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Intelligent Transportation Systems

Intelligent Transportation Systems

ITS is the application of information technology to improve the efficiency of our transportation infrastructure. More technically, ITS or Intelligent Transportation Systems refer to electronic systems involved with traffic control, transportation management, and overall systems management to extract maximum operating capacity from our transportation infrastructure.

Demand for ITS is being driven by traffic congestion, with our ever increasing vehicle miles traveled. Intelligent Transportation Systems involve roadway surveillance and traffic control. As a result, Intelligent Transportation Systems also plays a key role in homeland security. Data from state and local ITS assist first responders and can facilitate mass evacuation of people in urban centers.

Benefits of Intelligent Transportation Systems include:

  • Reduced congestion
  • Fewer and shorter delays
  • Enhanced operating capacity
  • Improved safety
  • Better Air quality
  • Increased security

Infrastructure planning for most cities and state governments today includes transportation software development. Companies skilled in software development are hired to improve the efficiency of the transportation infrastructure by creating or improving intelligent transportation systems. As a leading software development firm in the ITS industry, Ayoka’s Made in USA model for software development is valued by State and Local governments, along with prime contractors seeking a local team member with transportation software development experience.

Ayoka performs enterprise systems integration and custom software development tailored to the needs of our Clients. Ayoka’s services for transportation software development incorporate legacy sub-systems, such as existing traffic control software, in an flexible architecture that can grow toward future web application standards while remaining interoperable across municipalities and multiple vendors.