutions include custom-designed retail, cash management, accounts receivable and accounts payable, asset management, risk and business analysis and banking software applications and insurance industry solutions.

Ayoka adheres to the Agile Software Developer methodology in which we allocate resources and personnel who possess the unique experience and qualifications to address the exact needs of your development project.

Deployment is implemented in an iterative approach that provides ongoing testing and risk assessment and allows us to quickly respond to modifications to the function and scope of your project.

Our experience also makes Ayoka uniquely qualified in the area of financial compliance including SOX (Sarbanes Oxley Act) to ensure a seamless and secure integration with existing frameworks such as SSA global ERP, IBM AS/400, Microsoft SQL Server and IBM DB2 databases.